Hitting the road? Get a travel wallet and keep your docs safe.

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You can do a lot with the iPhone Wallet, but it can't completely take the place of a traditional wallet. And when you're taking a trip, it's smart to keep all of your essential travel documents in one place. Doing so keeps you organized and cuts down on the number of things you need to pack. Travel wallets are purpose-built for storing all of your valuables in one place. They have enough room for cash, credit cards, passports, and other essentials. And many travel wallets are slim enough to tuck in a purse, backpack, or pocket. Ready to hit the road? Don't leave home without one of the best wallets for traveling.

For the whole family

Zero Grid TechSafe

Staff pick

Zero Grid's TechSafe is an RFID-blocking, water-resistant travel wallet. It's roomy enough to store multiple passports, an iPhone, credit cards, cash, a pen, and other important papers. Explicitly designed for group travelers, the TechSafe has flexible pockets and ripstop nylon construction, so it holds up to all kinds of travel. The zipper enclosure keeps documents tucked in and away from prying eyes. If you journey as a family or with a group of friends, this is one of the very best wallets for traveling.

$23 at Amazon $35 at ZeroGrid

Fits in your front pocket

Nomatic wallet

It's never a good idea to look like a tourist when adventuring, and this basic wallet from Nomatic will help you blend in with the locals. This model is slim enough to fit in your front pocket but expansive enough to hold up to 15 credit cards, cash, and your hotel room key. Made of medical-grade elastic and genuine leather, this is a sleek wallet you can tuck away in a pocket, so you don't have to lug around a heavy backpack.

$20 at Amazon $20 at Best Buy $20 at B&H

Add some color

Travelon 43401 RFID passport zip wallet

If plain black travel wallets aren't your thing, you're going to dig this offering from Travelon. Cool and colorful, this generous travel wallet is large enough to store passports, IDs, credit cards, and cash for the whole family. You'll get six passport holders, four card slots, a zippered pouch, a pen loop, and a gigantic slash pocket in this wallet. The whole thing zips closed and is just the right size to store in a jacket pocket, purse, or backpack. If you go places with a group, this is one of the best wallets for traveling around today.

$24 at Amazon $19 at Kohl's $28 at Travelon

A leather masterpiece

Bellroy travel folio

The Bellroy travel folio is an upgrade to the big lump that barely fits in your back pocket. The Bellroy is made of soft, environmentally certified leather and has a zipper closure, ensuring you never lose a thing. The interior dividers organize documents, hide cash, hold two passports, boarding passes, and a micro pen. The Bellroy is as beautiful as it is functional and comes with RFID protection.

$140 at Amazon $139 at Bellroy

Keep it close

Venture 4th RFID neck pouch

You'll never fall victim to pickpocketers with the Venture 4th RFID Neck Pouch. This travel pouch includes three storage compartments for keeping documentation, cash, and passports close to your body and out of harm's way. There's also a window for your ID, so you don't have to tear apart your wallet looking for it. Perfect for men, women, or children, the travel wallet from Venture 4th slips over your neck and can hang under your clothing for the ultimate in security.

$13 at Amazon $16 at Venture 4th

Hidden zipper lock

Samsonite RFID zip travel wallet

Unique to the Samsonite, a hidden zipper lock to keep valuables locked down. You'll also get a double-locked strap for extra security. Inside this travel wallet from Samsonite are slip pockets for eight cards and an ID, a zippered pocket for change, a pen loop, a mesh pocket for cords, and a sleeve to cradle your passport or concert tickets. When you need maximum security, the Samsonite should be your go-to.

$45 at Amazon $48 at Samsonite

Keep it all on you

Shacke hidden travel belt wallet

The Shacke Pak slips through your belt and is nearly impossible to remove or see. You can leave it tucked in between your pants and skin while moving about and pull it out when you need to access its contents. Three zipper pouches provide areas for cards, cash, passports, and change, and the whole thing is lined with RFID anti-theft material. If you're concerned about safety, this is one of the best wallets for keeping you and your valuables safe.

$8 at Amazon $14 at Shacke

For iPhone 12 owners

Apple leather wallet with MagSafe

We love the new iPhone 12! It's sleek, powerful, and chargeable without messy cords. If you're lucky enough to own any of the new iPhone models, grab the Apple Leather Wallet with MagSafe and don't look back. Available in four colors, this wallet travels with you and your iPhone and is held magnetically in place like magic. It even works with the iPhone 12 MagSafe case.

$59 at Amazon $60 at Best Buy $59 at Apple

A slim passport wallet

Fintie passport travel wallet

This leather look-a-like passport wallet from Fintie comes packed with RFID technology. Card slots are in practical locations, making it easy to slip a card out and slide it back in. There are three cardholders in total, plus room for an ID, boarding pass, and a sleeve for your passport. This is a slim and lightweight travel wallet, and it's available in a massive number of colors and styles to suit your fancy.

$10 at Amazon $9 at Fintie $14 at Walmart

So much room

Lewis N. Clark RFID neck stash

When you have a lot to store but want to keep weight light, reach for Lewis N. Clark's Stash Wallet. Made for travel across town or across the country, this RFID-blocking wallet hangs from your neck and can be tucked under your clothes to conceal it. Inside you'll get a window pocket for your ID, a pocket for your phone, a passport sleeve, space for cash, and even a zippered pocket for earbuds, cables, and other items. The Lewis N. Clark Neck Stash holds a lot but remains slim and easy to tote from place to place.

$13 at Amazon

A minimalist favorite

Serman Brands RFID slim bifold leather wallet

This vintage-looking travel wallet from Serman Brands is pocketable, handsome, and affordable. It's also practical, equipped with advanced RFID Secure technology, and made of the finest full grain genuine leather. It comes in 11 colors, all of them made of leather. Minimalistic in nature, you'll get plenty of room in a slim package. Cash slips inside an attached stainless steel money clip, and cards slide into slots. There's also a picture window for your ID.

$30 at Amazon $30 at Serman Brands

The best wallets for traveling are ...

When you're hitting the road, especially on an extended trip, a travel wallet should be at the top of your needs list. And if you're heading overseas, it's a must. My top pick when traveling with family or friends is theTechSafe from ZeroGrid. This is a spacious wallet with enough room for four passports, up to 10 cards, a pen, and your IDs.

If you want something that looks great and is functional, I recommend the Bellroy Folio. . It's a classy-looking leather wallet that will hold travel documents, IDs, cards, and cash.

When you want to hold your goods close to your body, you can't go wrong with Venture 4th. Their travel neck pouch wallet has scads of room for money, cards, and passports, and it slips over your neck or under your clothes for stealthy travel.