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Hardworking moms deserve indulgent gifts tailored to their personality, not something generic and pointless that they’ll end up regifting. When choosing the best gifts for the mom who has everything, consider her style, personality, and interests. Suffice to say that the best gifts for moms are thoughtful, a little luxurious, and don’t require her to do any set-up or clean-up. But don’t take our word for it. These gift ideas for moms were picked by real, actual human mothers. Whether she’s the kind of mom who appreciates fancy skincare, thoughtful keepsakes, or an upgraded version of something she uses every day, like a nice water bottle or silk pillowcase, there’s something for every mom on this list.

Designer by an FIT graduate, this 18K gold plated recycled brass bracelet is the epitome of wearable art. The connected rings symbolize togetherness, while also being utterly distinct.

Glam she can feel good about: This standout geometric ring is handmade by artisans in Kenya, all paid a fair wage, from 24k gold plated brass. The brand, a certified B corporation, connects Kenyan artisans with the global marketplace.

Memories here and gone. And no, she won't remember when the baby first kicked. So get her a keepsake box that stores memories forever. It's got room for everything from the first sonogram to the favorite soft toy. There are acid-free drawers, vertical files for documents, and mini envelopes, plus illustrated labels so nothing goes amiss.

This brilliant wipe-clean bag goes the distance, and looks good doing it. Thanks to its reinforced strap construction, it's ideal for toting around a heavy load. It has ample interior pockets to store snacks, shoes and multiple wardrobe changes. And there's a central zip divider with a mesh top to air out sweaty gear, or any other detritus that accumulates as part of life.

Coyuchi's linens are next-level soft. We use the sheets and throws and both are truly in a different category. And these organic cotton slippers, which are fully washable, are designed specifically for total indoor comfort. The back is made of ribbed knit that can be worn up or down. The interior is lined with terry.

Speaking of footwear: Not only does these flats conform to the shape of her foot, but they're machine-washable. It's the closest she'll get to going barefoot, in shoes. These cuties are made from eucalyptus tree fiber and have a fitted collar.

You know what makes a special garment, well, special? When it doesn't require any special care. This silk slip dress doubles as a nightie and is machine washable. Thanks to its adjustable straps, the length and neck drop can go higher or lower. She can wear it out. Wear it to bed. In whatever color you think she'd love most.

This doesn't look a sex toy. Nor should it. But it provides plenty of pleasure. She charges it via USB, it has three speeds, and looks like something you'd find at MOMA.

A classic engravable necklace, handmade in 18k gold plated brass and gold vermeil, featuring a word or a name or a letter that's meaningful to her. And that is priceless.

A gift she'd never buy for herself, but which will bring her endless comfort. The cashmere flats are as soft as the softest of socks, but have the added style element of ballet flats. Ideal for time at home. Which is where all of us are these days.

Dry brushing is said to have myriad wellness benefits. And all we know is that a vigorous dry brushing in the shower makes you feel awake and invigorated, and ready to face the day. This beautiful brush has cactus bristles, and will give her an instant energy boost.

Again, perfume can be a tired gift. It's what you pick up at the airport, back when we used to fly for work. But this is a singular scent, not just because of the name. Tom Ford's voluptuous fragrance has notes of vanilla, almond, lavender, and amber. It's intimate, decadent, and luscious. Like her.

Each of the hearts within the frame is hand forged and cut, so each one is utterly unique. The frame itself, which fits a 4x6 photo, is created by Michael Aram, a notable designer who trained as a painter, sculptor, and art historian.

The geniuses at Royce have been making quality leather goods since the 1880s. So they know what they're doing. This refined makeup case (or catch-all or tech pouch, or whatever she wants it to be) is silk-lined and made from the most supple leather.

If she's an oenophile, give her what she wants: A virtual wine tasting with real wine. This selection is comprised of eight offbeat wines, each one difficult to find on its own. Once you receive the flight, set up the tasting and learn all about each bottle. After the kids are in bed.

Wine isn't her thing? Here's some truly decadent chocolate, which she'll get monthly. We're talking unroasted, bean-to-bar chocolate, and each delivery includes three small-batch, organic dark chocolate bars. Each bar is made from ethically-sourced single origin cacao beans, from a brand based in Brooklyn, specializing in pure, raw goodness.

How exquisitely thoughtful: Each of these sterling silver necklaces opens up to reveal a rolled fortune scroll. You can choose an existing message, or get creative and write your own.

Just, wow. This is a masterpiece made up of vanilla cake layered with sweet cream frosting, ribbons of strawberry jam, and buttery shortcake crumbs. The tanginess of the jam undercuts the sweetness of the cake, and honestly, it's the epitome of summer. Or any season. Just select your delivery date and this shows up on your doorstep in all its glory.

What looks like lingerie but feels like wearing nothing? This slip, that's what. It's got a welcoming relaxed fit, side split, and is made from super-silken pima cotton. A chemise, that doesn't feel like one.

Eventually she'll go out to dinner. And she'll need a bag for that. This is that bag. It's a sweet frame clutch with a quilted finish, from a beloved brand founded by a mom out of her Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, apartment.

And because the last thing she should be thinking about is her hair, get her the matching headband, made from a summery, tan floral pleated fabric.

A humidifier is wonderful when she's feeling dried out. But let's face it: Most are hardly what we'd call design showpieces. Enter this one, which is sleek and curvy. It has a removable water tank and an aroma tray, so it doubles as a diffuser. And looks fine doing it. It has a 20-hour run time.

Weighted blankets sure are cozy, but not exactly interior design showpieces. This one, however, is soft and breathable, made of GOTS-certified organic cotton and feels like a warm hug that lasts and lasts long past Mother's Day.

So she's into subtle scents, something unexpected and heady. This brooch, inspired by Renaissance perfume jewelry, has a perfumed ceramic that fits behind the brooch and diffuses the scent. It's from one of the most notable purveyors of high-end scents, dating back to 1961 in Paris.

If she's into doing her own nails, this is the best you can get in DIY gear. Zwilling doesn't play when it comes to tools, and this kit includes nail scissors, cuticle scissors, a 2-in-1 manicure instrument with nail cleaner and cuticle pusher, a sapphire nail file, and a slant tweezer. Everything is matte satin-finished stainless steel and it's all housed in a leather case. And it's made to last forever. Which it does.

This is the Tesla of lingerie. OK, maybe that's not a great comparison. But this Italian silk-blend night gown with a draped silhouette is perfection. For the mom who really, really, really doesn't want to ever sleep in old T-shirts or boxers.

The tulip symbolizes perfect and deep love. Need we say more? Surprise her with a subscription to the freshest tulips in all the land; she gets a different variety of tulip and each one is sourced directly from growers for true freshness. Go with the monthly option and every 30 days, she'll remember how much you love her.

If she, like most of us, hasn't seen the inside of a spa in a long while, bring it to her with this luxury masking set. All the products are plant-based and vegan. And these masks brighten, cleanse, or resurface. Plus, there's an applicator so she doesn't get her hands dirty.

If she's into yoga, she'll be into this ingenious (we don't use that word lightly) yoga mat, which fits into a tote or backpack and is made from natural rubber material that is sustainably sourced and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified. It's lightweight and portable and simplifies her life. Which is the point.

Ah, the humble yet delectable s'mores get the gourmet treatment. This handmade wood board comes with a stone fire pit, metal skewers, glass skewer holder, and a snuffer. You can use it indoors, and you get 50 minutes of clean burn. This luxe s’mores station has slots for the chocolate, crackers, and marshmallows. The rest is up to you.

Speaking of chocolate: SShe'll get unroasted, bean-to-bar chocolate, and each delivery includes three small-batch, organic dark chocolate bars. Each bar is lovingly made from ethically-sourced single origin cacao beans, from a brand based in Brooklyn, specializing in pure, raw amazingness.

So when it comes to personal pleasure, she'd prefer something round that fits in the palm of her hand. It has multiple speeds, is waterproof, and gives her total vulva stimulation.

For the mom who de-stresses by being active, these are pretty much the best in understated yet totally effective one pound wearable weights. This is not you dropping any hints that she needs to shape up, but instead, you're empowering her to take time for herself and get active.

Get it? You've got the key to her heart. This 18k gold-plated necklace is made to last, so she won't have to worry about showering with it, and the adjustable chain makes it easy to layer with other every day pieces.

Buying underthings is tricky. You want it to be delightfully comfortable, while also making her feel sensual. This set checks all the boxes. The flat front pants have a side slit, and the top is just ever so slightly cropped so it hits perfectly at the waist. And the fabric is like butter.

Hawkins specializes in products that meld the classic with the offbeat. Case in point is this set of glasses, ideal for an adults-only at-home happy hour. They're opaque and each one is unique, since every glass is handmade.

Wine is not created equal. If she relaxes with a glass of pinot after the kids are in bed, make it taste all the better with this brilliant wine purifier that aerates wine and remove sulfites and sediment. Anecdotally, removing the sulfites helps to hangovers. Is it the most practical gift she'll ever get? Most likely not. But it definitely makes every glass of sauvignon blanc taste better.

Give her a moment of zen with this clean-burning personal fireplace. It can be used indoors or outside, and it uses isopropyl alcohol for a clean burn; five ounces gets you 50 minutes of burn time. It's both thoughtful and romantic.

Here's an idea: Make dinner (or better yet, order a feast). Set the table. Pour some wine. And put some thought into it by letting legendary scribes Charlotte Brontë, Lord Byron, Oscar Wilde, John Keats, and Virginia Woolf share their timeless words of love on these hand-screened cotton voile napkins.

For the mom who's always hot or cold: This bracelet works by cooling or warming the temperature-sensitive skin on the inside of her wrist. All she has to do is press the blue side to cool down or the red side to warm up and like magic, she feels better.

Maybe you met in the 11215. Maybe you proposed in the 78704. Whatever the case may be, these personalized zip code pillows commemorate a place that matters to her. You choose the base material, the number color, and input the zip code. All the pillows are designed in New York using recycled felt.

It's a candle, sure. But it's a candle that becomes a planter when she's done burning it. How? She simply distributes the grow kit into the vessel, and watch it come to life.

The Spice House has been providing the absolute best in spices to home chefs and Michelin-starred auteurs since 1957. The sourcing is second to none. As for the flavors? Your palette will thank you, as will your significant other. And this 24 piece kit includes every single herb a cook needs, from French thyme to cracked rosemary to rubbed sage to whole Turkish bay leaves.

We use these sheets. We love these sheets. They are cooling, they are soft, they are perfection. Buffy's set is made 100 percent hemp linen fiber, which means the more she uses them, the more tender they feel against her skin. Sleep. Always a winner.

Whether she's walking kids to school, running out to grab a coffee, or simply sitting down for a conference call, this is the cardi she'll always have on. It hits mid-calf, which is universally flattering. It's made of 100 percent ZQ merino wool, so it's crazy soft yet structured. And because the yarn is thicker gauge, it won't lose its shape or stretch out.

Chances are, she has no time (or inclination) to hit a nail salon at the moment. But she likes tending to her digits. So bring it to her with this DIY set, which delivers the same results. The key product is the Poppy polish bottle handle that lets her paint both hands perfectly. The set includes seven essential tools, a glossy top coat, and polish in whatever colors she likes.

Delicate and dainty, these diamond studs make a quiet statement. Each earring is 14k gold and she'll wear these 24/7.

This pretty little round bag was designed to fit her phone, keys, wallet, and hand sanitizer, is made of soft leather, and features a strap she can wear close to her body so everything is within reach. Without loading her down. Oh, and you can monogram it, for that extra little oomph factor.

The minimalist 12 ounce bottle looks at home on any surface, and makes sublime pourover coffee, cold brew coffee, and loose leaf tea. It has a flip-top, leak-proof lid so she can drink on the go.

This is the smartest of smart mugs, and perfect for the mom who likes to have hot coffee on hand all day long. It keeps her morning java hot for 1.5 hours on one charge and she can control it from her phone. And the mug enters sleep mode when empty and wakes up when it senses movement or liquid, so it's hot when she wants it to be. Yeah, we said it was that smart.

Think of this as dreamy vacation in a bottle. This all-over oil nourishes and protects her hair, face, and body. It's a deeply conditioning yet non-greasy blend of lemon, black currant, olive, grape seed, and sunflower oil. And it smells like a day spent at the beach, or the vineyard, or anywhere but at home answering Zoom calls.

Sensual without ever being obnoxious, this candle melts into a succulent massage oil. It stays at just above body temperature, so no one gets burned, even when things heat up.


Here's the thing with heart-shaped anything: If it's too big, it's way too hokey. These tiny earrings (each just a quarter of an inch in size) make just enough of a statement without being overbearing. They're 18 karat gold, and from a gifted jewelry designer whose pieces have graced some of the world's most famous women.

For the mom who loves her sheet masks, but wants more from them: This ingenious device works with any sheet mask and by using heating and cooling technology, as well as LED light therapy, turns any mask into an at-home spa experience. The heat opens pores, the pulsations infuse the skin, and the cooling feature firms the skin. The set works especially well with FOREO's own masks, loaded with plant and fruit extracts, botanical oils, and other goodness.

If mom likes everything neat and streamlined, get her this understated, low-profile stand, which somehow makes a laptop look like something an interior designer cooked up. And magically everything looks less cluttered.

If she's always forgetting to fill up, or clean, her water bottle, here's the answer. Make sure she stays hydrated with this self-cleaning water bottle, which uses UV-C LED technology to sanitize water and clean the gross inner surfaces of the bottle. And it keeps her aqua cold for 24 hours.

So mom loves flowers, but has nowhere to put them? These handcrafted sculptural copper bud vases should do the trick. Quite nicely.

Surprise her with an unexpected but always welcome alfresco wine and cheese hour. It couldn't be easier thanks to this set, which includes a waxed canvas case with cotton handles. In it are solid satin brass-toned cheese and wine tools, and an acacia serving board. In all, you get one cheese knife, one cheese cleaver, one fork tipped cheese knife, one waiter-style corkscrew, one ring-style bottle stopper, as well as the cutting board.

Aromatherapy isn't just a ridiculous buzzword. It actually works. Certain scents are relaxing; others are invigorating. The teardrop design makes this diffuser stand out, as does its three hour continuous run time, and soft white light to set the mood. For bonus points, get her some luxury essential oils.

Get her her favorite scents for the diffuser: This particular foursome includes lavender, eucalyptus, grapefruit, and spruce.

Every home chef needs the proper equipment. And that's where this chambray cotton smock apron comes into play. We love its crisp lines, and cross-back comfort. Plus, it's lightweight and has ample pockets for all her kitchen essentials.

So she loves to root around in the garden and plant stuff? Get her this modern tote, with seven pockets, copper hardware and a key ring. Sure, she can use it in the garden. But it's just as at home when she's running errands or meeting friends for a socially distanced hang.

She's of course going to appreciate the 20 hours of battery life, and the funky purple color. But what truly makes these stand out is the Ambient Aware feature: She can focus on music when she feels like it, or become immersed in her surroundings when the kids need her. She just swipes the earbuds to activate them.

So she absolutely lives for a perfect cup of tea. We get it. Using loose leaves, she can steep a perfect 24 ounce pot of tea for you both, just because. Don't forget to throw in a few gourmet blends as well.

Love is knowing when she needs a teeny bit of help reading the fine print. This rhodium plated brass necklace has monocle pendant, which provides 3.5X magnification and means she can leave her readers at home.

Because going barefoot isn't so great when the floors at home feel like slabs of ice. These indoor shoes, made from linen, keep her feet warm and cozy, without any overheating.

The ultimate kit for any busy mom: A turban that dries her hair in half the time. A set of six Slip silk scrunchies so she can pull her hair back. And a brush that detangles gently, and makes her hair look oh so shiny.

One of the simplest ways to center yourself is through meditation. And if that's her thing, or just something she wants to explore, get her this pillow, which is made from organic cotton and stuffed with plant-based buckwheat hulls. It gives her just the right amount of support, so she can focus on her practice, not her aching back.

Speaking of mindfulness, this headband, which has 10 hours of battery life, helps her with guided meditation and at night, helps her get into a calm head space for better sleep. Given how stressful our lives have become over the past year, anything that helps her unwind is welcome.

Bushwick Kitchen sources its honey from the Hudson Valley and the Catskills, and you can taste the difference. This set includes spicy honey, salted honey, and lemon honey. In other words, precisely what she needs to add a little zest or sweetness to drinks, steaks, or salads.

Listen, we're not here to tell you that a drink solves your problems. It doesn't. But that doesn't mean a gloriously refreshing drink like this one would go amiss when the kids go to bed. This boutique line of apéritifs are made using only natural fruits, herbs, and botanicals, and are low-ABV (alcohol by volume). And this one in particular tastes like delicate lemonade, with a kick.

If she likes to spice things up, indulge her taste buds with this trio of hot sauces. The set includes the flagship sauce, the hotter option (which is less sweet but hotter), and White Truff, made with white truffles and organic coriander. It's hot sauce, next level, and the packaging is gorgeous.

Merit is a new brand, which hues to the premise that less is way, way more. It covers all the bases, with universally-flattering shades. This is a highlighter that looks good on everyone. All the brand's products follow EU standards for clean beauty, and the packaging relies heavily on post-consumer recycled plastic, is reusable, or compostable. We suggest you group together a few products and really dazzle her.

Loungewear isn't going anywhere anytime soon, but that doesn't mean she needs to wear stretched-out sweats at home. Upgrade hers with these cashmere joggers, which are ultra-soft while looking put-together.

Chances are good that her AirPods are always on hand. So get her a monogrammed case for her AirPods Pro; this beauty is made from Italian pebble-grain leather with hand-crafted stitching. You can monogram up to three characters.

Osea's products are centered around certified organic, bioavailable seaweed blended with steam-distilled and cold pressed essential oils. Meaning, the stuff is good. Very, very good. And this set is like a spa day at home. The white algae mask brightens her skin, the red algae mask cleanses the skin, and the black algae mask resurfaces the skin. There's a headband to hold her hair back, and a brush to apply the stuff on her skin.

Stripper lingerie is verboten. But a slip that feels like a second skin? Yes please. It has a soft V-neckline and can be worn solo, if the mood is right, or under something when she gets dressed up.

For the mom trying to reduce her reliance on single-use plastics, without sacrificing quality: By Humankind is a company founded on a simple yet smart premise. Marvelously effective skin care products, minus the plastics that wind up in landfills. This set includes the brand's bar shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. They're chic, efficacious, and far less wasteful than plastic containers.

Admittedly, buying someone shoes is a dicey proposition. Not these shoes. This wet-weather high top is made with ZQ Merino wool and a bio-based water repellent shield, keeping her feet dry and cozy no matter what Mother Nature has in store. Allbirds are crazy-comfortable, washable, and durable.

Backpacks are a staple of every mom's arsenal. This one can be worn three ways: As intended, or as a tote or crossbody. It's sculptural, has detachable straps, and a felt body with leather details. There's an interior zippered felt pocket, leather trim, and nickel hardware. And it's made from the brand's signature featherweight, sustainable, and weather-resistant German Merino wool felt.

Only buy her this set if she's a dedicated baker, a whiz with cakes and cupcakes and cookies. The bakeware is both funky and totally functional. It includes the brand's signature hot dish, sweetie pie, breadwinner, patty cake, and holy sheet pieces.

Growing stuff you can eat is immensely satisfying. If that's something that appeals to her, a smart garden is the answer. She can grow nine plants at one time, and a control panel tells her when to add water and plant food, and automatically turns lights on and off for the hydroponic growing system.

If she's someone who consistently runs hot or cold, help her gain more control over her temperature with this bracelet. It has 2-3 days of battery life, and it works by cooling or warming the temperature-sensitive skin on the inside of her wrist. All she has to do is press the blue side to cool down or the red side to warm up.

Speakers aren't sexy. This one is. It's small enough to fit in her bag, but with 10 hours of battery life, this powerhouse Bluetooth speaker segues from the yard to the park to the bedroom.

Fresh-ground beans bear absolutely no resemblance to the stale, dried-out ones you buy in bulk. And this grinder takes her beloved fresh beans to the next level. It's specifically designed only for brewed coffee, be it AeroPress, pour-over, French press, or cold brew. It has 31 settings, so she gets flawless beans every single time she brews up a pot. It's also ultra-quiet, and stylish enough to look good on the counter.

Sleeping on silk is as cooling as it is soothing. And she'll wake up without tangled, matted hair. This particular pillow, made from 100 percent silk, will make her sleep that much more restful.

So she gets cold feet? Solve that problem for her with handy little heater, which fits under a desk or table and can run for eight hours. It has a built-in carbon filter that protects internal components from air particles. Plus, it won't tip over.

There's nothing cozier than a nook where she can read, alone, while curled up with a cushiony alpaca throw. This one is crafted by master weavers in the Peruvian Andes, and alpaca wool is naturally hypoallergenic. Plus, thanks to its neutral hue, it goes with everything.

So she loves having plants around, but doesn't one more thing to care for. This self-watering planter is handcrafted from aluminum, and is ideal for cascading plants. Each set comes with a plant pot and saucer. And because plants generally suffer from being over-watered, any extra water stays separate from the plant but gradually goes back into your plant, using a self watering system.

If she's into coffee, she'll very much appreciate getting to try a new one every month without having to leave the house. This is damn fine coffee. But it's also beans she can feel good about. Think works with farm owners to implement projects that benefit worker communities, like providing access to clean drinking water. And every order is roasted and baked to order.

We're all washing our hands like fiends these days. Make the process a bit more luxurious with this triple-milled French set, packaged in an eye-catching tin. It doesn't strip her hands of moisture. This set includes lemon verbena, cherry almond, coconut milk, shea, wild fig, and gardenia soaps. Happy handwashing.

Sleep is elusive for parents. So help her along with a custom pillow. You just need to answer some basic questions about her sleep habits, and Pluto does the heavy lifting for you. Each pillow is hand-made, breathable, temperature-regulating, and have that bounce back quality, so they never feel flat.

A cashmere sweater will never be a gifting fail. This is one is lightweight, with a relaxed fit, made from certified Grade-A cashmere from Inner Mongolia, and lasts for years. Choose whatever color that appeals to her.

There's no such thing as having too many hoodies. They're a wardrobe staple. And this could well be the world's most perfect hoodie. It has ribbed panels at the sides and under the arms for extra freedom of movement, a hidden media pocket, thumbholes, and an elastic zipper pull that doubles as an emergency hair tie. Plus it comes in a ton of great colors.

Look, there are candles. And then there are candles. This set not only looks incredible, thanks to its colorful vessels. But each candle burns clean, is made from a custom coconut and soy wax blend, and made without any gross ingredients. The scents? Heavenly. Pick the three that would appeal to her, and you've got a custom and thoughtful gift that will, ahem, light her fire.

Look, she doesn't have time to spend on her hair. No one has the time. Which is where this Dyson styler comes into play. It works on multiple hair types and has barrels to curl and wave, and brushes to control, smooth the hair, or add volume, without using any damaging heat. In short, it's like having Adir Abergel (Google him) at her beck and call.

So you need the perfect gift for the foodie mom. The one who's discerning about her olive oils. The one who relishes every note and flavor. This it that olive oil. Alive pairs well with stews and pasta. Awake goes with salads and other greens. Both are sourced from heirloom olives grown at a family-run California farm.

Music marks some of life's most important moments. Think about your wedding song. The tune that played when you proposed. Commemorate it with this upcycled vinyl LP finished in a gold hue and suspended between two pieces of glass in a floating frame.

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