The 30 Gifts We’re Buying For Our Friends Who Are Beer Snobs (Besides Beer)

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Who doesn’t love beer? There’s nothing better than sipping on a crisp, cold, bubbly beer with friends when watching the game or celebrating a special occasion. Whether you’ve realized it or not, you’re surrounded by beer lovers. Most likely you’re even a beer lover, so knowing the best gifts for beer lovers — be that a friend or yourself — is a quick-fix way to always knowing what to buy for people when gift-giving moments come around. 

With so many craft beers and high-end brews out there, beer drinking has become a serious hobby for many people. This list has options for those who take their beer consumption quite seriously and those who booze more casually. They can make great Christmas gifts for the beer connoisseur in your life, or just general gifts for the guy or gal you know who appreciates some hops. We also won’t hold it against you if you can resist and end up buying some of these handy items for your own enjoyment. 


1. Shower Beer Holder


For the beer lover who (almost) has it all, this hilarious shower holder is as much a gag gift as it is a fully functioning gift idea. No matter how cold — or how tired — you might feel, popping into the shower and seeing this bad boy on the wall is sure to glean a few smiles. With this cup holder, every hour can be happy hour in the shower.

Shower Beer Holder, best gifts for beer lovers

Buy: Shower Beer Holder $13.97


2. YETI Insulated Rambler


There’s nothing better than an ice-cold brew. If your buddy’s rocking with a can huggie-less, it’s time to gift them the best of the best beer huggies — the YETI Insulated Rambler. This sleek beer holder keeps beer as cold as it was in the cooler with double-wall vacuum insulated technology. The rambler is nice and tight so your beer never falls out and will stay dentless if it ever falls over. When it needs a clean, simply throw it in the dishwasher. There are a multitude of colors available, so be sure to pick your pal’s favorite.

YETI Insulated Rambler, best gifts for beer lovers

Buy: YETI Insulated Rambler $24.99


3. Goodnight Brew: A Parody for Beer People


This Goodnight Moon beer parody book is sure to get a laugh, and it actually has educational material about brewing that aficionados will get a kick out of. Think of this as a grown-up bedtime story, but with tons of great jokes and smart insights. Plus, it’s available as a physical hardcover book or on Kindle for the more tech-savvy of beer lovers among us.

Beer Books Goodnight Brew, best gifts for beer lovers

Buy: Goodnight Brew: A Parody for Beer People $10.99


4. GrowlerWerks uKeg 128


If you really want to make a beer lover’s day, there’s no better gift than a GrowlerWerks uKeg. It keeps beer cold and carbonated for up to two weeks, and unlike most mini-kegs, it can be easily transported to tailgates and BBQs. It even comes with an interchangeable handle for easy customization and is available in three cool designs.

GrowlerWerks uKeg 128, best gifts for beer lovers

Buy: GrowlerWerks uKeg 128 $207.49


5. Party Like Sophia Beer Bong Funnel


If you have a friend that really, really, really loves beer, this might just be the gift for them. This Beer Bong Funnel from Party Like Sophia will have you downing your drinking in record time. The pipe is 30 inches long so that the beer can pick up momentum with height. Plus, it’s made from strong plastic to avoid any kinks. A bottle opening keychain is also included which can be used for shotgunning cans if downing them from a bong isn’t already enough.

gifts for beer lovers party like sophia, best gifts for beer lovers

Buy: Party Like Sophia Beer Bong Funnel $14.99


6. USA Beer Cap Map


Beer lovers love collecting and showcasing their best bottle caps, and this cap map makes it even more fun. It’s 24″ by 14″ and made of a glossy wood that looks great in any man cave or bar. The semi-gloss finish looks great, and it even comes with its own mounting nails for easy installation.

Beer Cap Map USA, best gifts for beer lovers

Buy: USA Beer Cap Map $37.99


7. Keltic Karavan Viking Drinking Horn Mug


When we say old school, we aren’t talking about your parents’ time. Hell, we aren’t even talking about your grandparents’ time. Think Leif Erikson’s generation instead. This Viking-esque horn mug is perfect for sipping the original way. After drinking a couple of brews in one of these, don’t be too shocked if your bud starts speaking Nordic.

Keltic Karavan Viking Drinking Horn Mug

Buy: Keltic Karavan Viking Drinking Horn Mug $30.95


8. Sproutjam Beer Pantone Poster


So, your buddy doesn’t quite have a man cave. Like, he considers it a man cave, but his spouse doesn’t at all. To them, it’s just the basement. Support his bro-y dreams and his partner’s taste by approaching decorating the basement’s interior with this beer Pantone poster. It gets both points across by acknowledging one of his favorite things (beer) and by keeping the area looking minimalistic and homey.

Sproutjam Beer Pantone Poster

Buy: Sproutjam Beer Pantone Poster $24.95


9. Lavley Funny Socks


If you can read this, then you’ll know this is a great present for a beer lover. Give them the gift of putting their feet up and enjoying a beer while wearing these 5% elastic, 10% spandex and 85% cotton Lavley Funny Socks. The comical and clear message on each of the soles will ensure that those around them are bringing another beer before the bottle’s out. Lavley’s extended range of novelty socks offers similar charming pairs aimed at bacon, waffle and coffee lovers.

gifts for beer lovers lavley

Buy: Lavley Funny Socks $8.95


10. ICCKER Automatic Bottle Opener


Most people don’t have an automatic bottle opener yet, making this a great quick gift. Place it around the top of the bottle, and press down to instantly remove the cap. It’s super easy to use, works with every type of beer bottle, and is sure to be one of those rare gifts for beer lovers that’s equally original and useful.

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ICCKER Automatic Bottle Opener

Buy: ICCKER Automatic Bottle Opener $18.69


11. Engraved Memories Etc Beer Cap Shadow Box


Personalized gifts are some of the most sentimental you can choose from, especially when it comes to your beer-loving buddy. Just peep this beer cap shadow box to get a glimpse of what we’re talking about. Every cap they pop off of a new neck can be placed directly into this display box for friends and family to see. Have them keep it on their bar cart, at-home bar top or hang it on the wall. Best part of all? You can personalize it with a family or first name pressed directly on top of the glass.

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Engraved Memories Etc Beer Cap Shadow Box

Buy: Engraved Memories Etc Beer Cap Shadow Box $59.39


12. Novelty Place Drinking Helmet


This Novelty Place Drinking Helmet could be the beer accessory that your beer-loving pal has been waiting for. It’s made from heavy-duty plastic and includes an under-chin strap to ensure sturdy drinking. There are two can stations, one on either side of the head, and straws that will ensure a smooth journey to the mouth as fast as you can say, “Drink.” This is a great gift for students who are of drinking age.

gifts for beer lovers novelty place

Buy: Novelty Place Drinking Helmet $11.95


13. The Beer Bible


For a straightforward, no-nonsense book about every kind of beer, look no further than The Beer Bible. This is the Doctor of Beer lecturer you always hoped would walk into your classroom, but in book form. It’s a sure hit with beer snobs who will love displaying this book on their coffee table or desk. They might even learn something new about beer while they’re at it. We’re sure you’ll be hearing all those new facts at your next drinking session.

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The Beer Bible

Buy: The Beer Bible $12.50


14. Kollea Beer Chiller Sticks


Keeping beer cold without diluting it has challenged beer drinkers for decades, but chilling sticks might be the answer. Chill the sticks for 45 minutes, insert in the beer bottle, and enjoy consistently ice-cold sips. You’ve probably seen similar products for wine, but now you can use the same tool to keep your favorite beer ice cold.

Beer Chiller Sticks

Buy: Kollea Beer Chiller Sticks $9.99


15. Calhoun Americana Beer Belt


If your beer-loving buddy is the star of the show when it comes to parties, then they’ll be needing this Calhoun Americana Beer Belt. It’s made from 100% polyester, can extend to fit a waist of up to 40 inches and has a plastic buckle that fastens at the back. There are also seven different color and slogan variations available, so make sure you get the most hilariously suited option for your party partner.

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gifts for beer lovers calhoun

Buy: Calhoun Americana Beer Belt $18.50


16. 10oz Apparel Funny Beer T-Shirt


Share your love for beer and for life with this ‘Life is Brewtiful’ t-shirt from 10oz Apparel. Watch as the compliments come flooding in for this fetching logo. The shirt is made in the USA with a screen printed design on a short sleeve t-shirt. The shirt itself is 50% polyester and 50% preshrunk cotton. This gift for beer lovers is available in three different colors and can be ordered for both men and women.

gifts for beer lovers 10oz apparel

Buy: 10oz Apparel Funny Beer T-Shirt $17.99


17. Urban Mosh Drinks Coasters


Never see a mark on the table or bar top again with the Urban Mosh sarcastically persuasive drink coasters. Their cheeky tone and not-so-friendly but also really funny reminder slogans will ensure your guests know to use these surface protectors before placing their drink down. The base of each coaster is covered to ensure no unwanted slipping so that you can focus on the sipping.

gifts for beer lovers urban mosh

Buy: Urban Mosh Drinks Coasters $15.99


18. Host Plastic Pint Glass


A guaranteed hit gift with any beer lover is a pint glass. Pour your bottle, can or tap into this Host Plastic Pint Glass and savor every sip. The double walls of the glass are filled with freezer gel to ensure that your beer will stay colder, for longer (as long as you remember to freeze the glass ahead of beer time). There’s also a grey non-slip band wrapped around it for a firm grip. And, of course, this glass can be used for more than just beer. Think milkshakes, sodas and floats, too.

Host Plastic Pint Glass

Buy: Host Plastic Pint Glass $14.99


19. Beer-Infused Hot Sauce


Chipotle BBQ, eat your heart out. These amazing beer-infused hot sauces are made with real beer and come in three flavors: Asian Sriracha, Garlic Serrano and Roasty Chipotle. Ranging from mild to downright fiery, these fun and unique beer sauces are sure to please all your IPA and lager friends.

Beer Hot Sauce

Buy: Beer-Infused Hot Sauce $25.99


20. MyGift Flight Tasting Panel


Any beer snog worth their weight in hops will recognize this puppy. Tasting flights are a common thing at breweries, but who says they can’t be common in the home too? With four five-ounce glasses and handles to hold the panel, this setup makes for a fun home experience when trying a variety of new beers. Especially for the friend in your life who loves to host, this makes an excellent gift for beer lovers.

gifts for beer lovers mygift

Buy: MyGift Flight Tasting Panel $29.99


21. GoPong Floating Beer Pong Table


Float, drink and shoot with the GoPong Floating Beer Pong Table. Whether giving this as a gift or using it at your own party, this inflatable game table will get the pool games started. Each corner of the table has a grommet that can be used for tethering if you’d like to avoid beer in the pool. There are also cup holders around the edge of the table for the spectators to place their beers as they compete to win.

gifts for beer lovers gopong pool

Buy: GoPong Floating Beer Pong Table $29.99


22. Brooklyn Brew Shop Beer Making Kit


Craft beer making kits have blown up recently, and Brooklyn Brew Shop makes one of the best. For just $40 you get fresh ingredients, a fermenter, easy-to-follow instructions, and all the tools needed to make your own tasty brewski. The other beer brewing kit on our list was definitely more inclusive, but this one’s a great choice for people who want to give it a quick go without having to deal with all the extra additives.

Beer Making Kit Brooklyn Brew Shop

Buy: Brooklyn Brew Shop Beer Making Kit $45.97


23. GoPong Beer Pong Table


Challenge your beer-loving friend to a game of ping pong with the GoPong Beer Pong Table. Its lightweight portable design ensures you can pitch up and start playing just about anywhere. Six balls are included. The top surface is covered in melamine so that no one needs to worry about spillages. All concentration can simply be on who’s sinking the next shot. This is a great addition to any game room.

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gifts for beer lovers gopong

Buy: GoPong Beer Pong Table $89.99


24. Northern Brewer HomeBrewing Starter Kit


This home brewing kit from Northern Brewer comes with everything you need to make five gallons of your own delicious homebrew. It comes with clear instructions to ensure the master brewer can be confident in the process every step of the way. Once complete, you’ll have a tasty batch of Northern Brewer’s Block Party Amber Ale to drink your way through. Hopefully whoever you give this kit to will share the results with you.

Northern Brewer HomeBrewing Starter Kit, best gifts for beer lovers

Buy: Northern Brewer HomeBrewing Starter Kit $89.99


25. Reef Men’s Fanning Flip Flop Sandals


Sure, shoes aren’t the first things that come to mind when you’re brainstorming ideas for the best gifts for beer lovers, but anyone who frequently needs to crack open a fresh bottle will appreciate these flip flops. Picture it: you’re hanging by the pool with a bucket of cold ones but you forgot a bottle opener. Then you remember that you can just flip over your shoe and pop off the cap in the sole of these handy sandals.

reef sandals bottle opener Buy: Reef Men's Fanning Flip Flop Sandals $54.74

26. The Craft Beer Cookbook


It may be more common to cook with wine, but don’t knock cooking with beer. This cookbook can help beer lovers incorporate their favorite craft brews into delicious meals. It’ll give them a fun new way to appreciate their beer, and maybe they’ll say thank you by cooking up something fantastic for you.

craft beer cookbook Buy: The Craft Beer Cookbook $11.33

27. Wall Mounted Magnetic Beer Bottle Opener


If you know a beer lover who often finds themselves collecting caps from the floor, couch or tabletops after entertaining or just from their own consumption, get them this mounted magentic bottle opener. They can hang it on the wall near the couch to pop off their caps, and those caps will cling to the magnetic base or fall into the net. It’ll help them keep their drinking space a little tidier.

magnetic wall mounted beer opener Buy: Wall Mounted Magnetic Beer Bottle Opener $20.99

28. Beeropoly


For those who like to drink and play board games, Beeropoly is the best gift for beer loves. It’s a new kind of drinking game where you can use your caps as game pieces, and most spots you’ll land on require some sort of drinking. You get to have fun while enjoying your beer.

beeropoly Buy: Beeropoly $38.00

29. Beer Tasting Flight


Help your favorite beer lover test out new brews with this beer tasting flight set. It comes with a wooden board, with the option to personalize with engraved initials, and four tasting glasses. They can use it to set up classy home beer tastings for themselves or their friends.

beer tasting flight Buy: Beer Tasting Flight $49.95

30. The Beer Bucket List


Now that we’re able to travel again, help someone you love who loves beer have amazing travel experience that incorporate their favorite pastime: drinking. They can search for a beer-related activity based on where they’re going, or use the book as an actual beer bucket list and try to hit every single one thanks to this epic gift for beer lovers.

beer bucket list Buy: The Beer Bucket List $20.99

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