Forever in Frozen Blue Jeans - Experiments with Kids When It’s Really Cold Outside

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 For a few winters now I've seen some fun social media post showcasing frozen jeans standing up as if they'd come alive in some amazing Fantasia based Sorcerer's Apprentice spell.

Image Courtesy of Your Classical

Creating A Frozen Jean Family

First we wet our jeans in the kitchen sink. Then we hung them over our back porch railing for 30 minutes. To provide some weather related contect the day we conducted this experiment it was -15C outside (said to feel like -20C), for you Americans that's 5 Degrees F to -4 Degrees F. If it's colder than your clothes will likely freeze faster, warmer out they'll freeze a little slower.

It didn't take long to realize the genius of Molly's idea to go with overalls. I was able to truly hang them off the railing to get a perfectly perpendicular frozen jean. The jeans that we laid over the porch railing were folded over frozen a bit and harder to pose in the snow compared to Molly's overalls.

Our jean garden in all it's stiff and frozen glory.

With a second successful experiment under our belt (see what I did there? Feel free to groan now) we're ready to take on more. Next time I'd use a close line or only use overalls to freeze because the result was so nice. Molly wants to try to also make frozen shirts next time to make full frozen phantom scarecrows. When that happens I'll be sure to post the results.

Stay tuned for more extreme cold weather experiments this winter!

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