These Are The Best (And Most Popular) Christmas Gifts For Boyfriend in 2021

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Searching for the best Christmas gifts for boyfriend 2021? These fools-proof gift ideas are guaranteed to be loved by any guy.

christmas gifts for boyfriend 2021

Trying to figure out what you’re going to buy your boyfriend for Christmas this year? We’ve all been there... 

Whether you have been in a long-term relationship for a while or even just long enough to go through the process of buying your boyfriend a gift, the usual answer to what do you want for Christmas, your birthday, etc. is either “You don’t need to get me anything babe!” or “You know I will love anything you get me.” I mean seriously can’t guys be a little bit of help at all?!

Luckily I have been through so many gift buying seasons with my boyfriend that I have found all the best gifts to buy a guy. From things I have gifted my boyfriend personally (and I can promise you he LOVED) to presents I am 100% going to buy for my boyfriend in the future, these 33 gift ideas are full-proof presents you can guarantee any guy will actually enjoy receiving in 2021

This post is all about the most popular Christmas gifts for boyfriend 2021.

christmas gifts for boyfriend 2021


Best Overall:  Vegan Leather Weekender Bag

"I'm so obsessed with this bag! The quality of the leather is seriously top-notch."

Best Under $25:  Personalized Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

"Anyone looking for a gift to buy a beer drinker needs to get this! The personalization made it such a great gift."

Best Value:  Black Nike Hoodie

"This hoodie is a staple for guys. I bought it for my boyfriend and he wears it almost every day."

Most Popular: Lululemon Shorts

"I mean how can you not love Lululemon shorts!? They last forever and are sooo comfy. My boyfriend can't get enough of these"

Best Custom Gift: Personalized Golf Balls

"For a guy who loves to golf this gift is perfect!"

Best Technology: Apple AirTag Leather Keychain

"My boyfriend loses his keys ALL the time so this was the perfect solution. The tracker comes with a leather keychain so it's both stylish and functional."

Most Unique: Grilled Personal Pizza Maker

"I was looking for a unique gift to give my boyfriend and stumbled upon this super cool personal pizza maker. He loves pizza and this appliance makes cooking individual meals for himself super easy,"


1. Leather Wallet

Every guy needs a wallet, right? While your boyfriend probably already has one, it definitely isn’t a bad idea to get him a new one. Usually, guys use the same wallet until it’s falling to pieces so a new one is probably much needed. 

If your man is in need of a new wallet, Fossil and Coach have the highest quality wallets to buy in 2021. Fossil gives you the option to emboss initials into the wallet at no extra charge which is perfect if you are looking to buy your boyfriend a personalized gift! The Coach wallet set comes with a larger and smaller wallet as well as a leather keychain so this set would make an amazing gift as well. 

2. Lululemon Shorts

clothing gifts for boyfriend

When looking for a full-proof Christmas gift for your boyfriend, you can never go wrong with clothing from Lululemon. While Lulu is a little more pricey, the quality is there so it totally lives up to the price. These shorts are the comfiest and most popular pair of shorts for men so you can guarantee he will be insanely excited to open these up on Christmas.

3. Trendy Sports Apparel

Pretty much every boyfriend is into sports so you can’t go wrong with buying him new sports apparel from his favorite team! The company ‘47 Brand has a TON of trendy sports apparel from every team you could think of. This is a great gift alternative to normal jerseys if he has a ton of those already.


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4. Yeti Coolers

If you’re looking for Christmas gifts for boyfriend 2021 then you have probably already thought of buying Yeti products. But, in case you haven’t here is your reminder! All Yeti products are boyfriend approved and they seriously can’t get enough. From tumblers to beer coolers they have everything a guy could need to keep his refreshments nice and cold.

5. Ugg Slippers

During Christmas, my friends and I usually budget around $100 total to spend on our boyfriends. Ugg slippers are the perfect gift because they fall under that budget! Giving this gift to your boyfriend is the perfect way to stick to a reasonable budget but still giving them something that feels expensive.

6. Bluetooth Speaker

Now, this is one good-looking Bluetooth speaker! Everyone needs a good Bluetooth speaker in their life but some of them are just eyesores when left out in my opinion. While I will admit this speaker is pricey, it produces amazing quality sound and serves as stylish decor so the quality lives up to the high price.

If you want to buy him a Bluetooth speaker but are on a budget you can always opt for a smaller speak like this one from Amazon that still looks stylish!

7. "Manscaped" Grooming Kit

Let’s be honest, every guy needs a little maintenance “down there”. One of my close friends gave this to her boyfriend last year somewhat as a joke but he actually ended up loving it and using it all the time.

The Manscaping set comes with high-quality razors perfect for sensitive skin as well as lotions and even deodorant! This is the perfect gift for guys who like taking care of themselves that I’m sure every girlfriend can get behind as well.

8. Dopp Kit

Did anyone else think “Dopp” kits were spelled “Doc” kits? No? Just me? Okay...

Anyways, a DOPP kit is always a Christmas gift for boyfriends that they will actually use. Calpak, Etsy, Amazon, and other baggage stores sell endless options of leather, cloth, and even personalized Dopp kits that are super high quality. This is a gift you can guarantee he will get lots of use out of.

9. Barbour Jacket

A Barbour jacket is a gift I actually hadn’t even thought of until I asked my boyfriend to think of some gift ideas. But, now that I think about it every single guy I know loves these jackets (at least where I’m from) so if you live somewhere that gets cold this is the gift to buy for him! So here it is, a boyfriend-approved (and suggested) Christmas gift for boyfriend 2021. These jackets are super versatile and can be worn against harsh weather outdoors but function just as well as city wear.

10. Keychain

custom christmas gifts for boyfriend 2021

Sentimental gifts are sometimes the best way to go when buying gifts for your boyfriend. But when you look up “sentimental gifts for boyfriend” some of them are SO cheesy. Here is a customized sentimental gift to give your boyfriend that he won’t secretly be embarrassed to use. 

This leather keychain comes personalized with his initials as well as a photo of your choice inside so he has a sweet reminder of the two of you without having to flash “I have a girlfriend” around at all times.

11. Hoodies

You know all the hoodies of his you wore and “promised to give back”? Here is your chance to repay him for those. Hoodies are a clothing essential for guys and they seriously can’t have enough. H&M, Zara, Nike, and Adidas all carry basic hoodies that will match any outfit. In general, you can’t go wrong with buying your boyfriend a good Nike hoodie for Christmas. Or, you could just give him the gift of returning all the ones you stole.

12. Personalized Golf Balls

useful gifts for boyfriend

If your boyfriend is as much of a golf lover as mine then this is a Christmas gift you should definitely consider buying. This set comes in a customized box that includes personalized golf balls, tees, and pencils. He might even love this gift so much he won’t even want to use it. But, you can guarantee he will be showing it off to all his friends or displaying them in his room.

college planner

13. Wireless Charging Station/Catch All Organizing Tray

surprise gifts for boyfriend

Is your boyfriend constantly misplacing things on his side table? Phone always dying? Here is a Christmas gift that will solve allll his problems. Courant makes this wireless charging and accessory tray to organize all his things while charging his phone at the same time. There aren’t many side table organizers that look this good so it is definitely one of the best Christmas gifts for boyfriend 2021!

14. Personalized Whiskey Glasses

best christmas gifts for men 2021

If your boyfriend is a whiskey drinker he will be so excited to open these personalized whiskey glasses on Christmas! There are a ton of personalized whiskey glasses on Etsy but these ones are by far my favorite. Plus, they’re only $10 per glass which means you can get an entire set for under $45! You really won’t find too many personalized options as good as this one for that price.

15. Fossil Watch

inexpensive christmas gifts for boyfriend 2021

Can we all agree a guy wearing a watch is so attractive? I think yes. But, aside from your own personal gain, buying a watch for your boyfriend for Christmas is a gift he will definitely appreciate! Help him elevate his style and look “business professional” with any kind of watch. Fossil has my favorite watches for men but you really can’t go wrong with any type of fancy watch!

16. Record Player

Does anyone else find it so cool that record players are becoming a thing again? There is truly no better sound than music playing on a record player. Because they are becoming so popular again it should be no surprise it made it on the list of Christmas gifts for boyfriend 2021!

A record player is the perfect trendy gift to give any guy who loves music. You could even through in a couple of his favorite albums as well!

17. Coach Cut-To-Size Reversible Belt

meaningful christmas gifts for boyfriend

Belts are a staple for every guy out there but gifting just a plain belt can seem boring. Instead, buy him this reversible belt made cut-to-size! Not only is this Coach belt made perfectly to fit him, but it also comes in this stunning Coach packaging that will be sure to WOW him when he opens it.

Need a little more convincing? This set is originally $198 but is on sale right now for only $79! Such an amazing price for a high-quality designer brand.

18. Custom Sports Prints

Here is a custom Christmas gift for boyfriends that you can buy even on a budget! Both of these stadium prints are under $30 which is a super reasonable price to spend on your boyfriend no matter how long you’ve been dating. Guys are usually lacking in the decor department so you’ll be helping him decorate a little with this customized gift!

19. Scratch Off Map

If your boyfriend loves to travel he will have so much fun with this gift. This scratch-off map allows him to show off all the places he’s been and maybe even help him plan where he wants to go next. A scratch off map is a Christmas gifts for boyfriend 2021 that he will absolutely love. Who knows, maybe this gift will persuade him to plan a fun trip for both of you in the future. 😉

20. Freezable Whiskey Glasses

Whiskey glasses are a go-to Christmas gift for any guy who likes to drink. These freezable glasses are the perfect gift to ensure he never has to drink warm whiskey again.

21. Mens Joggers

 cheap christmas gifts for boyfriend 2021

Give your boyfriend the ultimate gift of comfort this season. You seriously can’t go wrong with a pair of comfy joggers. H&M and Nike sweatpants have been my go-to gift for my boyfriend when I’m out of ideas and he loves getting them every time. 

22. Leather Phone case With Card Holder

useful christmas gifts for him 2021

Your boyfriend has most likely been using the same beat-up phone case for years so it’s time for an upgrade. This leather phone case gives protection as well as an easy way to carry around his most used cards. He will never have to search for his lost cards again with this Christmas gift!

23. Grilled Personal Pizza Maker

cooking gifts for boyfriend 2021

How fun is this?! If you’re looking for a unique Christmas gift for your boyfriend this is one you can almost guarantee he has never seen before and definitely doesn’t have already.

I mean, what guy doesn’t like pizza? This is a cool and easy way for him to make home-cooked pizza without having to make an entire pie.

Uncommon Goods sells this grilled personal pizza maker as well as a ton of other unique gifts for guys so I would highly recommend looking on their website if you’re looking for an original and fun gift to give your boyfriend for the holidays.

24. Apple AirTag Leather Key Ring

Apple came out with the AirTag this year and people are obsessed with it! With this, he will be able to attach the AirTag to his keys so that he can easily track them from his phone if they get lost! Not only is this a super useful gift, but it is also an amazing price for an Apple product.

25. Vegan Leather Weekender Bag

christmas gifts for boyfriend 2020

Has your boyfriend been using the same travel bag for years now? If the answer is yes (which it probably is) then consider buying him a new leather weekender bag for Christmas! It is pretty hard to find a real leather bag of this size on a budget but Nordstrom Rack really pulled through with this bag! It is made from premium vegan leather and is the perfect size for him to store all his things for the weekend.

26. Burberry Touch For Men Cologne

christmas gifts for boyfriend 2021 teenager

This cologne is one of my favorite ones that my boyfriend wears all the time. Cologne is something that almost every guy wants but won’t usually splurge on for themselves which makes it the perfect gift for him this Christmas!

27. Airpods And Leather Airpods Case

It is 2021 so headphones with wires are out and AirPods are all the rage. If he doesn’t have them already, this is a great gift for any boyfriend that you can guarantee he will be using all the time. This is actually exactly what I got for my boyfriend this year. If you want to go the extra mile with gift-giving this season, throw in a leather AirPods case! I feel like the leather case makes it look more mature but it also helps him from losing it (which he's known for).

28. Massage Gift Card/Book A Couples Massage

If your boyfriend isn’t the materialistic type gifting him an experience rather than an item is the way to go! This could mean planning a fancy dinner or booking a couples massage! Most guys won’t go out of their way to schedule a massage for themselves so this is a thoughtful gift he will absolutely appreciate. Plus, if you book a couples massage it is something you can do together!

29. The Whiskey Connoisseur's Set

unique christmas gifts for boyfriend 2021

Last whiskey gift I promise… But this set is too cool not to include! The Connoisseur’s set comes with two stunning crystal whiskey glasses and R.O.C.K.S best-selling whiskey stones all packaged in an elaborate gold foil gift box. I mean doesn’t this gift set just scream expensive?! Although it looks stunningly elaborate, this set only costs $54 which is a steal for the amazing quality and packaging!

30. Mini Muscle Massaging Gun

unique gifts for him 2021

After a long day at school or work, a massage is just what every guy needs. This mini muscle massaging gun works wonders on sore muscles and is small enough to easily carry around the house or keep in his drawers at work.

Therabody is known for their muscle massaging guns because they truly are the best. But, if you like the idea of a muscle massager but don’t love the price, you can find less expensive alternatives on Amazon as well.

31. Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

Here’s a gift for all the beer-loving boyfriends out there (and I know there’s a lot!) A wall-mounted bottle opener is a cool and functional decor piece that would make for such a fun and original Christmas gift for boyfriends 2021!

Uncommon Goods sells these super cool bottle openers made from recycled skis that would make for the perfect gift for ski-lovers. If your boyfriend isn’t much of a skier, you can buy him a personalized wooden bottle opener to hang right on his wall that he will love and use all the time.

32. Charging Hub

good christmas gifts for boyfriend

Who else gets super annoyed with all the cords required to keep your technology charged? This gift will solve this issue by combining all those cords into one charging hub. No more tangled cords and dead phones! A charging port is one gift literally any guy with Apple products will actually use and enjoy and makes organizing and charging all of his Apple products super easy.

33. Dollar Shave Club Gift Set

creative christmas gifts for boyfriend 2021

 Every guy has to shave right? Allow your boyfriend to pamper himself this Christmas by gifting him a Dollar Shave Club gift set. This top-rated shaving set comes with a razor, replacement blades, a razor cover, razor stand, prep scrub, shave butter, and a post-shave mist. Shaving doesn’t get better than that right?

This post showed you the best Christmas gifts for boyfriend 2021.

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