Three years ago at the SHOT Show, I saw a great new product from a small company called Real Avid

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That product was the Bore Boss, which I wrote about here and later reviewed here. Real Avid continues to expand its product lineup, and at the 2020 SHOT Show range Day I got to see some of their new products.
Gun Boss Multi-Kits
Despite the “multi” in the name, Gun Boss Multi-Kits are caliber-specific. If you want one small kit for each caliber or gauge you shoot, this is for you.

Gun Boss Multi-Kit

Each kit contains a Bore Boss bore cleaner, a T-handle for pulling it (in case you don’t want to use the built-in handle of the Bore Boss), a bronze bore brush, nylon bore brush, bore mop, patch jag with slotted tip, 25 cleaning patches, Accu-Grip detailing pick, Smart Brush cleaning brushes (specialized “tooth brushes”), and a coated steel cleaning rod.

Gun Boss Multi-Kit

For most Multi-Kits, the rod is 4-piece. For 357/38/9mm, it’s a one-piece.

The 223/5.56 kit also includes a star chamber brush & pads.
Master AR15 Armorer’s Mat
If you build ARs, this looks like it could be pretty useful. It’s a special oil-resistant work mat with rubberized backing designed to provide a non-marring work surface that won’t hurt your gun parts — while protecting the dining table, so you don’t get in trouble with the other half.

The end panel of the mat has schematics of an AR’s upper receiver, lower receiver, bolt carrier group, and barrel assembly.

Master AR15 Armorer’s Mat

There’s a parts and tool tray attached to the end of the mat, and a small-parts storage box can be snapped onto the top of that tray to act as a lid. The mat and tray can be rolled up and stored “in a convenient storage bag.”

Master AR15 Armorer’s Mat

They say it’s “large enough to hold all of the major parts in a teardown or build.” The 22-compartment tray at the end allows you to keep track of all the smaller parts, so they don’t roll away and disappear.
CORE Gun Tool for AR
Instead of calling it a CORE gun tool, Real Avid calls this thing “Gun Tool CORE – AR15.” It’s intended to help with the core maintenance functions to keep your AR running.

CORE Gun Tool for AR

The CORE is thoughtfully designed and not at all bulky, so you can take it where you need it. Heck, hang it from a belt loop or your rifle case using the carabiner function. Then reach for it when you need to knock out pins or adjust optics or your front sight, or to scrape off a bunch of crud.

CORE Gun Tool for AR

Real Avid is proud of the scraper function:

The heart and soul of CORE are 2 different carbon scrapers that effectively remove burnt carbon from 12 different bolt carrier group surfaces. Each scraper precisely fits every mil-spec dimension of the bolt carrier group surfaces including firing pin, bolt face, bolt waist, bolt lugs, bolt tail, and inside the bolt carrier itself.

Liner locks to keep tools open Bolt scraper Carrier and firing pin scrapers Cord cutter and bottle opener Bolt override and scope turret adjuster Takedown punch and A2 front sight adjuster Carabiner-like function secures to molle straps
CORE Gun Tool for AR

Remove carbon from all surfaces of bolt carrier group Clear jams Remove takedown pins Adjust sights Gun Boss Pro Universal Cleaning Kit
Although this one isn’t new for 2020, I felt it was worth a mention here. The Gun Boss Pro Universal Cleaning Kit is actually organized and designed to hold all the goodies, with a folding case that doubles as a stand. Heck, it even has holes so you can screw it down permanently if you wish. This is a welcome departure from most kits, which just toss everything into one jumbled compartment.

Gun Boss Pro Universal Cleaning Kit

If I had to criticize anything about this kit, it would be that the case doesn’t have any extra room for adding your own stuff, such as screwdrivers, oil, solvent, brushes for additional calibers, and such.

Manufacturer specs:
Multi-function handle rotates, taps pins, and works as a detailing handle High-performance tool case organizes, displays, and protects cleaning set Engineering-grade resin case is impact resistant Three brass rod sections combine with rotating handle to form a 32” rod Screw holes for permanent mounting 12 ga. brush and mop Large slotted tip 20 ga. brush and mop Small slotted tip 45 cal. brush and jag 40 brush and jag 357/38/9mm brush and jag 30 cal. brush and jag 280/270/7mm brush and jag 243 cal. brush and jag 22 cal. brush and jag 25 – 1.2” X 2.4” synthetic cleaning patches 25 – 2” X 2.4” synthetic cleaning patches
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