The Best Men’s Travel Pants of 2022

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We’ve tested the best wrinkle-resistant, quick-drying, and comfortable travel pants for men this year. Pack your bags and get ready for an adventure.

Have your flights booked? We’ve got your backside covered with the best men’s travel pants on the market for 2022.

From the Andean cloud forests to deep desert canyons, to long backcountry road trips and everyday tasks like punching the keyboard at work, these pants have been tested to tackle any adventure and do it all in style.

This list focuses primarily on comfort, versatility, and functionality when in transit, so if you’re looking for something more durable for active pursuits, check out our picks for the best hiking pants.

Scroll through to see all of our recommended buys or jump to the category you’re looking for. At the end of our list, be sure to check out our comprehensive buyer’s guide.

The Best Travel Pants of 2022

Best Overall Travel Pants: LIVSN Ecotrek Trail Pants

LIVSN Ecotrek Trail Pants

One of our all-time favorite pants for any activity are the LIVSN Ecotrek Trail Pants. These travel trousers are durable, slightly stretchy, and have pockets in all the right places.

LIVSN nailed the design of an everyday, outdoor-capable pant with its Flex Canvas line, but they were always a bit heavy (270 gsm), which made them bulky to pack, and in need of extra dry time when washed or exposed to wet conditions.

So when LIVSN shared they were releasing a new, lighter-weight style pant, we couldn’t wait to get our hands on it. We are happy to report that LIVSN’s Ecotrek Trail Pant ($129) is the travel pant we’ve all been waiting for.

The Ecotrek brings more stretch, lighter weight, and a more athletic design to a tried-and-true model. And while this new pant is great for climbing, hiking, or other fast-paced activities in warmer climates, we found it hits all the marks for what we love in a travel pant.


Let’s start with the many pockets, most of which are zippered. Both rear pockets close with a zipper, offering some much-needed peace of mind. Angling off the back of the left thigh is an additional, horizontal zippered pocket, which is great for gadgets or a small wallet.

Both of the mesh hand pockets have coin sleeves to prevent loose currency or keys from shifting around, and the left front hand pocket has a hidden zippered pocket large enough to protect your phone.

Rounding out the seven pockets is a reinforced multitool pocket sitting on the right thigh. With so many pocket options, there’s a place for everything, but they maintain a minimalist, streamlined feel, unlike their over-engineered cargo counterparts.

The pocket configuration is dialed, but what sells these pants are the little details. The fabric’s synthetic blend doesn’t feel stiff, and the smartly tailored material walks quietly, fitting our testers with an ergonomic, yet surprisingly athletic fit.

A metal button closes the front and is backed with a leather pledget to prevent busting out. The Ecotrek Trail pants have belt loops, but if you forget your belt, they include a lace closure that hides inside the waistband. The cuffs are reinforced around the heel and so is the utility tool pocket.


While they don’t have a robust DWR, the material breathes very well. When things heat up, the pant legs roll up and hold under a buttoned strap that’s been sewn with reflective tape. These little details add up pretty quickly to make the Ecotrek a stellar pant.

Sustainability is core to LIVSN’s line of clothes and the Ecotrek Trail pant walks the talk. The material is woven from Oceanflex fabric (70% recycled fishing buoys recovered from the ocean) and the YKK zipper taping is made from recycled ocean plastic. The rest is 25% nylon and 5% spandex for stretch.

If you are looking for lightweight, stretchy, durable pants, the LIVSN Ecotrek Trail Pant stands out as one of the best men’s travel pants on the market.

The Ecotrek Trail pants are available in Olive, Caramel, and Charcoal colors, and come in a range of sizes up to a 40-inch waist and a 34-inch inseam. For a deeper look, read our review here.

  • Fabric: 94% nylon, 6% spandex
  • Fabric weight: 173 gsm
  • Fit: True to size
  • DWR: Yes
  • Form and function meet the apex pant
  • Bomber hardware
  • Tons of pockets with versatile security options
  • DWR is negligible
  • Styling is less formal

Bottom line: Incredible attention to detail makes this a fantastic option for active travelers.

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Best Budget Travel Pants: UNIONBAY Rainier Travel Chinos

UnionBay Ranier Chino Travel Pant

Travel should never be about the gear. It should be about the experience. At $42 a pair, Unionbay’s Rainier Travel Pants are a steal, leaving more cash in the wallet for traveling.

True to size, the nylon-spandex blend offers just enough stretch for a full range of motion. The pants keep around the waist with a button and have traditional belt loops if you want to class them up with a belt.

Three nylon zipper pockets pair with deep hand pockets. With two in the back and one on the upper right leg — they’re big enough to secure a passport, the latest iPhone, a notepad, or all at once.

The Rainiers are rated to 50 UPF and offer a durable feel, making them acceptable for activities like hiking. The outermost layer is lightly brushed and tends to collect lint and show stains quicker than other pants on the list, but they wash up easily and the 170 gsm fabric is quick to dry.

While a fairly simple pant when compared to the Ecotrek’s attention to detail, these chino-style pants hit the core elements we looked for when evaluating the best men’s travel pants. If you’re looking for a budget pair of travel pants that pack up tight and breeze from the tarmac to restaurants (and maybe a light hike in between), these are it.

The Rainiers are available in four colors: charcoal, navy, black, and khaki.

  • Fabric: 94% nylon, 6% spandex
  • Fabric weight: 173 gsm
  • Fit: True to size
  • DWR: Yes
  • Comfortable
  • Security options
  • Well priced
  • Pants run long
  • Material tends to collect lint

Bottom line: The least expensive pant on this list doesn’t feel cheap. The Rainiers are a light, stretchy, quick-drying bargain.

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Best Chino: Bluffworks Ascender Chino

Bluffworks Ascender Chino

After 2 years of road-tripping, hiking, foraging for morels, and even skiing in them, the Bluffworks’ Ascender Chino ($125) continues to prove its worth as one of the most versatile travel pants available. They’re light, wrinkle-proof, classy, and comfortable, and the abundance of pockets kind of blew our minds.

You won’t find the Ascenders through big retailers. You’ll have to buy these direct from Bluffworks, but you can take comfort in knowing you’re buying an incredibly thoughtful design. Extensive experience and attention to detail have gone into making the Ascender Chino a top choice for savvy travelers.

Our pants arrived in nice packaging and with speedy delivery. Out of the box, the attention to detail is spectacular, particularly with regards to pockets — all 10 of them.

Multiple hidden pockets cache your EDC, including a hidden money pocket that’s accessed through the concealed left front zipper pocket. That’s right, they have pockets inside pockets. This inside pocket also has a second sleeve that you can access from inside the pant.

On the back, a zip pocket sits on the left. Behind the right pocket rides a third sleeve to sheath a device.

The Ascenders are available in straight-leg or a tailored slim fit. The material is stretchy, but there are no rubber fibers woven in, so the stretch comes from the weave of the material. In our opinion, this makes the pants more durable over the long haul, as there’s no elastic to break down.

Bluffworks Ascender Chino

The panels are stitched together to create an incredibly comfortable pant. They’re light enough to wash and hang dry overnight, and ready to rinse and repeat for another day of exploring.

In Idaho’s backcountry, we tested these pants hiking through scrub, backpacking, and even gave them a chance to pinch-hit as a ski pant. After 2 years of hard use, the Ascenders still look new, including all the zippers — they’ve all hung in there well.

The pocket number simply amazed us (and is questionably overengineered). We initially struggled to find them all. Once we did, we stood in awe, scratching our heads, asking ourselves, “What would we put in all of these?”

But at the end of the day, their function is to ward off sticky fingers, and it does this well without compromising the look or feel of the traditionally styled chino. The Ascenders have a classy, timeless chino style that continues to look pressed after repeated wash and wear.

The ability to secure your essentials makes these some of the best men’s travel pants available. The only real downside of the Ascender pants is that they’re highly sought after, and popular colors in slim sizes can be hard to get. But they’re worth the wait!

Still worried about buying online? Bluffworks offers free shipping and returns.

  • Fabric: 100% polyester
  • Fabric Weight: 180 gsm
  • Fit: Runs large
  • DWR: Yes
  • Great looking
  • durable
  • Plenty of hidden pocket options
  • Some styles and color options may be hard to find in stock

Bottom line: For type-A travelers who want to keep their everyday carry game tight.

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Best Denim: Aviator The Best Travel Jeans in the World

Aviator Best Travel Jeans

It’s a bold statement to name your pant “The Best Travel Jeans in the World” ($135), but Aviator walks the talk and the name speaks for itself.

Offered in a variety of fades in both slim and straight cut, these Aviators were born out of the soul for denim and a passion for travel. The pant has a whopping eight pockets, but you wouldn’t immediately know it.

Three zipper pockets hide inside the traditional pockets — two concealed in the back and one inside the left thigh pocket — each large enough to hold a passport. All pocket zippers use a nylon YKK zipper. And the coin pocket on the right is large enough to hold even the largest iPhone.

The pant is primarily made from a summer-weight cotton blend that is soft to the touch but with a little give, thanks to the spandex. It has a DWR, but it won’t dry as fast as fully synthetic pants. Bottom line, these are supremely comfortable and can help you sleep comfortably on the plane and still walk into your port of entry in style.

  • Fabric: 77% cotton, 16% polyester, 5% rayon, 2% spandex
  • Fit: True to size, offered in slim and straight
  • Weight: 22 oz. (on our scales)
  • DWR: Yes
  • Fit is great
  • Pocket options are dialed
  • Denim takes longer to dry

Bottom line: For denim-heads who can’t leave home without a pair of jeans.

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Bests Five-Pocket Style: Western Rise Evolution

Western Rise Evolution

The Evolution ($128) has become a GearJunkie staff staple around the office. Simple, functional, durable — it’s what we recommend to all our friends who ask us, “What’s a good looking pant for the road?” The jean-like five-pocket design wears more like denim but has the durability of a hiking pant. In fact, one of our editors wore their pair to the top of the Grand Teton last summer.

At the core of the pant is the nylon-elastane blend with a trim jean cut. The nylon fibers are softened by running them through an air-texturized process and then weaving them into a dynamic yarn.

The material has a durable weave that mimics denim (and feels less “khaki”). The DWR coating is outstanding and kept us dry while waiting for the funicular to the top of Bogota in heavy rain.

Reach around back, and you’ll find a double pocket on the right, with a hidden zipper pocket that’s large enough to swallow your passport. Western Rise expanded the front coin pocket and made it big enough to holster even the largest iPhone.

Since its Kickstarter launch a few years ago, the Evolution has received overwhelmingly positive ratings from buyers, and, well, we’d have to agree with them. The styling is top-notch, and the durability paired with breathability hits the perfect sweet spot.

After your trip, roll them up and watch them disappear in your luggage. They tick all the boxes for traveling and were the envy of our photographer while cycling through Colombia.

There aren’t many reasons to ding the Evolutions; the material tends to wrinkle a little easier and the six-pocket design can be limiting for some.

If you want that Western Rise styling but with a wrinkle-resistant fabric, their Diversion pant ($138) is also a great pick. The double-knit canvas weighs 286 gsm, which makes it more durable overall, but it sacrifices packability.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. This fantastic five-pocket jean-style pant has been on our list of the best men’s travel pants for 4 years now. For 2 of those years, they were our top pick, and we still recommend them to friends looking for a do-everything pant.

  • Fabric: Supplex (96% nylon, 4% elastane), woven in Sweden, cut and sewn in the USA
  • Fabric weight: 170 gsm
  • Fit: True to size
  • Weight: 11 oz.
  • DWR: Yes
  • Lightweight material breathes well
  • Fantastic fit and construction
  • Minimal security pocket options

Bottom line: For travelers who prefer jean styling but don’t want to compromise performance fabric; a fantastic option for warm-weather travel.

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Best of the Rest

Kühl Renegade Pant

kuhl renegade pants

Some GearJunkie editors lobbied for Kühl’s Renegade pants ($89) to steal LIVSN’s longstanding travel pants crown. Don’t get us wrong, they’re both incredible pants, so excuse us for splitting hairs.

Kühl has a strong reputation throughout the outdoor industry for making bomber, thoughtfully designed pieces. And its sub-$90 Renegade pants exemplify those qualities in spades — and they’re sharp-looking as well.

Kühl’s “DURALUX” fabric (95% nylon, 5% spandex) is a triple-crown material — stretchy, breathable, and durable. Plus, a DWR treatment bolsters defense against mother nature and misfortune.

Like any good pair of travel pants, the Renegade boasts pockets aplenty! Hand pockets are a compromise between straightcut and the more casual “slant pocket.” The result is the best of both worlds — easy access even when sitting, but also security so items won’t tumble out.

Two rear pockets flank your posterior — and both have velcro patches (again, a marriage of security and access). And along each leg is a vertical zippered pocket, big enough for a smartphone. A stealth cell phone pocket graces the left thigh, while a drop-in “3D” pocket on the right thigh is perfect for clip-in multi-tools, knives, or pens, or for quicker cell phone access than the stealth pocket.

The riveted snap closure on the front can be a little stubborn (trust us, it’s secure), but it won’t fray or come loose like a button could. If there’s any knock versus the other pants on this list, it’s that there’s no adjustability to the fit — no drawstring, velcro tabs, or adjustable buckle — so size properly, or go a little big and keep a belt handy.

You can choose from a straight cut “Klassik” fit, or close-fitting tapered style. Both have a gusseted crotch and articulated knees, so either fit is great for travel and adventure.

  • Fabric: 95% Nylon / 4% Spandex
  • Fit: True to size
  • Weight: 12.8 oz.
  • DWR: Yes
  • 8 pockets — zippered, velcro, and hidden
  • Very breathable and abrasion-resistant
  • 2-way stretch, gusseted crotch & articulated knees
  • Front snap can be tough to release
  • No adjustability in waist
  • Less stretch than previous Renegade pants

Bottom line: Comfortable, versatile, well-made — some of the best men’s travel pants you can buy.

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Roark Layover 2.0 Travel Pant

Roark Layover 2.0 Travel Pant

Deep pockets, slim fit, all tied up with a boarshort styling — Roark’s Layover 2.0 Travel Pant ($95) is unlike any other pant on the list.

Woven into the durable cotton is hearty nylon (for durability), and elastane (for stretch), yielding some side-to-side compliance. The slim fit tapers to the legs, giving off a progressive, durable, jogger vibe.

Two front hand pockets dive deep (12-inches) down the front and swallow all of your valuables. They each close with an eight-inch zipper. The position and depth allow access to all your necessities, even if you’re pinned down in the smallest center seat in economy. Around back, the two seat pockets close with an offset button, which makes it easier to pull the contents out while seated.

Additionally, a hidden device sleeve hides behind the right rear pocket, keeping your phone accessible. Roark also sewed in a perforated panel to spill heat while stuck in the seat for long flights.

Instead of the typical button or snap closure, Roark chose a non-traditional boardshort lace belt. Borrowing from the surf world, the drawstring threads through the waist and zigzags in front to tie the pants over the zipper fly. Lose some weight, overindulged in the local food scene — it doesn’t matter.

The Layovers are applauded by buyers, and are nearly the perfect travel pant, but a few misses keep them from rising to the top of our list. We love the drawstring, but the pants don’t have belt loops for backup. And while the front pockets can swallow your documents, they are so deep that the contents start to weigh the pants down over the quads. And those long the front pocket zippers? If you don’t keep them zipped shut, they risk spilling the contents while seated. We also found the cotton-blend fabric tends to collect lint.

We have to give the crew at Roark credit, though. The Layovers are a creative reinterpretation of the travel pant and are one of the few pants available for under $100.

  • Fabric: 70% Cotton / 26% Nylon / 4% Elastane
  • Fit: True to size (slim)
  • Weight: 15 oz.
  • DWR: No
  • Large pockets stow large documents with easy access while seated
  • Hidden Phone pocket
  • Vented yoke
  • Deep pockets can weigh down the pants
  • No belt loops
  • Material tends to collect lint

Bottom line: Durable fabric and a stylish look make these an excellent choice for travel and more.

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Aether Lewis

Aether Lewis Pants

AETHER is a higher-end apparel brand that unifies functional design with an aspirational outdoor lifestyle. If that sounds a little Hollywood, it’s because it is. The founders were movie producers who left Sunset Boulevard in search of lesser-tamed backroads. They built AETHER as a way to experience it in style.

Designed as a bike commuter pant, the Lewis ($275) is one of the better-looking pants we tested this year. As you would expect from a commuter pant, the stretch-woven fabric has an athletic fit that lays comfortably over the legs from quads to cuff with a unique over-the-knee panel that sews in better articulation.

To keep your goods from spilling out, the vertical front pockets are deep and backed with mesh to add ventilation and some suspension to keep your phone from bouncing around. Their vertical pocket design angles back horizontally to clip your knife. The right-hand pocket hides a small zippered pocket, and both rear pockets zip shut and are large enough for a range of gadgets and tools.

Unlike a lot of pants on the list, the Lewis zips up with a metal YKK zipper. The pants close with a button and have a backup button closure in case you blow the main.

Of all the pants we reviewed, these are right up there with Western Rise for styling. They are also twice the price. Some of that is queued up from the brand’s luxury business model, but they are also sourcing material from Schoeller, which is expensive and highly durable.

To help with the sticker shock, AETHER backs their products for life.

  • Fabric: 100% polyester
  • Fit: True to size but slim
  • Weight: 12.5 oz. (on our scales)
  • DWR: Yes
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Great styling
  • Price — you could buy two pairs of the pants from our top choice list
  • Slim fit can cause the pant to ride up the lower leg

Bottom line: A commuter pant with style, these can do it all, including take a bite out of your wallet.

Check Price at AETHER Apparel

Off The Grid Trailblazer Pro 2.1

Off The Grid Trailblazer Pro Pants

It seems there’s no shortage of marketing agencies tooling trousers over vintage 4x4s. We love a Defender as much as the next guy, and these are the pants we’d choose to wear on that shoot.

Founder Josh Patterson, former Head Men’s Designer at prAna (and creative lead behind the prAna’s iconic Stretch Zion Straight Fit pant), launched out on his own in 2018 to start Off The Grid (OTG). OTG spent months in the field working with search-and-rescue teams to tease out what goes into the perfect adventure pant. It’s no surprise the Trailblazer Pro ($84) has such sharp attention to detail.

The four-way stretch material is reinforced with threads that were originally developed to strengthen parachutes. All major seams are flat-locked and double-stitched. The pockets are lined with durable mesh nylon, and the front closes with a button toggled to the pant with nylon webbing. The overall design marries ripstop durability with functional mobility.

The pants are brandished with eight pockets. Four ride on the backside, including a pair of device pockets that angle up, making them easy to access. Up front, the horizontal hand pockets are deep and have an extra layer of nylon sewn into the collar to reinforce the knife clip.

Both cargo pockets zip shut and tag to the pant leg to prevent flopping when utilized. All zippers feature nylon teeth so you can breeze through TSA.

We’ve spent weeks wearing our OTGs doing hard work on the knees, and have put thousands of miles on them road tripping around the mountain west. Our editor at AutoWise, Bryon Dorr, almost exclusively wears his Trailblazer Pros while traveling.

Dorr shared, “I’ve sampled many of their pieces for years now and have loved nearly all of them. The Trail Blazer 2.0 is a great evolution of a quality staple in my wardrobe. Comfortable, durable, sharp-looking, and lots of utility define these go-anywhere, do-anything pants.”

What they have in durability, they give up in breathability. They just don’t breathe as well as other pants on the list. And the durable fabric adds some swoosh in the step. But the lightweight fabric styles a balanced compromise of durability and comfort, making them our choice pant for adventurous travel.

If you’re looking for a functional but durable pant designed for adventure, we highly recommend picking up a pair from OTG.

  • Fabric: 94% nylon, 6% spandex
  • Fabric weight: 170 gsm
  • Fit: True to size
  • Weight: 12 oz.
  • DWR: Yes
  • Durable fabric
  •  Cargo pockets allow you to keep your kit in reach
  • Styling and material feels synthetic

Bottom line: For adventurous travelers who are rough on their pants, these are some of the best men’s travel pants available.

Check Price at Off The Grid

prAna Stretch Zion Pant II

prAna Stretch Zion Pant II

Anyone planning the ultimate adventure travel getaway should check out prAna’s Zion line. The material can handle climbing, hiking, biking, camping, and city sightseeing with ease and style. It’s no wonder they’re a perennial favorite. Year after year, review after review, the Zion ($95) — like its canyon namesake — stands the test of time.

Last year, prAna mixed it up a bit and released their top-shelf pants in their updated, ReZion material. It maintains the great cut and feel we love in the Zion, but it’s now made with Bluesign-approved materials and recycled nylon fabric, boasting a PFC-free DWR coating.

The ReZion gets zinged a lot for its durability. The material is lighter than the original, but we’ve put it through the paces. One tester has used their pair at the climbing gym twice a week, every week for the last six months. The material has pilled a bit more than the original material, but it’s been comfortable, flexible, and much more breathable than the original weave.

The pants have a cargo zipper pocket that runs down the right thigh. The pocket can be accessed from both front and top and has enough room to hold a passport. The zipper placement makes it really easy to access while seated without spilling the contents. The Zion stays around the waist with an offset belt that’s sewn into the waistline.

There are buyer comments on the length, and these do tend to run a touch long. If you are between sizes, we’d size on the shorter side.

For summer travels, the Zion IIs are also available as shorts ($75).

  • Fabric: 95% recycled nylon, 5% elastane
  • Fabric weight: 172 gsm
  • Fit: True to size
  • Weight: 14 oz. (on our scales).
  • DWR: Yes
  • Environmentally friendly material
  • Great stretch
  • Lightweight, breathable
  • Pants run long
  • We wish they prAna continued to use their first generation material

Bottom line: Eco-friendly pants ready for adventure.

Check Price at REI

DU/ER Weightless AC Pants

Du/er Weightless AC Pants

Another GearJunkie brand favorite, DUER is always on our radar. Comfortable, durable, and stylish, their stretchy denim pants are often worn around the office. But they are also heavy. Until now.

DUER just released a new, lightweight pant that ticks the boxes for the minimalist traveler. The Weightless AC Pant ($129) is crafted with a blend of natural and synthetic materials. The 85 gms is light and airy, wears comfortably in the waistband, and is tapered with a loose fit for easy summer trips where you want to pack a pant for just-in-case scenarios.

The four-pocket design has a zippered pocket riding the back right. For discrete pit stops, DUER sewed in a zipper fly in the pull-up style pant.

These pants are the lightest in the lineup. They wouldn’t be our choice for high adventure travel that could cause wear and tear, but we’d reach for these on trips to hotter climates.

  • Fabric: Organic cotton, eucalyptus-derived TENCEL™ Lyocell, COOLMAX® Ecomade Polyester, and LYCRA® EcoMade Spandex
  • Fit: Relaxed athletic fit
  • Weight: 85 gsm weight fabric; 9 oz. (on our scales)
  • DWR: Yes
  • Super lightweight
  • Packs up tight
  • Minimal pant, including minimal pocket options

Bottom line: Minimalist travel pant for sunbelt trips or men who prefer shorts but want to pack a pair of pants for more dressy occasions.

Check Price at DU/ER

Salewa Fanes Cotton Durastretch

Salewa Fanes Pants

Born in the Dolomites, we love the Italian styling tied with functional durability that Salewa brings with their Fanes pants ($120).

Salewa borrows elements from classic European trekking pants. The lack of back pockets reduces wear and tear on the pant when sitting down on hard rough surfaces, like granite. Instead, both front hand pockets zipper shut. A third map pocket sits over the right thigh. While some may find this limiting, it does ensure that all your items will remain secure.

To add comfort and durability, Salewa uses two different kinds of material. The cotton blend faces all the high-wear touchpoints (butt, knees, and cuffs), and the Durastretch panels sit behind the knee. The panel pairing is both functional and comfortable.

Styling-wise, their straight-cut fit flies below the radar with a cool mountain vibe. We enjoy the Fanes Pants casually around town and on the road where security matters.

  • Fabric: Cotton blend: 266 g/sqm (70% Cotton 26% Polyester 4% Elastane), Durastretch PFC free 140 g/sqm (89% Polyamide 11% Elastane
  • Fit: True to size. Relaxed fit
  • Weight: 13.5 oz. (on our scales)
  • DWR: No
  • Cotton blend feels great without sacrificing durability
  • Fit is ideal for unhindered movement
  • Every pocket has a zipper
  • No back pockets
  • Front pockets feel shallow

Bottom line: For those who want the added security of full-zip pockets.

Check Price at Salewa

Lululemon ABC Warpstreme Pant

LuLuLemon ABC Warpstreme Pant

Borrowing the classic five-pocket style, our reviewers described Lululemon’s ABC Warpstreme Pant ($128) as “absolutely spectacular. VERY comfortable, and a great knicker profile for cycling and climbing.”

Quick-drying and wrinkle-resistant, the material feels similar to prAna’s ReZion fabric, but is more durable (and stylish) than the Zion pant. For travel, these pants have a zippered security pocket in back and the cuffs flip up to show a reflective strip to make you easily visible at night.

Offered in skinny, slim, classic, and jogger, and 13 colorways, there is a pant for everyone. Because these are so comfortable and stylish, you might find yourself stacking up on ABC pants for work and travel.

  • Fabric: 53% Elastomultiester, 47% Recycled polyester
  • Fabric weight: 180 gsm
  • Fit: True to size
  • Weight: 12.5 oz.
  • DWR: Yes
  • Very comfortable pant
  • Great knicker profile for cycling and climbing
  • Waist lacks flexibility
  • Some negative feedback on durability and consistent sizing

Bottom line: For stylish travelers who want a comfortable pant from the athleisure market.

Check Price at Lululemon

VRST Limitless Athletic Fit 5 Pocket Pants

VRST Limitless Athletic Fit 5 Pocket Pants

Coming in at $80, VRST offers a less expensive version of Lululemon’s ABC pant with their own sharp-looking, five-pocketed pant.

The Limitless Athletic Fit 5 Pocket Pants offers a bit of stretch and plenty of room to move. The athletic fit accommodates larger legs and adds mobility to an otherwise classic-looking straight-leg pant.

With the slick poly material, these pants can feel a little ‘golfy’, but the five-pocket design takes the edge off the 18-hole appearance. For extra durability, the front pockets are reinforced with small metal rivets.

We also liked that these pants have a hidden sixth pocket that zips under the right rear pocket. Overall, the stylishly modern fit looks equally good at the office or after hours, bridging into the hip, functional realm of workleisure apparel.

  • Fabric: 100% polyester
  • Fit: True to size, snugged our calves
  • Weight: 12 oz.
  • DWR: No
  • Good fit and styling
  • Reasonably priced
  • 100% polyester — synthetic feel
  • Occasionally ride up the lower leg when seated

Bottom line: A smooth-faced, five-pocket pant that packs light and dresses up for any occasion.

Check Price at VRST

686 Everywhere 2

686 Everywhere 2

If you’re looking for a progressive take on the traditional chino, the Everywhere 2 ($120) is a cleanly styled pant with ample storage and lots of freedom to move.

Another GearJunkie favorite, we wear these at work, play, and while traveling. This year, 686 rebooted the Everyday, adding a zippered rear pocket, addressing a flaw/issue in the previous version, which occasionally spit out a heavy wallet. They’ve also updated the material with recycled nylon. It feels a little thicker in the hand and is a little less stretchy.

The Everywhere Slim has plenty of room up top without feeling baggy. Off the shelf, they taper somewhat aggressively around the calves, still managing to leave room around the ankle.

Tied up with the drawcord (which we loved), the Everywhere Slim pants fall closer to a jogger than a chino. The material forms to your body after a few days of wear, relaxing into a comfortable fit.

The pants list 10 pockets, which is true, but we feel that’s a little ambitious. Five of them are small sleeves inside pockets to keep cards, coins, or cash. The front right coin pocket is an RFID-blocking security pocket, and it’s where you’ll want to put your credit card.

A large thigh pocket rides on the left and can swallow the pants when turned inside out. It easily holds a phone and passport.

686 offers the Everywhere in five colorways.

  • Fabric: 92% nylon, 8% spandex
  • Fit: Spot on
  • Weight: 13 oz. (on our scales)
  • DWR: Yes
  • Durable pant
  • Updated zippers for better security
  • Pockets are over-engineered

Bottom line: Muted skater styling for fashion-forward travelers.

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Why You Should Trust Us

Airports can be uncomfortable, so do yourself a favor and spend your travel days in the most comfortable pants you can find; (photo/Steve Graepel)

Steve Graepel, the author of this piece, is a consummate traveler, racking up passport stamps from Nicaragua, Belize, Guatemala, Peru, Colombia, Italy, Slovenia, Germany, Kazakhstan, and beyond. He’s looking forward to putting his wardrobe through the paces on an upcoming trip to Japan.

Behind Graepel is a staff of GearJunkie writers who are regularly traveling and testing pants from everyday wear to ambitious adventures. Often heading straight from the airport to reconnaissance missions in the hills, we’ve put each option on this list to the test.

How We Tested the Pants

Security is key when traveling, and zippered pockets will give you less to worry about; (photo/Steve Graepel)

To find the best men’s travel pants this season, we started with pockets and materials. To even be considered on our list, pants need at least one pocket that can be zipped shut to safely hold a passport or wallet.

The hand pockets should be deep enough to keep keys and change from accidentally spilling out, or have zippers that prevent mishaps. No joke, one pair of pants we tested (not on this list) spit a wallet out at work without us even knowing it.

Hand pockets are either horizontal (like a pair of jeans), or vertical (like chinos). If you prefer to travel with an EDC, you’ll want a horizontal pocket to clip the knife.

If pockets are your priority, you don’t need to look past Bluffwork’s Ascender Chino. With 10 pockets discreetly hidden in and around the pants, there’s a place for everything.

We then evaluated each pant’s fit, breathability, durability, packability, and ability to bounce back from repeated wash and wears, and unpacking.

Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose Travel Pants


Testing LIVSN's EcoTrek pant durability
A good pair of travel pants should look great as you explore the streets of foreign cities, but they should also be rugged enough to handle backcountry excursions; (photo/Sean McCoy)

Regardless of whether the pant is straight leg or slim, a good pant is one that follows the human form and doesn’t bag out after repeated washings, or bloat when packed with your phone and keys. The length should fit your inseam or run longer so you can roll them up or get them tailored.

Almost every pant on our list had a great fit. If they didn’t, we’ve shared the cons. Both the Zion and Union Bay ran a little long, but the rest were spot on for length.

VRST and AETHER fit wonderfully around the waist but tightened around the calves, causing them to ride up the legs while seated. These are small dings on otherwise fantastic pants.

Bluffwork" data-descr data-alt="best mens travel pants">man wearing travel pants leaning on window ledge

Style Matters

While comfort is key, we also need to be able to show ourselves in public (no classic gray sweatpants on this list). The most versatile travel clothes should be able to tackle a hike without getting roughed up, a walk into town looking sharp enough to peruse a museum, and even some fine dining afterward.

We scored each pant for both its ability to adventure and hit the streets. Some pants, like Off The Grid’s Trailblazer Pro 2 have a bias for stout use. It’s our choice for adventure trips where you can’t sacrifice durability.

Unfortunately, the cargo pockets take away style points while out on the town. OTG probably doesn’t care about style as much as function and designed the pant around utility.

On the other hand, Western Rise is a fantastically styled everyday pant, but drops extra pockets to maintain that sleek look.

Clean lines, darker colors, and traditional styling help you blend into crowds and stay off the would-be pickpocket’s radar. The best men’s travel pants should look as good as they feel without shouting “tourist.” The material should be lightweight and, in our preference, darker to minimize showing the dirt collected along the way.

Choose Fabrics Wisely

Travel pant fabrics should be breathable, durable, and easy to clean; (photo/Steve Graepel)

Lightweight performance fabrics can withstand repeated washings in a sink, line dry overnight, and stay wrinkle-free after weeks on the go. Today’s fabrics offer advanced sun protection and moisture-wicking properties and are often water-resistant or water-repellent.

Fabric weight is measured in grams per square meter (gsm). A heavier gsm will take up more room in your bag and take longer to dry. DU/ERs Weightless AC is a cotton-poly blend with a minimalist design and has the lightest gsm on the list (85). They disappear in the bag and dry out instantly, but the lightweight material sacrifices durability. Of all the pants we tested, they were the most likely to tear when venturing off pavement.

A cotton blend fabric adds breathability and a cooling effect, which is great for warmer climates, but can also sacrifice durability. And, unless treated with a DWR, cotton can wet-out more easily and hold water longer. Salewa and LIVSN have a more natural cotton blend that adds durability, whereas DUER’s Weightless AC is an ultralight cotton blend that breathes very well in hot climates.

Most of the fabrics from the pants on this list are woven from synthetic fibers. Synthetics tend to stand up to more abuse than their natural counterparts. For example, OTG’s pant is incredibly durable and built for men who may need to get under their truck to wrench.

Weaving-in spandex or elastic adds mobility, but can also give the pant a polished, slick finish. The Bluffworks, Union Bay, AETHER, and VRST feel progressively more formal with their smooth-faced fabric finishes. Material finishes are more of a personal preference and don’t affect their water resistance, which is added with a DWR wash.

Our favorite pants come from LIVSN. The fit is fantastic, but they don’t have a robust DWR. This makes them less desirable if you are traveling to places that rain a lot. However, they excel in so many other ways that they still stand out as our top choice.

If you choose to go with denim or cotton, look for stretch fabric with a bit of spandex for comfort and flexibility on the road. It will resist wear longer, dry faster, and feel much more comfortable.

Performance fabrics are standing up to heavy use like never before. Shelling out a few more bucks for quality generally gets you into a more durable pant that should hold up to more extensive use. We’ve put in countless hours testing the pants on this list, so you’re starting in the right place.

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