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Whether you are heading for a weekend getaway or trying to tick off one of the major items on your Travel Bucket list, people are looking for ways to pack lighter and smarter. Perhaps this is due to all the extra fees that are being tacked on by airlines. Or maybe it is because carrying around tons of extra gear is getting harder as we get older. Either way, downsizing luggage into a minimalist travel backpack may be the answer we all need.

Briefly indulge us and let us paint a picture of when we failed with a luggage choice.

In April of 2017, we went on an epic adventure across Scotland, England, & Wales. We were pumped! But in typical fashion, we wanted to cut some costs and thus decided to pack all of our travel gear in one gigantic rolling suitcase. Boy was this a mistake. Don’t get us wrong, we saved some money on bag fees with the airlines. But this monster of a suitcase caused us more problems than it was worth. As we struggled to haul it around all of the places we visited and fought to fit it on different transports, we had a lightbulb moment. We need a better travel bag to fit the minimalist travel lifestyle we want.

Fast forward to 2020. As we’ve become more seasoned travelers, we have definitely improved the way we pack. But we have still been on the lookout for a great minimalist travel backpack. That is how we came to discover the one bag travel system by Journey System.

About the Journey System Minimalist Travel Backpack

The minimalist travel backpack is the creation of Tys Sniffen. Perhaps he was a boy scout in a former life, but for Tys, he has struggled between always being prepared and being unencumbered, especially when travelling. Like most people, Tys juggles the challenges of travel like wanting to look good while not having to carry his entire closet with him. Thus, he decided something had to change in the world of travel when it comes to packing.

That is when he hit his secret laboratory with a few crude sketches of what he wanted. He knew that he didn’t want to create another hiking backpack for the typical hostel type traveler. Nor did he want some cumbersome rolling bag that would break while rolling across the cobblestone roads of Europe. So after some trial and error, he developed a minimalist travel bag that could fit any smart and efficient traveler. Thus, the Journey System minimalist backpack was created and made available worldwide.

Benefits of this one bag travel system

Tys was generous enough to let us try out his one bag travel system. But, we wondered, what makes the Journey System such a great minimalist backpack? Is it really an ideal minimalist backpack? Will it work for typical Gen X and Gen Y travelers wanting to tick off the many items on their bucket list?

Well, our honest answer is YES!

Essentially, the Journey System Minimalist Travel Bag is really 5 different bags in one. But don’t let the quantity of bags confuse you into thinking it is massive or bulky. Tys created these 5 different bags to fit perfectly into each other like snug Russian nesting dolls.

When you get your own One Bag Travel System from Journey Systems, you are actually receiving:

A carry-on sized travel pack
A smaller day pack knapsack
A hangable toiletries bag
A detachable hip pack that can be worn as a sling bag
A laptop bag for your computer, tablet, or accessories

The organization alone is amazing for anyone travelling for a weekend or several weeks around the globe. But let’s dive closer into some key features anyone looking for a minimalist backpack will love.

Whether it's a weekend getaway or you're ticking off an item on your Travel Bucket list, you might want to pack lighter and smarter. So, the Minimalist Travel Bag from Journey System is the one bag travel system you'll need!
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1) This One Bag Travel System is Tough

Travel can be tough not only on you but on your luggage too. That is why we always look for a travel bag that is strong and dependable while still being comfortable to maneuver no matter where we go. With theses travel bags, you will easily find it covers all the bases of strength and durability while not stressing your body out.

For example, these bags are made with a 450D two tone finished nylon. Now, most people may not have a clue what that means. But to give you a better understanding, most adventure backpacks used for hiking and camping can commonly be found in the range of 450–600D nylon. So that means that even though this isn’t a bag you may take on the Appalachian Trail, it can handle anything you throw at it.

2) This One Bag Travel System is Light Weight

For most of us, one of the worst parts of travel is the insanity that occurs at airport baggage carousels.  Inevitably, you stand there for hours waiting for a heavy, overstuffed travel bag to finally come out. Then, when it finally does, you have to muster all the strength of Hercules to even lift it off the belt. Couple that with the idea of lugging your albatross in and out of planes, trains, or automobiles, and you will be praying for a shrink ray.

But with the Journey System Minimalist Travel Bag you actually don’t have to be a bodybuilder to haul it around because the bag is so lightweight. Unpacked, this bag weighs only 3.75lbs (1.7kg) but even fully packed with a full water bottle, the weight averages about 17lb(7kg). So unless you allow Eric to pack all of his chocolate “souvenirs” from The Schokoladenmuseum (Chocolate Museum) in Cologne, Germany, this bag will be easy to travel with.

3) This One Bag Travel System is Secure

Sadly, safety and security of your possessions are always a big concern when traveling anywhere. Travelers are constantly having to find ways protect their electronics, gear, money, and documents from pickpockets or thieves. But this need for security doesn’t mean you have to carry an extra bulky lock box, a complicated anti-theft device, or have a vicious mini-dachshund to guard your gear. Instead, minimalist travelers will find at least 5 security features that will keep your gear safe including:

Quick stash pockets in the straps
Secret Passport sized pocket that presses flat against the wearer’s back
A hidden interior stash pocket behind the interior zippered mesh pocket
Secret Passport sized stash pocket within the Hip Pack
Interlocking YKK zippers that can be locked at one central point

4) This One Bag Travel System is Intuitive

Perhaps one of the best parts of this one bag travel system is that it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out. When you go to pack your Journey System Travel Bag you will find it quite easy to understand or operate without explicit instruction. This is great not just for packing but for unpacking too.

There is nothing worse than getting to your destination and immediately needing something buried at the bottom of your suitcase. Tys developed a smartly designed travel bag that remains sleek and packed-with-features for any type of travel.

So what makes this minimalist travel backpack so intuitive?

It’s really 5 different travel bags in 1: The best feature of this travel bag is that it is really 5 different bags in one system. When you receive your Journey System Travel Bag, you immediately see that it comes with a travel pack section, a day pack section, a hip pack section, a toiletries bag and a laptop sleeve. Now, normally, when a bag comes in parts like this, it can be a bit bulky or complicated. But this travel bag is designed for quick access to any of the different bags while still maintaining a sleek design.

Everything is easily accessible: As we have said before, there is nothing worse than getting to your destination only to need to grab something at the bottom of your over stuffed suitcase. That is why we love the clam shell opening feature of this travel bag. Whenever, you get to your location, you can easily open your Journey System Travel bag for complete access. That way, you can quickly grab whatever you need.

It is easy to unpack: When you arrive at your destination, you don’t want to spend hours unpacking. Even worse, is when you are going through TSA and you need to remove certain items quickly. That is why we like how convenient this travel bag is to take apart. With the luggage straps for your clothes, snaps for your toiletries bag, and Velcro straps for your shoe bag, everything you pack will remain tightly secure. So when you open your travel backpack, everything is accessible, including a removable laptop sleeve for when you arrive at TSA. Plus with the mesh pockets inside, everything is visible, making it that much easier to find something. Even the toiletries bag is quick to remove and comes with handle so you can hang it from any hook or door knob.

There are tons of pockets and storage bags: On top of the removable laptop bag and toiletries bag, you will find several other storage bags to keep all of your gear neatly and simply stored. From the drawstring shoe garage and small bag for tech accessories to multiple pockets, you have plenty of storage options. One of our favorite key features is that it also comes with 2 vacuum storage bags. These bags allow you to compress clothes and save space. My wife loves it because she can use them separate our dirty clothes.

You have day trip options: One of the best parts of this backpack is that it is truly a one bag travel system. No longer do you have to bring a suitcase and a knapsack and a hip pack. The Journey System Travel Bag comes with a built in hip pack that can be worn as a sling bag or a fanny pack. This easily accessible bag has a key ring holder and a hidden pocket that can hold your valuables for touring anywhere. If you need something a little bigger, you can easily detach the day pack to carry your bigger items.

It is very comfortable: There is nothing worse than having a travel backpack dig into your shoulders or put your back out of sorts. However, unless you are carrying concrete blocks, you will find this one bag travel system really comfortable. That is because it has been reinforced first with a spine channel. But to add more comfort, Tys made sure to add back foam pads. Then, he added padded straps and a G-Hook Sternum strap to add more stability and comfort.

Where to get your Minimalist Travel Backpack

Currently, the best way to get the Journey System Minimalist Travel Bag is direct from Idea Mountain. Personally, we love ordering direct from them since it cuts out any middleman and any extra costs they add on. Plus, ordering direct typically has a smaller environmental impact.  This is because your backpack won’t need to be transported from the factory to a middleman storage facility. Thus, you reduce the impact of shipping by having it shipped straight to you.

Another added bonus when you order your One Bag Travel System from Idea Mountain, is that Tys and his team can then offer a 100% guarantee on nearly every aspect of the Journey for at least 5 years. The only thing they don’t give a guarantee on is the 2 bonus vacuum compression bags. However, you can replace yours for $3 each + shipping at any time!

Then to boot, Tys would also like to help you on your next bucket list travel adventure. So, he is offering an additional 10% off your Journey System Minimalist Travel Bag, when you enter the promo code: Bucket List Project. If you’d like to learn more about getting your own Journey System Minimalist Travel Bag click here!

So what do you think?

So as you can see, we love our Journey System Minimalist Travel Bag and think you will too. But everyone travels a little differently and definitely packs differently. So, what key features of the Journey System Minimalist Travel Bag do you love? Is there any part of this bag that you feel is the really important when you travel? What else do you look for when shopping for a one bag travel system? Let us know in the comments below!

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