Enjoy pure bass sound with realme Cobble Bluetooth Speaker

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With the way things are going,  I am guessing that the government would again be extending the ECQ until the end of August or maybe even up to the first weeks of September. 


So might as well think of some activities that will keep you busy, sane and healthy as this pandemic taught us the importance of taking care of our well-being. 

As many of us have been working from home for more than a year now, its easy to fall into a sedentary routine. Nobody misses the long commute and traffic but at least those short walks around the office or just even to the parking lot is a way to stretch our legs. If you are a regular reader of my blog you know I’ve made it a habit to do 30-minute exercises to balance my Netflix binges. When you are at a certain age, even those short stretches and a bit of aerobics does wonders for my body and adds a bit to my stamina.

Last week, before the ECQ I tried  walking from our house to Starbucks which was roughly 2 kilometers. It took me half an hour because I was also taking pictures (and making note of all the stores along the way). But it was the longest distance I’ve walked and it made me perspire a lot, but it was fun. Now, I’m considering doing that again when its possible and include it as part of my exercise routine. 

I realized, however, that walking alone can get a bit boring. I tried using earphones but quickly decided against it as the ones that I have blocks out all the noise, which can be quite dangerous when you are walking along the sidewalks of Mindanao Avenue. Think EDSA, but substitute big trucks instead of buses, and motorcycles squeezing their way through horrendous traffic. 


That’s when I realized bringing a portable speaker would be more ideal. I could just clip it to my bag or belt and I could enjoy my playlist and still be aware of the incoming traffic.

Just in time, realme sent their new realme Cobble Bluetooth speaker for us to review. The good thing is that its very easy to pair with my realme 7 smart phone and connects almost instantly via bluetooth. 

I got mine in the stylish black and it only weighs 200g and fits in the palm of my hand so its easy to clip in my handbag or backpack, or you can even just hang on your bike handle. 

There's a small hole intended for microphone, 
Power Button, and an LED light for battery and power status

Enclosed USB Type C- Port for Charging

The realme cobble bluetooth speaker is IPX5 water resistant you don’t have to worry about accidental splash or even a light drizzle.  Rain or shine it is made to stay with you, given of course that you will take care of it. 

The Cobble Bluetooth speaker has a 5W Dynamic Bass Boost Driver that ensures you’ll be able to enjoy clear music even when outdoors. Data shows that this speaker supports significantly higher loudness than that of competing devices under a variety of audio frequencies, especially in terms of bass, so you can still enjoy music even outdoors.



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♬ original sound - Lou Sv

realme’s Bass Boost+ audio technology on the other had has made the leap from earphones to speakers. Bass Boost+ is the sound enhancement solution tuned over by the realme Music Studio. The solution fully leverages the power of the large dynamic driver to deliver a bass experience that sounds truly alive.


If you love listening to dance music or those EDM know that this speaker includes a passive radiator which creates that ever-popular bass effect. The reason it’s called a “passive” radiator is that it’s not powered by electricity but rather by the air pressure created by the smaller speaker cones that receive all power from the battery or AC source. In this manner, the passive radiator can get a whole lot of extra oomph out of a sound system without diverting valuable energy into creating that lovely bass effect that we all enjoy so much.

If you buy two speakers, you can pair two realme Cobble Bluetooth Speakers together by controlling the speaker’s multifunction button or via the realme Link app.


The device comes in three equalizer presets — Bass, Dynamic, and Bright, which can all be configured from the realme Link app. This particular feature allows you to customize the way your music sounds exactly. 


What good is a portable speaker if it doesn’t have a long battery life?


The realme Cobble Bluetooth Speaker has an extremely long battery life. A 1500mAh large-capacity battery lasts up to 9 hours off a full charge (Total playtime varies depending on volume and audio content). Its battery life is a major improvement over most speakers in the market. With a battery that can last nearly half a day, the device allows you to enjoy music without having to stress about the charge.


Unlike most speakers, this one includes a Game Mode and you can switch to the game mode for watching movies or gaming, with ultra-low latency reaching 88ms, delivering you the ultimate immersive experience.

Coming in two colors: Metal Black and Electric Blue, the realme Cobble Bluetooth Speaker is available for only P1,190 (P400 OFF SRP) during the Shopee and Lazada 8.8 Sale.


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