Our body needs regular exercise to be healthy and function properly in all departments

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But most of the people in today’s world do not have time for exercising. Instead, they can buy an electric massage table where they can lie down after coming from work and get totally relaxed and distress their bodies. As a matter of fact, athletes use it regularly to heal their temporary muscle cramps and soreness. If you are looking to buy one, we have the top 10 best electric massage tables in 2019 list prepared for you.
List of Top Best Electric Massage Tables Review 10. Mt MaxKing Electric Massage Table

This massage table comes with an adjustable height and is very comfortable when you lie on it. It comes with an electric lift actuator which makes the height adjustments very easy. It has got a motor approved by the UL and has got a strong steel frame. This can hold weights of up to 600 pounds and can easily move and root. Layered inside it are small cell foams and is water resistant. It is designed in an ergonomic way and has got a soft face pillow.
9. Sierra Comfort Adjustable Massage Table

This electric massage table is made up of waterproof leather, and it is also oil-proof. Included with it is a comfortable backrest and the height can easily be adjusted. You can move it easily with the touch of a pedal. The electric motor enables it to raise and lower it comfortably. In the bottom, there are lockable wheels which allow convenient transportation. It requires a voltage of 50 to 60 Hz and has got an ergonomic headrest. In it, you can comfortably position yourself from different angles.
8. Spa Luxe Electric Lift Massage Table

This is a very elegant looking electric massage table which is very soft and comfortable. It has got an adjustable arm shelf as well as adjustable face rest. The soft foam is multi-layered and is a PU upholstery. It comes with a foot pedal which is very easy to use. This is also attached with a strong steel frame, and in the bottom, there are polypropylene wheels which makes it convenient for transport. This is very smooth, and even the height can be easily adjusted. There is an electric lift actuator which is very reliable.
7. Sierra Comfort Electric Lift Massage Table

In this electric massage table, there are lockable wheels which will allow you to comfortably move it and also to secure it effortlessly. You can easily lower and raise the table by simply touching the pedal. There is also a soft face pillow and an ergonomic headrest. This is made up of PU-leather and is both water and oil proof. The height can easily be adjusted and is perfect to rest and have a message. This is very comfortable to use and can also be used for commercial purpose.
6. Jade Therapy Massage Table

In this electric massage table, there is an attractive roller system which is made of jade. The total of nine rollers is individually heated. Installed in it, is the infrared carbon fiber panels which allow for the temperature to get adjusted. This comes with an LCD controller and allows you to adjust between programs. This is made up of solid metal and wood construction and can hold a person of up to 350 pounds. This is very durable and is perfect for your spine. It has also got a superior belt drive system.
5. Earthlite Avalon Portable Massage Table

This is a professional massage table that comes with a patented memory cushion for the ultimate comfort. The cushioning system has dual-density, and it is very responsive to the weight, and the rounded corners of the table help to avoid injury. The cover is water and oil resistant, and the face cradle and headrest are self-adjusting. Therefore, the pressure points can stay relaxed, and the overall structure is extremely sturdy. The company offers three years warranty, and it is highly portable and foldable.
4. EARTHLITE Electric Lift Massage Table

This is a total flat electric massage table, and there are various sizes and color options available. You can also choose between a manual tilt and pneumatic salon structure. It is a very popular hydraulic massage table that is used in spas and salons. The top is extremely comfortable, and the base is very sturdy and stable. The corners are rounded to avoid injury, and there is a 3-layer cushion. The frame is made up of heavy-duty steel, and the company offers a lifetime warranty. There are wheels available for easy movement.
3. Sierra Comfort 4-Section Massage Table

In this electric massage table, there is an ergonomic headrest which is attached to a face pillow. It has got a thick foam padding, and the upholstery is both water and oil proof. With the electric motor, you can comfortably raise and lower the table. This can be done conveniently with the touch of a pedal. There is also an adjustable backrest with leg sections. Attached with the table are removable armrests, and it comes with a hanging arm shelf.
2. InkBed Black Massage Table

This is a stylish looking electric massage table which can easily be adjusted. The headrest is extendable and is suitable even for taller people. Even the armrests are removable and do not require any tools for removing it. Included with the product is a matching tool which is very comfortable to sit. It is very comfortable and has got 4 inches of thick foam. You can rest on it comfortably and will make no sound even when you move on it. This comes with a sturdy electric base and has independent motor control.
1. SkinAct Cloud Electric Massage Table

This is a wonderful electric massage table which comes in beige color. It has got two electric motors, the first one in adjusting the table’s height and the second one for adjusting the knee and backrest simultaneously. It is made up of high-quality leather and will give you maximum comfort. Attached with it, is a comfortable headrest combined with metal framing. This is a very durable product and is also very reliable. It has got a skin touch padding which will give you a luxurious experience.
Electric Massage Table Choosing Tip:
The following is the list of the top points to keep in mind while buying an electric massage table.
If you want to have a comfortable experience, then select the one that comes with good upholstery. Select the one that is resistant to oil and water so that you can have an easy time cleaning it. The upholstery fabric has to be durable so that you can use it for a long time. Some can come with a removable cover so that you can easily clean and use it according to your requirements.
Height and Width:
The height is very important when it comes to buying an electric massage table. Select the one that comes with adjustable height so that you can use it safely. It will make your task easy, and you don’t have to worry about bending quite often. Apart from the height, you will have to consider the width so that it can accommodate different shapes of the body. Always go for the one that has a width of 30 inches or more.
Portability and Carrying Case:
For better portability, look for the one that comes in a lightweight design. You can even see if it comes in a folding design so that you can easily place it in your car’s trunk. If it comes with locking wheels, then you can easily place it anywhere you want without giving much pressure. Some can even include a carrying case so that you can have easy portability. With a carrying case, you can prevent scratches or bumps when you move it from one place to another.
Some massage tables can come with accessories so that you can have a convenient time while using it. This will let you have better comfort and allows you to save money. Look for the one that comes with face cradles or headrests so that you can give your client optimum comfort. Some can also include swinging armrests that let you offer better therapy to your client.
Stability and Construction:
You definitely don’t want to take a risk with your client. For this, you need to select a massage table that has sturdy construction. Go for the one that comes with a metal frame and has a high weight capacity. Always select the one that comes with high-quality construction allowing you to use it for a long time. Some can come with a wood frame that adds an aesthetic appeal. However, this is completely a user preference, and you can select the one according to your requirements. Another important thing that you need to keep in mind is the stability. It must not wobble when you use it as it can cause inconvenience both to you as well as the client.
Thick padding will give your client a comfortable experience and boost your sales. It must have a padding of almost 3 inches so that it lasts longer. Always go for the one that comes in an easy to use design. It must not have any complications and lets you have a hassle-free operation. If it lets you adjust the entire table conveniently, then it will be an ideal buy.
While buying an electric massage table, you should check a few parameters to buy a suitable one for you. First, you should check the maximum weight capacity and the size of the table. Then you need to check the comfort factor like foam thickness and property. There are different types of foam used, and the upholstery has to be great as well. Do not worry about the rest as all the listed electric massage tables have higher durability with a long-term warranty.

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