Kingsmith WalkingPad R2 review

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Kingsmith WalkingPad R2

The older I get, the more health & fitness become a bigger part of my life. The reality is, we weren’t designed for desk jobs—we’re made to move. However, many of us work behind a computer for most of the day. If sitting is the new smoking, how do we get our steps in—especially for remote workers?

I’m reviewing the Kingsmith WalkingPad R2. This is a 2-in-1 tri-folding compact treadmill. It supports walking and running modes with a maximum speed of 12 km/h. Use it with a standing desk and walk while you work. Too good to be true? There’s only one way to find out. 

Notable specs: Kingsmith WalkingPad R2

  • Fits under most standing desks or can used on its own
  • Handles fold flat and stands upright
  • Deck folds in half, upright storage with wheels for easy transportation
  • LCD panel displays time, distance, speed, steps, and calories
  • Automatic Mode uses intelligent speed control to adjust based on your pace
  • Bluetooth enabled, connects to the KS Fit app
Kingsmith WalkingPad R2 standing desk  position

Design of Kingsmith WalkingPad R2

The Kingsmith WalkingPad R2 has a compact design making it perfect for small home offices or gyms. Folded down, it measures approximately 39”x28”x6” (WHD). Fully expanded, it measures approximately 57”x28”x 41”. The Kingsmith WalkingPad R2 weighs approximately 89 lbs. and can handle a max weight of 240 lbs.  

The frame is constructed from aluminum and the adjustable handle can be positioned upright or down. This makes it suitable for placement under a standing desk. Simply drop the handle down and place the desk over the treadmill. Upright, the handle has a spot to store a smartphone or tablet. This is great for watching TV shows while walking or running. On top of the motor panel is an LCD panel. This displays the speed, distance, and workout time at a glance. 

Kingsmith WalkingPad R2 motor

What separates a good treadmill from a bad one is the motor. It’s one of the most important features to look out for. The WalkingPad R2 has a 1.25 HP brushless motor. It runs quiet. The idling noise is about 65 decibels. The speed of the motor is directly tied to the handle placement. This is a great safety feature. Under a desk with the handles down, the max speed is approximately 6 km/h. With the handles upright, the max speed is 12 km/h. A safety clip connects to the user for emergency stop. If the user falls off the treadmill, the motor will automatically stop. The clip must be in for the treadmill to operate. 

Manual and auto modes

There are two ways to operate the WalkingPad R2. Manual mode lets you adjust the R2 using the remote or your smartphone. More on that later. This is good if you know the pace you want to walk or run. The second option is automatic mode. The speed is controlled based on where you walk on the deck. For example, the speed will increase when you walk forward on the deck. By walking further back on the deck, the speed decreases. Auto mode is great for under desk walking. Rather than staying on the same speed, you can adjust the speed based on how you’re feeling. 

Kingsmith WalkingPad R2 - Makeshift standing desk

Using the Kingsmith WalkingPad R2

I own a treadmill so I have lots of experience running indoors. The Kingsmith WalkingPad R2 is a fraction of the size of my current treadmill. Yet, I can basically do the same thing—walk or jog inside. The one big difference is the lack of incline. This is a compromise you have to make with this portable design. To me, that’s not a deal breaker. I had no issues walking or running on the Walking Pad R2. However, if you have a long stride, you might run into issues—pun intended. Even at max speed, I could run with a decent stride. The middle of the treadmill—where it folds—is the weakest point on the treadmill. I can feel a slight dip when I step on that area.

I don’t use a standing desk but I’m open to it if I could walk on a treadmill at the same time. Thus, I was very interested in trying out the Walking Pad R2 to see if I could in fact work on a standing desk and walk at the same time. The only issue is, I don’t have a standing desk. So I came up with a makeshift solution. I used a wooden table with a recycling box on top to place my laptop. I moved the walking pad on my back deck and put the makeshift standing desk on top.

Overall, it will take time to walk, work, and type. But I do feel good moving while I’m doing laptop work. I’m definitely not as efficient as sitting at a desk. It would take some time to get used to this. With enough practice, I think I could increase the speed over time. Still, I couldn’t figure out the auto mode. The treadmill would keep stopping. I would just use it in manual mode. Overall, the Kingsmith WalkingPad R2 works great as a standing desk treadmill. 

KS Fit app

The WalkingPad R2 works with the KS Fit app. This free app enables you to control treadmill settings and track other data like pace and cadence. The belt speed can also be adjusted via an app on your phone. In the event that the remote is lost or misplaced, this is super useful. That’s because it requires the remote or app to operate. 

The KS Fit app also has a child-lock that locks the treadmill belt.  As soon as you get off the treadmill, the No-Load Stop feature shuts the belt off. Users can also track their progress in the KS Fit app. Since I didn’t have the remote, I used the KS Fit app to control the treadmill. My workouts were tracked in the app. As someone who loves to track workouts, I would definitely use this app. Looking at workout data motivates me to keep progressing over time. 

Kingsmith WalkingPad R2 folded

Who is the WalkingPad R2 for?

People who work at home at a desk should definitely consider the WalkingPad R2. It works great as a standalone treadmill for walking or jogging. The compact portable design is perfect for people who live in small spaces. Traditional treadmills take up a lot of space, this one doesn’t. It’s also greatest for people like me who want to track workouts. To progress you need to go a little faster, or walk a little longer. Both the LCD display and the KS Fit app provide data to keep people motivated. 

As a standing desk treadmill, it works great but there is a catch. It will take time to get used to. At first, it will not come naturally, especially if you currently sit at a desk. My advice is to first use a standing desk, and then progress to a standing desk treadmill. The last thing you want is to use the Kingsmith WalkingPad R2 as a standing platform. Be realistic to yourself. Can you work optimally and walk slowly at the same time? My advice is to take baby steps—another intended pun!

Final thoughts on the Kingsmith WalkingPad R2

The dream is to work at a desk and get your steps in at the same time. That makes for a perfect working from home day. The reality is, not everyone can multitask like that. You have to try it to find out if it’s right for you. I finally had the opportunity to review a standing desk treadmill. One thing I can say is that it did not come naturally to me. But I’m a stubborn guy. If I stuck with it, I think I could get the hang of it. I want to be one of those people who works and walks at the same time. If that’s you as well, then I recommend you check out the Kingsmith WalkingPad R2. Just be realistic with yourself before making that investment. 

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