New ToughBuilt Portable Workbench at Lowe’s

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ToughBuilt QuickSet Workbench at Jobsite

ToughBuilt has come out with a new portable workbench, model TBL-WB700, which so far looks to be a Lowe’s exclusive.

ToughBuilt likely leveraged their sawhorse know-how on the QuickSet Workbench, which features “instant set up” and compact storage.

ToughBuilt QuickSet Workbench

The ToughBuilt QuickSet Workbench features a plastic table top with “SmartSurface” measurement markings – “measuring and protractor features stamped clearly into the surface.”

ToughBuilt QuickSet Workbench with Clamps

It has dog holes and numerous slots for accommodating bar clamps (not included) for holding down workpieces.

ToughBuilt QuickSet Workbench Folding

The ToughBuilt workbench features a “one-button, handle-pull deployment design,” which the brand describes as quick and intuitive.

ToughBuilt QuickSet Workbench Portability

There’s a flush-fit recessed carry handle on the side.

ToughBuilt QuickSet Workbench ClipTech Dock

Each corner is ClipTech-compatible, with one mount included with the workbench. ClipTech is ToughBuilt’s tool belt, bag, and pouch quick-release system, and so the workbench provides one or more places to hang your gear.

ClipTech hubs are usually included with all of ToughBuilt’s compatible gear bags and pouches, and you can buy them separately as well.

QuickSet Workbench Features & Specs

  • 3′ x 2′ work surface (33″ x 23.5″)
  • 31″ working height
  • Metal legs
  • Ruggedized feet
  • Multiple clamping points
  • Flush-fit recessed carry handle
  • ClipTech mounting points (1 hub is included)
  • One-button and handle-pull opening
  • Folding design for compact storage
  • 1,000 lb weight capacity

Price: $70

The ToughBuilt QuickSet portable workbench is available at Lowe’s. It is uncertain whether it will also be available at other retailers.

Thank you to Matthew @everydaycivilian for the tip!


Not to mince words, it looks like ToughBuilt saw the Dewalt folding workbench, thought “we could do better” and gave it their best.

The ToughBuilt workbench has a different hole and clamp slot pattern, and looks to lack the Dewalt’s built-in recessed small parts tray.

There are potentially 2 advantages here. First, the built-in ClipTech hub mounting locations could present a convenient place for users to hang their gear off the ground. You could even attach a dedicated pouch for holding common tools, such as a pencil, marker, utility knife, and measuring tape.

Second, the ToughBuilt bench looks to have a “fold away handle mechanism,” whereas the Dewalt workbench pull-deployment handle sticks out and can get in the way.

ToughBuilt makes excellent and highly popular folding metal sawhorses, but this is their first workbench product that I know of.

Lowe’s has the workbench listed at $69.98 with a “was” price of $99. Dewalt’s portable workbench is, or at least was seasonally priced at $69, and higher in between.

It will be interesting to see how well the ToughBuilt workbench suits pro and DIYer needs. At the least, it looks to be competitively featured and priced.