Shopping for a Height Adjustable Desk? Here are 7 Options + 2 Cheap Alternatives!

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Looking for a height adjustable desk? If you’re tired of sitting all day, consider a standing desk from our list!


Shake up your workday with a standing desk. 

According to the Mayo Clinic, studies have linked prolonged sitting to health conditions like high blood pressure and unhealthy cholesterol levels. These studies have shown that those who sit continuously for 8 hours may have the same risk of dying as smokers and those suffering from obesity. Even WebMD says that sitting too much can increase your risk of cancer, diabetes, deep vein thrombosis, and back pain.

To combat these serious risks, many people are trading in their traditional workspace for an adjustable height desk. A standing desk an help you burn a few more calories, get your blood flowing, and hopefully decrease your risk of illness.

Some of the standing desks getting a lot of hype, like the Uplift  or the Tresanti adjustable height desk, will run you hundreds of dollars without even providing you storage space. Skip those and try one of the budget-friendly desks we found instead. If you’re ready to take the leap and upgrade your work area, here’s a list of some of the best adjustable height desks available!

7 Best Adjustable Height Desks To Buy:

1. This small standing desk is effective, mobile, and cheap.


Klvied Mobile Standing Desk With Cup Holder – $79.99 (regularly $99.99)

If you have limited space for your desk, consider this compact height-adjustable desk from Amazon. Not only can you wheel it around, but it also has a place to put your coffee cup and the keyboard holder can be individually-adjusted to tilt or lay flat. When you’re sick of standing, the desk collapses to provide you a more traditional work area!

“Worth the price!! We have desktop versions of these at work that costs over $200. The ability to stand and work is much better in my opinion, so I wanted one for my home, but NOT that expensive. I found this and decided to give it a try. I attached a monitor To the back and surprisingly, it mounted perfectly! No weight imbalance, no rocking or swaying and it still rolls fine.” – Andre, product reviewer

2. FEZIBO’s highly-rated standing desk includes a pencil holder and is under $170.


This affordable standing desk also comes with a handy pencil holder and two hooks that can hold headphones, ball caps, or backpacks. It has three different height presets that range between 21.16″ and 46.06.” Plus, it’s detachable and lockable casters allow you to swivel your desk 360 degrees without scratching the floor!

“My last standing desk cost ~$500, this one is functionally the same (and maybe even a little better looking w/ the wood paneling) and costs a fraction of the price!” – Amazon Customer, product reviewer

“This has helped my back and neck pain a lot! Being able to stand and set to different heights for different chairs, stools, core balls has been great. Size is perfect for my dual screens too.” – Tina, product reviewer

3. BANTI makes a standing desk with storage, a second tier, and a headphone hook.


This practical height adjustable desk comes with a second tier that can be used to elevate your computer monitors or display your reference books. It also includes two storage drawers that can hide your office supplies. Hang your headphones on the side hook or swivel your workspace using the lockable and detachable casters. This adjustable desk is great for those who are taller as it comes with 3 presets and has a maximum height of 51.38.”

This desk is over $100 less than IKEA’s popular TROTTEN model which is manually-powered and offers no storage. Of the two, this BANTI desk is the clear winner.🙌

“Absolutely love this desk! Great material (sturdy), lots of space (got the 55″), and the electric standing feature works great (quick & quiet). I’ve had the desk for about two weeks now to make sure there were no issues, and I’m super happy with my purchase. Love the two tier feature too, it elevates my screens even when I am sitting to help with my posture. If you are debating getting this desk, wait no longer!” – Bryan, product reviewer

4. This versatile height adjustable desk can be used as a craft table, sewing table, workshop table, or indoor desk.

If you’re looking for an adjustable height desk that can do it all, look no further than this Husky model. Customers have used this desk as a garage workstation, a sewing table, and a standard desk. This solid and multi-functional desk can hold up to 300 lbs and has plenty of room to for vise grips, if needed. The ergonomic design keep you comfortable as you sit or stand while working plus it has drawers for storage and comes with a 3-year limited warranty!

“Heavy duty workbench! My wife picked out the Husky 52 inch work bench as an addition to her sewing room for her embroidery machine. The assembly instructions were clear and precise and I was totally impressed with the results. This is a great product.” – Gary, product reviewer

5.  Flexispot makes an electrical height adjustable desk with a storage drawer and USB ports.

Flexispot Electric Standing Desk With Drawers – $399.99 (regularly $499.99)
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Final cost $369.99 shipped!

This height adjustable desk comes with 4 different presets to help you find the perfect height for you. The handy motor helps you go from sitting to standing in just seconds. What sets this desk apart is that it comes almost completely assembled. It also includes a storage drawer, a child lock to prevent accidents, and three different USB ports (2 A-type and 1 C-type).

This Flexispot workspace is very similar to this popular Costco standing desk except you get a storage drawer and an extra USB port. If you’re looking for a desk to last you long-term, the Flexispot height adjustable desk is a great option! It looks super sleek!

“First, let me say that after doing about 2 days of researching for the perfect standing desk – this was what I chose. When I saw that it comes 95% assembled, it was a no brainer for me. I’m about 5’6” and weigh about 100 lbs. I thought that I’d need help pulling the boxes into my apartment, but no problem there. I also thought that I’d be able to put the screws in but need help setting it upright. No problem there either!

It looks beautiful, is sturdy, and I have plenty of room for my dual monitors, laptop, keyboard, mouse, and notepad – and there’s still space left! The height settings are easy to set to memory. I love everything about this desk. Now my hips and back are saved. They even shipped it super quick. It wasn’t supposed to be here until next week! If you’re still researching the right one – you’ve found it here!”Amber, product reviewer

6. Calling all gamers and music engineers! Snag $100 off a FEZIBO L-shaped desk.


FEZIBO 63″ Triple Motor L-Shaped Desk With LED & Power Outlets, Black – $609.99 (regularly $659.99)
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Final cost $559.99 shipped!

If you’re spending hours at a time at your desk, it’s important to have a space that fits your needs. This unique L-shaped desk from FEZIBO gives you a lot of bang for your buck. It has 92″ LED light strips for ambiance, a second tier for your monitors and speakers, two power outlets to plug in your gear, a USB port, and a type-C port. It holds 330 lbs. max and the height is adjustable via a smooth, triple motor. Shipping is free but product may come in two separate packages.

For a less expensive height adjustable gaming desk, try these options:

7. Professionals can get an L-Shaped Desk with storage shelves for the lowest price in over 30 days.

FEZIBO L-Shaped Desk With Under Shelves

This variation of the FEZIBO 63″ L-shaped desk contains two under-desk shelves where you can store reference materials, notebooks, and office supplies. The triple motor provides a smooth and quiet transition to whichever height you desire up to 47.2.”

For a less expensive L-shaped standing desk, check these out:

You can also skip getting furniture and buy a standing desk converter instead.


In true Hip2Save fashion, my coworker, Kaitlyn, found herself this alternative solution for under $30. I plan to buy one of these ergonomic computer stands, and if you don’t want to spend hundreds on a new workspace either, this affordable solution might work for you too!

This adjustable height laptop stand can elevate up to 15″ above your desktop and it’s helpful whether you’re sitting or standing. It’s compatible with notebooks and laptops between 11-17.3 inches and it tilts at 15 degrees which the company states is the ergonomic angle for standing or sitting.

A similar option to Kaitlyn’s is the affordable MOFT Z which recently made The Strategist’s list of the best standing desk converters.

“I found this to be an awesome alternative for those who aren’t looking to splurge on an entire desk but want that adjustable feature! I have a walking pad facing a sturdy shelf, and I put this stand on the shelf and can adjust its height to my preference. It’s basically a hack for an adjustable desk and it’s super sleek and stable!”
– Kaitlyn, Hip2Save team

Or, try Jessica’s alternative solution…


Another alternative to buying an entirely new desk is to pick up an adjustable medical table. Hip2Save’s Jessica has one and she loves it. This table provides a workspace whether she wants to stand, sit in a chair, or hang out in bed. Best of all, it’s under $55!

“it arrived fast with Prime shipping and was easy to put together! It rolls around so I can take it anywhere in my house, and is the perfect size for my laptop and mouse – plus room for a drink or snack, if I need it! There is a lever on the side to lower to use for sitting, and raises up to standing height for me as well!” – Jessica, HIp2Save team

For maximum fitness benefits, pair your height adjustable desk with a handy walking pad.


Standing is better for you than sitting, but you can get more health benefits by moving. If you’d like to walk or jog while working, consider an under the desk treadmill or walking pad. The option above is a cost-effective and portable treadmill that comes with a remote control and LED display.

Other walking pads to consider include:

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