Creating Space With Orange And Blue Decor

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When we think of increasing the sense of space in a smaller home, we don’t often think of whacking up the colour. Most often, we turn to plain, cool colour schemes to increase the visual dimension of a room. Colour becomes a feared entity, one that threatens to overcomplicate an already challenged space. But wait, when done juuust right, colour can be a great champion in the pursuit of perceived spaciousness. In these two examples, we’ll explore specifically the orange and blue colour combo that can transform an ordinary small room into an extraordinary spaced out layout, purely through distinction.

Visualizer: Golden Vision Studio  

This 25 square metre flat in Lille, France. Was designed for an active young couple who find beauty in ordinary things. A soft white decor scheme was modelled around orange and blue uplifting elements to evoke a positive spirit. A minimalist art piece is the main focal point of the living room dining room combo. It’s solo geometric shape signifies simplicity and ease.

A long white modern sofa reclines beneath a matching white arc floor lamp. A pale rug softens the floor.

One small side table stands out in a happy shade of orange. This little splash of eye catching colour adds a substantial layer to the compact lounge, without encroaching on floor space.

The colourful table also makes an effective visual link with the wall art.

By the base of the floor lamp, we can see that the baseboards have been given a lick of orange paint to match too. This small addition works on almost a subconscious level to belt all of the colour accents around the room together.

The flat is divided into a kitchen with dining area, and a recreation zone with a dedicated reading corner. The reading nook is clearly defined by the incorporation of an inviting orange accent chair.

The comfortable reading chair pulls up close to a freestanding white bookcase in the reading nook. Books are arranged in modern blue magazine racks, and decorative items intersperse to fashion an attractive display.

A floral cushion lightly dresses the bold chair.

A white floating media cabinet melds quietly with the white wall. By keeping larger items of furniture light and knocked back, the brighter elements can shine without causing undue visual clutter.

An Eames bird peeps out from the TV unit.

White dining pendant lights descend on a brilliant blue dining table.

An orange teapot/flower jug increases the colour intensity of the table.

Sunlight and daisies bring added cheer to the colour saturated round dining table top.

The dining table is colour matched with an aqua blue fridge freezer.

Various orange trinkets pop up around the room, including this orange decorative vase and motivational art.

However, only a limited number of perfectly matching blue and orange elements are allowed to pop, whilst all others fall away gently in shades of white…

… Just like this subtle Menu JWDA table lamp.

The kitchen has an ergonomic layout. Fresh food from the fridge moves directly to the sink for washing, then onto its final destination on the cooking hob.

Orange kitchen cabinets appear to hover weightlessly just a few inches above the ground.

A white extractor hood pulls back from the limelight to let the line of orange units be the main attraction.

Orange flatware and a black coffee mug exhibit the home’s crockery colourways.

A new sprout of nature grows the homey feel.

Visualizer: Obrys Design  

This stylish 78 square metre apartment was designed for a young couple and their beloved pet. The small open plan includes a compact lounge, and a kitchen with a bespoke dining island. A cosy circular rug separates the lounge from the culinary zone. A round coffee table echoes its outline.

Wooden panelling embraces walls and ceiling sections of the room like a warm hug.

The small living room is given added depth by the addition of a custom TV wall unit flanked by a burnt orange alcove.

Umber cushions and throws colour the sofa. Matching drapes hang knotted at the window, layered against loose grey counterparts.

A wooden recess in the TV wall gives pause for some decorative additions, and provides home for a console.

Blue artwork strikes down the orange alcove, lit at each side by modern wall sconces.

Copper railings stripe the front of the void in the TV wall.

Wood laminate flooring complements the light wood wall panelling.

Storage volumes are hidden in the woodwork.

A pet bed has been incorporated into the design of the unique kitchen island. The decorative copper bars used on the TV wall serve dual purpose here as a crate door. See cat furniture here.

On the opposite side of the pet bed there is regular kitchen storage.

A dining table extends directly from the edge of the island.

A vase and a modern fruit bowl provide the table centrepiece.

Orange paintwork and a coordinating kitchen backsplash colour the back of the room. The depth of colour elongates the space.

A white ceramic hob disappears into the countertop of the kitchen island. A white chimney extractor hood floats above.

Since the extractor hood has such a simplistic aesthetic, it becomes possible for the neighbouring dining pendant light to take the dominant role.

A tower of shelving brings dark contrast into orange home entryway decor.

Orange accents crisply define a shoe and coat nook by the door.

1. Glass vases 2. Geometric wall art 3. Orange bed sets 4. Blue step trash can 5. Buddha throw pillows 6. Blue floor lamp 7. Blue comforter set 8. Orange lamps 9. Contemporary orange clock

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