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Queen Bee Tactical Winged Warrior Gift Kit Review

Queen Bee Tactical is designed to help warriors get the right tools and knowledge to protect their hives. Queen Bee Tactical is not a subscription box. They have three featured gift boxes that you can gift to yourself or someone else.  I received the Winged Warrior kit. The Winged Warrior kit costs $90.00. You can pick up this kit or one of the other two for 20% off. Use this link with the code “beehive”.

Queen Bee Tactical ships in a white box.

First Look. The card on top features a “winged warrior”.

The back of the card has self-defense moves and tips.

Street Wise Personal/Door Alarm & Light $9.44 This alarm can attach to a purse, yourself, or a door/window. It takes a 9-volt battery (not included). This can be clipped to a belt and has a flashing light or be used as a flashlight. It also has an alarm (130 dB). I have an alarm at home, but I think this would be great at a hotel or on the go.

Self Defense “Fierce Kitty” Solid Metal Key Chain $4.99 This cat can be a fun keychain or a protection device. The cat measures 8*5cm and is made of alloy metal.

Self Defense/Break Glass Military Grade Aluminum Tactical LED Flashlight Pen $14.99 This is an awesome pen. It's pink, a pen, a flashlight, a window breaker, and a self-defense weapon. The pointy ends near the light is a DNA collector. The pointy end near the end of the pen can be used for pressure points.

This is the light/dna collector.

This end is for pressure points.

The cap unscrews to reveal the pen.

Lab Certified “23” Flip Top Pink 1/2oz Pepper Spray $7.95 This pepper spray is pink and is a key chain. This pepper spray has a quick access cap. This is designed to incapacitate someone for 45 minutes. It's 87% hotter than other brands. This is going right on my keychain.

Jolt “Protect Her” Knuckle Stun Gun & Flash Light 60,000,000 ZOLTS! $29.99 This is the most expensive item in the box. It has a handgrip, a bright light and is a stun gun. I actually grabbed it wrong, so I was glad I read the instructions. While I haven't tested this out on a person, I did turn it on though.

This is a look at the stun gun.

You grip around the larger part and the stun gun activates on the other side.

Streetwise 100 decibel Pink Lipstick Alarm $14.95 You pull the cap off this faux lipstick to activate the noise. This has a 100dB alarm. This is loud but I am not sure how far the noise would carry in a loud environment.

Primrose Honey Candy $1.50 Each of these hard candies are filled with real honey! This was a nice treat in the box.

Winged Warrior Shirt $10.00 est This shirt features the “Winged Warrior” with the Queen Bee Tactical logo.

Final Thought: The total value of this box was $93.81. I love getting the stun gun, pepper spray, and the pen. This is such a unique box. You can try one of the Queen Bee box with the coupon “beehive” to save 20% on your gift box. If you get the warrior box, you will save $18.00.

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