The 28 Best Running Gifts for Women in 2021

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It’s the holiday season, which means it’s time to search for that perfect present for the runner in your life. Here you’ll find a list of the 28 best running gifts for women so that you can make sure you grab a great option – no matter what your budget is.

Disclosure – This post contains Amazon affiliate links. As an affiliate, I earn a commission on qualifying purchases. In addition, some of the brands below may have provided samples now or in the past.

Budget-Friendly Gift Ideas

Working with a budget for your holiday spending? Want to stick to gifts around $50 or less? No problem! Try one of these gift ideas for female runners:

1. Rise & Run Book.

A woman's hand holding the Rise and Run book.

The newest book release in the popular series from Shalane Flanagan and Elyse Kopecky! This book turns it’s focus to the most important time of the day – the morning. It features over 100 nutritious breakfast recipes sure to fuel any runner (including new varieties of the ever-famous Superhero Muffins!).

Plus, the book includes expert training advice, morning rituals, and a 14-week marathon-training program designed by Shalane.

(PS – if your runner doesn’t yet have them, make it a trio of books with the earlier reads in the series: Run Fast, Eat Slow and Run Fast, Cook Fast, Eat Slow.)

Buy Rise & Run.

2. TrailHeads Convertible Mittens or Gloves.

A woman outside in running clothes and convertible mittens.

These convertible mittens are going to be a favorite for any runner in cold weather! Within seconds, you can flip the covered mitten portion off, and you’re left with fingerless gloves – allowing you to quickly change music on your phone or answer that text.

The palms have silicone grips on them, preventing any slippery situations (we all know a dropped phone can ruin a good run). As a bonus, the back of the mittens have a built in reflective strip, which is helpful for safety and visibility during winter runs.

(Or, if you’d prefer full on gloves underneath, they have convertible running gloves that are also a great buy.)

Buy TrailHeads Convertible Mittens or Trailheads Convertible Running Gloves.

3. Energy Gels, Blocks, or Beans.

A variety of GU energy gels.

If your runner is training for more than 75-ish minutes, they’ll need fuel during runs or races. Energy gels, sport beans, or chews/bloks all provide easily digestible carbs – perfect for fueling longer training runs or events. The ultimate stocking stuffer for grown-ups!

Here are a few recommended products:

4. Sumarpo Compression Socks.

Two pairs of pink compression socks.

You know what they say – the older you get, the more you appreciate socks for a Christmas gift. 😉 Sumarpo compression socks are a great option for any runner.

Compression socks for running provide a bit of a squeeze on the foot and/or calf – helping apply pressure to the blood vessels. Research has shown that these types of socks may help with recovery. For example, a 2014 review suggested that compression socks reduce DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness), and a 2016 review concluded they may help with muscle damage and inflammation.

Sumarpo has both low cut and knee-high socks, and they’re both ultra lightweight and comfortable. As a curvier athlete, I liked that the size large socks fit my calves just fine.

Buy Sumarpo women’s compression socks.

5. Anti-chafing products.

A container of anti-chafing salve.

From irritated bra lines to underarm rubbing to thighs trying to light a fire…chafing on a run is no fun. There are several anti-chafe products on the market – as a coach, here are my three favorite recommendations for women:

  • Body Glide for Her – This has been my go-to for years, and works quite well.
  • Squirrel’s Nut Butter – I legit giggle every time I hear the name of this product. Several athletes I’m friends with prefer this as their anti-chafe solution.
  • Zone Naturals Chub Rub – This product has a ton of positive reviews and ratings!

With any of these, the runner simply rolls it onto areas where chafing commonly occurs, thus helping prevent this annoying problem during training and racing.

6. Amazon Basics Foam Roller.

A black foam roller.

Perfect for stretching and soothing tight areas, a foam roller can help you perform self-massage. This version from Amazon is inexpensive and does the job! It’s lightweight and made of high density foam.

Buy the foam roller here.

7. 247 Viz Hydration Running Belt

A four bottle hydration running belt.

If you know anyone training for long distance races, a hydration belt is essential! It allows them to carry their water or sports drink (plus a little pouch for keys or a phone). And since it sits on the hips, it usually doesn’t throw off stride like carrying a big ‘ol water bottle by hand.

I’m a huge fan of this 247 Viz four belt hydration belt – it’s one of the very few four belt options available on the market. I was surprised at the quality for the price!

Buy the 247 Viz Hydration Running Belt.

8. Flipbelt.

A black flipbelt running belt.

Not every runner needs a hydration belt – if you’re shopping for a runner that prefers shorter runs where on-hand hydration isn’t necessary, a Flipbelt might be a better choice.

These belts are smaller and made of stretchy material. The belt has several openings where you can store you phone or key. Since there are no fasteners or zippers, it’s got less risk of chafing compared to other belts.

Buy a Flipbelt.

9. Race jewelry.

A running bracelet with a 26.2 charm on it.

Commemorate their latest race accomplishment with a running necklace, bracelet, or other piece of jewelry. Race bling makes the perfect gift for runners, whether they’ve just tackled a 5K, half marathon, or full 26.2 miles.

Here are a few great options:

10. TrailHeads Women’s Trailblazer Ponytail Hat

A woman wearing a fleece ponytail hat.

Another perfect gift for female runners that live in cold weather areas! This fleece cap keeps your head warm, and has a hole in the back to pull your ponytail through. (Side note – why don’t more hats do this?! It’s so much more comfortable than having the pony tied off under the hat or at the back of your neck).

But the best part about this hat, in my opinion, is that it offers drop down fleece that covers the ears too.

Reflective accents are present on the hat for extra visibility during winter months.

Buy the Trailblazer Ponytail Hat.

11. NOW Effer-Energy Effervescent Tropical Punch Tablets

A woman holding a package of effervescent electrolyte tabs.

If your runner pal is doing long runs or training in hot weather – these an excellent option to add extra electrolytes to the hydration plan (both during or after a run).

These fizz tabs dissolve in water, providing sodium, magnesium, and potassium (all key electrolytes). The tablets also contain caffeine, which may help with performance.

I find the flavor of these better than many other hydration tabs – not super sweet, but enjoyable to drink.

Buy Effer-Energy Effervescent Tropical Punch Tablets.

12. Bare Republic Sport Mineral Sunscreen

A bottle of sunscreen.

While pounding the pavement in the summer, runners are exposed to quite a bit of sunlight. Many sunscreens can drip off the skin easily with sweat, and it’s difficult to find natural sunscreens that can hold up to the demands of a run.

But Bare Republic Sport is up for the job. This sunscreen is water resistant (up to 80 minutes) and has broad spectrum SPF (meaning it protects against both UVB and UVA rays). It’s one of the few mineral-based sunscreens I’ve found that seems to really work.

Buy Bare Republic Sport Sunscreen.

13. SABRE Pepper Gel Spray for Runners

A container of pepper spray.

While it’d be wonderful to think that all women are safe while taking a solo jog – we know that’s not always true. If the lady in your life gets nervous about going out for a run by herself, a little self-defense pepper spray may be exactly the gift she’d appreciate.

You can clip this spray onto a running belt, and use it in the event of an attempted attack (human or animal). Apparently the gel spray is better for runners, as it doesn’t risk wind blow-back as much as traditional spray.

Keep in mind some states have laws that prohibit who may carry pepper spray (age restrictions or restrictions on those with certain criminal convictions), as well as the size of the pepper spray container – so be sure to check into these prior to purchasing.

Buy SABRE pepper spray here. (Note that it appears some states may prohibit direct shipping of the product to consumers).

14. Medal Rack.

Team Beef Race Medal Rack.

Give your runner a place to show off all those medals with a medal rack they can hang on the wall. Many of us end up socking these away in a drawer, but it’s much more fun to be able to display them.

You can order a custom rack on Etsy or from a local crafter – like the “Team Beef” one pictured above. But there are also tons of options you can order on Amazon.  Here are a few that might be great gifts:

15. Baleaf Women’s Fleece Running Jacket

A woman wearing a white running jacket.

This women’s running jacket is a great option for those training in cooler temps. The soft fleece interior keeps you warm, while the water resistant exterior repels light rain or snow.

It has a lot of unique features, like mesh underarm vents to allow for air flow, thumb holes to keep the sleeves in place, and a back zipper pocket to store keys or a phone.

Sizing also goes up to a 3XL, which I appreciate – there are runners of all sizes and shapes out here!

Buy the Baleaf Women’s Fleece Running Jacket.

16. Road Runner ID.

An ID bracelet with names, emergency contact, and medical information.

Since many runners & triathletes don’t carry ID with them while exercising outdoors, a Road Runner ID is a great solution. It’s a small athletic bracelet where you can list your name as well as any emergency contacts and medical/allergy info.

Buy a Road Runner ID.

17. Swiftwick Socks.

A pair of Swiftwick socks.

For additional running socks, check out Swiftwick. These are my recommendation for solid everyday running socks. They are super comfortable, feel nice on your feet, don’t slide around, and help prevent blisters.

And they maintain their quality for years. (I’m not exaggerating – I have pairs that are quite ‘experienced’ at this point, and they still hold their shape).

I’m a huge fan of the Vibe Zero variety (pictured above), and also like the Aspire Zero and Aspire One types.

Buy Swiftwick socks here.

18. Orange Mud Transition Wrap Extreme

Orange mud transition wrap over a seat in a car.

This is a must-buy gift if you’re shopping for a trail runner, OCR runner, or even a road runner that simply does a lot of driving home from track workouts or races.

This transition wrap can be used as a seat cover in your car, so you’re not getting your car seats all sweaty or dirty. It has a zippered section up top that forms a “hood” that goes over the headrest, so the towel doesn’t slide around.

This updated version of their original transition wrap is awesome, because it has a TPU layer in between the microfiber towel layer – meaning that it keeps it waterproof so nothing will soak through to your seat.

This can also be used as a literal transition wrap, where it’s wrapped around yourself giving you the option to discreetly change underneath.

Buy the Orange Mud Transition Wrap Extreme.

19. Tickets to Run Show USA.

A run clinic at Run Show USA.

A free gift you can give? Yes! If you’re local to one of the events, surprise your loved one with tickets to Run Show USA. There are three upcoming events around the US:

  • Boston – January 29th-30th, 2022
  • Chicago – June 4th-5th, 2022
  • Los Angeles – September 24th-25th, 2022

At all the events, you’ll be able to visit a huge running expo with tons of vendors and speakers. It’s a perfect event for rejuvinating your running mojo.

Grab free tickets for the Boston event using code CCARROLL. (The same coupon code will work for free tickets to the Chicago event too; the LA event hasn’t opened up tickets at the time of publish).

Higher Priced Gift Ideas

Got a little extra money to spend? Want to splurge on the runner in your life? Find gifts in this section that range from $50 up to several hundred.

20. Fenix HP25R V2.0 Headlamp

A woman wearing a headlight outside in front of a house.

Got a runner that’s extra scared of tripping over roots during earlier morning or evening trail runs? Or maybe they want to run on the roads before sunrise, but there aren’t streetlights around?

This Fenix headlamp is exactly what you need. While it’s often marketed as a work headlamp, I really like this one for trail running, because it is very powerful and offers excellent illumination. No whimpy faint glow here; this thing will help you see everything in front of you on your run.

The straps are adjustable and you can get a good fit on the head.

Buy the Fenix HP25R V2.0 Headlamp.

21. Trigger Point Grid Vibe Plus Foam Roller

Trigger point grid vibe foam roller in orange.

If you’re looking for a fancier foam roller, this is a great option. The textured surface on this foam roller creates additional massage sensations, while the vibration setting may help relax muscles to provide a more effective experience.

Buy the Trigger Point Grid Vibe Plus foam roller.

22. NoxGear Tracer360

Noxgear tracer360 light-up running vest.

This illuminated running vest is by far the best option for safe visibility if you run in early mornings or in the evenings.

It’s brightly lit, using a rechargeable design that gives up to 20 hours of battery life. The color-changing feature and brightness makes it more likely that motorists will notice you – essential for safety.

The vest is lightweight, can be used in in all weather, and fits over any outfit.

Buy the noxgear Tracer360.

23. Race Entry Fee.

If you know there’s a race your loved one is dying to do, why not go ahead and take care of the race entry fee? Most local 10Ks will range from $30-50, half marathons around $40 to $75, and marathons around $50 to $125.

24. ENELL sports bra.

A woman wearing an Enell sports bra for runners.

You’ll need to be pretty close to the runner in your life to know their proper sizing – but if you do know it, a really great sports bra is worth it’s weight in gold.

For curvier women, ENELL sports bras are a great choice. They “support, stabilize, and secure” – meaning no excessive uncomfortable bouncing on your runs.

Note that a few people are not a fan of the thickness of the bra, and others report that it runs a bit small. I haven’t found that, though, and think it’s an excellent option.

Buy ENELL sports bras.

25. Gift cards to a local running store.

A gift certificate to a local running store.

Not sure what kind of running gear they need? A gift card to a local running store is always a great option! They can put it towards a new pair of sneakers, fuel, apparel, or anything else that they need.

If you’re hoping to give it to them so they can grab a new pair of sneakers – often a common request! – plan to put about $100-$125 on the gift card. That should cover most sneakers.

26. Hyperice Hypervolt Massage Gun

A massage gun and all of it's accompanying attachments.

Massage guns may help runners with less muscle soreness as well as warming up the muscles before a big event (read more about the benefits of massage guns here).

When these first came out, I was skeptical as a running coach – but I’m a convert now. The Hypervolt massage gun is a staple in my gear bag, and I think any runner would love to have one.

Here’s a few product highlights:

  • Several different head attachments which can give different massage techniques that are appropriate for different muscle groups
  • 3 speed settings
  • Easy to recharge
  • Fairly compact and portable – easier to pack in a carry on than a large foam roller
  • Relatively quiet

Buy the Hypervolt Massage Gun.

27. Garmin Running Watch.  

A Garmin running watch in black.

This type of watch integrates GPS technology so you can track distance, pace & even elevation changes during training runs (or races). Almost all models these days are built with optical heart rate monitors, so you can also use them for heart rate training.

My personal recommendation that strikes a balance between features and price? The Garmin Forerunner 45S. It’s a bit smaller in size than some other running watches, which I prefer, and has all the key features:

  • GPS tracking for pace and distance
  • Heart rate monitoring (wrist)
  • Ability to sync to Strava and other apps
  • Ability to sync notifications for text, calls, and other apps on your phone
  • Live track ability (you can set this up so that it notifies someone and they can track you online)

Buy the Garmin Forerunner 45S.

28. Jaybird Vista True Wireless Bluetooth Sport Earbuds

A pair of black earbuds.

These are a great option for runners that enjoy listening to tunes during their workouts. While I’m personally not actually a fan of earbuds (I’m stuck with my ’90’s style headphones that loop around the back of your head) – I know a lot of people love ’em.

On full charge, you’ll get 6 hours of audio from these. They’re sweatproof and have great audio quality (whether you want to listen to Amazon music, Spotify, or Napster – yes, I still have Napster).

Buy Jaybird Earbuds.

The Final Word

No matter what you choose to buy, your friends or family members will appreciate that you’re paying attention to their love of running. I hope this list gives you some helpful ideas for your holiday shopping!

Share: What do you plan to grab from this list? Do you have more good running gift ideas for women? Share ’em below!

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