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Walkie talkies aren't just for adults. Today, you'll find some fantastic tech in two-way radios built just for kids. My top choice is the Retevis RT628. These two-way radios are lightweight and sized right but have features that rival those found in adult radios. If you're thinking of getting a set of walkie talkies this year, these are the best around.
Best Overall: Retevis RT628

The Retevis RT628 is a walkie talkie set made for kids that looks and functions like adult receivers that cost four times the price. Available in four colors, these small and lightweight radios are flawless in design. There are six buttons, including the "talk" switch located on the side of the device. The other buttons control power, volume up and down, scan, and there's a switch to lock the menu. This is useful if you're putting these in the hands of younger children who like to push every button in sight.

An earpiece jack at the top of the walkie talkie lets kids plug in earbuds or a headset for private or quiet conversations. The LCD is backlit and displays battery life remaining, the channel of operation, and signal strength. Sizewise, these are great for small hands. The textured ribbing on the sides prevents radios from slipping out of hands and pockets, and these are comfortable to hold for people of all ages.

The only issue is with the anemic instruction leaflet. The instructions are not specific to this model, so some things that are included simply do not apply, which can make the process of setting these up somewhat confusing. If you can deal with that, you'll be hard-pressed to find a set of walkie talkies for children that sound this good or function this well at any price point.
Pros: Speakers are clear and loud Can connect many receivers together 22 channels VOX Perfect size for kids Cons: Instructions could be better Best Overall Retevis RT628

$21 from Amazon
A kid-friendly device with adult-like features

An easy-to-grasp design, ability to connect to multiple radios, and VOX are the standout features of this stellar walkie talkie set.
Best Value: Obuby 3 Pack

Most walkie talkie sets come with two radios. This set from Obuby comes with a trio of walkie talkies. Each receiver is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in the hands of kids ages three and up. The large center button is for push-to-talk operation, and it's smooth to press and release for children of all ages.

There are 22 channels available, and the sound is balanced and clear. A backlit display shows signal strength, channel number, and battery level. Included belt clips give kids a way to attach the radios to belts, backpacks, and other bags. Extras include VOX, a flashlight, 38 privacy codes, 10 call tones, and a keypad lock.

If there's anything to complain about it's the number of buttons. For older kids, this won't be an issue. For younger ones, nine buttons to control volume, channel switching, talking, and more is overwhelming. Still, this is an incredible deal for a trio of walkie talkies that work and sound beautiful.
Pros: Good sound VOX Built-in flashlight Durable construction Waterproof Cons: Too many buttons for young kids Best Value Obuby 3 Pack

$23 from Amazon
Good things come in threes

You'll get three high-functioning radios with this set. A built-in flashlight and waterproofing make this a fantastic deal at any price.
Best Range: WES TAYIN Walkie Talkies

WES TAYIN has been making walkie talkies for kids for more than 20 years, and they know exactly what they're doing. This pair of two-way radios has an impressive 5-mile range. And that's not just talk. They work literally anywhere! Backed by 22 channels and 38 privacy codes, the sound is crystal clear and never suffers interference.

Bonuses here include a built-in flashlight, VOX, NOAA weather alerts, and an automatic power saver. Each pair of walkie talkies comes with belt clips, rechargeable AAA batteries, and a USB cable for charging. No doubt, there's a lot to like. There's also a potential for dislike for some: the buttons are heart-shaped. While some won't mind this, my older kids thought they were cheesy-looking. And they are.

Button design aside, these walkie talkies have the best range of any model geared toward kids available today. They sound phenomenal, are easy to learn and use, comfortable to hold and come with everything you need to use them today. For younger kids or those who need extended reach, these are the two-way radios you want.
Pros: 5-mile range Includes rechargeable batteries NOAA weather alerts Superb sound Easy to learn Cons: Cheesy buttons Best Range WES TAYIN Walkie Talkies

$32 from Amazon
Long-range, great feature set

With 22 channels, a 5-mile range, NOAA weather alerts, rechargeable batteries, and a built-in flashlight, this is a feature-packed set of radios.
Best Features: Fayogoo FRS/GMRS Radio

Privacy, signal strength, and battery savings are a few of the braggables in the Fayagoo FRS/GMRS. Equipped with 22 channels, kids can always find a strong signal, no matter where you live or travel. Additionally, the channels are backed by 38 sub-codes to minimize the odds of others communicating on the same frequency.

The simple interface on these two-way radios is perfect for kids three years of age and up. More advanced features are also present, including a backlit display, flashlight, earpiece connection, channel auto scan, and VOX. Kids can even choose from 10 customizable ring tones. My favorite feature though is the battery saving mode. An auto shut off turns the unit off after a set time, so you don't chew through batteries. Love it!

The size of these walkie talkies screams "toy!" They're well-made, function great, look classy and have impressive features, but they are so very tiny. They're perfect for younger kids with small hands, but those approaching their teen years may not appreciate the form factor. There's a lot of high-quality features packed in these, and for that reason, these are one of my favorite sets of walkie talkies for kids today.
Pros: Solid 3-mile range 22 channels 38 privacy codes Built-in flashlight Battery saving function Cons: Really small Best Features Fayogoo FRS/GMRS Radio

$27 from Amazon
So much to love

This tiny two-way radio has a flashlight, 22 channels, a battery saving mode, backlit LCD, and comes with lanyards. Great signal strength at a good price.
Best Voice Activated: USA Toyz VOX

This two-pack from USA Toyz can be set to be voice-activated, so kids never need to push a button to use them. Cool! It works seamlessly and is perfect for kids of all ages, and a gentle way to introduce children to walkie talkies without overburdening them with buttons. An earbud jack is perfect for private or quiet conversations. There's also an LED flashlight to light your child's way in the dark or give them a light to read by at night.

Signal strength carries roughly two miles, making them best suited for camping trips, backyard play, and indoor adventures. The backlit display is a nice touch, showing kids the current channel they're using, battery percentage, and signal strength. It's an excellent way for kids to learn how to use a walkie talkie while playing.

The only negative I've found is that each of these walkie talkies takes four AAA batteries. If the devices are left on or played with regularly, they chew through battery power. A simple solution is to invest in rechargeable batteries, which is true for most toys. These are great walkie talkies for kids (and adults) of all ages. The build is durable, the sound is excellent, and the voice activation works beautifully.
Pros: Great build quality Good range for house or neighborhood Clear sound Excellent voice activation Great for all ages Cons: Devours batteries Best Voice Activated USA Toyz VOX

$30 from Amazon
Look Ma, no hands

These walkie talkies are fun for kids and adults. Voice activation is fun to use, channel switching is a breeze, and sound is superb.
Best for Young Kids: Wes Tayin for Kids

This set of distraction-free walkie talkies are made for little hands and growing minds. There's no display or unnecessary buttons and knobs to get in the way of communication. With a two-mile talk range, three channels, and a build that was designed especially for young kids, this durable set is perfect for indoor or outdoor use.

Unique to this set is a fixed soft sound feature just for toddlers. Unlike other units, these walkie talkies protect young children's ears from loud noises by limiting just how high the volume can be cranked up. Also included are green LED indicator lights that flash when changing channels and a hanger at the top of the unit that makes it easier for small hands to grasp and hold on to.

This set of walkie talkies from Wes Tayin is geared toward the younger crowd. Those up to age 10 will love the cute smile design, simple controls, and flashing lights. If I have a complaint, it's that these are not closed circuit, which means there's the potential to hear chatter from other users on the same channel. That out of the day, the "push to talk" button is the only thing kids need to press to use these walkie talkies. That makes them a perfect choice for younger kids and a fun tool for parents to keep in touch with kids playing outside or in another room.
Pros: Great for toddlers Hanger design for easy handling Seven colors and styles Fixed soft sound for toddlers Batteries locked by screw Cons: Not closed circuit Best for Young Kids Wes Tayin for Kids

$16 from Amazon
Little hands will have lots of fun

Young kids will love these tiny walkie talkies from Wes Tayin. There's just one button and no display, making these a simple toy and simply fun.
Bottom line
There are so many impressive walkie talkies out there for kids today. My favorite set is the Retevis RT628 because they look and operate like adult two-radios, not toys. Available in four color choices, these sleek walkie talkies fit nicely in hand and are easy to use.

I love the side "push to talk" button. It's located in just the right spot for children and is easy to press and release. The sound is top-notch! I've yet to hear a crackle or smidgen of static. Perhaps the best feature is the ability to pair these walkie talkies with as many other walkie talkies on the same channel as you like.

The instructions with this model leave a lot to be desired. It's a one-size-fits-all manual meant to cover all the basics for all the radios that Retevis puts out. You'll need to weed through a lot of things that don't apply to this set to find the info you need to get up and running. Once you've done that, these are a reliable set of two-way radios that both kids and adults will have fun with in the backyard, on neighborhood adventures, or around the house.
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