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Jurassic Park.” This was probably one of the most hilariously relatable quotes I’ve ever come across about relationships! Honestly, if you’re in his life, you’re already rocking his world. But whether it’s Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or just a day where you want to show a little bit of love, and you’re probably coming up short when thinking about a gift. The trick is to gift him something that’s meaningful, and of course relatively inexpensive. Read on to find out how to wow your boyfriend or your significant half with gifts….other than your dazzling personality.
1. Couples’ Picture Frame

As someone who’s suffering from Iron Man’s death, in other words, quoting “I love you 3000” any time I can, this plaque is perfect. Meaning, there’s really no measure of love no matter how much you and your man compete over who loves who the most. One up him by giving him this lovely plaque and hang it on the wall.

Get one here.
2. Engraved Wallet Insert Card

It really doesn’t get sweeter than this! Imagine your husband reading this beautiful message every time he opens his wallet. I mean, he’s definitely not going to forget that you gave him the best present ever. Meaningful? Check. Cheap? Check. What more do you need in a gift to rock his world?

Buy it here.
3. Capsule Letters Messages

There’s no such thing as overexpressing your love, since there are exactly 90 capsules in this bottle. Each capsule has a blank paper. Write a thoughtful, and short message on each paper. Watch his face light up in the wake of this awesome present!

Get one here!
4. Guitar Picks

These artistically hilarious puns will definitely keep your other half laughing every time he “picks” up his guitar pick! This is definitely a gift for someone who appreciated subtle humor. Musicians, guitar players, boyfriends, husbands, and fathers will no doubt keep this in sweet memory of you. And your awesome taste in gifts.

Get one here.
5. Personalized Leather Belt

This personalized leather belt couldn’t be a sweeter gift! I mean, he’s literally wearing your present, and what could be better than that? The belt can be personalized according to whatever sweet message or funny quote you want printed on the belt. Personally, I would go for something like “I am yours. No refunds.” If you an fit that on a belt, and he appreciates humor, what else do you need?

Get this here.
6.  Lava Rock Bracelet

What’s great about this bracelet is the meaning behind it. The material it’s made of brings clear thinking and insight. It also brings good luck and protection. The clasp is magnetic, and the leather is genuine. With so many good qualities, and a meaningful bracelet, he definitely won’t say no.

Get one here!
7. Missing Piece

It doesn’t get cuter than these. Seriously! You’re putting it in literal terms that YOU are the missing piece of his life. If he doesn’t already realize that, this shirt should jerk him back to reality. If you’re one of those couples that does Mukbangs or experiments with new pizza places every other week, this is definitely the gift for you and your man. You can buy a pair here!
8. Personalized Handmade Bracelets

Yassss girl. Go for it. Cheesy presents are the best to gift your boyfriend or husband. I mean, look at the captions! It’ll warm your heart every time you look at each other’s wrists. Reminding you, why you’re meant to be together and of all the good qualities and memories that made you stay together through it all. And let’s be real. If he accepts your cheesy gifts, he’s definitely worth keeping. Get one here.
9. Magnetic Wristband

If your guy is obsessed with taking things apart and putting it back together like it’s no big deal, this is definitely the gift for him. For an “impromptu mechanic who’s literally always in the garage, this is a dream come true. No more scrounging around in the toolbox for nails and screws! They’re magnetically attracted to this band, making it impossible to lose. Get one here!
 10. Adventure Scrapbook

While personal gifts for your guy are great, gifts you can put together with the family are even better! This scrapbook will perfectly encompass all the adventures you’ve had together as both a couple and as a family. Great for those “family time” moments when watching the newest Toy Story movie is starting to get a bit old.
11. Conversation Card Game

Meet the dumbed-down, sentimental version of Never Have I Ever. In other words, a better game for couples. Feeling a little down lately since you guys haven’t had any downtime together? Happens on a daily basis, and before you know it, the distance cuts into the relationship. Cut the distance. Play the game. Win each other back! Get one here.
12. Boyfriend Coffee Mug

If your boyfriend is a coffee fiend, this is definitely for him. This message couldn’t be more possessive. Like, “The Roommate” level possessive. In a very cute, non-lethal way of course. Coffee mugs are always a go-to as presents, but it’s the message on the mug that truly makes it unique and special. Buy one here.
13. Key Chain Gift

Key Chains are also a classic gift, but are always endearing. This message of course, basically tells your boyfriend that he’s the total package. And that’s definitely something every guy wants to hear! Buy one here!
14. Funny Gag Toilet Paper Roll

Isn’t it romantic that every time you sit on the toilet, you’ll look at this toilet paper as the running joke of the house? The humor of toilet paper is seriously underappreciated. Not in this gift! Buy one here.
15. Beard Kit

You probably dislike your love’s beard, but that hasn’t stopped him from grooming it to the point where he’s named it. Fuel the beard like with this amazing, all in one beard care kit with all the essential tools to really grow it out. While you may not like his beard, he’ll love you more for that gift. Buy one here!
16. Bluetooth Beanie Hat

Let your husband listen to those sick beats that he mixes during his morning jogs and workouts without interruption! This hat will keep his wonderful head warm, and pumped full of music. Get one here.
17. Beer Soap

If he is a beer lover, then nothing can be better than gifting him soap made from his favorite drink! It really smells great and the best thing is it’s all NATURAL. Order your pack here!
18. Banned Coffee

Perfect gift if for coffee lovers. If no coffee satisfies his taste for “strong enough” coffee, them it’s time to knock his socks off with the world’s strongest coffee. Buy one here!
19. Valet Tray

While the message does seem a bit obsessive, 9 years is a huge milestone. Don’t forget that, cherish it.  This engraved tray says it all! Buy one here.
20. Drive Safe Keychain

I think nothing can beat this gift for your husband or boyfriend that will remind them how much you love on a daily basis. Get one here.

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