The Museum of Ice Cream is now delivering its scoops to your door

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The fantastical, millennial-pink museum devoted to all things ice cream, knows you can’t come hang in its sprinkle-filled pit right now. So the experiential museum has taken things in a new direction, joining up with the platform Caviar to deliver ice cream pints for those looking for a cheer-me-up. With each purchase of a pint, the museum will send out pints to essential healthcare workers on the frontlines, who can certainly use some levity right now. 

Flavors of the ice creams include: the “PB&P” (peanut butter ice cream with chocolate covered pretzels), the “Cone Zone” (vanilla and chocolate swirled ice cream with crushed chocolate covered wafer cones) and the “Queen Bee” (honey ice cream with chocolate-covered honeycomb, English toffee and almonds), among several other versions—each at $8, per pint. 

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In addition, the team is offering other specialty items such as a make-your-own ice cream kit, and a gold-colored scooper. Likewise, there are a few oddball items up for sale, including merchandise, dog-friendly ice cream and games. 

For other ways to sweeten up your deliveries this weekend, head here

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