Hello and happy Friday friends!  Don’t you love that Friday came so quickly this week?!  We’re back to baseball this weekend and a little playdate at the park with Jordan’s new preschool friends.  I can’t wait to meet the kiddos she’s been talking...

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And chat with the parents.  I’m such good friends with James’ friends’ moms, but don’t know any of Jordan’s.

For James (and me), this is where some of my best friendships were born.  Ali-Shaun and I met at this same park playdate when James was in preschool! Speaking of, I told her she needs to make another appearance here soon! I know you hear me A-S! 

Also, I had planned to do Part 2 of my lawyer to blogger story, but a nasty cold bug has bitten me and the kids and I didn’t get it finished in time.  This post is even going up late because, life! I’m hoping to recover this weekend and publish that post next week.

Thank you for always understanding!  If you missed it this week, on Monday, I shared a new dressing room post and then it was just the best sales– many still good today!

Today’s is a new Amazon fashion post and I decided to break it up into Hits, Misses and Oh Hell No’s.   Let’s get to it!
But first, I love seeing what your faves were from my last Amazon post.  Here’s your Top 5 :

Casual top • wear off shoulder with a pretty bralette

Leggings • comfy, opaque and last forever – only $17!

Roll tab tunic • to wear above with said leggings or with jeans

Checkered Bag • a Louis Vitton dupe for under $50 and super sturdy

And always at the top of the list are the softest bed sheets ever!

To see all of my absolute favorite Amazon Fashion, check out my Best of Amazon post!
For Size Reference: I’m a shorty (5’1) and petite, weighing about 110 and wear a 34D bra.  I typically wear size 0p/25 jeans, XS or XSP in tops and dresses.  Lots of times the smallest size on Amazon is a Small, so in that case, that’s what I ordered.
There were mostly hits this time (yay!)

Color Block Striped Tee • Old Navy Jeans • Sandals

I know y’all love a good tee and this one is special with the stripe/colorblock combo.  It’s nice and long so you can wear it with leggings.  Or you can do a front knot and wear it with jeans.

Top Fit: I’m wearing size S

The jeans I loved from my Old Navy & Target post are on sale for only $18!  Definitely scoop them up!

They are a mid rise skinny jean in a perfect toned dark wash.  I know I like a jean when I can get them on easily and then after they’re buttoned and zipped, I still feel comfortable in them and don’t want to take them off!

Jeans Fit: I’m wearing size size 0 short

Pink Top • Jeans • Sandals

This top didn’t look like much on the hanger, but I really liked how it looked once I put it on.  Just goes to show you always need to try things on! It’s a nice lightweight waffle knit texture with a v-neck.  If you sized up, you could wear it on one shoulder.

Sweater Fit: I’m wearing size S

Grey Top • Black Jeans • Circle Belt • Leopard Flats

Of course I ordered the grey too and like how it looks with black jeans and leopard flats.

Sweater Fit: I’m wearing size S

These jeans are also from my Old Navy & Target post and I’ve been reaching for them a ton lately.  They have the perfect amount of distressing and fit like a glove! They are high waist with a good bit of stretch and super slimming.

The jeans are under $50 and look and feel much more expensive.

Jeans Fit : I’m wearing size 0P 

Striped Embroidered Top • Jeans • Sandals

Stripes and embroidery?! So cute in this top with a little tassel detail. It would also be great in the summer with white jeans.

Top Fit: I’m wearing size S

Pullover • Jeans • Wedge Sneakers

I’m so ready for cozy pullovers!  This one is a hoodie with a fun colorblock and stripe pattern and long enough to wear with leggings.

Pullover Fit: I’m wearing size S 

Bodysuit • Paper Bag Pants • Black Heels

HUGE LOVE for these paper bag waist pants!  I saw them online and then held my breath wondering what they would look like in person.  I’m so happily surprised!  My biggest fear was that they’d look like a diaper on – it’s happened! But, nope!

These are super cute, the fabric is nice and they have pockets.  They taper slightly at the ankle and are probably a bit long on me (they are supposed to be more ankle length) but I still like them.

I’m wearing them with a bodysuit so you can see the waist, but you can also wear them with a fitted blouse or tee.  You can wear these for work and be comfortable all day!

Pants Fit: I’m wearing size XS

Draped Cardigan • Bodysuit • Black Jeans • Circle Belt • Leopard Flats

Here’s your solution to ‘I want to wear a cardigan, but it’s too hot.’  A vest style cardigan adds another layer of interest to your outfit, without making you sweat to death.  This one has a playful ruffle at the end and a simple, open design.

It’s very thin, so perfect for Summer too. In Fall, it would be cute with a long sleeve top underneath- particularly with stripes!

Cardigan Fit: I’m wearing size XS

Color Block Cardigan • Bodysuit • Black Jeans • Circle Belt | Ripped Jeans • Peep Toe Booties

For a more substantial cardigan, I like this colorblock version.  It cames in lots of colors, but the soft neutrals in this one are my fave.  It’s nice and long, with some stretch. Do you like it better with black jeans or blue?

Cardigan Fit: I’m wearing size XS

Black Shell Tank • Leggings • Denim Top • Tote • Similar Sneakers

Of course I had to share more leggings outfits!  Definitely get this top!  It came in my Prime Wardrobe Personal Shopper order – more on that in a future post- but I love it!

It’s that super soft, springy material and the cut is darling.  It’s got a higher neckline, tunic length and side slits.

Tank Fit: I’m wearing size XS

Black Shell Tank • Leopard Cardigan • Leggings • Peep Toe Booties

Same top with the popular leopard cardigan.  Cute right?!

Tank Fit: I’m wearing size XS

Cardigan Fit: I’m wearing size S

Leopard Cardigan • Bodysuit • Jeans • Peep Toe Booties

Speaking of that leopard cardigan, as much as I like the traditional black/tan, I think I like the white even better.  It’s so bright and looks great with light wash denim.

Cardigan Fit: I’m wearing size S

Color Block Sweater • Leggings • Wedge Sneakers • Tote

I can see myself in this combo soon.  Baseball season starts this weekend, so when it cools off I’m heading straight for outfits like this for the weekend.  The top is on the lightweight side and so easy to throw on.

Sweater Fit: I’m wearing size S

Camo Sweatshirt • Jeans • Booties

Similarly, I’m smitten with the pink and grey color combo on the camo pullover.  Isn’t that cool?!

Sweatshirt Fit: I’m wearing size S

Puff Sleeve Top • Bootcut Jeans • Circle Belt • Cheetah Heels

So many ways to style this puff sleeve top.  I think the sleeves give it more character and make it easy to wear with slacks and skirts.  Adding a statement necklace would take it to the fancy side.

Top Fit: I’m wearing size XS 

Lace Blouse • Bootcut Jeans • Black Heels

How lovely is this blouse?! It’s pretty and feminine and the crochet part is artfully done.  It would also look great for the office with a pencil skirt.

Top Fit: I’m wearing size XS, but there’s not any stretch

Wrap Dress • Black Heels

You guys! I LOVE this dress!  If I hadn’t known I ordered it from Amazon, I would’ve sworn it was designer based on the fit and detail.  Look how well the rushing is done and the way the leopard color fades in and out.  I’m crazy for the fit- a wrap style is always so flattering to your figure and it ties at the side.

And, if animal print isn’t your thing, this dress comes in lots of other colors and patterns.

Dress Fit: I’m wearing size XS

Black Swing Dress •  Peep Toe Booties

You’ll love this basic t-shirt swing dress for throwing on for carpool, grocery store runs, or dressing up for a lunch with friends.  It feels great on and fits nicely.  Tie a denim top around the waist and add sneakers for a weekend vibe.

Dress Fit: I’m wearing size XS
An Amazon ‘Miss’ is an item that might work because it’s nice overall, but the size or something else was just off for me.

Take for instance, this dress:

Striped Midi Dress • Miller Sandal

I think if you got your right size, it would be fabulous.  It’s a great t-shirt stye with lots of stretch, an elastic drawstring waist, pockets and in a cute stripe pattern.  It didn’t look good on me because it was way too long and oversized.

Dress Fit: I’m wearing size S

Striped Midi Dress • Miller Sandal

Stripe Peplum Top • Bootcut Jeans • Wedges

Another top I wanted to love was this striped peplum, but dang, it runs SO big.  The quality is good and the style is cute, but it’s a miss for sizing.  I’d recommend sizing down 2 on this one.

If you find your fit, try styling it with a pendant necklace.

Top Fit: I’m wearing size S 

White Embroidered Top • Jeans • Sandals

This top was really cute on and I love the embroidery at the top, how it’s mimicked at the wrist, and the soft feel of the fabric.  This might be picky, but the lining of the top stops under the embroidery, so the bottom part looks more sheer.

Again, this might be a picky detail that doesn’t bother you, but I wanted to point it out so you can always make smart shopping decisions.  Also, if you tucked the top, the lining probably wouldn’t be an issue.

Top Fit: I’m wearing size S

Camo Pullover • Jeans • Booties

I really adore the style and fit of this pullover, but the fabric isn’t as soft and cozy as I’d hoped.  It’s more like a thick t-shirt if that makes sense- which is weird, because I have the same one in the solid pink and that material is thicker and different.

Pullover Fit: I’m wearing size S


I wanted to love this bag because it reminds me of this $50 tote from Nordstrom.  On the plus side, it’s a darling shape and style, the color is a great tan shade and it came with the cute little skinny scarf.

It’s a good size – 14 x 11.8 and comes in a million colors.

And, it’s only $15!

On the down side is that you probably get what you pay for with this one.  The straps are on the skinny side and the material wasn’t as thick and study as I had hoped.  Some reviewers said their bag had a weird odor and mine smelled fine.

I just had hoped this bag was a little better quality.  What do you think?! 
I had planned to post all of these really funny and embarrassing Oh Hell No pieces because I thought they’d be 1) good for a laugh, and 2) helpful because sometimes what you SEE in the picture online and what you GET in person are not the same thing, I swear!

But, my order didn’t have any Oh Hell No’s this time! #gofigure  I must be getting better at ordering!  But, I do think this is a fun addition to these posts, so, instead of never sharing the bad and ugly, I will include them here from now on.

Would you want to see that?
Here’s a better look at the wrap bracelet I’m wearing.

I might have gagged using this to unclog my shower drain but it was worth it! This $6 solution worked way better than those more expensive heavy duty liquids.

Jordan outgrew her old car seat and hated it.  She feels like such a big girl in this one and guess what?  I installed it all by myself in less than 5 minutes! #proudmama  When Jordan is bigger, the seat converts to a booster.

This thick rug pad has a latex backing that sticks to the floor and felt upper that keeps the rug in place.  We use it in the kitchen and it works great- also nice and cushiony with .25 pile height.

I used these rug grippers to keep the rug in our entryway in place.  The cool thing about these is that you can use them on hardwood floors and they peel up without damaging your floor!

Boogie wipes for all the million times I’ve blown Jordan’s nose lately.

This adorable night light helped Jordan transition back to sleeping in her big girl bed.  You touch it and it will change colors throughout the night.

I hope y’all have a great weekend in September!  I love this month so much! I makes me want to run out and start decorating my home for Fall immediately!  A trip to Hobby Lobby is always a must this time of year!

Similar Pumpkin Mat • Checkered Mat • Leopard Sneakers
Save up to 40% at Nordstrom

LOFT • 30-50% off EVERYTHING

Up to 50% off at Old Navy on tops, jeans, pants and dresses

Cheers to the weekend friends!

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