KENZO LEATHER CORD EMBROIDERY BUMBAG (Unfortunately, it's Sold Out already)

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BAG OBSESSION: 5 SMALL BAGS FOR MEN - The trend amongst shoppers always has it, can change the doubt in me into an obsession, waiting for almost a year to finally purchase a small bag into my leather collection, and finally, the choice fell for Kenzo, a leather bumbag in Prussian blue with logo cord embroidery details with a hint of yellow and black color (loved it).
Unfortunately, this bag is sold out everywhere, so if you fell in love with this bag as same as me, it's mean no chance except there's someone change their mind and want to sell this beautiful bumbag. The reason I love this bad is the color, the size suits me (not too small and not too big), and the logo even it says KENZO,  I felt it's not tacky at all (bye the tiger one that I feel so done with lol).
But still, the obsession continues, I want more small bag, bumbag, shoulder bag, you name it. I have been wanting to buy a Prada shoulder bag (maybe later) but I compile the best small bags for men from East Dane, in case you are looking for a small bag to accessorize your look.
Maison Margiela Waist Bag
Love the simple design of Maison Martin Margiela waist bag, with the four side staples that's so iconic with contrast and huge white leather tag, the only thing I wonder, why it's not leather?

Coach New York | Signature Blocking Rivington Utility Pack
Love the blue and subtle monogram leather in the back, so definitely not tacky, this is my second choice after Kenzo Bumbag, moreover, I already have Coach New York as my travel duffle bag, but the color and combination for the whole bag are nice. WANT Les Essentiels | Mini Epps Roll Top Bucket Bag
Love the uniqueness of this bag, it's unique, simple, classy and all black with silver metal accent. I mean, totally mini-bag obsession. I feel this bag is quite versatile, you can use it as casual accessories even it's giving me little sporty vibes to me.
Porter | Force 2 Way Waist Bag Loveee the military green color and eye-catching orange lining on the inside, the vibes of masculinity but cheerfull makes me obsessed with this small bag for Tokyo based label, Porter. I was planning to purchase this bag, but it's too big for me (in my opinion), but still, I want this to be my go-to hang-out bag. MCM | Fursten Monogrammed Leather Small Belt Bag
It's luxury, the color is shining and splendidly gorgeous, the subtle monogram is a good move, and look at it paired with navy blue color #Stunning and pop up. The size is enough, simple but still screaming MCM. Good to be added on your small bag collection. #Kenzo #MCM #BAGS #SHOP #PORTER