The only thing better than having one baby, is having two

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However, this is likely also the only thing standing in the way of your once very active lifestyle. Finding the best double jogging stroller can bridge the gap for once active individuals who are now juggling parenthood with two small children. Incorporating a double jogging stroller into your life is a simple way to get yourself back into the swing of things while still keeping your little ones near you at all times.

The good news is that we took the time to carefully wade through the many double stroller options out there and find the top five that are best for jogging. We kept key features in mind such as weight, safety mechanisms, and durability. We wanted to prove that parents could still connect to their fitness regimes without having to fork out thousands of dollars — and we were right!

Our Top 5 list is complete and ready when you are. We spent many hours compiling comprehensive reviews of each of the strollers that made the cut. These will give you a good idea of what to expect from each overall. Quick-look comparison tables have also been included that you can use to easily skim over the products chosen. Lastly, our buyer’s guide at the end will help further confirm your feelings toward each. We used personal, first-hand accounts from actual jogging parents in order to put together this guide. It’s never been easier to find the best double jogging stroller to suit your personal fitness needs. Let’s go ahead and meet the five double strollers that made the cut.
Quick Summary Editor’s Choice: BOB Revolution Flex Duallie Jogging Stroller "Sturdy stroller with an impressive five-year warranty – an option parents of all heights will find comfortable, thanks to the adjustable handlebar." Best Speed Control: Thule Urban Glide 2.0 Double Jogging Stroller "Great choice for travelling – easy one-hand fold allows you to compactly store away the stroller in seconds." Budget Pick: Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger "Incredibly lightweight, yet robust jogging stroller with individually reclining seats, providing maximum comfort for your little ones." Best Ventilation: Baby Jogger 2016 Summit X3 Double Jogging Stroller "Double stroller with a one-step (patented) folding technology and a safe handlebar break system." Best Safety: Baby Trend Navigator Lite Double Jogger Stroller "Rest assured that your little ones are safe as you jog, thanks to the 5-point harness system and protective bars." Top 5 Double Jogging Strollers Review 2021 11. BOB Revolution Flex Duallie Jogging Stroller – Editor’s Choice Features Combined weight capacity: 100 lbs Dimensions: 48 x 30.5 x 43 inches Weight: 33.1 lbs Foldable: yes Warranty: 5 years
Extra features: UPF 50+ canopy, car seat compatible, adjustable handlebar
Check price 9.9
The BOB Revolution Flex is our personal winner of the best all-around choice of double jogging stroller. We love it in chic black — though it also comes in red or electric blue. So what exactly makes it so impressive all-around?

This stroller was designed around the concept of a mountain bike. For a device that is intended for jogging with children, that’s impressive. The wheels are air-filled and padded with mountain biking suspension. This makes for the smoothest ride possible on almost any terrain, and makes it a great choice for a beach stroller. The suspension automatically adjusts itself depending on the incline so you rarely ever have to apply more force to make the stroller move. If it still doesn’t feel right, the suspension is also manually adjustable to five different settings.

We also love that absolutely every nook and cranny of this stroller is properly padded for a more comfortable ride. Even the handlebar for the parent is well padded — and adjustable to nine different positions. Safety first!

The canopies built into this stroller are some of the most impressive ones we have seen in a while. The come right over the child and the seat if you so desire. You’ll be able to either shade your child from the sun while still letting them see the road. Or, shade them from seeing either entirely. Either way, the tops of the canopies are completely transparent for you to keep any eye on the kids.

With sufficient storage, a front wheel that locks, and a convenient two-step fold, it’s easy to see why the BOB stroller made our best all-around pick.

What we liked:
Looks great Folds flat Multiple chair adjustments Biking suspension
What could be better:
Pricy Canopies have reported to bunch up 12. Thule Urban Glide 2.0 Double Jogging Stroller – Best Speed Control Features Weight capacity: 100 lb (combined) Dimensions: 48.62 x 43.5 x 30.12 inches Weight: 32.6 lbs Foldable: yes Warranty: 1 year
Extra features: UV 50+ canopy, easy one-hand fold system, create travel system if needed
Check price 9.6
A notable feature for any stroller that will be used at a faster pace is a seed control ability. This Urban Glide stroller was our winner for best speed control double jogging stroller. This is mostly thanks to its integrated handbrake that’s able to twist and provide speed control on changing terrains.

The children are strapped into this unit with an impressive five-point body harness, keeping them safe and secure. Both seats are also fully reclining for inclusion of sleeping babies. There is ample storage within the unit and it is all zip-covered; meaning you will never find your goods falling out of the unit while on the move. The Urban Glide truly is a delight of a stroller. We particularly love that the wheels are fitted with reflective seals so the black body of the stroller doesn’t get lost on the streets in low light. Cars will be able to see you from a distance.

Our favorite feature is perhaps that this stroller, despite its size, folds up into a handbag-type shape. This isn’t often seen in double strollers. The intention is that with all parts folding neatly inward, the handles meet in the center and make for easy, one handed lifting of the entire unit. This will be a welcome pleasure while juggling two babies and a stroller.

Not included in the basic unit are a number of optional add-ons. A car seat adapter is one of them, meaning you will only be able to use this feature if you buy the adapter separately. Other handy items such as a rain cover, snack tray and cup holder are also up for sale. While these are all impressive features, we can’t help but feel they should be included in the original price as the Urban Glide does not run cheap.

What we liked:
Strong body harness One handed carry feature Speed control hand brake
What could be better:
Pricy Basic add-ons sold separately Not car seat compatible

 13. Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger – Budget Pick Features Combined weight capacity: 100 lbs Dimensions: 49 x 21.5 x 43 inches Weight: 25 lbs Foldable: yes Warranty: 180 days
Extra features: lockable front swivel wheel (lock for jogging)
Check price 9.3
Everybody loves a bargain! The Baby Trend Expedition is our best budget pick in this lineup coming in at a fraction of the cost of its pricier counterparts.

What made this stroller a sure contender was the fact that although it was only a portion of the price, it still featured all the basics you’d expect to find in a decent double jogging stroller. In fact, premium features such as a cup holder and snack tray are built in; unlike other brands that force you to buy them separately. Bargain!

The front wheel is lockable and will adjust to suit the terrain on which you run. The seats recline into multiple positions. The entire stroller folds into a compact carry version of itself.

One notable downside is that the overhead canopy is one solid piece. It doesn’t provide the option of each child enjoying their own individual experience. If one wants shade, they both get shade. And vice versa. This isn’t a huge set back, but is definitely a valued feature to some people.

This little factor aside, the Baby Trend makes up for it with ample storage and a seemingly safe strap in belt system.

This jogging stroller is recommended for children of at least six months or up. The seat belts are not safe for babies younger than this as they might slip out.

Available in purple or red, the Baby Trend Expedition is a low cost, comprehensive jogging stroller for those looking to save a few dollars.

What we liked:
Affordable Reclining seats Trays and add-ons included
What could be better:
One-piece canopy Not suitable for children under 6 months 14. Baby Jogger 2016 Summit X3 Double Jogging Stroller – Best Ventilation Features Combined weight capacity: 100 lbs Dimensions: 53.2 x 32.5 x 40.6 inches Weight: 37 lbs Foldable: yes Warranty: 1 year
Extra features: one-step patented folding technology
Check price 9.0
Of course the needs in selecting a jogging stroller are always going to vary from parent to parent. Depending on where you live, how often you run etc, the stroller will need specific features suited to your lifestyle. This Baby Jogger stroller was our pick for the best ventilated jogging stroller when compared to all the rest.

Ventilation is a feature that is few and far between with most other strollers. But if you live in a place where the altitude or humidity are notably thicker, this is the stroller for you. The canopies are vented to promote airflow for the duration of a journey. The ventilation works whether the canopy is fully open or half-mast.

The stroller also features an impressive hand brake system that’s simple to get the hang of. Rear parking brakes allow you to safely park this stroller almost anywhere.

This stroller was also designed with a wider push bar in mind. The goal was that it could be used by both parents at the same time if so desired. So parents would be able to jog side by side behind the stroller and both fit comfortably. Should a single parent be using the stroller, it would also push just as well.

Storage on this stroller isn’t great tough, we’ll admit! It is a simple, hanging net style holder that isn’t extremely secure. We imagine certain goods could find their way to the floor given enough leverage.

What we liked:
Handbrake system Suitable for two parents at once Well ventilated
What could be better:
Pricy Unimpressive storage

 15. Baby Trend Navigator Lite Double Jogger Stroller – Best Safety Features Combined weight capacity: 100 lbs Dimensions: 46 x 32 x 42 inches Weight: 31.5 lbs Foldable: yes Warranty: 180 days
Extra features: locking front swivel wheel for jogging, car seat compatible
Check price 8.9
This stroller almost found its way into the best budget slot — however we decided it was better suited to the title of best safety double jogging stroller in our books.

Since safety is something never to be compromised when it comes to children, this stroller impressed us in more than one way; especially when considering its low cost.

Not only does the stroller feature a secure, five-point body buckle to keep your babies tucked away, it has the added feature of a body rail across each of the seats. This is simply an extra layer of support and security in the event of a harness ever failing. It is a feature not often seen on jogging strollers.

The entire unit is particularly lightweight and very aerodynamic. Not only this, but assembling and storing the stroller becomes a lot easier when it’s on the lighter side.

The car seat adaption feature is built in and blends seamlessly with each overhead canopy so your sleeping child is fully covered from the outside world.

The back wheels are on the larger side and incredibly sturdy. We believe they will ride over almost anything. The front wheel is significantly smaller and made to swivel for easy maneuvering — however, it can be locked quite easily should the terrain require it.

All in all this Baby Trend Navigator stroller is a great hybrid of budget and safety all in one.

What we liked:
5-point buckle system Additional body bar Lightweight Affordable
What could be better:
Bulky when folded

Things to Consider
Most parents understand the struggle of managing one baby and a stroller; you understand the struggle of managing two. Our goal is to make that struggle a little easier and help guide you toward the best double stroller for your daily jog. This buyers guide is comprised of a variety of valuable points to consider when making your purchase.
Benefits of having a double jogging stroller
Purchasing a jogging stroller that has been strategically designed to comfortably house not one, but two children will come with the following benefits:
No need to alternate jogging turns between children. Both can go along for the run at the same time thanks to the tandem design. Double strollers are more balanced than single strollers which is beneficial while moving at a pace. There is more storage space for anything you might need to take along with you. Because double strollers are bigger, you’re more visible on the roads and consequently safer. Features to consider when shopping for a double jogging stroller
The only thing left to do is identify your top pick from our list of the best double jogging strollers currently on the market. We acknowledge that they all have their pros and cons however there will always be one that will slide more seamlessly into your life compared to the rest. This breakdown of features will help you single out the criteria you find most important in a jogging stroller. Use them wisely to make the best choice for yourself and your babies.
Weight capacity
A jogging stroller’s reliability is based upon just how much body weight the device can hold at a time, give or take a few kilograms depending on the amount of additional baggage you bring along. When looking at strollers be sure to ask the following questions:
What weight do my children combined come to and can this brand of stroller hold it? Is the smoothness of the ride dependent on whether the child is heavier or lighter? Does this brand of stroller have a history of wear-and-tear as a child’s weight increases?
Some brands of strollers are more concerned with newborn sized babies. Others put more focus on the comfort of toddler sized children. It’s all about finding the brand that has your weight class in mind for optimum comfort and safety.

The best triple strollers come with a far larger weight capacity, and some can also be used as a double stroller, so consider some of the best models we’ve picked in case you need a stroller for more than one child.
Just as relevant as weight capacity, the physical dimensions of your jogging stroller are something to seriously consider. When you take into account the amount of time your children are going to spend inside the unit, you want something that isn’t going to feel like a little prison cell.

Some strollers offer adjustable parts that can alter the dimensions of the overall device. Others are at fixed sizes and cannot be shifted.

It’s just as relevant to examine a stroller’s dimensions while open as it is to examine its dimensions while folded. Both are states of the stroller that you will encounter equally as much.

And if you’re of above average height, you’ll also want to make sure you can comfortably operate the stroller, so we’ve prepared a line-up of the best strollers for tall parents to help you out.
Weight of stroller
When shopping for a stroller suitable for two babies, instead of just one, the weight of the unit is of huge importance. Juggling two babies and a stroller does not make for light work. For your sanity, a lightweight unit is definitely most preferable.

What’s more, any stroller that is intended for use while jogging should be as aerodynamic and easy to maneuver as possible. A lighter stroller makes for a lighter run — as some like to say. You need your stroller to be able to glide over alternating terrains and not slow down because of extra weight. The Baby Trend Expedition was our top pick for lightweight jogging strollers weighing in at an impressive 25lbs.
Foldability and folded dimensions
Some strollers fold flat like a pancake. Others fold inward like an umbrella. Only you will be able to say which of these designs is more convenient to your daily needs. Ask yourself; “Where will the stroller be stored and what dimensions does it need to collapse into for this storage to work?”. Juggling two children and their luggage is no easy task. Your stroller should not be an added burden or view obstruction when loaded into a vehicle.
Wheels are another important factor to consider when it comes to jogging strollers. Because these strollers are likely to encounter vastly different terrains to every-day walking strollers; the wheels need to be able to handle it. It is recommended by parents around the world that your jogging stroller feature a swivel front wheel that has the ability to lock should the need arise. This means that there will never be a piece of ground that the stroller simply cannot move over.

Reflective strips on jogging stroller wheels also make the runner more visible on busy roads or in low light (sunset jogs, for example). This is a safety feature that we definitely encourage you to look for.
Parking mechanisms and brakes
As a runner, you’re well aware of the ever changing terrain that can surprise you along your journey. As a parent you’re well aware that not all terrains are ideal for lazy babies. A jogging stroller should at the very least include basic parking and brake mechanisms. Should you ever find yourself suddenly on a rapid downward trend with no way of safely veering off of it; you need brakes that can bring everything to a stop before tragedy can strike. In the same breath, you need your stroller to offer stable parking mechanisms for each wheel so that you’re able to stop at any point during your run without the stroller rolling away.

Make sure your chosen stroller has the ability to park on both flat and inclining surfaces with the same level of ease.
Reclining positions
This isn’t usually an industry standard for jogging strollers. Some brands assume that because you’re on the move so rapidly, your children likely won’t have opportunity to fall asleep. Thus some jogging strollers have no ability to recline the seats. We recommend sourcing a stroller that does offer this feature, no matter how unlikely it is that your child will want to use it.

Children are unpredictable. They can sleep through the most unexpected of experiences.
A stroller with the ability to recline will be a life saver when your sleepy child just wants to nap but you need to run. Since these are tandem units we are talking about, make sure that the two seats aren’t attached. This means they should recline individually if necessary and not as one unit. Each child should have equal option of either sitting up or laying down respectively. Seat belts
Here’s one of the most important features to look at in a jogging stroller. Unlike normal, everyday strollers; jogging strollers area designed to move at a rapid pace. This puts the contents of the stroller at higher risk should the stroller need to stop suddenly, or worse run into something. Ensure that your jogging stroller features a body harness type belt that will strap the child securely into the unit. The belts should ideally strap over each shoulder, down the torso and meet a leg strap in the lap. The Urban Glide stroller by Thule featured the most impressive five point body harness belt for optimum safety. Take a close look at the quality and durability of the buckle that will hold these straps together. Cheap plastic isn’t ideal.
External construction and interior comfort
We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: a good stroller should be hard and durable on the outside while soft & comfy on the inside.

Generally, the reputation of a brand is a good enough indication as to the quality of the unit. Materials used on the outside of a jogging stroller should be tough and withstand the harsh external forces that can pose a risk. The inside of a jogging stroller should be of utmost comfort, but utmost safety as well.

A fast moving stroller can fast become uncomfortable for whoever is inside if the stroller is hitting regular lumps and bumps.
Everything on the interior should be padded, from the seats to the buckles. The Baby Jogger Summit is the perfect embodiment of this. One of the most important features is that the children should be protected from the sun at all times while inside the stroller.
Since your children will be spending a significant amount of time within the unit, it only makes sense to place a closer focus on things like interior comfort.
Car seat compatibility
While it isn’t recommended you go jogging with car seats attached to your stroller, some brands do offer this as an added feature. This will be used more when the stroller is only being used for regular walks. However, the BOB Revolution Flex stroller, our top choice, seems able to securely hold two car seats at once while still being fully mobile. With a With a few simple straps and clicks, almost any car seat can easily clip on to the stroller. This feature saves you from ever having to wake a sleeping baby in order to make them mobile.
Because of both the higher cost and the nature of use that comes with a jogging stroller, warranties are usually a standard feature. Depending on the brand, the warranty will range anywhere between one year to three years. If you need a stroller that‘s going to last longer as well as be covered longer; you’re going to have to spend some extra cash. E-commerce websites sometimes neglect to mention the warranty so you may have to contact the brand directly and ask for the specifications. Worth doing if you are looking for a unit that is made to last.
FAQ Will it be able to fit through doorways without issues?
Some yes, and some no. It really all depends on the make and brand of the stroller in question. Some parents report convenience issues on certain models, saying they are unable to move through doorways at all. This is unfortunately just the reality of wider units. Some double strollers are compact enough to fit between most doorways. It is a design specification you will have to look out for.
How do I install a car seat?
Most double jogging strollers come with car seat attachments already installed. A simple series of clips and handles will attach your car seats to the unit. However some strollers sell the car seat adaptors as optional add-ons that need to be purchased separately. Be sure to check with your brand to see what they feature.
Can I use a jogging stroller at the beach?
If the beach has a boardwalk, yes. The lockable front wheel is a standard feature of most jogging strollers and thus allows the unit to move over almost any terrain. A beach boardwalk would be no problem.
Do I need to inflate the tires myself?
Usually no. Jogging tires should come ready to roll. Some strollers will include a tire pump for your convenience in the event of loss of pressure.
Our Verdict
Top of our list was of course the impressive BOB Revolution Flex: our pick for best double jogging stroller any day. We loved the effortlessly stylish design and the choice of three colors. We also love that durability and comfort were not sacrificed for the sake of this style. It features all the basics we’d expect from a stroller that needs to move at a fast pace. The suspension is state-of-the-art and was something we couldn’t find in any of the other strollers we explored. Our all around favorite.

The Thule Urban Glide is our runner up in favorites. That speed control hand brake is an asset when combined with the reflective wheels — keeping both child and jogger safe while on the roads.

Lastly, our wonderful budget pick of the lot; we love the Baby Trend Expedition. The body harness makes for perfect peace of mind while on the move. With a price tag that will make you swoon, this isn’t a stroller to be overlooked.

Now, which of these will help you get back into shape?

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