Protect your Polaroid Mint Printer while you travel with one of these cases

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Instant cameras are cool and all but pocket printers take tech to the next level. With tools like the Polaroid Mint Instant Digital Pocket Printer, you don't have to load yourself down with extra devices. Instead, pocket printers take your smartphone photos and turn them into printed masterpieces. All you need to get started is the free Polaroid app and a case. Our favorite travel cases this year for the Polaroid Mint Printer cushion your device from bumps and drops while giving you an easy way to tote or store your printer.

Note: The Polaroid Mint Pocket Printer is about the same size as the Polaroid Mint instant camera, so cases that work for one also fit the other.

Best fit

Polaroid Eva

Staff Favorite

The Polaroid Eva fits the Mint Instant Digital Pocket Printer like a glove. Your printer stays securely in place with a strap and rests on a soft felt-padded lining. The outer material is rigid and absorbs the shock of blows, drops, and dings without damaging equipment inside. There's even a small storage pocket in the interior for extra paper or other accessories. It's available in seven colors, including basic black.

$9 at Amazon

Something for all your valuables

Evacase Shoulder Bag

Rather than housing only your printer, this medium-sized canvas pouch-style case can store multiple items. There's plenty of room and padding inside to safely store your printer, cables, film, a smartphone, and other small electronics. There's also a padded, removable divide that prevents objects from bumping into each other while you're out and about. The adjustable strap can be fitted to work as a shoulder strap or crossbody strap, and it even has belt loop attachments.

$26 at Amazon

Go bold or go home

Fintie Carry Case

Most camera and printer cases are on the bland side. If you're turned off by that, you'll dig Fintie's shockproof travel case. There are nine unique patterns and colors to pick from, and they're all crazy cool. The hard EVA outer shell on this case offers superior protection to your printer from scratches and chips, and gives a nice buffer against drops. An inner mesh pocket offers enough space for accessories. The case zips up tight, and it's lightweight enough to hang over your wrist or on a backpack.

$10 at Amazon

The perfect weather-resistant carry-on bag

Peak Design Everyday Tote

Tucking your printer in an everyday tote is a convenient way to hold your gear close at hand while still keeping it protected. The Peak Design Everyday Tote Bag is a beautiful nylon/canvas tote with high-density padding. The exterior is nylon canvas and is water-resistant. Dual weatherproof side zippers allow for easy access to internal compartments while preventing moisture from seeping inside. This bag is carry-on size approved by all major airlines.

$120 at Amazon

Protection against drops

Canboc Shockproof Case

No matter how careful you might be, accidents happen. Canboc's case is shockproof and promises to absorb the impact of dings and drops so everything stays in working order. The shell on the Canboc case is a semi-hard EVA and the interior is a cushy soft velvet-like material that cradles your printer. There's also a small mesh pocket inside. It's the perfect size for things like extra photo paper, memory cards, or charging cables. Grab this case in black, blue, or glossy rose gold.

$11 at Amazon

Hard travel case

AmazonBasics Hard Case

AmazonBasic's hard carry case measures five inches in length, which is just the right size to keep your Mint Printer insulated from the elements and safeguard it against the normal wear and tear. This is a sleek, slim hardshell EVA case that can withstand drops and also keeps your printer dust-free while it's stored on a shelf or in a desk drawer. Inside, you'll get a felt lining, plus space for charging cords, memory cards, film, and other small items.

$10 at Amazon

A lightweight day case

Polaroid Neoprene Pouch

If you're the sort to keep your gear as light as possible, you'll adore the minimalist Polaroid Neoprene Pouch. This case fits both the Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer and the Polaroid Mint Printer. The neoprene material is resistant to splashes and spills, giving you a measure of water-resistant insurance. There are two pockets inside: one for the printer and the other for cables, memory cards, and accessories. Grab this now in four colors, including black, blue, pink, and red.

$10 at Amazon

For long distance travel

Peak Design Packing Cube

Packing cubes are a genius way to stuff a lot of gear in a small space. By packing items like clothing around your printer, you'll keep it from chipping or scratching while you travel. The outside is a self-healing nylon-poly blend, and there's an exterior pocket for cables and other needed accessories. Keep the cube small by adding only a few items or pack for an entire weekend while your printer remains protected.

$30 at Amazon

A durable carry case

LTGEM EVA Hard Travel Case

This model from LTGEM offers maximum protection in a lightweight design. It wraps solidly around a few Polaroid cameras and printers, including the Mint Printer. A hook-and-loop closure locks your printer in place so it doesn't shift while you move about or gather scratches during your travels. An interior mesh zipper pocket is big enough for film and cables while a detachable strap fits over the wrist. Grab it white or black and travel without worry.

$13 at Amazon

Stay organized

AmazonBasics Travel Case Organizer

AmazonBasics offers up this universal case. It will fit an endless number of electronics, store cables, and house your Mint Printer. There's an EVA plastic exterior to cushion the blow from drops and a padded interior to prevent your printer from picking up scratches. Use the three internal zippered pockets for SD cards, cables, film, and even your passport, ID, and credit cards. This case is small enough to work as a wallet during travels but big enough to store all your personables.

$14 at Amazon

Best anti-theft backpack

MATEIN Travel Backpack

Traveling comes with some risk. This travel backpack from MATEIN has hidden anti-theft pockets that rest against your back for your most important items. In addition, you'll get a pack large enough to store a weekend worth of clothes, your laptop, headphones, and travel itinerary. Plus, we love the USB ports on the sides of the pack. Plug your device in the backpack port, add a battery pack, and quickly charge your phone or other electronics while you're on the go. Smart!

$30 at Amazon

Bottom line

We do love our instant cameras! We also enjoy the freedom of shooting pics with our smartphones, something we carry daily. By putting your money toward the Polaroid Mint Printer, you can enjoy lighter pockets and high-quality printing. The Polaroid Mint Printer spits out beautiful photos direct from your smartphone. Nothing could be simpler.

As you travel from place to place, it's good to give your printer a little cushioning from bumps, dings, and spills. Our favorite travel case is the Polaroid Eva. It comes in seven colors, is rigid enough to go anywhere, and has an internal storage pocket for small accessories.

When you need a slightly larger storage bag, we recommend the Evacase. There's enough room inside for your printer, film, cables, memory cards, smartphone, and other electronics.

My favorite case for long-distance travel is this backpack from MATEIN. It's large enough for clothes, a laptop, your printer and accessories, and a whole lot more. The USB ports at the side offer a place to charge up devices while you're busy doing other things. It's brilliant!