Newborn “DuraCore 250” Smooth-Rod Revolving-Frame Caulking Gun

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Sometimes it’s the little features that turn an okay tool into a great one, and in the case of the Newborn 250 caulking gun, there are two of them worth noting:

  1. The steel revolving frame makes it easier to maintain a single bead of caulk/sealant around corners or in tight/hard-to-reach spaces. Simply rotate the barrel with your non-trigger hand as you work.
  2. It uses a smooth rod plunger mechanism rather than the old-school ratchet style, giving it an 18:1 thrust ratio instead of a measly 6:1 or 5:1. What this means for you is, it takes way less effort to extrude caulk from the tube, giving you much more control over the smoothness of the bead and helping prevent hand fatigue.

Aside from that, this is just a well made tool that features a corrosion-resistant zinc alloy handle and trigger, along with the standard-issue built-in spout cutter and puncture tool. And lastly, the end of the plunger rod is hooked so you can hang it on a ladder rung or from your belt loop.

Get this excellent caulk gun for $27 on Amazon.

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