Open Plains and Majestic Mountains: the Bold, Beautiful State of Montana

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Of all the states in the Union, none are quite so uniquely magnetic as Montana. A place as wild as it is beautiful, this vast expanse covered by windswept prairies and rugged mountain ranges is unlike any other in the country. Undoubtedly, Montana has some of the best and most unique places to visit in the USA, offering the most fun things to do. For thousands of years, its features have remained largely unchanged, resisting the steady march of civilization with the stolid indifference. 

While its days as a gathering ground for native Americans and settling place for intrepid explorers have long since passed, it nonetheless is one of the country’s purest natural environments. Its population is minuscule compared to those of larger states, and its population density outside of its largest cities is negligible. If you’re looking for a place to reignite your passion for the great outdoors, this is it. By all means, there’s no shortage of beautiful places to visit in Montana!

Although its landscapes remain largely unmarred by human influences, there are nonetheless a number of developments that have made this previously harsh and forbidding place somewhat more hospitable. Its largest city, Billings, is home to over one hundred thousand residents and most of the same comforts you’ll find in more metropolitan states Did we mention that it provides couples and families with fun things to do in Montana?

Likewise, paved and unpaved roads crisscrossing the state provide easy access to most cities and attractions. Join us as we set out on a journey to explore the best places to visit in Montana during the winter and summer!Regardless, the type of tourist that typically visits Montana is a far cry from the transient, thrill-seeking individuals you’ll find visiting the more populous tourist sites in other states. Tourists who visit this state are, by and large, interested in only one thing: the vast, inhospitable expanse of Montana’s natural landscape. So let’s find out: what are the best places to visit in Montana?

Why visit Montana? 

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Compared to other cities and states that focus more of their government budgets on tourism and tourist attractions, Montana doesn’t have much in the way of glitz and glamour. Generally speaking, the state features fascinating things to do in Montana in summer/winter, you name it. The larger cities may have a smattering of this type of attraction, but for the most part, these aren’t a good reason to visit the state of Montana. 

Simply put, if this is what you’re looking for, you’re probably better suited to visit another state. Where Montana shines, as we’ve mentioned, is its nature. From its mountain ranges to its glacial runs and awe-inspiringly vast prairies, Montana’s natural landscape is the best and most incredible aspect of the state. In addition, expert photographers and tourists will confirm that you’ll find the most beautiful places to visit in Montana.

If you’re thinking of visiting Montana, plan your trip around the great outdoors. For sure, you won’t find Montana lacking in unique and beautiful places. We’ll go into more detail later on regarding which sites are our favorites, but for now, all you need to do is come to terms with the fact that this isn’t a trip you’ll want to spend in bars, clubs, or restaurants. On this trip, you’re going to want to spend your time in the great outdoors. Open-air activities offer jaw-dropping entertainment and adrenaline-fuelled rides for the entire family! 

Are you looking for un things to do in Montana with kids? Check! Exciting things to do in Montana with your family? Check! Are you planning on coming with your soulmate or spouse? Then, you will also discover lovely things to do in Montana for couples!

How should you visit Montana? 

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Given the heavy emphasis we’ve placed on the natural beauty and unblemished landscapes of Montana, you might be wondering how exactly one should spend a vacation in this state. Which beautiful places in Montana should you visit first? Anyway, is there a ranking of unique locations to visit in Montana during winter and summer? Where are you going to stay? If you’re trying to avoid spending too much time in the city, hotels are probably not a viable option. Then there’s the question of a company; if your goal in taking the trip is to reconnect with nature, will you be bringing your friends and/or family, or going it alone? 

The answer to these questions varies widely from person to person. As far as lodging is concerned, we’d recommend something that pushes you out of your comfort zone a bit. For the adventurous traveler, a tent and sleeping bag provide all the shelter you need in the warmer months. If you’re not quite ready for something like that, you could try an RV or even a remote lodge in the mountains. As long as nature is on your doorstep, it doesn’t matter where you stay! You can bet on one thing; you won’t miss out on the most beautiful places to visit in Montana!

As far as your traveling companions are concerned, we’d recommend bringing a +1 at the very least, unless you’re experienced enough to feel comfortable traveling alone. Montana is a beautiful state, but it can also be highly unforgiving to those who aren’t knowledgeable or well equipped enough to anticipate and prepare for the inhospitality of nature. If you aren’t an experienced outdoorsman or outdoorswoman, we’d definitely recommend traveling in a troupe

Exploring unique places in Montana with your family and the love of your life is also a terrific idea! Did we mention that plenty of splendid things to do in Montana with kids and family wait for you among the many breathtaking locations to visit in Montana?

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What to see in the state of Montana

Now that we’ve talked a little bit about why and how you should visit Montana, let’s talk about where you should go while you’re here. Montana has no shortage of natural wonders, and your trip to this state should be planned meticulously to make sure that you don’t miss out on anything. So, what should you see while you’re in town? 

Glacier National Park 

avalanche glaciar park

There are a lot of things to see and do in Montana. There are trails on which you can walk while you take in the beautiful scenery and introspect about your life back home. There are roads that will take you through the peaks and crags of towering mountains while the plains stretch out for hundreds of miles far below. Then, there’s Glacier National Park; if you’re an adventurer, you’re going to want to see it. 

One of the unique places to visit in Montana, Glacier National Park, is, as its name implies, home to a number of awe-inspiring, monolithic glaciers that serve as an otherworldly reminder of the ice ages of past eons. These glaciers made this park the place it is today, carving the stones and earth of the land that this park now protects into the shape they currently occupy. 

Adventurous photographers in particular are sure to enjoy this park, with its many scenic outlooks and majestic backdrops for any type of picture. Whether you shoot on film or digital, you’ll be delighted by just how incredible the photographs look. Seriously, we’ve yet to see a bad picture taken in this park! 

For more active travelers, this park is full of trails and rock faces that range from family- and kid-friendly relaxing and easy to fiendishly difficult. This is a great place for hiking and rock climbing regardless of your skill level, but we’re sure that you won’t regret going in for a bit of either. If you’re looking to get your blood flowing and adrenaline pumping, there really is no better place to do just that! We recommend discovering these trails as one of the most thrilling rides and fantastic things to do in Montana in the summer.

As far as accommodations are concerned, there are a wide variety of options despite the relatively isolated nature of the park. Camping areas provide plenty of flexibility for those interested in this style of trip, while lodges, cabins, and even a hotel or two can be found for those who want a bit more comfort. Book this adventure now and experience one of the most romantic things to do in Montana for couples!

Big Sky Resort 

big sky montana united states

You guessed it; now comes our chapter on the best places to visit in Montana during the winter! For those visiting Montana during the winter months, no place offers quite the combination of adventure and adrenaline that the Big Sky Resort does, home to the most fun things to do in Montana in winter. This incredibly beautiful place offers some of the most immaculately groomed and fastidiously laid-out slopes in the country and is an excellent place to go flying down the side of a mountain in style. 

Beginners will be happy to learn that there are plenty of easier, less challenging runs on offer that won’t prove quite as death-defying as the higher-speed courses at the resort. These entry-level slopes are the perfect place to get the hang of the sport in a safe and controlled environment that won’t force you to adapt to too much too quickly. 

If you’ve got some experience under your belt, then worry not; there’s no shortage of high-speed courses here at Big Sky Resort. It might be cold out, but these slopes will send you down the mountain at speeds so blistering they’re liable to melt your face off! Be sure you know what you’re doing before attempting these, though; they can be very unforgiving! Unquestionably, the resort provides one of the most electrifying things to do in Montana for couples and families!

The resort also offers modern, state-of-the-art ski lifts, which will safely and reliably take you to the top time and time again. Unlike some of the older ski lifts that present substantial safety concerns at less reputable resorts, all of the life equipment here is state-of-the-art. With meticulous and regular maintenance, there are few lifts that are safer in the world! All this care adds up to one of the safest and most sensational things to do in Montana with your kids.

Once you’ve had your fill of high-speed thrills, you can take shelter in the accommodations available at the resorts, enjoying hot beverages and warm fireplaces in some of the coziest, most luxurious settings imaginable. There’s a lot to be said for the rugged outdoorsy lifestyle, but sometimes it’s nice to just cozy up by the fire and enjoy the comforts of civilization! So, now you know where to spend your next winter with your valentine since the resort thrives on providing intimate things to do in Montana for couples!

Yellowstone National Park 

grand prismatic view yellowstone

You may wonder: which are the most beautiful places to visit in Montana? There are places where nature is soft, inviting, and relaxing. A peaceful forest on a sunny summer day offers tranquility and peace, as does a sandy beach by a serene lake. Nature is often just as violent and powerful as it tranquil, and sometimes it sees fit to remind us of that fact. This being said, there are few locations where you can marvel at this quite like Yellowstone National Park, the ultimate unique place to visit in Montana! 

This national park holds the distinction of being the first official national park protected by the Parks Department. With its exquisite scenery and marvelous displays of natural beauty and power, it’s not at all difficult to see why it was chosen for such an honor! There are a lot of different ways to enjoy nature, but this park lays claim to some of the best. Besides, the spot showcases an “overload” of awe-inspiring things to do in Montana with your family during summer- and wintertime.

The most notable feature on display here is, as you might already know, the plethora of geysers that spray superheated water and steam hundreds of feet into the air. Wielding thousands of pounds of pressure that could easily crush every bone in your body, these testaments to the frightful power of nature are best observed from a distance! 

Of course, Yellowstone isn’t all an awe-inspiring spectacle; there are plenty of quiter, more serene places to visit while you’re in the area. Forests and trails abound, as do small streams and rivulets with crystal-clear water and that mesmerizing, instantly recognizable flowing-water sound. This is a park that will get your adrenaline pumping and then give you a peaceful setting to let it subside! Visit a genuine roller-coaster ride at one of the most stunning places in Montana! Don’t curb your enthusiasm! Here is the location to embark on as many adventures and fun things to do in Montana as possible!

Yellowstone is, without a doubt, one of the best camping spots in the country, if not the world. With hundreds of acres of suitable campgrounds and excellent amenities, this is a great place for campers who don’t have the experience or the wherewithal to brave more inhospitable areas. What’s more, the park rangers are always around to offer a helping hand to anyone in need of help! So, what’s stopping you from discovering one of the best places to visit in Montana?

Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center

grizzly bear searching for food

 While a lot of attention is paid to the beautiful natural landscapes of Montana, one aspect of the local nature that is sometimes overlooked is the wildlife. This state is home to a plethora of different species and subspecies of animals, and their environments have remained largely untouched for decades. 

Unfortunately, this is not likely to remain the same forever. Wildlife in Montana has increasingly been threatened by the encroaching advance of civilization and population growth in the state, causing many previously thriving animal populations to become endangered. Although legislative options are being explored to remedy this quandary, the only viable solution at the moment is preservation and restoration.

It was for this reason that the Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center was established in 1993 and operated year-round since then. In spite of its name, the Discovery center caters to all domestic Montana wildlife, from the largest elk and bear to the smallest field mice and chipmunks. As a result of its efforts, dozens of species are protected from endangerment and extinction, shielded from these troubles by the hard work and dedication of staff and volunteers. You can now join the team and subscribe to Montana’s environmentally conscious things and activities!

If you want to contribute to this thoroughly noble cause, you can do so by simply paying this attraction a visit! With a timetable that spans the entire year, you’ll never arrive to find the place closed. Your visit will help fund the conservation efforts of the center, and you’ll have a blast doing it! If you love animals, there’s no other place that will put a smile this big on your face! Additionally, you will have a jolly good time here like no other place with terrific things to do in Montana.Regardless of whether you come alone, with friends, or with your spouse and kids, there’s no shortage of cute and cuddly critters here, nor big and imposing ones.

The titular Grizzly bears make an appearance, as you might imagine, as do wolves; but that’s not all! There are plenty of other creatures, small and large, that will steal your heart. You have to come to see this beautiful place! It comes 100 percent approved that you’ll find here the most fun things to do in Montana, either in winter or summer!

Hyalite Canyon 

bozeman usa december

Most of the sites we’ve discussed thus far are best visited during the day. While you can certainly pay these places a visit once the sun goes down, they are, for the most part, meant to be seen during the day. There’s one place where that simply isn’t the case, however; the beautiful Hyalite Canyon in central Montana! 

This astoundingly beautiful set of forests, rivers, and lakes is a great place for a serene camping trip that gets even better once the sun goes down. This is, after all, one of the best locations to go stargazing in the entire state, with regularly clear skies and virtually no light pollution. If you’re a stargazing hobbyist, you’ve got to check this place out! Essentially, it’s one of those unique places to visit in Montana and the whole world!

But this isn’t just a great place to look at the stars; there’s plenty more to do besides that! If you’re looking for a thrill and a challenge, why not try ice climbing? This isn’t for the faint of heart, but with a steady hand and an ice-cold disposition, you can scale walls of ice and emerge unscathed. It’s a bit scary at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s easy! So, if you were looking for challenging things to do in Montana, you’ve come to the right place!

Of course, ice climbing isn’t for everyone. If you’re looking for something a bit less adrenaline-inducing, you can always try fly fishing! While this won’t give you the same rush as ice climbing, it’s still a uniquely satisfying hobby and one that requires a lot of skill and meticulous technique to master. Give this soothing and fun thing to do in Montana a try here; you won’t regret it!

While you’re in Hyalite Canyon, you’ll have access to plenty of places to stay, so don’t you worry about that! There are a number of vacation homes available for rent in the area, as well as several well-maintained campgrounds. The bottom line is this: if you’re visiting Hyalite Canyon, you won’t lack when it comes to accommodation! 

Are you ready to experience one of Montana’s most beautiful places to visit? Do you have what it takes to dive into the most exciting things to do in Montana with your kids and family?


Although it can’t rival the cheap glitz and glamour of its more urbanized counterparts, Montana is nonetheless one of the most worthwhile destinations you can visit in the United States. With supremely exquisite landscapes and a stout, resilient populace, it stands in perpetuity as one of the Union’s most incredible testaments to the beauty and majesty of nature. In every way, it lives up to its nickname, Big Sky Country. 

Once you pay this place a visit, there’s a fairly decent chance that you won’t want to go back to wherever you came from. This state is liable to make any man or woman question the transience and superficiality of the materialistic way of life big cities are home to, and exchange them for a homestead in the vast wilderness. And just wait till you see the countless fun things and ventures you can embark on in Montana!  

If this impulse strikes you, the only reasonable course of action is to find a real estate agent and ask them to help you buy your dream home in Montana. Real estate here is a lot more inexpensive than it is in other, more heavily populated states, and you should have little trouble finding something that suits your needs. Once you make this place your home, you’ll never look back. This is heaven on earth, and everyone who lives here knows it! 

Now you know the answer to what are Montana’s best places to visit. Did you enjoy this article? Want to leave some feedback, or ask a question? Leave us a comment in the comments section below, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Our readers are very important to us, and making sure that your experience on our platform is excellent is our top priority. We look forward to hearing from you!

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