How to Store Tools in an Apartment

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Do you have stacks of tools taking up valuable space in your apartment? Not to worry—there are lots of clever ways you can organize, sort, and store your work tools without cluttering your living space. Here are a few tips and hacks to help you get started!
[Edit]Steps [Edit]Pegboard Pegboards make efficient use of limited closet space. Screw a pegboard panel or 2 onto the back and sides of your closet, if there’s enough space. Then, stick curved J-hooks into the individual pegboard holes. Hang up all your favorite tools on these hooks—this way, it’s super easy to find and grab whichever tool you need.[1] [Edit]Toolbox Large toolboxes come with plenty of drawers and compartments. Find an open space in your home where you can sort your tools into different piles. Place your most-used tools in a toolbox for easy access. Then, slip the toolbox into a nearby closet.[2] Some toolboxes come with small, plastic organizers that are great for sorting screws, washers, bolts, and other small items. Measure, cut out, and place a section of non-slip rug mat in your toolbox shelves to keep your tools from jostling and rolling around.[3] [Edit]Under-Bed Storage Under-the-bed storage bins keep your tools completely out of sight. While usually recommended for pillows and blankets, under-the-bed storage bins can be used for just about anything.[4] Fill the container with any tools that are taking up space in your home. Then, slide the basin under your bed until later! Label each basin so you don’t forget what’s inside. [Edit]Adhesive Hooks Adhesive hooks turn any vertical surface into storage space. Some people like to organize their bathroom hairstyling tools on adhesive hooks.[5] Test out this handy storage trick with your own tools! Find a section of open space in your home—this might be an empty wall, the inside of a cabinet or something else altogether. Follow the packaging instructions and arrange multiple hooks in rows or columns along your wall—this way, you’ll make the most of your space. Then, hang a lightweight tool on the hook, like a wrench or a pair of scissors. Look for tools that have an opening drilled along the bottom—these will be easiest to hang up. Double-check the weight limits on the hook before hanging anything up. Some hooks can hold up to of weight, while others can’t hold quite as much. [Edit]Plastic Tub See-through storage makes it easy to find what you’re looking for. Sort your tools into different groupings—you might put hammers and screwdrivers together, or group the tools that you use most frequently. Transfer each pile into a differently labeled plastic bin. Then, slide and stack the bins into a closet for easy storage![6] If you have a lot of large tools, invest in larger plastic tubs. [Edit]Luggage Repurpose old bags into handy storage. Have any empty duffels or totes lying around? Place your heavier tools in these bags for quick, easy storage. Then, tuck the luggage into a closet for easy access.[7] For example, you might fit a circular saw into an old bowling ball duffel bag. [Edit]Mason Jars Mason jars fit snugly in a drawer when turned on their side. Find a drawer that you don’t use very much. Place the bottom end of several mason jars along the back edge of this drawer. Then, arrange the jars so they’re flush against one another. At this point, sort and organize your tools into each jar.[8] You don’t need to glue the jars in place—just open the drawer gently when you grab your tools. This hack is officially recommended for kitchen tools but can work well for any type of thin, narrow tool, like a ruler or screwdriver. [Edit]Door Rack Over-the-door racks transform the back of your door into usable storage space. Hang up the rack over the top of any door in your apartment. If needed, secure the rack to your door with extra hardware, so it doesn’t shift or fall. Hang up your tools on the hooks and/shelves of the rack, which gives you easy access whenever you need them.[9] You can find over-the-door racks online, or at most home goods stores. [Edit]Belt Rack Belt racks make it easy to organize small tools, like wrenches. Screw a belt rack onto a wall in your apartment. Then, hang up individual tools from each hook on your belt rack.[10] This is a great way to organize wrenches from largest to smallest. [Edit]Corner Tool Rack Corner tool racks offer versatile storage throughout your home. These racks are angled and designed to fit along the edge of 2 walls without taking up too much space. Look around your home for any open corner space where this type of rack might fit. Place your tools in this storage rack, and slide it into the open corner for quick, easy access.[11] This is a great way to store longer tools, like shovels, brooms, and hoes. [Edit]Closet or Cupboard Closets and cupboards help keep your tools out of sight. Take a look at what’s in your closet right now—can you rearrange or move your belongings to make some extra space?[12] Similarly, see if you can dedicate a shelf or cupboard of kitchen space to some of your tools. For instance, you might store a pipe cutter, chisel, and hand drill in your kitchen cupboard, and keep your larger tools, like a jigsaw, drill, or sander, in your closet. [Edit]DIY Organizer Create a mini organizer with foam balls and a dowel. Drill a hole down the center of multiple foam balls with a drill bit. Then, mount a dowel onto a wooden bracket so it stays put. Slide and glue the pre-drilled foam balls onto the dowel—this creates an organizer “tree” of sorts for your tools. Once the glue dries and cures, stick small tools, like drill bits, screwdrivers, and Allen wrenches directly into the foam. Place this organizer on any open surface in your home, where you can easily grab what you need.[13]A construction adhesive works best with this project. Double-check the drying and curing time before sticking any objects in the foam balls. [Edit]Tips If you’re willing to splurge a little bit, a tool bucket organizer is a compact, handy way to store lots of small tools in one place.[14] [Edit]References ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑