Current Favorite Things: June 2021 Edition.

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*Image above of Julia Amory styling one of her own shirtdresses — one of my current favorite things!

A few items I am absolutely loving at the moment…

1 // Julia Amory Shirtdress. I have been living in this dress. It is super lightweight, loose yet flattering with a slight train (!) in the back that affords a little swoosh of drama, comes in fantastic prints, has pockets (!), is fully lined, and can be dressed down or up (i.e., worn as a cover-up at the beach or with statement earrings to dinner). Mais je l’adore. Sizing notes: I had to have it hemmed 1.5″ because it was dragging on the floor when I received it (I am 5’0) and I ordered the 1 and find it runs very generously despite the note that it runs small. I think the fit is meant to “skim” rather than hug the body but it is pretty loose. I could definitely belt it, but I kind of like the way the back darts in at the waist. Surprisingly flattering. It really moves with you!). Contemplating ordered a second in her just-launched short-sleeved variation. This is definitely entering my most-worn-at-home dress roster.

2 // Hanacure Micro Emulsion. I wrote a full review on this product a couple months ago but my goodness — I just love this product, especially during these warmer months. The only way I can describe this moisturizer is “elegant.” The most elegant skincare product I’ve ever used, from the consistency, to the pump, to the design of the bottle, to the way it glides right into skin, to the delicate (non-greasy) hydration it affords. I am just bowled over by this moisturizer! I genuinely look forward to this skincare step every single day.

3 // SuperGoop Glowscreen. (Note it is 20% off at the Supergoop site through June 8th with code SUMMER20 but prices might work out to be the same once factoring in shipping.) I was going to wait to write about this until I publish my next “Honest Review” installment, but I truly love this product. I use it most mornings when I am going to run, without any other makeup on. It adds just a tiny bit of coverage, a nice amount of glow, and — of course — SPF. I like that it adds a little something without being a full face of makeup for exercise. I also like the glow it imparts (super glisteny!) so much that I have started mixing it half-and-half with my tinted moisturizer when I am putting on a full face of makeup on mornings I do not run. It does not provide very much coverage (at all) but it definitely does add glow. It wears like a tinted moisturizer — does not feel like sunscreen at all!

4 // Amazon Essentials Polar Fleece. I know, I know. A fleece in June?! But I am often cold after my runs and there have been a number of chilly days up here. I find myself reaching for this zip fleece every other day to wear around the apartment. I can’t explain why I gravitate towards this versus the many chunky cardigans, cashmere wraps, and fancier sweatshirts I have — but when I am cold at home, I only want to snuggle into this ultra-soft nubby fleece. I love that it has a tiny stand collar (keeps that neck warm!) and feels like I’m hugging a teddy bear?

5 // Rowenta Steamer. Wearing dresses all the time has introduced a new step into my morning dressing routine: steaming or ironing. I find steaming so much quicker and less of a commitment than ironing (i.e., you do not have to get out the ironing board, wait for the iron to heat, fill the tank with water, then put it all away so no little children are imperiled — one thing I am so looking forward to in my new house is having a proper laundry room so I no longer need to keep a hot iron cooling on a random countertop in the house), and I really love this Rowenta for the job. It is easy to use and surprisingly powerful. Is it weird that I am already eyeing this full-sized steamer for my new home?

6 // Spindrift Half Tea & Half Lemon. Have you tried this? It’s a delicious sparkling Arnold Palmer! I have been drinking it daily at lunch. Lovely.

7 // Spotify Nancy Meyers’ Kitchen Playlist. Sounds just as good as her movies feel. Comfortable, upbeat, aesthetically pleasing. Great kitchen cleaning / cooking music.

8 // Pam Munson Isla Bahia Tote. I’ve written about this infinity times, but this is my everyday warm weather bag. It goes with everything I own, is nice and roomy (but structured), and I can scarcely wear it without being stopped on the street. I have one with white leather straps from two seasons ago (and it still looks good as new) but am called by this pearl style. Do I need a second?! I love them so!

9 // Beaded Mask Chain. Also written about this a ton but I get lots of questions about this whenever I wear it. You won’t believe the price — under $10 and looks like it could be Lele Sadoughi. It actually makes me feel chic to wear a mask and is HIGHLY functional so I no longer need to keep the mask hooked under my chin/on my wrist when not in use.

10 // Laundress No. 723 Detergent. I swear I’ve tried like a thousand detergents but the best for stains and everyday laundry needs is Tide. Still — I keep this beautifully-scented detergent for a couple of specific instances: athletic wear (I always let my performance fabrics air dry and I find that the scent lasts much better on items that do not pass through the drier), sheets, and laundering special items, like the gently used maternity clothes I passed along to a friend last week after a wash with this detergent. (Note: all my favorite laundry gear here and all of my favorite home gear here.)

11 // Seamless Bras from Amazon and Gap. I slightly prefer the neckline on the Amazon ones (can be worn with my fleet of shirtdresses), but both are excellent. Happy camper. I really love the racerback style — hides under anything!

12 // Nicholas Kirkwood Casati Sandals — I own this exact style in silver, but they are nearly all sold out. This season’s updated styles available here (on sale) and here. These are such great sandals for dinners out or slightly festive occasions. I love that they are flat and can be worn with a dress and still look perfectly matched. The pearls are SO good and I love how my style is strappy without feeling too 90s. It is just a lovely sandal and it wears beautifully. I had two friends text me asking after them after I wore them to my son’s birthday gathering!

13 // Lake Pajamas Short Set — Lake Pajamas generously gifted me this new pair of pajamas and I cannot stop wearing them. They are so soft and comfortable and I love the over-long length of the tank — it hits mid-thigh. Very flattering! They sent me an XS and they are a bit big — I would go with an XXS next time, but I’m not going to complain about a little extra room in jammies. (No one wants a tight pair!) Anyway, I now have two new pairs of Lakes for this summer (one I purchased myself) and have decided to properly launder them this go around to prolong their lives — I wash on delicate cycle (cold) and then hang dry. I will do anything to preserve these special pajamas! They are a joy. I am amassing quite the collection but do I also need this set to twin with my littles for the Fourth?

And a few things I’m loving for my family at the moment:

+I’ve written about these retro shorts on micro so many times but every time he wears them, I could just squeal. They are SO cute with his pale blue Lacoste polo (the “Rill” color — such a great vintage blue).

+Nantucket Kids Nellie Dress. This is such a closet MVP. It is 100% pima cotton and great as an everyday/play/school dress, but I love that it also boasts a Peter Pan collar and that sweet little flutter sleeve, which dresses it up a bit. The length is fantastic — it hits just around the knee on mini. One of my pet peeves with a lot of traditional children’s brands is that the styles run so long and baggy. I prefer a trim, short profile! This one fits so sweetly. And, best of all, a cinch to launder and no ironing needed, even with those frilly cap sleeves! Pull it out of the drier and it looks good as new. (If you are new to this brand, be sure to scour their Sidewalk Sale section. I’ve scored loads of incredible pieces there at Gap prices.)

+Mini wears a pair of these $10 kick shorts in white every day under her dresses. They are a great short length, soft cotton, launder well, etc.

+Micro’s Bruder truck. He would sleep with it if he could. This was his big gift from us for his birthday and he could not be more obsessed with it. The lights on the top work and it makes four different sounds, the doors and hood open, the bed can be tilted and opened. A very exciting gift for a little boy.

+Molton Brown Coastal Cypress + Sea Fennel Body Wash. A new scent for us. Mr. Magpie liked it so much he literally came running out of the bedroom holding out his wrist for me to smell. Incredible scent — they do the best gender-neutral scents!

+Bracelet Kit. Mini and I spent an afternoon making bracelets for all her little classmates as a good bye present. I liked the way it reinforced spelling — I had her pick out all the letters for her friends’ names and string them on in the correct order. We had fun with it.

+We just bought a ton of stuff for Mr. Magpie from Todd Snyder and Sid Mashburn — my two favorite places to buy him clothes that draw inspiration from the classics but feel more modern and relevant. Todd Snyder has a slightly urban edge, while Sid Mashburn has a bit more of a Southern vibe. Both are fantastic. My favorite pieces we bought this go-around were these chinos (they fit him so nicely!) and these fun weekend shorts from Todd Snyder (use code TODD10 for 10% off) and this sport shirt from Sid Mashburn.

What are some of your current favorite items?

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