How To Use A Weight Lifting Dip Belt to Enhance Your Workout

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Increasing resistance in your workout is an important step in continuing to build stamina and strength, whether that’s ramping up the incline on the treadmill or (safely) racking a few more weights on the barbell. But with some exercises, it can be difficult to find ways to add a difficulty factor without just increasing your reps. For example, you may find yourself wanting more out of your squats or pullups. That’s where a dip belt comes in.

A weight lifting dip belt may look pretty similar to weightlifting belts that are designed for providing support to your back, but they feature a nylon strap or chain that dangles in front of you. You then hook up a weight to the end of the loop and have it hang while you do your reps. That way, you can add an intensity factor to your workouts. Not only that, but you can improve the quality of your workouts. For example, attaching a weight while doing squats can help you concentrate your lifting power in your legs, rather than your back. Another great thing about a dip belt is that, if you’re injured, you can still get a full workout without having to use your arms or whatever part of your upper body might be injured.

As the name implies, a dip belt is a great way to improve your dips. You can also use them for chin-ups and squats. Just like weightlifting belts, the best dip belts are made out of a variety of materials. Leather can be a solid pick because it’s hardwearing and keeps its shape. Some might like a synthetic belt with a mesh lining for comfort and breathability. Either way, a dip belt allows you to ramp up your workout in an impactful way. Read on for the best weightlifting dip belts that you can buy on Amazon right now.

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