How to Look Taller and Slimmer

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Ok, before I begin this article, don’t get worked up about the title. I write about what people want to know and many women would like to know how to look taller and slimmer in their clothes.

I’m not saying that you HAVE TO dress to look taller or slimmer or that it is important. But if looking taller and slimmer is your objective on any particular day, or gives you extra confidence, then this article will provide some guidelines.

Is it okay to want to look taller?

It’s also ok to have an objective like this.

When I look at myself, some days I want to dress to appear taller.

Some days I want to highlight my figure or accentuate my waist.

Some days, I just want to be edgy and I don’t care if the silhouette I choose is the most flattering.

Some days I don’t want to dress my age or care about slimness and just have fun.

It’s all ok.

If on any particular day, I want to dress to look slimmer, it does not mean that I don’t accept who I am or that I’m unsatisfied with the body I have, it just means that on that particular day I want to look as tall or as slim as I possibly can.

Clothes are a great tool to deceive the eye and obtain the objective you are after. It’s like using perspective in art. So why not use it?

With that out of the way, let’s get to it!

How to look taller and thinner

There are many ways to look taller and thinner. Check out our tips to look longer and slimmer below and combine to your heart’s delight for the best effect.

1. Wear Heels

Sylvia wearing her Fly London shoes |

This is quite an obvious one of course.

One of the best ways to look taller is to avoid too much color blocking from the waist down. That means using tights or stockings in a color that coordinates your skirt or shoes.

Or coordinating pants with your shoes. Doing so elongates your body from the waist down.

Another great trick, especially in the summer months when it’s too hot to wear stockings, is to choose nude color shoes. Nude shoes work with all colors and make your legs look longer, since a contrasting shoe color tends to interrupt your leg line.

You probably know that heels work magic by adding height and improving your posture, giving you a taller, slimmer look. But many heels are uncomfortable to wear. Look for deceptively comfortable heels. Brands like Cole Haan make fashion-forward shoes with comfort touches like padding built in.

I like my heeled shoes form Fly London that are extremely comfortable and great for walking, yet still add some height.

You don’t have to wear sky-high stilettos to streamline your look. 2-3″ of height can make a big difference. Some of the best everyday heels include:

  • A kitten heel, with just a little bit of height in a sexy, thin heel shape
  • A heel with a rubber sole for comfort and impact resistance
  • A stacked pump with a thicker, more stable heel
  • A wedge heel, which offers more support and stability
  • A platform pump or sandal. It’s more comfortable than it looks if you think about it. A pump with a 2″ platform and a 5″ heel is not actually 5″ high. The heel feels more like a 3″ high pump but lifts you up a full 5″.

Add further comfort to your high heels with the adhesive Dr. Scholls Dreamwalk High Heel Gel Insoles in your heels.

The insoles cushion the heel and ball of your foot, where most of the walking impact happens. Dr. Scholls offers a full gel insole for pumps and boots or an adhesive arch-only insole for open toe heels, slings backs and sandals.

Here are some ideas for stylish, comfortable heels that will help you look taller and slimmer. All of the shoes below have a 2″ to 3″ heel. I’ve chosen wedge, block and platform heels rather than stilettos.

Wear Heels to look taller | fashion over 40 | style | fashion |

CC Corso Como pumpEileen Fisher wedge sandalLucky Brand bootieSole Society slingback pump

Naturalizer sandalMarc Fisher LTD sandalToni Pons espadrille wedgeKarl Lagerfeld slip-on sneaker

If you want to stay comfortable while wearing your heels check out our recommendation for the best arch support shoes.

2. Create a Skinny Waistline with a Belt

how to use a belt to look taller and slimmer |

Belts are a great addition to your wardrobe. If you want to know how wear them, check out an older article on how to wear a belt.

But besides being a great fashion accessory, a belt helps cinch the waist and add an hourglass shape to your body. The latest trend in Japanese-inspired Obi belts is the perfect slimming belt that cinches your waistline comfortably.

If you want to use a belt to look both taller and thinner, skip the contrasting belt and match the belt color to your pants or skirt—it will give the illusion that your legs are just a little longer.

Sometimes layering gets a bit bulky. But layering is an important tool in looking taller and slimmer. A belt will help streamline the effect of layering if you feel there’s too much fabric on you. The best way to use a belt with layering is by adding the belt over your cardigan or shawl to draw the fabric in and give you curves.

Oxana (above) opts for a high-waisted skirt which makes her legs look super long.

Recreate her look with this similar printed blouse, skirt, belt, pumps, necklace, handbag and sunglasses.

Below are some fashionable, slimming belts:

Skinny Waistline with a Belt | fashion over 40 | style | fashion |

Tory Burch logo reversible leather beltHalogen square buckle leather beltSalvatore Ferragamo reversible leather beltRebecca Minkoff stud leather belt

B-Low the Belt genuine calf hair beltFrye beaded leather beltRebecca Minkoff python embossed leather beltRebecca Minkoff embossed woven leather belt

Can’t belt because your belly is too big? You may like to check out our tips on how to hide your belly and create beautiful long lines. 

3. Dress in Columns of Color

How to look taller and slimmer |

Columns of color when used strategically, help heighten and slim your shape.

The slimming process consists of two elements: color and layers. Think carefully about color choice. Although it’s true that black is slimming, wearing too much black can be boring and age you.

Any dark, rich color can be just as slimming as black, so opt for the latest colors like navy, dark red, merlot, dark indigo denim or rich, charcoal gray. Emerald or forest green is making a big comeback, too.

Once you’ve picked a dark, slimming color, add a cardigan, jacket or sleeveless vest to slim and lengthen you further. The layered jacket effect is a great lengthening secret. Add impact to your columns of color strategy by paying attention to the length of your legs.

Dahlia (above) chooses a belt in the same color as her pants, which has an elongating effect.

Get her look with this similar blouse, crop jeans, slingback pumps, hoop earrings and belt.

Take a look below at more outfit ideas which create an elongating effect through the use of creating a column of color:

How to look slimmer and taller: dress in columns of color |

Outfit 1: Chelsea28 over tuck drape jacquard topCitizens of Humanity slim bootcut jeans Lock and Love drape cardiganJack Rogers slide sandalNordstrom leather clutchLafayette 148 New York long resin pendant necklace

Outfit 2: Eileen Fisher stripe boxy topFRAME high waist flare jeansMBJ open front cardiganSole Society pendant necklaceThe Row sandalEric Javits tote

Outfit 3: Shein t-shirtProsperity Denim cuffed skinny jeansChelsea28 shadow stripe blazerAmalfi by Rangoni slingback pumpMali + Lili rattan shoulder bagALLSAINTS oblong scarf

4. Wear a short jacket

use a short jacket to look taller and slimmer |

As well as using long vertical lines to create the illusion of being taller or slimmer, another way to create a visual illusion is to wear a shorter jacket and to team this with long, wide pants.

That way, your torso will look shorter, and your legs will look longer, creating the illusion of height.

Ashley (above) opts for a short jacket over a column of black.

Check out this similar jacket, top, pants, necklace and mules.

short jackets to look taller and slimmer |

KUT from the Kloth denim jacketTailored by Rebecca Taylor tweed jacketBLANKNYC faux leather jacket

5. Add Vertical Details to Your Style

wearing stripes to look taller and slimmer |

Choose long, vertical lines, prints and seams instead of horizontal ones.

Vertical details will lengthen you and help with the illusion of a taller and slimmer frame by forcing the eyes to scan up and down instead of sideways. The detail can be subtle, like piping or a tuxedo stripe. Or a two-tone hourglass cutout on a dress.

Melinda (above) opts for a relaxed-fit vertical-striped shirt dress. She keeps her look to two colors, even matching her toe nails to the white stripes on her dress.

Check out this stripe dress option that you can wear with this similar pair of red slides, sunglasses and earrings.

Below are some more examples of great pieces in stores now that have vertical details that lengthen and slim.

vertical stripes to help you look taller and slimmer |

FRAME shirred stripe topTreasure & Bond button front camisoleJudith & Charles silk blouseHalogen stripe blazer

Rails stripe jumpsuitTreasure & Bond button midi dressVERO MODA crop wide leg pantsHalogen asymmetrical skirt

6. Wear jeans with a flare or a bootcut

how to look taller and slimmer - wear vertical striped clothing |

Opt for jeans with a flare, which will draw the attention down and give the illusion that you are taller. Opt for a leg length which comes closet to the floor, but which doesn’t skim it (you don’t want to be tripped over your pants!).

By choosing longer length jeans, you create longer looking legs. Choosing cropped jeans would visually draw a line across your calves or ankles, making your legs look shorter.

These kind of jeans look best with a (small) pointy heel which will further lengthen the look.

In the look above I’ve used 5 lengthening and slimming strategies:

  1. I’m wearing a short dress with vertical stripes which are lengthening.
  2. I’ve also belted my thin belt quite high, making my legs appear longer.
  3. This is further emphasized by the bootleg pants that I’m wearing. These are hemmed for heels.
  4. The heels add further inches to my height. The pants almost touch the ground so the heels are barely visual
  5. The pointy toe shoes further lengthen the look

I’m wearing an IGC dress which is no longer available but this is similar, Paige bootcut jeans and silver pumps (similar)

Wear jeans with a flare or a bootcut | fashion over 40 | style | fashion |

Citizens of Humanity high waist slim leg bootcut jeansAG bootcut jeans7 For All Mankind high waist slit flare jeans7 For All Mankind bootcut jeans

Wit & Wisdom bootcut jeansFRAME crop mini bootcut jeansCitizens of Humanity slim bootcut jeansCitizens of Humanity slim leg bootcut jeans

7. Choose a form-fitting dress with a defined waist

wear a high waistband to look taller and slimmer |

Opting for a dress with a defined waist, or a top with a waist tie can give the illusion that your legs are longer, making you look taller.

Helen (above) chooses a dress with a high, fitted waist. This makes her legs look longer and creates the illusion of extra height.

Steal her look with this similar shirtdress, espadrille sandals and tote.

A form-fitting dress with a defined waist | fashion over 40 | style | fashion |

HOBBS roll tab sleeve shirtdressTreasure & Bond wrap dressChelsea28 tie front dressChelsea28 wrap dress

Halogen midi shirtdressSeventy trench dressClub Monaco colorblock silk wrap dressHOBBS print sleeveless dress

8. Choose high-waisted styles

Higher-waisted pants and skirts will make your legs look longer and your torso appear shorter. This creates a lengthening effect.

wear high-waisted pants to make your legs look longer |

In the same way that choosing styles with a defined waist will help you to look taller, so too will opting for pants, jeans and skirts which have a high waist.

If you choose bottoms which start at the hips, they are likely to make you, and your legs, look shorter than they really are.

Nic (above) already has long legs, but makes them look even longer with her wedge shoes.

Check out this similar tank top, printed pants, espadrille sandals and sunglasses.

Below are more high-waisted styles you could try:

high-waisted styles | fashion over 40 | style | fashion |

EDWIN skinny jeansWit & Wisdom trousersRag & Bone zip hem pantsKate Kasin swing skirt

Xintianji palazzo pantsClub Monaco paperbag waist wide leg pantsMade in Blue paperbag waist skinny jeansTopdress max chiffon skirt

9. Wear V-necks

v-necks can make you look taller and slimmer |

Choose V-neck tops where possible. They will add height to your frame by creating a triangular, vertical line.

For the best result, wear with your high-waisted jeans or pants.

If you are wearing a button-down shirt instead or a v-neck, then you can leave a few buttons open to create the same kind of look as a v-neck.

Sandra (above) chooses a v-neck blouse in a similar shade to her pants.

Recreate her evening outfit with this similar v-neck blouse, pants and flats.

Wear V-necks | fashion over 40 | style | fashion |

ATM Anthony Thomas MelilloVERO MODA wrap topChelsea28 drape waist topChelsea28 twist front sleeveless top

VERO MODA sleeveless topHalogen ruched front mesh top1901 scallop trim v-neck sweaterHalogen tie waist cardigan

10. Tuck your tops in

Rather than letting your tops hang over your bottoms, tuck your top into your jeans, pants or skirt.

This will make your torso look shorter and your legs look longer, which will give the illusion of height.

11. Look for tops with slimmer sleeves

wearing similar colors can help you to look taller and slimmer |

While statement sleeves, such as bell sleeves or puff sleeves, are on trend, they can make your top half look wider.

This, in turn can draw the attention width ways, rather than lengthways. If you are trying to look taller, then look for tops which have slimmer sleeves.

Opting for a three-quarter length sleeve, rather than a short sleeve will also work well.

The same goes for the width of your tops. If you choose a top which is slimline this will elongate your figure to create extra height rather than width.

For example, notice how the tops below are very similar in color and style, but the top with the shorter, wider sleeves draws your attention to the sides rather than up and down.

Petra (above) chooses slightly puffed sleeves, but by keeping her whole look in similar neutral and pale shades, she adds height.

Get her look with this similar top, pants, heels, handbag, belt, necklace and sunglasses.

Slimmer sleeves | fashion over 40 | style | fashion |

Halogen mesh topMade By Johnny 3/4 sleeve drape topFRAME stripe linen top

12. Wear a hat with a little height

wear a hat with some height to look taller and slimmer |

Wearing a hat can not only provide a style statement, giving you the perfect finishing touch to your outfit, but it can also draw the eye upwards, helping you to look taller.

Opt for a hat which has a little extra height on the crown.

Martina (above) adds height with her classic black fedora, as well as creating an elongating column of black underneath her pink blazer.

Check out this similar shirt, blazer, jeans, slingback pumps, handbag and hat.

Wear a hat with a little height | fashion over 40 | style | fashion |

Kate Spade New York trilbyBrixton fisherman capGoorin Bros. wide brim hatTreasure & Bond frayed pattern panama hat

Nordstrom stripe brim straw bucket hatEric Javits leopard print bucket hatRag & Bone floppy brim wool fedoraBrixton floppy wool hat

13. Improve your posture

I’m sure we’re all guilty of slouching or not paying attention to our posture during the day.

But, just by standing, or sitting tall, rather than slouching your spine or shoulders can instantly add an inch or two onto your height.

14. Opt for pointed toe shoes

wearing pointed shoes can make you look taller |

I talked earlier about wearing high heels, which is one of the more obvious tips for looking taller.

But another good tip is to wear pointed toe shoes rather than those with a round toe.

Pointed shoes can add an inch or two to your foot, and elongate your leg. You could opt for either heels or, if you want a more comfortable everyday look, for flats.

Sam (above) opts for snakeprint pointed shoes with a little heel.

Check out this similar off the shoulder top, pants, pumps and bag.

Opt for pointed toe shoes | fashion over 40 | style | fashion |

Sole Society slingback flatSole Society pointy toe flatMiz Mooz flatTrotters pointed toe loafer

Sam Edelman pointed toe flatTrotters pointed toe flatBella Vita pointed toe flatBotkier pointy toe flat

15. Avoid big prints

If you’re trying to look taller and slimmer then it’s best to avoid big, busy prints as these can draw the eye across the body rather than up and down it, creating the opposite effect to the one you are aiming for.

If you do want to wear a print, choose a smaller pattern.

15. For an even more streamlined look, use shape wear

Start with the right bra and underwear – it’s the foundation for your look.

Proper shapewear will lift and support where you need  it to and smooth and streamline other parts, giving you a slimmer, longer look.

Shape wear doesn’t have to look like something your grandma used to wear, fashion details like lace or contrasting panels in the undergarments give you a powerful combination of practicality and beauty.

Be open minded and give shape wear a try.

Today’s top shape wear companies like Spanx, Yummie and others are founded by women or work with women designers that know how a woman wants to look — and feel. That means that there is a fashionable selection of undergarments that tuck, lift and hide flaws while being pretty comfortable for all seasons, too.

Here’s a collection of some of the best:

use shape wear | fashion over 40 | style | fashion |

Yummie seamlessly shaped convertible camisoleSPANX panty bodysuit SKIMS sculpting seamless mid shortsSPANX high waist thong

Yummie seamless slipSPANX cupped mid thigh bodysuitSPANX cupped pants bodysuitSPANX nouveau slip

A capsule wardrobe to look taller and slimmer

Below are some of the items of clothing as well as shoes and accessories used above put together in a capsule closet to look taller and slimmer this summer.

A capsule wardrobe on how to look taller and slimmer |

What tricks do you use on the days when you want to look taller and slimmer?

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How to look taller and slimmer |

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