High-end Furniture Brands For Home Decor That Stands The Test of Time

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High-end furniture is expensive — an investment in your home’s interior. Of course, it’s important to look beyond the price tag and understand why high-end furniture brands can command a premium for their products.

High-end Furniture Brands

These pieces are constructions of materials in designs that are meant to last. In fact, high-end furniture has a number of characteristics that distinguish it from mass production and fast furniture:

  • Quality materials. This furniture does not skimp on quality and is made from the best types available. From solid wood to luxury textiles for upholstery and strong, sturdy components are all used in the manufacture of high-end furniture.
  • Unique design. Luxury furniture often features innovative and cutting-edge designs and is mainly custom. It is distinctive and never mistaken for mass-market design.
  • Handcrafted. While most furniture involves some level of individual production, high-end furniture is generally handcrafted by master artisans. The time and skill devoted to these pieces cannot be matched by furniture brands that proc=duce on a huge scale.
  • Meant to last. Thanks to the quality of materials and construction, high-end furniture is. made to last. These are the pieces that will become heirlooms and in fact, many of today’s iconic designs are high-end furniture pieces that have stood the test of time, popularity and functionality.

We’ve pulled together a list of some of the most innovative and interesting high-end furniture brands for you to peruse. Whether you’re ready to invest in some top-quality furnishings or just want to see what these brands represent, you’ll find lots of ideas and inspiration.

Look Beyond the Price Tag for the Real Value of High-End Furniture Brands


Vitra is known for producing innovative pieces by furniture designers that over the years have become iconic names. The Swiss company, founded in 1957, started out producing furniture under license from the Herman Miller Collection European market. Designs by well-known names like  Charles and Ray Eames, George Nelson and Verner Panton cemented the Vitra name in the high-end furniture market brand.

The company’s growing collection of important furniture pieces led it to open the Vitra Design Museum in 1989. The building itself is an important architectural work by Frank Gehry, his first work in Europe.

La Chaise

Vitra La Chaise High End Furniture Brand

La Chaise is a grand example of an iconic high-end furniture piece produced by Vitra. Designed by Charles and Ray Eames in 1948, this elegant lounge was inspired by the “Floating Figure” sculpture by Gaston Lachaise. The lounge chair was made using a plastic-and-rubber composite, which was among the new technologies and materials that were developed during World War II.  

Panton Chair

Panton Chair High End Iconic Furniture

Another instantly recognizable design is the Panton chair. Designed by Verner Panton, Vitra debuted this chair — the first one to be all plastic made from one piece — in 1967.  Having won all kinds of awards, this piece of high-end furniture is still sold today as the Panton Chair Classic. It is crafted from rigid polyurethane foam and has a glossy lacquer finish.


Under the tagline “Pushing the boundaries of design since 1976,” Magis is dedicated to uncompromising design in its high-end furniture. Over the years, the Italian company has partnered with some of the most exceptionally talented designers, including Philippe Starck and Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec. 

Among the furniture brands, Magis is often considered eclectic because it includes a wide range of novel ideas and production methods. The company is also actively researching alternatives to regular plastics and has experimented with all kinds of materials from jute, help and recyclable plastics. Increasingly, high-end furniture brands are working to improve the sustainability of the products as well.


Magis High End Furniture Brand

Prolific designer Konstantin Grcic created Chair_One to exploit the potential of die-casting in design. The stackable chair is composed of many small, perforated and triangular facets joined together to create a three-dimensional shape. Made from die-cast aluminum, the negative spaces in the design take precedence over the solid parts, yielding a distinctive design. This piece of high-end furniture also has a cushion that is available for added comfort. Chair_One has been called a future icon.


The Knoll brand is synonymous with great design and high-end furniture. The American design firm has produced furniture by some of the biggest names including Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Frank Gehry and Eero Saarinen. In fact, New York’s The Museum of Modern Art has more than 40 Knoll designs in its permanent collection. Founded by Hans Knoll in 1938, his wife Frances has run the company since his death in 1955.

With its roots in the modern ideals of Bauhaus, Knoll’s designs for both commercial and residential furniture are recognized as “furnishings that inspire, evolve, and endure.” In 2021,  Herman Miller — another big name in high-end furniture for office and home — acquired Knoll, merging two pillars among furniture brands into one powerhouse. 

Tulip Chair

Tulip Chair Iconic High End Furniture Brand

The iconic Tulip Chair has endured for more than 50 years. Designed by Eero Saarinen, the chair was conceived to solve the problem of what Saarinen called the “slum of legs” underneath tables. The pedestal design was, at the time, considered futuristic, but now we term it retro. The Tulip design is also what launched his long-term relationship with Knoll.

Barcelona Couch

Barcelona Couch

The clean lines and angles that characterize Mies van der Rohe’s architectural projects also infused his furniture designs, such as the Barcelona Couch. Echoing the elegance of the Barcelona Chair, the couch is a lesson in masterful design and materials and an excellent example of high-end furniture.

A hardwood frame and stainless steel legs support the cushion, upholstered in leather. The distinctive deep tufts are achieved by using individual panels of leather that are cut, hand-welted and hand-tufted.


When it comes to upholstery materials, leather is a high-end furniture choice, certainly because of the feel and the look, but even more some for its longevity. Italian manufacturer of leather and hide furniture, Frag uses this historic material to create innovative and elegant new designs.

Founded in 1921, Frag is the epitome of “Made in Italy because it blends unparalleled leather processing skills with the powerful expressions of established young designers. 

Among furniture brands, Frag stands out for its success in creating avant-garde forms of chairs, armchairs, sofas, beds, tables and accessories that are fresh and modern. Because no other material is as durable and lasts as long as leather, Frag’s designs are destined to become coveted heirlooms.

Winnie Chair

Frag Furniture Brands - Winnie Chair

Generously padded and oversized, the Winnie chair is irresistibly inviting. Sink into the deep leather upholstery and exhale as you relax in the modern, yet casual design. Part of a collection that includes a sofa, the Winnie was designed by Mist-o, the design duo of Japan’s Noa Ikeuchi and Italy’s Tommaso Nani.

The Winnie lounge chair has a lightly padded metal frame and the seat and back cushions are padded with eco-friendly down while the legs are done in burnished brass.

Hollow Chair

Hollow Chair

Elegant with a strong personality is how Frag describes the Hollow lounge chair. With a monolithic silhouette, this high-end chair strikes a distinctive style note and is super comfortable at the same time. While it’s perfect in a family room or bedroom, the Hollow is also ideal for use in a more formal setting.

Designed by Christophe Pillet, the chair is emblematic of how his work “aims at essentials without ever being austere.”  Pillet believes that, above all, design corresponds to “the wish to bring to light the behaviors of people in the respect of their desires.”


Italian furniture company Zanotta is well-known thanks to the iconic designs it produced in the 1960s, 70s, and 80s. Founded in 1954, some of the innovative pieces it created include the “Sacco” bean bag chair and “Blow,” the first-ever mass-produced inflatable chair. Over the years, Zanotta built a reputation working with design masters as well as “unsung heroes of history.” Its current catalog of 200 designs represents the work of 131 designers from 18 countries.

Today, Zanotta’s designs represent contemporary everyday life and the comfort and beauty found there. From the smallest design accessories to the largest high-end furniture pieces, the designs are about the emotions and the stories the home has to tell.

Judy Armchair

Zanotta Judy chair

The Judy armchair is a contrast in materials that yields an extremely comfortable seat. Designed by Austria’s Frank Rettenbacher, the Judy pairs a beech plywood frame with a backrest and seat filled with self-shaping (memory) polyurethane foam.

The chair’s silhouette has a very graphic look and extended armrests that add to the comfort. Zanotta says that “by experimenting with a varying thickness of plywood, we found the perfect flexibility for the backrest to adapt to your body.”


Casamania works with more than two dozen cutting-edge designers to create designer seating and modular furniture for residential and commercial use. The company’s products have an eclectic look thanks to the avant-garde influences that infuse the designs.

The furniture brand’s pieces go beyond simple function to become a work that evokes moods, emotions and memories. Casamania is a high-end furniture ‘Made in Italy’ designer brand that was founded in 1984 and focuses on quality, innovation, and sustainable materials.

Sienna Armchair

Casamania high end armchair

Take a seat in the Sienna armchair and you’ll be enveloped in comfort and luxury. This piece of high-end furniture is reminiscent of the Swedish designs from the 1970s. Designed by Studio Balutto Associati, the Sienna is crafted from solid black ash and upholstered in leather, with the cushions done in a textile. The versatile chair works with a range of styles, from the most elegant to those that are more modern or contemporary. 


Hands down, one of the most artful furniture brands in the world is Moroso.  While it produces high-end furniture of all kinds, its specialty is sofas and seating. Many leading designers such as Patricia Urquiola, Ron Arad and Marcel Wanders have collaborated with Moroso on creative furniture that is, above all, high quality.

Founded. in 1952, the family-run Italian company has more than 70 master craftsmen in its own production atelier. Moroso has built its reputation in limitless creativity in manufacturing furniture that is unique and made of the best materials, be they traditional or cutting edge. From sedate textiles on comfortable living room sofas to whimsical designs in bold colors, the range of options is very wide

Ayub Armchair

Moroso Ayub Armchair High End Brand

The Ayub armchair by Edward Van Vliet is part of the Sushi Collection, which focuses on layering. The rounded steel frame creates a shape that envelopes you while the internal foam and goosedown back cushions make a soft and comfortable seat.

The base is done in varnished ash. The overall design is inspired by a progression from architecture to folkloric imagery. In addition to the Ayub, there are colorful benches and poufs, all ideal for residential as well as commercial use.

Karmakoma Sofa

Karmakoma Sofa

Also part of Moroso’s Sushi Collection, Vilet’s Karmakoma Sofa is magically traditional and modern at the same time. This versatile piece of high-end furniture combines fresh design in its patchwork of textiles and colors with an innovative angular silhouette. The wood frame encloses the seats that are soft and comfortable, filled with polyurethane foam and goosedown.

Belt Sofa

Belt Sofa

The Belt by Patricia Urquiola is a sofa named after the unique way the cushions are anchored to the frame. Forst and foremost, the seat is cozy and soft, meaning that everyone will want to linger there. The foldover design is in line with the casual nature of the piece and fits with a trend of destructuring. The aluminum frame components can be freely assembled in different ways to create a variety of custom looks.



Tall, colorful and totally fun, the Shadowy chair makes a statement whether you choose to use it indoors or out. Designed by Tord Boontje in 2009, the entire collection is manufactured with threads normally used for producing fishing nets. As is typical of high-end furniture, Shadowy is handwoven and the slight imperfections only add to its special charm. The polyethylene threads are attached to a painted steel base.


From kitchens to high-end furniture, Italian brand Poliform is focused on creating products that fit today’s lifestyle and is focused on beauty and elegance as well as technical preeminence. Founded in 1970 by the Spinelli family and Giovanni Anzani, Poliform builds on an artisan business established in 1942. It has been transformed into a well-known name among global high-end furniture brands.

Poliform takes sustainable design seriously and only uses paints free of heavy metals and of hazardous solvents. Composite panels have minimal formaldehyde emissions, the wood used does not come from protected exotic forests and packaging materials are recycled/recyclable to the greatest degree possible.

The Mad Joker

High End Poliform Brand

Designer Marcel Wanders created the perfect reading chair in the form of the Mad Joker. The high back and elegant curved lines make it a versatile piece that works with contemporary or classic interiors alike. The upholstery is customizable as is the finish of the shell, which can have different choices for the outer shell and inner seat.

Underneath, it sits on wooden legs but also has the option of a swivel base. There’s also the matching pouffe, which completes the ideal set-up for a reading nook!

Marlon Chair

Marlon Chair

Elegant and roomy, the Marlon chair by Vincent Van Duysen strikes the right note for any contemporary decor style. With comfort the primary focus, the ergonomic shape is distinctive in and of itself.  The strong silhouette sits atop angled wooden legs and is available in two different heights for the back. Upholstered in sumptuous leather, the base and frame are solid wood.

The Gentleman

The Gentleman

Another elegant piece by marcel Wanders is the Gentleman dresser,  which is said to “bring a gentleman’s nobility of spirit and aesthetic refinement into the bedroom.” The substantial rounded form sits off the floor and features curved ends that give it a softer feel without trending toward the feminine.

Matching nightstands are available in this collection, which features a top of lacquer polyurethane available in more than two dozen colors.


Sara Polifrom

Mirrors have great aesthetic function in a living space and Sara, created by Flaviano Capriotti, is a design of utter simplicity and total versatility. Tall and rectangular with a thin, deep frame, Sara can hang on the wall or stand on the floor and lean.

Non-slip rubber pads let it stand securely. To best complement your decor, the frame can be finished in a range of lacquer, metallic or leather choices. 

Rolf Benz

As one of the first manufacturers to be awarded the official “Furniture Made in Germany” label, Rolf Benz is carrying on a long tradition of quality and pioneering interior design.  Founded in 1964, the furniture brand started with seating and has responded to dining tables, beds and cabinets.

Focused on premium quality furniture and cutting-edge design, Rolf Benz also has sustainability built into its history. With its own upholstered frame factory, the company can often source the most important materials for its sofas within a radius of less than 100 km, satisfying quality- and eco-conscious buyers.


Rolf Benz High End Furniture Brands

When it’s time to relax, the ALMA from Rolf Benz is the ideal piece of high-end furniture. It has a refined but very inviting vibe that is substantial, yet not overwhelming thanks to the legs underneath. The innovative backrest provides pillow-like comfort for reclining.

The ALMA sofa options include two seat heights and three different leg designs. Each element sits on four feet so it can be combined with other components. Durable, heirloom-quality leather upholstery creates a sofa with serious longevity.


Since its founding in 1948, Porada has been steeped in its passion and love for wood. The company makes high-end furniture handcrafted from solid wood by artisans. Collaborating with a stable of designers who are masters of the craft, Porada has developed a full range of furniture and accessories.

Although Porada works with the highest quality materials available, its true distinction comes from the people who work for the family-owned company.  their talents allow the furniture brand to make its fabulous pieces.


Wood is main draw in this innovative bookshelf called the Dalida. The rounded shape of the supports draws the eye to this natural material and the lacquered shelves themselves are a beautiful secondary element.  The shelving units are available as sections of two shelves, which can be combined to any size. The wood comes in a choice of three types.

Giolino Mirror and Altante 5 Cupboard

The gorgeous asymmetrical shape of the Giolino mirror is a marvelous design for showing off the wood frame. An ideal complement in any living space, the frame is customizable in any one of three wood finishes, a range of lacquer options as well as two metallic choices. 

Here the mirror is paired with the stunning Atlante 5 sideboard. Crafted from solid canaletta walnut, the front features four smoked glass doors that allow you to display your favorite items or create a bar area, highlighted by internal dimmable lighting. The top of the sideboard, shown here in marble, is also available in wood or frosted back-coated glass. 

Ziggy Console

The Ziggy is the ideal slim console with its long, lean legs and contrasting top. Part of a collection that includes coffee tables and sidectablescas well, Ziggy is available in different heights and dimensions, as are all the pieces. The wood is solid canaletta walnut and th top can be marble or lacquered wood..

Tonon Italia

Among global furniture brands, Tonon is one of the best known for chairs and tables. The company’s name is inextricably tied to innovative design and quality, embodying the “made in Italy” ethos. Founded in 1926, the brand is dedicated to careful and creative craftsmanship. Its designs are versatile and elevate any interior with their unique, distinctive style.


Martin Ballendat’s design, called the Up-chair was originally created in 2012 and immediately became one of the brand’s bes-sellers. This new version combines the shell — made from a technical soft touch material — and wooded armrests crafted from solid American walnut or oak. The melding of these two disparate materials into a smooth, unified silhouette is an example of the company’s masterful craftsmanship and seating design.


For more than a century, MisuraEmme has been contributing to “Made in Italy” furniture production. Its strong heritage is dedicated to a constantly evolving know-how, which has propelled it to international renown.

The brand’s stylish products are manufactured directly  on site and represent the balance between serial production capacity and true design flair. Care for the environment is also critical for the company, which has a revolutionary spraying plant completely based on water-soluble products and  certification in the use of varnishing technologies with low environmental impact. 

Margareth Bed 

The Margareth bed is an elegant design by Carlo Marelli and Massimo Molteni. It has a light feel and fresh, contemporary look thanks to the slim, rounded leg extensions. The headboard is made from sturdy steel that is upholstered in any one of a wide range of textile, leathers or suedes.

The bed is finished with  sophisticated tailored handcrafted detailing and the solid wood base is also upholstered enhancing the  solid wood leg supports.

..Customizable Storage

Among the high-end furnishings that MisuraEmme produces is a range of wardrobes and shelving systems for any room in the home. Customizaable to meet any storage and display needs, the solid wood units combine with glass sections as well as closed storage units. They are as visually stunning as they are functional.


For nearly 25 years, Georgetti has handcrafted luxury high-end furniture with a history rooted in cabinetmaking. In recent decades, the company’s collaborations with designers, have yielded functional, contemporary pieces with unparalleled style and quality.

Precise attention and Italian master craftsmanship create stunning details and highlight the natural beauty, no matter what the type of wood. Once mixed with other materials like stone, glass, leather and metal, the resulting furniture is beautiful and functional.

Alma, derived from the Latin word Almus, means “soul” or “she who nourishes.” For Georgetti, the name celebrates the piece — a desk. The philosophy behind a desk is to open the mind and expand knowledge, which was the inspiration for designer Pamela Amine. Crafted from solid canaletto walnut and luxurious saddle leather, this writing desk is the epitome of high-end furniture design, 


Dutch furniture manufacturer Artifort is known for both its iconic designs by legends like Kho Liang Ie and Pierre Paulin as well as the new generation top designer including Patrick Norguet and Luca Nichetto. Its reputation for timeless pieces is not surprising given its history of more than 130 years.

By combining craftsmanship and high-tech production techniques, Artifort produces high-quality furniture that is distinctive in form as well as function. It has also committed to sustainability with regard to materials as well as the longevity of the furnishings. 

Designed by Italy’s Luca Nichetto, the Pala is meant to echo the form of the human body. This pedestal armchair, available with a matching footstool, is streamlined and modern but sacrifices nothing when it comes to comfort. It is a prime example of heritage manufacturing and a contemporary aesthetic and is ideal for an office and the living room.


Italian high-end furniture manufacturer PLANK takes an innovative approach to form and combines it with intense research in industrial production technology. The result is one of the furniture brands with some of the widest-ranging iconic pieces from designers such as Konstantin Grcic and Biagio Cisotti + Sandra Laube. Founded in 1953, PLANK has won numerous awards for its chairs, lounge seating, table systems and stools. 

The Remo chair, designed by Konstantin Grcic, was inspired by a paddle or oar, which is visible in its silhouette. Hands down, the most defining feature is the chair’s backrest, which has a T shape. Its construction is a sophisticated interlocking joint, attaching the curved seat to the horizontal back rest.

The resulting shell is strong but also very light. Crafted from polypropylene, the stackable chair is available in a wide range of colors and the metal structure comes in chrome or zinc plated and powder coated for outdoor use.


Among furniture brand, Alias is known for technological lightness, versatility and innovation. Founded in  1979, the company has collaborated with renowned designers, creating an inventory of high-end furniture that is unique and symbolic of quality Italian craftsmanship.

The story of Alias started with Giandomenico Belotti’s spaghetti chair, which was one of the company’s first creations to become part of the collections at the Museum of Modernt Art in New York. From that point on, Alias has been producing innovative designs for home and office while minimizing environmental impact in every phase of its operations. I


Modular and modern but so soft and inviting, Okome is a collection that is inspired by water-smoothed pebbles. This stunning collection is the fruit of a collaboration with Japanese studio Nendo that is composed of rounded forms that mix and meld to create nin different configurations.

It’s a more sophisticated design than the typical modular sofa that’s perfect for offices as well as homes. The different components attach with a special hooking system.


Italy’s RODA is among the furniture brands filling the need for high-end furniture for outdoor living spaces. The company follows a philosophy that it is possible to enjoy the outdoors just as you can an interior design space, taking into the same considerations for colors, materials and silhouettes.

More than just shifting its designs to the outdoor arena, RODA creates pieces that are unique and symbiotic with nature. At the same time, the pieces are natural, warm and welcoming.

Laze Lounge

RODA’s Laze outdoor lounge was designed by Gordon Guillaumier to be an “idle seat” so it has a wide and enveloping shape. It’s ideal for napping, reading in the shade or enjoying a natural view. It is constructed of polyester filaments stretched over a stainless steel frame, with cushions for comfort. It is available in a variety of combinations of structures and ropes, so these outdoor lunges can be personalized.


Kartell, one of Milan’s top Furniture brands, is a defining maker of innovative modern furniture and lighting. With more than 70 year of history, Kartell’s works include iconic pieces by celebrated designers like Philippe Starck, Piero Lissoni, Patricia Urquiola.

Cutting-edge designs push the envelope when it comes to what materials can do, exemplified by the injection-mold polycarbonate and other plastic furniture it makes.


Kartell, one of Milan's top Furniture brands

Philippe Stark’s Venice chair is a tribute to its namesake city. although designed for the outdoors, it is just as comfortable being used indoors for the dining room or living room. Crafted from mass-colored polycarbonate finished with a soft touch treatment, it features the classic lines of chairs found in the Italian city’s cafes, but with an added dose of comfort.


Ferruccio Laviani created this Kabuki floor lamp in a design that resembles a woven lace shade. Instead, it is actually made from injection-molded transparent or mass-colored thermoplastic technopolymer. The ultimate result is a light that diffuses a warm glow in an old-fashioned way but using a totally modern production technique. the Kabuki is available in an outdoor version too.

Ginger and Jagger

Among furniture brands, Ginger & Jagger is a relatively young one having been launched in 2012. Nonetheless, in short time, this brand has made a name for itself with a range of products that represent creative innovation balanced with the integrity of the materials along with artisanal techniques.

The high-end furniture of this Portuguese brand is inspired by nature and uses methods like brass casting, wood and marble marquetry, hand-hammered metals and hand-sculpted marble. The pieces are elegant, stylish and evocative.

Flora Bookcase

Flora Bookcase

Light and calling to mind branches in the forest, the Flora Bookcase stands as a graceful tribute to nature and earthly beauty. The vertical supports are made of tree branches that have been formed in cast brass, with very lifelike detailing and finished in silver. The glass shelves help provide the same sense of lightness that the branches convey. 

Pacini e Cappellini

Italian furniture brand Pacini & Cappellini has been making furniture and accessories for more than 40 years. The founders brought their passion for interior decoration, love of wood and keen aesthetic sense to the craft of furniture making.

The result is a line of high-end solid wood furniture made in Italy that melds skilled craftsmanship with innovative materials and cutting-edge industrial techniques. These distinctions and the company’s work with leaders in design have put a number of iconic works in its catalog of 

Tube Bookcase

Pacini e Cappellini High End Furniture

The Tube bookcase has a unique structure of metal that is perfect for a minimalist interior. Designed by architect Norberto Delfinetti, this totally customizable bookcase can incorporate mirrors, wooden shelves or a TV stand to accommodate the functions of any room.

The units can be combined to encompass as large an area as desired, at any height and with as many shelves as needed. The metal structure is painted in a titanium color while the shelves can be veneered canaletto walnut or ash.

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