How to Wear High Rise Jeans

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How to Wear High Rise Jeans, styling tips featured by top US over 50 fashion blog, Sharing A Journey.

Have you noticed that we are finally seeing some new silhouettes in jeans?  I’m pretty excited to see flairs again, as well as more high rise styles. 

High rise jeans look great on many body types, the hour glass, the pear, the “ruler” to name a few. 

Mind you, if they aren’t great for your body type, lower rise jeans are still available.  One of the best things about fashion right now is that there is something for everyone, and you can still wear your skinny jeans, straight legs, or flairs, long touch the floor lengths as well as cute crops.  Oh, and zip or button fly?  You choose!

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But how do you choose the best jeans for your figure?  

Here are some guidelines:  If you are short waisted, apple or have a triangle type figure, you are most likely to look good in a lower rise.  If you are long waisted, an hourglass or a pear, higher rise jeans are more flattering.

But there’s more:  the leg, skinny, straight, wide and flair that also makes a difference.  Women with slim figures look great in skinny jeans, hourglass looks great in flairs, and pear shapes look great with a straight leg.

The back pockets make a difference too.  Larger smooth pockets make our bums look smaller, while detailed and flap pockets make a small bottom look a bit more substantial.  Small pockets widely spaced will also make the bottom look bigger and wider.

And finally, the zipper should go down to the pubic bone; a shorter zipper length can make that dreaded camel toe that we have all learned to avoid.

How to Wear High Rise Jeans, styling tips featured by top US over 50 fashion blog, Sharing A Journey.

Caring for today’s jeans has changed a bit; this I learned from my daughter who used to work at American Eagle Outfitters.  We needn’t wash our jeans frequently; to freshen, place in a bag in the freezer over hight or hang in the bathroom while you take a shower.  When you wash your jeans, do not place them in the dryer, rather allow them to air dry to protect the fibers.  

Little did I know a couple pairs of my jeans would have not gotten stretched out had I cared for them properly.

Styling high rise jeans now:

We are seeing more looks with shirts and tops tucked in, and a greater emphasis on belts and belt buckles, though the  popularity of the Gucci “G” belt is showing signs of slowing, in favor of other, less noticeable styles.  

Body suits are a great way of getting the sleek tucked in look we are seeing now, but the half tuck is still going strong.

I noticed many looks with simple white or black T-shirts, round and v neck looks are still amazing.   And you will see jean jackets and bush jackets as popular “third”pieces this summer.  Camisoles will also top many a fashionista’s list for a fresh summery look.

This year, I made two denim purchases, after trying on many pairs of jeans.  The first, a pair of white cropped Levi’s “Wedgie” jeans and the second, a pair of Agolde Nico jeans in classic blue.  Both are higher rise, button fly with very little stretch, another trend I noticed as I looked for jeans this season.

Still on my wish list:

I really love those 70’s vibes and plan to replace my current flairs which are stretched out, and perhaps a second pair of white jeans since I wear them so often in the summer.  I’ll keep you posted on that.

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