The best camping hammocks for sleeping off the ground

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Lounge better on your next camping trip.
Lounge better on your next camping trip. ( Esther Tuttle via Unsplash/)

A camping hammock is a must in the tool belt of supplies for any outdoor-bound adventure seeker. Unlike traditional tents, hammocks allow you to weatherproof your sleeping quarters simply by raising them off the ground, keeping you safe from puddles and frost. They’re also way easier and quicker to set up, come with all the included hardware, and can be set up camp in hilly or rocky places where tents simply won’t do. Add in a zip-on bug net and a water-repellent rain fly and you’re looking at a cozy, fun, and super simple way to hang out in the great outdoors.

Here’s a list of our favorite camping hammocks currently available.

Super lightweight for backpacking.
Super lightweight for backpacking. (Amazon/)

This camping hammock from AnorTrek features a lightweight nylon fabric that weighs 1.4 pounds and supports up to 500 pounds. It unfolds to a roomy 110 x 55 inches and is easy to hang from any tree in just a couple minutes using the included steel carabiners and nylon hammock straps. Its light weight makes it perfect for backpacking and other outdoor activities where overall weight and bulk are a necessary consideration.

Holds 700 pounds thanks to triple-stitched parachute material.
Holds 700 pounds thanks to triple-stitched parachute material. (Amazon/)

The Easthills Outdoors Jungle Explorer is a flexible and decked-out hammock that’s able to support up to two adults at a maximum weight of 700 pounds. The removable bug net zips along the full length of the hammock, and the included rainfly comes with four aluminum stakes and guylines to secure your shelter and keep you dry. The whole thing packs away in a drawstring bag and comes with a one-year warranty.

Versatile combination tent and hammock.
Versatile combination tent and hammock. (Amazon/)

The Lawson Blue Ridge Hammock is a flexible hammock-tent hybrid that will rise to the occasion and keep you sheltered no matter what outdoor adventure you choose. As a hammock, it provides a 90 x 42-inch interior with a 275 pound weight capacity, and as a tent, it can be used as a single or a double. It also sports an integrated net and rainfly that can keep out the elements as well as pesky critters. Avid campers and outdoor enthusiasts will love this one for both its versatility and its efficiency.

Four-pound hammock with rainfly and bug net included.
Four-pound hammock with rainfly and bug net included. (Amazon/)

This hammock from Oak Creek is a versatile option that includes both a rainfly and a bug net at an affordable price point, making it a good choice for campers who are building a collection of camping gear and need maximum flexibility. It holds 350 pounds easily, comes with all necessary mounting gear, and packs away neatly in a drawstring bag that weighs less than four pounds put together. Bonus: the interior pocket is the perfect place to store your smartphone, headlamp, or any other tiny essential so you don’t lose it in the dark.