If You Do Bring a Knife to a Gunfight, Make It One of These Throwing Knives

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If you appreciate a good knife, whether it be a pocket knife for everyday carry or a hunting knife for outdoor activities, you’re no doubt going to be interested in the best throwing knives.

Throwing knives are designed to be thrown at a target and land point first. To achieve that, a feat which is often easier said than done, the best throwing knives feature a number of elements that are unique to them and not found on typical knives.

  • Handle – Throwing knives don’t have a typical knife handle because their clunkiness would make it impossible to throw accurately. Some knives have light wraps or rubber for added grip, but most just have a smooth or straight handle.
  • Balance – Balance is essential in a throwing knife and depending on how you plan to throw the knife, it’s important to know where lies the blade’s center of gravity. Many throwing knives have the center of gravity in the middle because neither the handle nor the blade is heavier than the other, meaning it will spin predictably. However, some knives are designed to be heavier in the blade and thrown from the handle, while other knives are heavier in the handle, which is more useful for throwing from the blade or for no-spin throwing.
  • Length/Weight – After balance, the length and weight of a knife may be the most important factors. Lightweight and short blades are more difficult to throw because the weight gives you accuracy while the length gives you better control during release. Of course, a well-made short throwing knife, like one under eight inches in length, will still hit its target, but it just requires more practice and skill.
  • Construction – Throwing knives, like most knives, are made of stainless steel or carbon steel. If you don’t really care about the long-term usability of the throwing knives and just want some cheaper, easy-to-care-for knives to chuck around, stainless steel will work. But carbon steel is often used for its malleability and edge stability. If the knife tip gets bent out of shape from repeated throwing and removal, it can be hammered or filed back into a nice point. However, carbon steel knives generally cost more.

With all these qualities in mind, check out our selection of the best throwing knives around. Whether you’re a beginner, an active hobbyist or a knife-throwing pro, you’ll find an option to meet your needs. We’ve also included a couple of targets which are handy if you don’t have access to any natural targets.


1. Smith & Wesson Throwing Knives


These Smith & Wesson Throwing Knives are fun for either the practiced thrower or the novice. In the set, you get six stainless steel knives and a nylon sheath for storing them. The knives are lightweight, sturdy and surprisingly easy to throw, thanks to the nice spear point. We do wish the knives were a bit heavier for their length — each knife is eight inches long and weighs only 4.7 ounces — but they throw well enough and come at a totally reasonable price point. All things considered, these Smith & Wesson knives get the job done and even if you break a couple of the knives over the long term, you’ll still have plenty of other knives to cover them.

Smith & Wesson six throwing knives, best throwing knives

Buy: Smith & Wesson Throwing Knives $34.99 (orig. $59.99) 42% OFF


2. Perfect Point Throwing Knives


Sometimes the best way to learn is to get something cheap and just mess around. The Perfect Point Throwing Knives are, well, an ideal option for that. Each pack contains three stainless steel, eight-inch knives and a black nylon storage sheath, all at an extremely reasonable price. They’re well-balanced and the points stick and last. It’d be nice if they were a bit longer, but realistically, for the pick of the best budget throwing knives, what more could you ask for?

Perfect Point three throwing knives with sheath

Buy: Perfect Point Throwing Knives $13.99


3. Perfect Point Multicolor Throwers


These Perfect Point Multicolor Throwers are one of the most stylish throwing knife options out there. Each of the six blades in the set is made entirely from stainless steel and sports an eye-catching black finish. The 5.5-inch knives are also individually colored in the blade, making it particularly easy to tell them apart from one another. The set also includes a handy nylon sheath for storing the five knives and comes backed by over 1,400 five-star ratings from Amazon users.

best throwing knives perfect point

Buy: Perfect Point Multicolor Throwers $17.86 (orig. $19.10) 6% OFF


4. Glock OEM Field Knife


We’ve been looking at knives designed to be used primarily as throwing knives, but there are lots of great knives which can be thrown well, even if not solely designed for that purpose. The Glock OEM Field Knife is one such knife. It’s sturdy, durable and made from spring steel, which is typically a carbon steel, and also includes a clip point and serrated edge. That makes it useful for stabbing, cutting and, to some extent, throwing. It has a full tang and is balanced enough to stick its point with a well-placed throw. Overall, the Glock Field knife may not be one of the best throwing knives, but it’s definitely one of the best knives that can also be thrown.

best throwing knives glock oem

Buy: Glock Field Knife Fixed Blade $35.35


5. Whetstone Cutlery Store S-Force Kunai Knives Set


Thanks to the accompanying nylon carrying case, it’s easy to store and transport the 12 throwing knives included in this Whetstone Cutlery Store S-Force Kunai Knives Set. The case sports individual slots for each knife and also features a hook-and-loop closure to ensure it remains securely closed in transit. Each of the 12 identical knives in the set is made from high-quality stainless steel and features a full-tang blade and a super-sharp tip. For added comfort and greater reliability when in hand, the knives’ handles are all covered by a grippy cord.

best throwing knives whetstone s force

Buy: Whetstone Cutlery Store S-Force Kunai Knives Set $19.01 (orig. $23.95) 21% OFF


6. Cold Steel True Flight Thrower


I know one person who is a real weapons pro because he’s active military and when I asked him if he had any go-to throwing knives, he recommended the Cold Steel True Flight Thrower. His case for the knife was simple: He said this knife is “really good just for throwing,” and everything I know about this knife supports that. It’s 12 inches long and weighs 11.2 ounces, which is just about ideal in terms of length and width. It’s made from carbon steel, so you can file and maintain the tip as needed. The paracord-wrapped handle also offers extra control for the experienced thrower. I’ve thrown this knife before and though I can’t hit water falling out of a boat, I was still able to hit my target. Furthermore, the sharp edge allows it to double as a utility knife in a pinch.

Cold Steel True Flight Thrower

Buy: Cold Steel True Flight Thrower $26.26 (orig. $36.99) 29% OFF

Buy: Cold Steel True Flight Thrower $38.99


7. KnifeAndWolf Handmade Throwing Knives


For a knife choice with a more handmade look and feel, choose these KnifeAndWolf Throwing Knives. Constructed from steel, these heavy-duty knives are impressively durable and also resistant to breaking. Each knife has also been coated with a protective layer that fights against rust and prevents dirt from sticking to it. Additionally, these knives are 27 centimeters long and four millimeters thick, making them one of the most significant throwing knife choices available.

best throwing knives knifeandwolf

Buy: KnifeAndWolf Handmade Throwing Knives $39.91


8. NedFoss Throwing Axes


If you’re more of an ax person than a knife person, give these ​​NedFoss Throwing Axes a go. The flat-head design makes them an accommodating option for beginners, while their reliability and precision make them an equally popular choice for experienced throwers, too. All three axes include a ballistic sheath with a belt loop alongside a rubber outer which prevents the paracord handle from unraveling. Furthermore, their full-tang design makes them harder to break and more durable, no matter whether you’re using them for recreation or competitive throwing.

best throwing knives nedfoss throwing axes tomahawks

Buy: NedFoss Throwing Axes $42.99 (orig. $45.99) 7% OFF


9. Thrower Supply Store Old Timer Throwing Knife


This high-quality Thrower Supply Store Old Timer Throwing Knife is a great option for anyone who likes to carry a knife around on their waist. This is because the supplied handmade sheath includes a built-in loop for attaching it to your belt. The knife is made from a mix of materials, including steel in the blade and copper in the handle. It also weighs just 1.25 pounds and is 0.25 inches thick. But what really makes this throwing knife so effective is its emphasis on having a sharpened point rather than a sharpened blade.

best throwing knives thrower old timer

Buy: Thrower Supply Store Old Timer Throwing Knife $47.99


10. Boker Store Magnum Bailey Mini Bo-Kri Knife Set


This Boker Store Magnum Bailey Mini Bo-Kri Knife Set is sure to be a popular gift with any friends who love to hunt or spend time outdoors. The three-knife set is supplied with a handy leather sheath which includes a separate storage compartment for each knife and a button closure. These stainless steel knives each measure 13.25 inches and weigh 14 ounces, meaning they meet or even exceed the requirements for use at most throwing clubs. Additionally, this set is accompanied by a lifetime warranty and positive reviews from over 95% of Amazon users.

boker throwing knives three set

Buy: Boker Store Magnum Bailey Mini Bo-Kri Knife Set $91.99


11. Spyderco SpyderThrowers


This three-pack of Spyderco SpyderThrowers offers hobbyists, outdoors people and knife enthusiasts a noticeably superior level of performance. Each included knife sports a plain-edge, serration and teeth-free blade which is finished with a point made to stay stuck in when thrown at targets. The stainless steel construction ensures users feel the quality in hand while the accompanying leather sheath provides a convenient place to store the knives. Furthermore, the set comes with either nine or 11.13-inch knives, depending on what works best for you.

spyderco spyderthrowers knife set

Buy: Spyderco SpyderThrowers $92.40 (orig. $99.95) 8% OFF


12. Acejet Stinger X Adam Celadin Throwing Knives Set


If this Acejet Stinger Throwing Knives Set is good enough for the five-time world champion and top guru, Adam Celadin, it’s good enough for us. The Stinger is the most popular model in this knife series as it can be used for a number of throwing styles, which include no spin, combative rotation and recreational freestyle. The knives are made from spring steel material which delivers just the right balance of hardness and toughness, in addition to rust resistance and long-term durability. To confirm this set’s status as the top dog for serious knife throwers, it has received positive ratings from 100% of Amazon users.

acejet throwing knife professional standard

Buy: Acejet Stinger X Adam Celadin Throwing Knives Set $299.00

Buy: Acejet Stinger X Adam Celadin Throwing Knives Set $289.00


Generic Foldable Ax and Knife Throwing Target


Not everyone has access to trees or junk wood for use as targets, which is when this Generic Foldable Ax and Knife Throwing Target can be handy. It measures 30 by 43 inches to give you plenty of room for error. The wooden target also includes a high-strength plywood backing, so it’s pretty unlikely your knife will ever make it all the way through. In addition, it features built-in hardware for hanging, which is totally kitschy, but we respect it.

Just remember to wet the target a little bit before you start throwing anything to get the best sticking results.

best throwing knives generic target wood

Buy: Generic Foldable Ax and Knife Throwing Target $279.99


Black Hole 4-Sided Archery Target


For just a cheaper object that will safely receive thrown knives, check out the Black Hole 4-Sided Archery Target. Sure, it’s designed with arrows in mind, but if it can stop arrow tips, it can also stop throwing knives. Measuring in at 18 by 16 by 11 inches, there’s plenty of surface area to aim at. The target comes with a carrying handle which can also be used to hang the target if you desire. Alternatively, you can set the target on top of something to give it more height if you don’t have a convenient place to hang it from.

Just be careful to use it in a place where wild throws won’t stick into anything important. The target is sizable, but it’s also missable, especially if you’re just starting out.

Black Hole 4-Sided Archery Target

Buy: Black Hole 4-Sided Archery Target $49.99


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