Flexible Ways To Decorate A Hanging Shelf

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Whether they’re store-bought, custom-made or you craft them yourself, a hanging shelf is really practical around the house.

Hanging Shelf

They’re very versatile, able to adapt to a variety of decors, styles and layouts and you can use them to create flexible designs and to solve your storage problems. Just like hanging fruit baskets, they’re great additions to the kitchen but also wonderful for others areas of the house.

What is a hanging shelf called?

What is a hanging shelf called?

Hanging shelves can also be known as floating shelves. In many instances, they are attached to the wall. And other times, they are hanging from the ceiling or the wall. 

How to Hang a Shelf

There’s no one-way-fits-all when it comes to hanging your shelf. You can hang your shelf with different methods like:

  1. Fasteners
  2. Shelf mounting brackets
  3. Keyhole hanger
  4. Snap-toggle anchor/bolts
  5. Screws
  6. Shelf and wall cleats
  7. Adhesives

The standard procedure will probably include measuring, marking, drilling, and securing no matter how you hang the shelf. 

How much weight can a floating shelf hold?

As long as your hanging shelf is secured to a stud, it can hold 50 pounds per stud. So, if your shelf is attached to two studs, it can hold 100 pounds. 

How do you hang a shelf on a wall without drilling?

If you’re living in a place where you aren’t allowed or would rather not drill holes into the wall, there are a few ways you can hang your shelf on a wall without drilling.

  • Velcro 
  • Casters
  • Adhesive glue
  • Magnetic strips
  • Wooden planks
  • Double-sided tape
  • Adhesive mounting strips

Most of these methods will work for various size shelves. However, you’ll need more stability the bigger the shelf.

Ingenious DIY Hanging Shelf

Rustic rope hanging shelf

Rope rustic hanging shelves

You can make a hanging shelf using rope, 2 rectangular pieces of plywood, a drill and some paint. Prep the wood, stack the pieces, clamp them together and drill holes in the corners. Paint the edges of the wood and add the rope. Hang the shelf at the desired height.

Media hanging shelf 

Media hanging shelf above tv

Or you can build an industrial hanging shelf. You need a wooden board, screw eyes, screw hooks, wire, rope or cable and clamps. Prep the board, mark the spots where you want to insert the screw hooks in the ceiling, drill the holes and put in the screws. Attach the screw eyes to the shelf, the brackets and then wire clamps. The final pieces is the cable.

Above the kitchen island hanging shelves

Above the kitchen island hanging shelves

There are a lot of practical uses for hanging shelves around the house. First of all, they’re really great in the kitchen. They provide lots of storage and display space for dishes, herb planters and other things.{found on genassembly}.

Hanging shelves above island

Hanging shelves above island.

You can hang them from the ceiling above the kitchen island, an area that usually remains untouched. This you can make the most of all the space in the room and add storage where there’s none.

Wood shelves above the kitchen

Pipes hanging shelves above kitchen

Install the shelves close to the ceiling and use as a storage and display area for items you don’t use very often. Or this can be where you organize your spices, if the shelves are placed close to the stove or hotplate.{found on bruncon}.

Hanging plant shelf

Leather or suede hanging shelves

Make a shelf for your planters. You need a hand saw, a drill, stain and a paint brush as well as a board, cord and wall hooks and anchors. Cut the board, stain it, mark a dot in each corner and drill holes. Cut the cord and insert it through the holes, tying a knot at each end. Make a mark on the wall where you want to hang the shelf and insert the wall hooks.{found on goinghometoroost}.

Minimalist wall hanging shelves

Minimalist wall hanging shelves

This is a set of three hanging shelves that’s easy to assemble and really practical in pretty much any room of the house. The shelves are hanging at different heights and they can slide along the top rail to make room for taller items if needed.{found on outofstockdesign}.

Thing wall hanging shelves

Modern hanging shelves

Only composed of three hanging shelves, this set features a thin design. It’s great for displaying photos, posters, tiny vases or for organizing your collection of nail polish or spices.Available on Etsy.

Floating hanging shelf

Bedroom hanging shelf

Another great way to use a hanging shelf is in the bedroom where it can serve as a nightstand or bedside table. You can hang it from the ceiling at the desired height and use it to keep your phone, glasses, favorite book or a glass or water.

Nightstand hanging shelf

Ceiling hanging rope nightstand

For a unique look, use a piece of driftwood or live-edge wood instead of a board to make the hanging shelf nightstand. It would look wonderful in a Scandinavian décor but also in a modern or rustic bedroom.

Pipes and rope hanging shelves

Pipes rope and wood shelves

Include hanging shelves in your home office. You can hang a set of two or three shelves from the wall or ceiling in front of the desk. And then use them to store documents, books and other supplies.{found on seekinglavenderlane}.

Set of wall hanging shelves

Set of wall hanging shelves

A set of hanging shelves can include as many as five or more shelves. You can use this concept to create a whole storage unit for the living room, bedroom, office, kitchen or even for the pantry.

Wood dowel hanging shelves.

Unconventional hanging shelves

This type of hanging shelves is a bit unconventional. It’s more casual and interesting than others and this allows them to be very versatile. They’re really great for small spaces because they pack useful storage in a simple and space-saving design.

Belt leather hanging shelves

Belt leather hanging shelves

Instead of rope of cord, you can hang your shelves using old leather belts. A wonderful way to recycle belts and give your shelves a unique look. Plus, the combination of leather and wood is really elegant.{found on designsponge}.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

How do you secure hanging shelves?

Don’t let your shelves sag or wobble by securing them with shims or wedges. You can use thin wood or cardboard to accomplish this. Push your shelf up to where it’s level and push the wedge upwards behind the shelf. Add as many shims as you need until it becomes tight and straight.

How to hang a shelf without brackets

You don’t have to use brackets to hang your shelf. Instead, you can try using adhesives, rope, or a floating shelf kit.

How to hang a shelf on drywall

The best way to secure a shelf on drywall is by using brackets. For longer shelves, you can position brackets near the middle of the shelf to support a lot of weight.

How much should I pay someone to hang shelves?

The cost of paying someone to hang your shelves will vary based on what they charge, the size of your shelves, and where you want to hang them. You can expect to pay anywhere from $50 to $500 for someone to hang your shelves.

A Hanging Shelf Brings the Room to Life

Hanging shelves can bring a lot of simplicity and functionality into your home. You can use these hanging shelf ideas to make a big impact in an area!

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