The best first aid kits to buy for outdoor adventures

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Best first aid kits

With the joy of hiking and camping comes the risk of minor injuries and accidents, so it’s wise to have a first aid kit on hand.

We’ve included a range of sizes in our list so you can decide whether you need a larger, fuller kit that lives in the car, or a lightweight pack suitable for multi-day hikes. We’ve also selected first aid kits designed for certain activities, such as camping and hiking, so you can take the necessary medical equipment you’re likely to need. As well as the content, it’s worth thinking about the bag itself, so we’ve included waterproof and clip-on options too.

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The best first aid kits for 2022

Lifesystems camping first aid kit


This first aid kit from Lifesystems is specifically for camping adventures, so it’s compact in nature and contains medical equipment appropriate for treating blisters, burns and pain relief. Stove-top cooking on uneven ground and hiking with large packs can often lead to minor injuries, so it’s wise to choose the right kit when you’re camping in the wilderness. The hardwearing, rip-stop fabric makes the bag durable, and therefore suitable for outdoor use. In the kit you’ll find a spot check thermometer, vinyl gloves, crepe bandage, micropore tape, burn gel sachets and a wide selection of dressings.

It’s Duke of Edinburgh recommended, so it’s a handy piece of kit to have in the house if you have teenagers packing a bag for a weekend expedition.

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Mini First Aid kit

Mini First Aid started life purely as a first-aid training provider for parents and carers across the UK. Now a national franchise with 70 locations, it offers first aid training for children, adults and it even has an extreme injuries course for those in extreme situations. So this bestselling Mini First Aid kit is put together by the brand with a well rehearsed view of first aid situations.

Despite its size, it includes 74 items – including two foil blankets, burn gel, tweezers, digital thermometer and paramedics’ recommended shears – all presented in a pretty oilskin case that children will be comfortable with.

General Medi hard case first aid kit

This neat first aid kit is a useful camping companion thanks to its hard case design and lightweight nature. The case is water resistant, and there’s a carabiner, so you can easily attach it to your rucksack for quick access.

The kit contains 170 hospital grade medical supplies including an emergency blanket, a moleskin pad, knuckle plasters, splinter lancets and tweezers, so there’s plenty of kit to help with minor injuries. It’s 19 x 14 x 7cm, so large enough to hold lots of equipment, while still being small enough to pop in your bag. The layout is particularly appealing, as the inner sleeve is arranged by category so you can quickly find items, and clearly see what’s missing before your next trip.


First aid kit with additional mini kit

This is a 2-in-1 design, so you get a larger first aid kit which contains 215 medical grade items as well as a smaller, 43 piece mini bag. This is ideal if you want to have a bigger bag at home or in the car, and a smaller kit you can carry in your pack when you’re out for the day. You can also use the larger bag as a stock cupboard for your mini kit, and there’s additional space, so you can add your own medical items when necessary. The mini bag contains a variety of plasters, safety pins and a gauze pad, whereas the main kit includes scissors, a whistle, a trauma pad and a compass. You can therefore pick and choose the equipment you think you’re likely to need when packing your bag, depending on the length of your outing.

Ordnance Survey walker first aid kit

Designed with walkers in mind, this Ordnance Survey first aid kit is a practical item to have in your bag if you want to keep blisters and sore feet at bay. As well as blister plasters, it contains antiseptic wipes, tweezers, low adherent dressing and paracetamol tablets. It only weighs 180g, and measures 12.5 x 8 x 4.5cm so it’s a top choice for multi-day hikes.

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Lifesystems trek first aid kit

Recommended for expeditions, outdoor day trips and camping, this kit contains 23 medical items. The list includes a mix of assorted and blister plasters which are sure to come in handy, particularly if your wearing a fresh pair of boots, and tweezers, which are great for getting rid of splinters. There’s also cleansing wipes, paracetamol tablets and two pairs of gloves. As an added bonus, there’s a convenient belt loop, so if you don’t have room in your bag, you can easily find somewhere for it to hang.

This item features on the Duke of Edinburgh expedition kit list, so it’s a solid choice if you have family members completing the award scheme.

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OEX waterproof first aid kit

With the unpredictable nature of British weather, it’s always a sensible idea to prepare for rain. This waterproof first aid kit keeps your medical essentials dry so you don’t have to deal with soggy bandages and limp plasters. Due to its tough, durable material and strong buckle closure, you can clip it onto your pack or your belt. It contains plasters, bandages, microporous tape, and insect repellent wipes. This is sure to become a well-used item which you can refill when necessary.

Micro first aid kit

This small case is a great choice if you’re after a compact first aid kit you can keep at the bottom of your bag. The hard, plastic case should lend itself well to long, rainy hikes due to its robust and portable nature. Ideal for outdoor emergencies, in this kit you’ll find washproof plasters, burn and wound lint pads, wipes, non adherent dressings, burn gel and a soothing wipe. This micro first aid kit from Technicals  also works well for camping, as it contains insect repellent and blister plasters, so you can try and prevent itchy bites and painful feet from ruining a successful expedition.

Ultralight watertight first aid kit 

If you’re keen to save on space and weight, this ultralight medical kit is one to consider. Designed for one person on a one to two day trip, this first aid kit is suitable for a range of exciting activities including kayaking, backpacking, mountain biking, skiing and climbing due to its watertight design. There’s even room to add your own medical gear if you want to add to the existing bandages, antiseptic wipes and pain relief.

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Children’s first aid kit

A top pick for little campers, this children’s first aid kit from Boots helps mend bruises, bumps and grazes. The kit includes a small instant ice pack, a children’s first aid guide as well as a number of plasters and bandages. There’s even a sheet of bravery stickers so you can distract your children from their injury!

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