Noise Pollution: GriffO, Lil Xan, Dirty Fingers, Sarah McKenzie, Smaro Gregoriadou, DYGL, Sparrow Fest

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Noise Pollution:

Another feast for the ears this weekend as sugarcoated math rock bumps heads with transcendent Buddhist-inspired post rock, blood-curling black tar metal, down and out punk rock, and more. What a time we live in happy trails music lovers!

Friday, Dec 13

GriffO, The White Papers, Secret Club at School
Hangzhous GriffO takes the framework of math rock and propels it into the future with their kinetic and bubbly sound a digital maze of endless imagination and high-strung rhythm patterns. Furiously blending elements of suave jazz, sugar-coated indietronica, and kawaii punk, theyre on tour with a stop in School Bar. Support from Britpop rockers (fresh off an appearance in Chicago) Secret Club, as well as post-punk trio The White Paper. RMB 100

Cloud Choir, Atelier II and Solent at Fruityspace
Its a Nightmare on Meishuguan East over at Fruityspace a madcap evening of horrifying and delightful ambient, drone and noise music by Cloud Choir, making a rare appearance, Atelier II and Solent whose spacey slow-burning soundscapes will be accompanied by with visuals thatll take you out of this world and into a new one. RMB 50

The Wisty Jingles, Little Robin Redbreasts, Interracial Staple at Soi Baochao
I really have no idea what's going on here to be honest with a headline that reads The First Semi-Regular Late Night Show In Beijing! complete with bands, gags, and prizes, you know there's mischievousness abound. On band duty, the new project featuring Dan Taylor, the aptly named Wisty Jingles, as well as Interracial Staple, and Little Robin Redbreasts, which hurt even to type out. Good luck everyone. RMB 32.5

Hoochie Coochie Gentlemen at Jianghu Bar
Veteran blues-rock outfit Hoochie Coochie Gentlemen look to bring the good vibes to the cozy Jianghu Bar harmonica, acoustic guitars, and some very merry singers. These cats are pros and have been working the crowds for ages expect nothing less than a harmonica-infused evening of home-grown blues. RMB 100

Mo Zai Yang at Yue Space
Monster hip-hop newcomer Mo Zai Yang, who hails from Taiwan, has already overtaken the R&B scene here in China at the ripe age of twenty, gathering over six million hits on one song alone during his young(er) years. Now with his debut, Fantasia, out on Modern Sky under his belt, hes hitting the mainland for the first time. RMB 120

Car Drop, Last Resort, CD Box, Jungle Fever at Temple
Arambunctious, volatile mix of bands hit the stage at Temple tonight including punk ruffians CarDrop (formerly The Outsiders), hardcore wranglers Last Resort, indie rockers CD Box, and the ever-lively genre-smashing punk act Jungle Fever. Good dirty fun - what gloriousness. FREE

K5 Jazz Keyboards Concert at DDC
K5 is a simple concept one night, five keyboardists. This time, theyre bringing their own bands for a night of traditional jazz classics and innovation with old favorites, new compositions, dueling pianos, four-hand piano and a five keyboard showdown to close out the night. Key geeks untie! RMB 100

Luka, Yu, Jin Meng Chun at Caravan
World music night at Moroccan food and music hot spot Caravan as Hong Kong raised multi-instrumental and sound explorer Luka joins guitarist and soundscaper Yu, and Jin Meng Chun for some fun. FREE

Led Barons at Modernsita
Led Barons is a Led Zeppelin tribute project formed by four musicians of the Beijing scene with the intent of bringing to the stage classic tunes by one of rock 'n' roll's biggest bands and delivering a raw, hard-rocking spectacle worthy of the legendary group. FREE

Saturday, Dec 14

Zhaoze, Whale Circus, Xiantong, Wonder Sea, Sparrow, Tation at Tango
Take a survey of Chinas ever-evolving and blossoming post-rock scene with the annual Sparrow Music Festival which over the weekend will host a heavy roster of bands pushing the genre in new and exciting directions day one includes Guangzhou guqin-infused act Zhaoze, Qinghais Tation, who draw on influences from Buddhism and Tibetan culture, Beijings own emo rock-inflicted outfit Wonder Sea, as well as Whale Circus and Xiantong. Read our full preview of what to expect here. 5pm. RMB 280

Einherjer (NOR), Blood Stain Child (JP), Bliss Illusion, Screaming Savior, Brahmacariya, Evil Thorn, Bloody Woods, Guardians of the Night, Narakam at Mao Livehouse
Some of metals most daring and atmospheric offspring converges on Wukesong for an all-day fest of black tar metal including guests of honor Viking black metal group Einherjer from Norway and Japanese melodic death metal troupe Blood Stain Child. Representing China is black metal outfit, Bliss-Illusion, known for adding in Chinese Buddhist scriptures into their songs, neo-folk outfit Bloody Woods, long-standing heavyweight death metal group Narakam, and many more. 2pm. RMB 300

Dirty Fingers, Gum Bleed, Laisee, Hang Nail, Shochu Legion at 13 Club
It looks like 13 Clubs days are numbered, folks! So pay tribute the long-standing rock and roll venue and university student sanctuary as they throw a punk rock showcase for the ages featuring spastic cock-eyed Shanghai punk favorites Dirty Fingers, anti-establishment punk legends Gum Bleed, freestyle hardcore ruffians Laisee, bruised and loving it street punks Hang Nail, and the rarely seen Shochu Legion, coming out of the woodwork. RMB 100/150

Secret Club, The White Paper, Jeaqi, NiL, Peach Road North at School
ZING returns with another ramshackle rocking evening at School with a host of bands looking to make some noise, including Britpop rockers (fresh off an appearance in Chicago) Secret Club, post-punk trio The White Paper who have been having a hell of a year, psychedelic alt-rockers NiL, singer-songwriter Jeaqi, and Shandong indie rocker Peace North Road. RMB 100

Richard D, Nathan Borofka, Noise Arcade, Li Eryang at DDC
Join Nugget Records for the Dreams & Glasseses cassette release show. An afternoon of music, dance and fun features tunes by metal, noise and ambient artist Richard D., folk and punk-rocker Nathan Borofka, electronic artist Noise Arcade, and psychedelic rocker Li Eryang. 2pm. RMB 40

Rustic, The Sailors Grape, Bang Bang Mary, Reprobates at DDC
Old school rock and rollers Rustic, whose blissful mix of blues-rock, funk, punk, and hip-hop has enticed audiences over the past decade return after an almost six-year hiatus. Catch them alongside all-star ska outfit The Sailor's Grape (featuring members of PK14 and Bedstars among others), alternative rockers Bang Bang Mary, and grunge garage ruffians Reprobates, giving one of their last shows in the city. RMB 70

INXU at Yue Space
Currently, Chinas foremost avant-garde instrumental rock band, the heavy rockers create musical images, never limiting themselves to one style or genre, and was nominated for the Most Potential Award at the LPA Independent Music Festival. Theyre hitting the road with their elaborate lighting system that promises to create a bone-crushing intergalactic experience. RMB 120

Hind Brain, Better Off Alive, Ren Zhi & Social Poetry, Lang Zhi at Soi Baochao
Soi Baochao gets eclectic and not so electric this evening as they host their unplugged series featuring an array of acts including hip-hop mogul and his funk supergroup Ren Zhi & Social Poetry, grunge renegades Hind Brain, and more. RMB 80

Xi'en, Nuo Min, Yu Cen, Luka at Jianghu Bar
A cast of characters and world music musicians take the stage at Jianghu Bar including Mongolian horsehead fiddle players Xi'en and Nuo Min, sound artist (and hypnotist!) YuCen, and multi-instrumentalist Luka. Color me intrigued. RMB

Hu Xiao Chen, Jianghai Bath at Mogu Space
Indie rock band Hu Xiao Chun, known for their tender folksy yet still rugged sound, kick off their nationwide tour with a hometown gig at Mogu Space. Support from up and comers Jianghai Bath. RMB 80

Anzi & Jiumei at Omni Space
Folk-pop troupe lead by the adorable bossa nova charm of its two leads Anzi and Jiumei bring their bubbly pop-rock jams to Omni Space. RMB 120

VG, Bluso, 2mi, Billy, $hane, Boss Wang, Che Longyuan, DasZ at MTA Space
A pregame warm-up party to Sundays WR/OC Music Festival MTA hosts a free night of hip-hop with sets from rap collective Bluso, South African 2mi, singer-songwriter VG, and more. FREE

Jiang Yushan at La Plantation
Tianjin-born harpsichordist and organist, Jiang Yushan has been learning music since childhood, eventually graduating from the Central Music School of Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory. He gets his baroque on tonight. RMB 200

Sarah McKenzie at Blue Note
The Australian jazz star and pianist Sarah McKenzie has appeared at iconic jazz festivals across the US, as well as top clubs in Paris, London, Sydney, and more, and won the Bell Award for Best Australian Vocal Album. Catch her tonight at Blue Note. RMB 240-320

Wang Wu at Mogu Space
Northeastern Chinese singer-songwriters, Wang Wu, whose loose hair and vibrant voice made him one of the finalists on one of the countrys top-rated American Idol clones, performs. RMB 66

Diego Ramos at Modernista
On Friday we give into the Latin vibes by dancing away to the best Brazilian funk, samba, and some sertanejo with Diego Ramos. FREE

Sunday, Dec 15

Zuriaake, Fayzz, The 16th Floor, Shanghai Qiutian, Prune Deer (HK), Sun of Morning (TW) at Tango
Take a survey of Chinas ever-evolving and blossoming post-rock scene with the annual Sparrow Music Festival which over the weekend will host a heavy roster of bands pushing the genre in new and exciting directions day two features Shandong black metal pioneers Zuriaake whose haunting and atmospheric compositions earned them a spot, Hong Kongs Prune Deer and Taiwans Sun of Morning; as well as the spirited life-affirming math-rock laced jams from Shanghai Qiutian and Chengdus Fayzz and Beijings own 16th Floor. Read our full preview of what to expect here. 5pm. RMB 280

WR/OC Music Festival at MTA Space
Its a hip-hop fans dream come true an all-day festival highlighting the scenes budding new talent as well as a few surprises. Guests of honor include California-raised Billboard-charting rapper Lil Xan, jazz hip-hop magnet Junoflo, Xian rap queen NINEONE#, Xiamen prankster and ruffian lowsOn, ERIOE, KOZAY, GALI, and sooo many more. Its a buffet of hip-hop folks dig in. Did I mention free-flow Jagermesiter (is that a plus?). 8pm. RMB 450

DYGL (JP) at Omni Space
Japanese indie rockers DYGL are based in London sing in English and bring an international sensibility to each work that sets them apart in the Japanese rock scene (and would make a fascinating case study). With even The Strokes singing the praises of the bands massive melodies and effervescent guitar riffs, the band has built a failsafe fanbase and will be closing out their China tour this afternoon in Omni Space. 2pm. RMB 180

Luke Thompson (NZ) at Omni Space
New Zealand-born singer-songwriter Luke Thompson has been wracking up awards and nominations left and right back in his home for a tender mix of folk, world-weary blues, and wandering country music. After the hit single "On a Slow Boat to China" became a nationwide hit here, the singer jumped back on the saddle and hit the road. Catch him tonight at Omni Space. RMB 180

Brickleberry, Anti-Tune, Underdog, The White Paper, BuPiShu at Yue Space
Yue Space gathers an eclectic bunch of bands making waves on the music scene including rugged post-punk ruffians The White Papers, ska-punk rockers Underdog, Harbins Bupishu the five-piece band who "skirt the boundaries between folk, post-rock, and electro-psychedelic rock 'n' roll and many more. RMB 80

Spittoon Literary Magazine #6 Launch x Beijing Megacity at DDC
Spittoon returns with the afternoon into evening three-course meal of fiction, poetry, and music as they launch their latest literary magazine. Well, theres plenty on hand to dip your toes into, the musical collaborations kick off in the evening and will include an array of combos included Anthony Tao x Liane Halton x David Moser Zuo Fei x The Great Buffalo Blues, Deva Eveland x Nancy J. Brown, and Silent Speech x Jack Calder. 3pm. RMB 60

Time Capsule, Red Bread at School
For nearly fourteen years, Britpop outfit Time Capsule has graced stages across Beijing the rest of China, sharing their melodic indie-pop songs made with craft with audiences. Tonight they release their newest work which sees them bringing more Chinese elements in their sound. RMB 100

Huang Yuli at Mao Livehouse
Contemporary folk-pop singer-songwriter Huang Yuli a 90s boy who doesn't want to grow old brings his playful rock-flavored urban sound to Mao Livehouse as the singer and his band close out their nationwide tour. RMB 100

Sarah McKenzie at Blue Note
The Australian jazz star and pianist Sarah McKenzie has appeared at iconic jazz festivals across the US, as well as top clubs in Paris, London, Sydney and more, and won the Bell Award for Best Australian Vocal Album. Catch her tonight at Blue Note. RMB 240-320

Smaro Gregoriadou (Greece) at La Plantation
Greek guitar soloist and composer Smaro Gregoriadou attempts to redefine of the classical guitars sound, technique, and transcriptions, through her innovative approach to the instrument'sinterpretation, exploiting the Kertsopoulos Aesthetics methodology as aplatform forinvention. RMB 200

Victor Bastidas Jazz Quartet at Modernista
Accompanied by a group of talented musicians, the brilliant Colombian drummer Victor Bastidas looks to slow things down this evening with an array of uncompromising jazz originals. FREE

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Images: Live Beijing Music, courtesy of the organizers