How To Gussy Up Your Bathroom On a Budget

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One of my favorite home transformations to see is a good bathroom transformation. When you look at homes, it’s pretty common to see worn-down showers and bathtubs. A transformation makes ALL the difference. If you are wondering how to fancy up your bathroom on a budget, here are a few good tips-

Start With One Big Improvement

Okay, I know we are talking about how to fancy up your bathroom on a budget, but if you are able to budget out one big improvement at a time, you’ll have a bathroom that is totally updated and transformed, without taking a huge chunk of money out of the bank at once. In my mind, this is the way to do it! One of the best big improvements you can make in my eyes is your countertops. If you are looking into replacing them with updated, better-looking countertops, check out Click Countertops. They can help with your bathroom, kitchen, and any other countertop areas that you have in your home. On their website, they have a super easy square footage calculator for countertops, so that you are able to know exactly how much you need to replace, get an easy quote, and then budget for the replacement. Working with Click Countertops is so easy and stress-free, according to reviews. They have over 20 years of industry experience and over 500,000 installations under their belt. From commercial properties, to the house next door, they’ve done it all, and have the experience + amazing reviews to back that up.

Once you get your countertops replaced, start budgeting for the next big improvement. And don’t worry about time – take all the time you need! 

Great smells

If there’s nothing you can do to make your bathroom look better (even though I’m sure there is), make sure that it at least smells great! Keep your shower and toilet area clean. Wipe down all surfaces on a regular basis, and even consider getting some non-toxic shower steamers. When you have them tucked away in your linen closet, it will help everything smell so much better, and then when it diffuses in your shower, your entire room will smell like it!

Small Decorative Touches

Sometimes, it’s the little things that make the biggest difference. When you decide it’s time to revamp your bathroom, start small and work your way up to the bigger projects. Doing simple things like switching out that plastic soap container for a permanent (and much nicer-looking) soap holder can take the look of your countertop to a new level! Target has some inexpensive, but still fancy schmancy-looking soap holders that you can get on for the low low. One of my favorite small touches to add to a bathroom is flowers! I stick with the fake flowers, but if you are an overachiever, feel free to buy fresh flowers each week. A small bunch of flowers in a delicate vase adds a nice touch next to your fancy-schmancy soap holder. Check out Michaels for some not-so-fake-looking fake flowers. There are plenty of other small touches you can add to your bathroom that will make huge improvements. Get creative! Along with the soap holder and flowers, a few of my favorites are a toilet paper holder, disposable monogrammed hand towels, and some nice wall art. 


If you want any room to look nice, bathroom or not, the key is organization. If you’re cringing right now at the thought of the words “organization” and “bathroom” listed in the same sentence, I’m talking to you. A bathroom with makeup, hairdryers and straighteners, toothbrushes, and everything else you use on the daily, laying around can never look great! For organization, think minimalist. You want as few things on the countertops as possible. If you are new to keeping your bathroom decluttered, here are a few of my most useful tips: invest in some good drawer organization pieces for your makeup and other small bathroom essentials, make sure to put products away right after using them (I know, this one is hard), invest in a nice-looking towel rack (free-standing or wall-hanging) to hang towels rather than throwing them over doors, and most of all, keep it clean! Cleaning up your bathroom takes so little time if you do just one piece each day. I’m talking like 30 seconds to a minute people! 

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