Ever get that feeling that you have nothing to wear but you are looking at piles of clothing? I know that feeling

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And it is simply the feeling that nothing has any order so you feel like you have nothing. So when you spend time organizing your closet, your brain is able to determine clothing choices instead of getting overwhelmed with the piles of clothing. So how can you organize your clothes so you can actually find something to wear? I have 10 tips to organizing a closet that is perfect for any type of closet!

Reimagine The Space
Whenever you are ready to organize a closet, you have to clear everything out. This helps you reimagine the space. Because when things are in the closet and you try to envision what should go where, you are skewed because you already have items hanging in that location. So remove everything in order to create a new plan for the space. 

When you are reimagining a space, think about how you are going to use the space. For example, if you have a walk-in closet, you will want to walk in the space and set it up so that all your work clothes are stored together. Or maybe you have all your clothes on one side and your spouse/significant other on the other side.

And since everything is out of the closet, this also helps you declutter your clothes before you put them back in the closet. This is a great tool to use to ensure that everything you keep is what you actually wear!
Like With Like
When you are putting your clothes back into your closet, try storing like clothing together. Now that doesn’t always mean storing all tops together. That may mean storing all work attire together. All loungewear together. You need to group the items together based on how you wear them. So that may mean all tops together or by attire. 

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How To Organize Your Closet Without Spending Anything
One thing I have noticed when organizing closets, is that not everyone has hangers that are the appropriate size for their clothing. Hangers do come in a variety of sizes so making sure you find the right size hangers is key. I have my personal preference for hangers. But that doesn’t mean that what you have in your closet isn’t the right option for you. 

If you want to get all matching hangers but not ready for the investment, then I suggest grouping your hangers by type. Then using the same type of hangers for each section of clothing. Since you spent time sorting like with like, use matching hangers for each “like” section. Then when you want to invest in more hangers that match, you can buy for a section at a time. 

Don’t Stuff
When I hear in-home clients share their frustration with their closets, I typically find that they stuff their space with a lot of clothing. This makes it tricky to actually see anything in your closet. It is the equivalent of all the clothes piled on the floor. Because you can’t see what you actually have.

So limit the amount of stuffing that goes into sections of your closet. My rule of thumb is to leave at least 1 finger space between each hanger on the rod. This allows for movement on the rod so you can grab clothing to wear. And it helps your clothes breathe while hanging up. 
My Favorite Closet Organizing Tools Turn on your JavaScript to view content Get Creative With Shelves
If you have a lot of shelves in your closet, you can get creative with how you use them. I personally like adding baskets to the shelves to hold items that would typically take up a lot of space if they were hanging up like scarves, belts, and ties. Especially in smaller closets because the rod space is going to help you keep your closet organized.

Storing Scarves
There are a few ways to store scarves in a closet. I love scarf hangers. But you can also use bins to store scarves in a bin. I prefer rolling scarves like you would a towel to prevent any wrinkles. 
Belt Organization
When storing belts, you can store them in a bin on a shelf or you can hang them. It all depends on how much room you have and how you want to keep up with the belts. I have some clients who like tossing their belts in a bin while others prefer to hang them. It is a total preference.

Storing Ties
Storing ties can be done a few ways. You can roll the ties and store in a drawer or bin. You can also hang them. If you do hang them but don’t wear them frequently, make sure you have a way to protect them from getting too dusty. There are tie covers or protecters that can help stop the dust from covering the ties.

Unwanted Items
To help keep your closet organized, you will want a way to handle unwanted items. I suggest keeping a bag or basket where you can toss those items so you don’t keep them on hangers. This is an easy way to keep up with the newly organized closet you just set up for yourself! I have my bag hanging in the back of our closet. When I try on an outfit or look for something to wear and notice that shirt/top/bottom, isn’t working or I don’t like it any more, I will toss it into the bag. When the bag is full, I make a run to our local donation center. That way I don’t have to do a big declutter again because I am keeping up with my clothing on a daily basis.
Keep It Tidy
If you are still having a hard time wrapping your head around where to start when organizing your closet, then get the Clothing Workbook. This workbook will walk you through decluttering your closet with checklists I use for my in-home clients. There are sheets for recording donation centers near you. And I have included my manual for organizing closets like a professional. This manual is what I used to train my in-home organizing team. You can get the Clothing Workbook here.

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