The 40 Best Double Date Ideas Every Couple Should Try

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What is better than a date with your loving partner? How about a double date with your partner and best friends! Double dates are a great way to change up your usual routine while experiencing some new and fun double date ideas. Just make sure the couple you invite along is up for as much of a good time as you, otherwise, the date could go sideways quickly.

When it comes to double dates there are a plethora of double date ideas you can try. If you are struggling to come up with some interesting date ideas, we have you covered. Read on to check out our 40 best double date ideas every couple should try.

1. Attend a Paint and Wine Night

wine and paint rainy day date ideas

One of the most popular date ideas that anyone can enjoy, paint and wine nights are aimed at those with a bit of creativity. A teacher will host the event and guide you as you try and paint your significant other while knocking back a few reds. The results are sure to be hilarious and offer a fun time for all involved.

2. Go Rock Climbing


When it comes to active dates, it doesn’t get much more fun than rock climbing. This energetic experience helps build trust between you and your partner and the other couple and can be enjoyed outdoors or indoors.

3. Take a Wine Tour

wine tour date to experience this winter

Plan a day visiting a bunch of local wineries and taste test a wide variety of wines with your friends. Hire a driver so you can all take part. Book lunch at one of the popular spots and grab a couple of bottles for the drive home.

4. Host a Board Game Night


A great double date idea you can do from home, hosting a game night enables you to bring out your competitive edge. Whether you decided to play a classic like Monopoly or one of the more modern offerings such as Catan, this is an inexpensive activity that everyone is sure to enjoy.

5. Go for a Hike


Get back to nature and organize a day hike with your favorite couple. Hiking gets you outdoors and on the move so you can combine exercises with hanging out with your good friends. Pack a small picnic so you can stop halfway and enjoy the view while chowing down on some sandwiches.

6. Attend a Trivia Night

friends talking open relationship

They say two heads are better than one, so why not combine four and see how well you do at a quiz night. Test your general knowledge and see i.f you can win a few free drinks for your efforts. This is a fun double date idea sure to provide plenty of laughs.

7. Play an Escape Room


See if you can put your minds together and solve the mystery of an escape room. You might have to solve a murder or try and escape a contaminated facility full of zombies. Whatever the case, an escape room will enable you to work on your team-building skills and reveal a lot about each person.

8. Sing Karaoke

karaoke night rainy day date ideas

Karaoke is a great double date idea, especially for those who love to sing in the shower. Visit a karaoke bar where the four of you can pick a song and get up together and perform in front of a crowd. If an audience is a little too much, hire a private booth and belt out all your favorite songs without worrying about anybody else hearing your off-kilter voice.

9. Attend a Sports Game

catch a sports game date to experience this winter

Nothing beats the atmosphere of a sporting event. It doesn’t matter if it is basketball, football, baseball, or any other major sport, getting dressed up in your team’s colors and yelling your lungs out in support is a super fun date idea. It is even better when you double date and one of the couples goes for the opposing team. This way you can have some friendly banter, adding to the whole double date experience.

10. Go on a Pub Crawl

pub crawl rainy day date ideas

If you all enjoy a drink you should organize a pub crawl. Pick five or six of your favorite pubs or bars and spend an entire evening visiting them all. Include a few new places to change things up if you like. As alcohol helps lower your inhibitions, this double date idea works well if you are still relatively new in your relationship or don’t know the other couple that well.

11. At Home Cook Up


Forgo an expensive dinner out for a night in cooking up a feast. Both couples can contribute different parts to the meal with one pair doing the entre and dessert while the other does the main course. If cooking is too much effort, order a bunch of different cuisines and sample a bit of everything.

12. Go on a Road Trip

couples go for road trip

Turn the double date into a weekend away. Pack up the car and head out on the open road. Stop off in the small towns along the way before arriving at your destination for the night. Be sure to have your road trip playlist sorted before taking off.

13. Picnic at the Beach

couple picnic at the beach

You don’t just have to have picnics in the park. If the day is warm and you’ve been hanging out for a swim, head to the beach. Set up a few towels and a tent for shade, bring some food and drinks and enjoy a day in the sun. When it gets too hot just go for a quick dip in the ocean.

14. Take a Ghost Tour

couple take a ghost tour

Nightly Spirits

If you like to be scared this is the double date idea for you. Ghost tours enable you to learn a little about the horrors of your area while exploring unseen parts of your city. It also gives you ample opportunities to scare each other.

15. Visit a National Park


Another outdoor double date idea, heading to a national park with another couple is ideal for those who love to get some fresh air. Pack a picnic and make a day of it. Spend the day enjoying the scenery or take a hike. Whatever floats your boat.

16. Go Bowling


When it comes to great double date ideas, it doesn’t get any better than this. Bowling is one of those activities everybody loves as it is simple to pick up and provides hours of entertainment. Change things up and swap partners when you create teams to add a bit of spice to proceedings.

17. Attend a Music Festival


Live music is back and so are festivals. America has some of the best on offer, from Coachella to Bonnaroo, so if you want to see some great bands while enjoying each other’s company, this is a great double date idea.

18. Play Laser Tag

couple play laser tag

You probably haven’t played laser tag since you were a kid, so there is no better time to give it a whirl than now. This is much cheaper than paintball and you don’t run the risk of getting hurt. After you are done grab a meal and a couple of beers and talk about your experience.

19. Go Ice Skating


With the colder weather about, grab your skates and hit the ice. There are plenty of indoor arenas about or try an outdoor rink. In the summer you can trade the ice skates for normal skates or rollerblades and explore your local streets.

20. Attend a Bottomless Brunch


This is a fantastic way to get to know a new couple you have just started to hang with. Many pubs, bars, and restaurants offer bottomless brunches where you can eat a selection of breakfast foods while knocking back as many mimosas as possible. Just don’t go overboard, as you are trying to make an impression and not scare the other couple off.

21. Take a Class Together

masterclass date to experience this winter

There are hundreds of different classes and courses you can experience together with another couple. Learn how to draw at an art studio. Create your own bowls at a pottery class. Learn a new language together. The options are limitless. Learning with another couple gives you something to talk about and only enhances the experience.

22. Go To the Drive-In

drive-in date to experience this winter

The cinema is great but the drive-in allows you a little more comfort and the ability to talk without getting yelled at. Bring a load of snacks and a couple of beers or a bottle of wine. Blankets and pillows will also be helpful. Choose a film you all want to see, sit back in the comfort of your car, and watch away with your partner and best friends.

23. Take a Bike Ride


A great way to explore your area with friends is bike riding. You can follow local trails or get off the beaten track and discover new areas. Ride to the beach for the day or wind your way through the city and stop off your lunch at a cafe. Whatever you decide, this is an active date everyone will love.

24. Listen To Your Favorite Records

listen to your favorite records rainy day date ideas

Reminisce about your youth and what music used to be like by playing each other your favorite records. If you don’t have a vinyl player, whip out your phone and use your Spotify subscription to blast your favorite songs. Nothing brings people together like music.

25. Go Camping


Get back to nature and spend a night or two under the stars. Camping with another couple can be a romantic way to spend time together. Roast some smores on an open fire, tell ghost stories, and watch the sunset. During the day you can go hiking, canoeing, or kayaking.

26. Visit a Comedy Club

attend a comedy show rainy day date ideas

Everybody loves to laugh, so if your jokes haven’t been hitting, take your favorite couple to a comedy show. No matter the line-up you are sure to see some entertaining comics who will have you all giggling along. If you are lucky you might even get to see a surprise show from a big name.

27. Host a Poker Night

couple play poker

Four people is a solid number for a poker night. Layout some chips and dips and get your Vegas on in your own home. Even better if you have an actual poker table. If poker isn’t to your liking, there are plenty of other card games you can play to pass the evening.

28. Play Charades

couples play charades

Charades will have you laughing hard as you try and work your what word or phrase your partner is trying to act out. Play after dinner or when a few drinks deep for hilarious results.

29. Book Club for Four

read together rainy day date ideas

Forming a book club allows you to catch up on a regular basis and discuss your love of books. Pick a book you are all keen on reading and spend four weeks getting through it Then when everyone has finished, meet at someone’s house and discuss your feelings and thoughts over some wine and cheese.

30. Go Dancing

take a dancing lesson rainy day date ideas

Even if you have two left feet, a night on the dance floor is sure to impress the ladies. Go to your local nightclub and get down to the latest tunes with the youth, or mix with your own age at a salsa night. There are many different dance nights on offer, and if you aren’t confident, spend the date learning how to dance at a dance class.

31. Host a Pool Party

couple pool party

Now this double date idea hinges on one couple having a pool, but if one of you does, you beauty! Turn up the tunes, put the beers on ice, and spend the evening in the pool relaxing.

32. Go on a Food Crawl

couple eat at a food truck

Similar to a pub crawl, but instead of getting drunk, put yourself in a food coma. Visit several of your favorite spots and sample the best dishes on offer. This idea works best at a food festival or food market where you can easily visit numerous stalls and taste what is on offer in the one spot.

33. Take a Walking Tour


Explore your own city and learn a little more about its history on a walking tour. Take in the architecture and learn interesting facts from your guide. Many of these tours are free, so if you are after a cheap double date, this is for you.

34. Scream at a Theme Park


Here is one for those who like an adrenalin rush. Visit a theme park and spend the day riding roller coasters and being scared out of your mind. If you aren’t a fan of roller coasters, there will be plenty of other tamer rides to enjoy.

35. Visit a Museum or Art Gallery

visit a museum date to experience this winter

Combine hanging out with each other with getting some culture. Visiting a museum or art gallery allows the four of you to chat about life in general while also discussing what you are seeing.

36. Play Mini-Golf

play mini golf to experience with your partner

Playing nine or 18 holes on an actual golf course can be a nightmare, especially when it comes to time. So swap your driver for a putter and play some mini-golf. Lots of these putt-putt courses allow you have a few drinks while playing, only adding to the fun as you try and get as many hole in ones as possible.

37. Cocktail Night

Cocktail Recipes To Spice Up Your Christmas Day

Put your mixology skills to the test by hosting a cocktail night. Go through your cupboard of spirits and prepare all the ingredients you need to whip up a martini or old fashioned for your partner and friends. If you are feeling brave you might even try and make your own cocktail.

38. Attend a Theater Show


Go and see a live-action performance with another couple. There is sure to be a local play happening in your city, or if you want to make a weekend of it, head to the Big Apple and see a sold-out show on Broadway.

39. Volunteer

couple volunteer

While hanging out together you can use your time to also help others. There are many different organizations you can donate your time to. Help feed the homeless or spend a day at an animal shelter. As the old saying goes, feel good while doing good.

40. Play Tennis

couple play tennis

If you are all sports lovers and being active is high on your list of priorities, have a game of tennis. Playing doubles means you can all have a hit at your local club. Afterward, go have a few drinks and talk about how great you could have been.

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