Everything You’re Going To Want for Outdoor Workouts

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If the warmer weather and a constant itch to get outside affects how you want to work out, it might also affect your outdoor workout equipment. The barre socks and Bluetooth speaker that you use indoors won’t help, and outdoor workouts come with new challenges like how to protect yourself from the sun and where to put your phone (like seriously, where??). Whether you’re taking your jogs from the treadmill to the sidewalks, laying out a yoga mat in the park, or taking some outdoor classes, bring your workouts outdoor this summer. Thanks to these convenient, smart, and cooling products, exercising in the sun will feel like a breeze (pun intended).



Relief Balm

Whether you're going on a run or opting for an outdoor HIIT circuit, it's likely that your muscles will be worked a little harder because of the uneven terrain or unstable ground. Ease sore muscles with our favorite relief balm (we swear by this to relieve shin splints!). Use code "theeverygirl" for 20% off the first order!


PLAY Everyday Lotion SPF 50 with Sunflower Extract

Sun damage doesn't just happen at the pool or the beach. SPF is an absolute must, no matter where your outdoor workout is. This fast-absorbing formula won't stick (no uncomfortable feeling on your skin), is non-toxic (double health points!), and protects from UVA, UVB and IRA. Did I mention it's sweat-resistant and extremely hydrating?

Sweaty Betty

Swiftie Running Cap

Whether you think of hats as a fashion faux pas or consider yourself a die-hard hat girl (fedoras, beanies, and bucket hats, oh my!), consider adding a cap to your outdoor workouts to give your skin, eyes, and scalp added protection from the sun's harmful rays. But a regular old baseball cap won't do: this one is meant for training, so its lightweight, quick-drying, secure, and offers optimal visibility.


Fast and Free Run Belt

In the past, the word "fanny pack" might have been more of a music festival must-have instead of a workout accessory to you, but the latest high-tech belt bags won't hold you down, even during a crazy fast sprint. Designed for running with lightweight, sweat-wicking fabric, and a low-bounce waistband, you'll be able to hang on to your wallet, keys, phone, snacks, or mini water bottle without it impacting your performance. 5 colors available


High-Waisted Pocket Legging

If a belt bag isn't your thing and you just need a place for your phone (AKA the device that plays Lizzo), why not opt for a pair of leggings that'll do the work for you? The built-in storage on these buttery-soft leggings means you'll look good, feel good, and finally have your hands free for the best workouts. 10+ colors available.


iPhone Armband

If both a leggings pocket and belt bag aren't for you, a useful and convenient armband will solve the problem without slipping, sagging, or taking up space. Keep your phone and house key in this nifty accessory that also happens to be water-resistant and has cutouts for headphones (you know, for all that Lizzo). 4 colors available.

Juice Beauty

SPF 30 Sport Sunscreen

Because one sunscreen wasn't enough to get our point across (yes, you do need SPF, even for a 20-minute run), here's another great one. This sport sunscreen from Juice Beauty is a favorite for the face because it nourishes the skin while shielding it from harmful rays and free radicals. It also absorbs quickly, doesn't leave a white residue, and is totally sweat-proof.


Reflective Cropped Top

On the flip side of SPF is the other kind of summer exercise: evening workouts. If you only have time to jog after the day is over or just love taking a walk in the warm evening air (when it's a little more bearable than peak heat hours), combine safety with style, thanks to a reflective sports bra. It's breathable, quick-drying, and reflective so you can be seen in the dark.



If you have yet to make the switch from headphones to wireless, consider this your sign. Besides the many other reasons AirPods have become a cult-classic, not having a cord makes any workout way easier. Just remember to keep music or podcasts on low volume so you can stay aware of your surroundings when outdoors.


Outdoor Non-Stick Yoga Mat

How much better would a sun salutation be when you're actually in the sun? Take advantage of the nice weather by bringing your yoga practice onto your front yard or at a nearby park. This mat is non-slip and made of 100% rubber so it's easy to clean, whether it's grass, dirt, or sweat. 7 colors available.


No-Slip No-Bounce Sunglasses

Important PSA: do not leave for a run with your expensive, trendy sunglasses. Even if you don't drop and break them, you'll still regret taking them with you because of how much they bounce around. These sunglasses are meant for exercise, so they use no-slip and no-bounce technology for you to focus on how much further you have to run instead of worrying about your sunglasses falling off. 3 colors available.


Cellphone Armband

If you couldn't tell, phone (and key) placement is the #1 biggest problem when it comes to an outdoor workout. Thanks to the products available online, it's not hard to find the method that works for you. This armband is made with a less sturdy, more sweat-wicking material that might feel more comfortable on you. It also has a reflective detail for added safety in the dark.


Lipfuel Lip Balm

No, this isn't your average Chapstick. The wild mint scent is intended to stimulate the senses to boost motivation, while the konjac root creates a protective barrier between lips and the environment. The ultra healing and hydrating hyaluronic acid and vitamin E are just a bonus to keep lips smooth, plump, and hydrated. In other words, this is the one lip balm that might improve your athletic performance while also improving your glow. 3 tints available.


Run Flyknit Running Shoe

No matter your style, a pair of shoes with a thick sole (perfect for even tough terrain) and a light fabric (so your feet won’t sweat) is the only shoe you’ll want to be wearing all summer (besides flip-flops, of course, but who can do 100 squats in those?). 10 colors available.



Besides all the things you know and love about a Fitbit (tracking steps, identifying heart rate—need I say more?), this one is perfect for an outdoor workout because it tracks which areas lifted your heart rate the most. You can also use the GPS to ensure you don't get lost when you're out jogging or bike riding. Oh, and if you prefer a backstroke to a bike? It's also swim-proof.


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