Ryobi 40V Belt Power Supply OP40HBA

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Announced recently is a new Ryobi 40V belt power supply OP40HBA. This helps offload the weight of the battery from your arms and to your waist instead. Let’s check it out.

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Ryobi 40V Belt Power Supply OP40HBA – Features


Let’s face it, Ryobi 40V batteries are considerably larger and heavier than their 18V batteries. This is a fact and can make carrying that extra weight a bit more tiresome on your arms. For example when having to operate a handheld leaf blower.

As shown above the new Ryobi 40V belt power supply helps alleviate that by putting the weight of the batteries on your waist in the form of a belt.

There’s also a cord that feeds power to a “dummy” battery that you can then insert into your 40V power tool to supply power. Since the dummy battery doesn’t have any battery cells, it will weigh considerably less than a real battery. Thus making the tool you are operating lighter and easier to carry.


Above we can see it in action as the belt power supply is being used to operate a leaf blower.

The power supply also has two active battery ports so you can have twice the battery runtime.

The belt power supply also has a harness that wraps around the user, acting as suspenders to help hold the weight.


That harness is separate and removable from the belt section.


The dummy battery has a built in fuel gauge to see the remaining charge of the battery being used. I also see a switch below it that makes me wonder if you can select which battery to use? We also see a belt clip on top which would come in handy to hang on your belt when not in use.

Ryobi 40V Belt Power Supply OP40HBA – Pricing & Availability

It will be available in June 2023 and priced at $199 as a baretool.

  • Extended runtime for RYOBI 40V handheld tools
  • Two active battery ports work with all RYOBI 40V batteries
  • LED Indicator on adaptor displays status of 40V battery that is in use
  • Increased balance & comfort with adjustable shoulder straps
  • Folds for compact storage
  • Weight: 5 lbs
  • Part of the RYOBI 40V system of over 85 cordless products
  • 3-year tool warranty
  • OP40HBA Includes: 40V Belt Power Supply and operator’s manual
  • This tool will be available exclusively at HomeDepot.com.

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