The Coolest Spy Gadgets You Can Buy in Real Life

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Have you ever set up a home theater projector and watched a spy movie like Mission Impossible or the Bourne Identity and thought to yourself, “Yeah, I could do that.” Deep down, you might know that Jason Bourne can do things that you can’t, but that doesn’t mean that with the help of some of the best spy gadgets, you can’t at least try.

The coolest gadgets aren’t just for the big screen action stars. There are plenty of real-world scenarios and occupations where spy gadgets can help you get the information you need and get a job done correctly. Journalists and law-enforcement officers, outdoorsmen and even creative media types could all find a use for spy gear. Even your average Joe traveling the country van camping can take advantage of equipment like VPNs, Ray Ban Stories and Faraday Bags for your phone.

We encourage our readers to use these devices responsibly. You can do some really cool things with spy equipment, you can also be a total creep with some of them, too. Don’t be that person. That person is not cool. So without further adieu, check out some of the best spy gadgets you can buy right now.

ray ban stories

Ray-Ban Stories

Why we chose it: You can take pictures and videos discreetly.
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Key Features:

  • The lenses are polarized to protect against sunrays
  • You can use them hands-free by saying “Hey Facebook…”
  • Video record lengths up to 60 secs

Take pictures and videos without having to physically pull out your phone or camera. These Ray Bans have two cameras on the frame that can take photos and videos, and with Bluetooth speakers built into the frame, you can even take a phone call without grabbing for your phone.

And at the end of the day, even without all the cool spy features, you’ll have on a stylish pair of Ray Bans making you look great on sunny summer days.

DIJ Mavic 3

DJI Mavic 3

Why we chose it: You can get a birds eye view of any area, with ease.
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Key Features:

  • Flight time is 46 minutes
  • Can travel up to 15 kilometers away
  • Has advanced obstacle sensing to protect itself

If you really want to be prepared for anything, you’ll need spy gear that can take flight, even when you can’t. The DIJ Mavic 3 is the drone you want that can fly for 46 minutes before it needs a recharge. The omnidirectional obstacle sensing keeps your drone from getting damaged even when it’s more than 9-miles away (yeah, it can fly that far!) And when the battery is getting low, it can return safety on the fastest route without pilot intervention.

Top 22 Coolest Spy Gadgets You Can Buy in Real Life in 2023 | SPY

UZIMO Listen Thru-Wall Contact/Probe Microphone Amplifier System

Why we chose it: You can use it to hear through walls.

Key Features:

  • Is built with included headphones
  • Can increase the amplification with a dial on the back
  • Has built in rechargeable battery

You never know if people are telling you the truth unless you hear them behind closed doors. With the Uzimo mic, you can place the device on a wall and listen through the built-in headphones. Since noise is simply vibrations and wavelengths, this microphone can easily amplify those sounds.

Mission Darkness Non-Window Faraday Bag for Phones

Mission Darkness Non-Window Faraday Bag for Phones

Why we chose it: This protects your devices from being spied on.

Key Features:

  • Can hold any device smaller that 9 x 6 inches
  • Has a unique serial number for tracking
  • Blocks a variety of signals including RF, 5G and more

Sometimes you need spy gear to protect your data, and other times you need it to prevent someone from tracking you. That’s when the Mission Darkness Faraday Bag comes in handy. This faraday bag is lab tested and certified that when you place a phone in the bag and seal it up, nothing is getting in or out. That’s right, no WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS — nada. If you don’t want anyone tracking your whereabouts or trying to steal your data, dropping your phone in this bag will certainly conceal your location and help you keep your privacy.

Gthunder Digital Night Vision Binoculars

GTHUNDER Digital Night Vision Goggles

Why we chose it: The let you see in pitch darkness.
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Key Features:

  • Can record footage on memory card
  • Has rubberized grip and is water resistance
  • Can see up to almost 1000 feet

The GThunder Night Vision Binoculars are designed for hunting but can be adapted to other purposes as well. These low-light sights have 984 feet of infrared night vision range, 3X optical zoom, an IP56 rating for dust and water resistance, and a pair of AA batteries that will get you three hours of use in infrared night mode. On top of that, you can save the footage you capture with these things to the included 32GB flashcard and then back it up to your computer when it’s all said and done.

night vision goggles

Night Vision Goggles

Why We Chose It: These NVGs are one of the most advanced goggles, consumers can buy.

Key Features:

  • Can connect to a helmet and be hands free
  • Military grade, waterproof protection
  • Has 50-hour rechargeable battery

Were you looking for something a little more advanced than night vision binoculars? Then you’ll want to go with the military equipment available at ATN Corp, where you can buy the same night vision technology used by U.S. military and intelligence forces. They aren’t cheap, but the Superior Tactical PVS-7 goggles offer military-grade night vision capabilities.

Lightweight and waterproof, it works under extreme weather conditions, has a 50-hour battery life, and can be attached to headgear. If you want the best spy gadgets money can buy, these goggles are a must-have.

iPhone 13 Pro Max Privacy Screen Protector

Fotbor Anti Spy Tempered Glass Film

Why we chose it: This prevents onlookers from looking at your phones’ contents.
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Key Features:

  • Clear view when looking straight on
  • Is 9H tempered glass
  • Has an easy-to-use installation kit

When you’re up to secret spy activity, you have to have spy gear that prevents other people from eavesdropping on the information you have. A iPhone 13 Pro Max privacy screen protector keeps anyone from rubbernecking to secretly see what’s on your phone. Unless you’re looking directly at your phone, the screen will look black. An added bonus beyond the added privacy, is it protects your screen as well.

Rabbler white noise generator

Portable Noise Generator – White Noise Machine

Why We Chose It: This generator creates a low hum to drown out surrounding or distracting sounds.

Key Features:

  • Small enough to fit in a sling bag
  • Is powered by 9V battery
  • Rubberized to protect against aesthetic damage

There are many reasons you wouldn’t want a sensitive conversation to be overheard or recorded without you knowing. Still, it isn’t easy to find a private place in the era where everything has an internet-connected mic. Instead, create your own personal bubble with the Rabbler, one of the coolest spy gadgets we’ve found yet. This noise generator can create noise that replicates a crowded room’s ambient sounds, making it hard for microphones or eavesdropping ears to discern what you’re saying.



Why we chose it: You can keep your online data from prying eyes.

Key Features:

  • Protects your connection even when not actively using
  • Has an app for all major operating systems, including mobile
  • Can choose apps to whitelist from the service

Every good intelligence agent knows that information security is essential to maintaining a secure operation. And since we’re at the mercy of big tech companies to keep our online and mobile behavior safe, many people are investing in their own spy equipment to ensure their private internet activity is secure: VPN cybersecurity technology.

What does VPN technology do? A service like NordVPN routes your traffic through remote servers. In fact, NordVPN gives you the ability to route your IP address and DNS settings through one of its more than 5,000 global servers. This action has two critical effects: it hides your IP address and encrypts all incoming and outgoing data. So with NordVPN cybersecurity technology, your web browsing won’t be tracked by anyone, keeping you safe from prying eyes, internet service providers, hackers, and, in theory, the government. On top of that, it ensures your ISP won’t throttle your internet connection. A VPN can also let you access the dark web if you’re interested in that sort of thing.

Top 22 Coolest Spy Gadgets You Can Buy in Real Life in 2023 | SPY

Roxant Viper Monocular Telescope

Why we chose it: You’re able to see far locations with a minimal product.

Key Features:

  • 10″ x 25″, small enough to fit in a pocket
  • Has textured, rubberized grip
  • Comes with belt clip, carry pouch, and other accessories

Binoculars are usually thought to be the primary product to check out targets that are farther away. Yet still, monoculars offer a more minimal and straightforward device to do the same thing. This Roxant monocular is military grade with a rubberized grip, travel case, key ring, and more. So, now, you get a telescope in your pocket for the price of a good dinner.

rf detector

JMDHKK Anti spy & RF Detector

Why we chose it: Now, you can be aware if any hackers or spies are nearby.
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Key Features:

  • 8-10 Hour battery life
  • Detects hidden cameras, audio bugs, and other hidden equipment
  • Has sturdy duralumin casing

Suppose you’ve got yourself into a predicament where you may be under heavy surveillance. In that case, you’re going to need a spy gadget that does more than detecting hidden cameras to make sure you’re in a secure space. The JMDHKK M8000 AI RF Detector takes the traditional RF bug detector and infuses it with AI to make it easier than ever to detect if you’re being spied on.

Instead of adjusting the tracker for each signal type, the auto-scan program will cycle through different signal detection programs to figure out if there are issues. These can include audio bugs, Wi-Fi cameras, IP cameras, GSM bugs, wiretaps, body wires, GPS trackers, phone taps, or other types of surveillance bugs in the room. If it finds something, it will let you know.

Top 22 Coolest Spy Gadgets You Can Buy in Real Life in 2023 | SPY

Hausbell Listening Device

Why We Chose It: You can hone in on specific areas to listen to sounds.

Key Features:

  • Can hear audio 8x more than natural human ear
  • Can only record 12 seconds at a time
  • Powered by 9V non-included battery

Description: The Hausbell monocular device allows users to listen to a particular area and analyze its sounds. It is made with kids in mind that want to do experiments and have fun. Be aware, though, that this device is fragile and must constantly be connected to a power source.

Top 22 Coolest Spy Gadgets You Can Buy in Real Life in 2023 | SPY

Tracki GPS Tracker

Why We Chose It: It is an easy and tiny tracker to keep lost items safe.
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Key Features:

  • Unlimited distance tracking thanks to 4G LTE cellular radios
  • Size is 1.75 x 1.5 x 0.55 in
  • Can track up to 10 months before recharging

Tracki makes tracking a vehicle easy and accurate. You can use it to protect your vehicle from theft or use it to follow someone else. The Tracki will automatically start sending signals to you as soon as it detects movement and provides nearly real-time updates on the device’s location. You will receive a text or email (your choice) and you’ll be able to see the movement of the locator on Google maps.

It can also be used on boats using Dock Mode that way, you don’t receive updates from the boat swaying in port. This piece of spy equipment is one of the most reliable ways to track your asset while maintaining complete discretion.

WeBoost Drive X

WeBoost Drive X

Why We Chose It: This is cellular signal extended that stays in your car.

Key Features:

  • Works with all major carriers
  • Can be installed without tools
  • Can increase talk time on a device by up to 2 hour

Suppose you want to ensure you aren’t left high and dry, especially when driving out in the middle of Timbuktu. In that case, the WeBoost Drive X extends your cell phone’s signal so you can continue to get coverage even when you are seemingly out in the middle of nowhere.

The WeBoost Drive X reaches out to faraway cell towers providing a signal for your phone. This wireless extender is an excellent spy gadget for anyone who travels for a living, even if that living is super top secret.

Image of FLIR One Pro LT iOS Pro-Grade Thermal Camera against white background.

FLIR One Pro LT iOS Pro-Grade Thermal Camera for Smartphones

Why We Chose It: It ads a simple thermal camera to your smartphones.
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Key Features:

  • Has accompanying app with extra features
  • Can fit on phones even with cases
  • Has MSX technology to provide extra detail in the imaging

Thermal imaging is a powerful tool, which is why it makes for a pretty cool spy gadget. Law enforcement uses thermal imaging to pick up heat from a person or object, even if there’s a solid surface concealing it. In other instances, it can make it easy to see what is going on in a foggy or smoky environment where visibility is low. As a hidden figure, you want only the best spy gear at your disposal, and the FLIR camera for iPhone/iOS and Android is the way to go.

This little attachment, packed with a pair of thermal sensors, plugs into the bottom of your phone and turns the screen into a thermal imaging viewfinder. So if there’s a person or thing that you’re trying to avoid and can’t see them very well, this will help you get out of a sticky situation.

Top 22 Coolest Spy Gadgets You Can Buy in Real Life in 2023 | SPY

Kingston IronKey Basic Encrypted Flash Drive

Why We Chose It: It keeps your secret files protected, even if you lose it.
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Key Features:

  • Comes with 128GB of storage
  • Is Fips 140-2 Level 3 Certified
  • Has USB 3.0 USB A connection

There may be times in your life when sensitive files need to change hands, and an encrypted hard drive is essential to keeping those secrets secure. And whether that’s photos, blueprints, contracts or an obscure fan recording of a Justin Bieber concert from 2012, you’ll want to make sure that no one can ever open those files.

This piece of spy equipment has a hardware encryption chip built into the drive itself so that you can be confident that your data is protected by the most rigid security protocols around with 256-bit AES hardware-based encryption and 140-2 Level 3 validation. Long story short, with the encryption activated, nobody will ever lay their eyes on anything this drive contains.

Top 22 Coolest Spy Gadgets You Can Buy in Real Life in 2023 | SPY

Sony ICD-PX370 Mono Digital Voice Recorder

Why We Chose It: It’s an easy way to record yours, or others, conversations.

Key Features:

  • Has 57 hours of battery life
  • Built-in direct USB connection
  • Has back-lit display

Need to record a conversation? Then we recommend this well-reviewed Sony digital voice recorder. This affordable and compact spy gadget has a built-in USB stick so that you can easily access and save your files.

voicemod app

Voice Changing Devices & Apps

Why We Chose It: You can change your voice on the go with these services.

We’ve all seen villains in movies disguise their voice on the phone, perhaps after taking a hostage. While we don’t encourage criminal behavior (in fact, we discourage it entirely), these voice disguises exist in real life. You can purchase physical Voice Changing Devices that interact with your phone for landlines and cell phones to filter your voice on calls.

However, this is the digital age … Instead of buying an expensive device, the Google and Apple App stores have dozens of apps that will create the same effect when using online communication services like Skype, Discord or Steam. One popular option is called VoiceMod, but there are plenty of options available depending on your device and spy gadget needs.

Top 22 Coolest Spy Gadgets You Can Buy in Real Life in 2023 | SPY

Backcountry Access BCA BC Link 2.0 Two-Way FRS Radio

Why We Chose It: It’s a high powered set of walkie-talkies.
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Key Features:

  • Has 22 FRS channel
  • Has 128 sub channels
  • Kit includes speaker

When you want to stay off the grid, a good set of walkie-talkies like the Backcountry Access allow you to keep in contact with someone else while eliminating all the annoyances of cellphone tracking. This set can last days on end without a recharge and have great range regardless of the weather.

Speaking of the weather, if it happens to turn on you while you’re out and about, the walkie-talkies are IP56 weather-resistant, so you won’t be out of luck if the rain comes unannounced.

WAYMOON 4K Hidden Spy Camera Digital Clock

WAYMOON 4K Hidden Spy Camera Clock

Why We Chose It: This not only discretely records videos, but is also a fully functional alarm clock.
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Key Features:

  • Can view videos live in the app
  • 160-degree wide angle lens
  • Has motion detection alerts

This spy camera looks like your average digital clock. It claims to feature 4K video, high-tech night vision, a 160 ultra-wide-angle and can be viewed anywhere in real-time via your iPhone. Reviews on Amazon are pretty back and forth, but if you scroll down to the comments, you can see a lot of decent video capture quality. And, yes, it actually tells time.

Koios 1080p Charger Camera

Koios 1080p Charger Camera

Why We Chose It: Another practical device that will charge your phone while secretly recording video.
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Key Features:

  • 90-degree wide angle lens at 15-degree up
  • Accepts microSD cards
  • Can connect via smartphone app

Surprisingly, this wall charger camera is backed by a lot of stellar reviews. It allows you to live stream video right in your home so you can see what’s going in when the nanny, cleaning person or any other person is around when you’re not. It also works as an actual USB charging cable to keep people less suspicious.

HowKow small wireless hidden spy camera

Small Wireless Hidden Spy Security Cameras

Why We Chose It: It records video at the size of a quarter.
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Key Features:

  • Accept SD card for local recording
  • Records in 1080p
  • Can taje motion detection snapshots

This camera is small enough to be put almost literally anywhere. It’s actually feature-packed as well, with motion detection and HD night vision. In addition, you can control the camera and view recorded footage on your phone. So not only can you use it to spy, but it’ll also be suitable as a security camera for your home or car.

How We Chose the Best Spy Gear

Whether you’re gathering intel late at night, dropping off sensitive documents, or having a conversation with a client that isn’t meant for public consumption, we compiled a list of spy gear that can:

  • Enhance your sight (such as night vision goggles)
  • Disguise your voice and help you make sure you are safe and secure.
  • Protect your identity online
  • Protect your data and phone’s data
  • Take pictures and video without a phone
  • Enable GPS Tracking
  • And more….

Finally, a Note on Hidden Cameras…

When we initially wrote this article, we decided not to include any hidden cameras in the spy gadgets featured above. There are some excellent reasons for this. First, many cheap “spy cameras” are available on sites like Amazon and eBay that have abysmal reviews and come from sketchy overseas companies. Most of these hidden cameras are of dubious quality. Second, some hidden cameras are designed to be disguised as alarm clocks, wall hooks, electrical outlets, chargers and other everyday devices.

While there are legitimate reasons to use these devices, there are sketchy reasons, too. Unfortunately, perverts also use these devices to secretly and illegally record people in changing rooms, bathrooms and other private areas.

Even if you don’t have nefarious intentions, we advise our readers to research your local, state and national laws regarding hidden cameras and voice recordings. As mentioned above, it is illegal to secretly record conversations and phone calls in dual-party consent states without the knowledge and consent of all parties involved. Evidence gathered in this way may not be admissible in court, and you could face civil or criminal exposure for breaking these laws.

While it is usually legal to film and photograph people in public areas where they do not have a reasonable expectation of privacy, there are exceptions to this rule. Likewise, some regions have laws discouraging people from filming “upskirt videos” and other obscene materials.

Because hidden cameras are available online and we can’t stop you from purchasing them, we’ve decided to scope out some below. Please note: if you plan to use one of these hidden cameras, understand what you’re getting yourself into. They aren’t the most high-quality cameras you can buy, and if you’re someone like an Airbnb host that wants to spy on their guests or a perv that likes to hang out in public bathrooms, please leave and seek professional help.