Congrats on the big news, mommy-to-be! Now, it’s time to fill up your wardrobe for the journey you’re set on

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And no, it doesn’t mean wearing nighties or loose clothes all day. Pregnancy fashion is at its best-ever point, which means you can experiment with styles and fits, now more than ever. With the multitude of options to choose from, it’s super easy to channel your inner celebrity and put together fabulous pregnancy looks that are comfortable and don’t require as much effort as you think. The two keys to dressing during pregnancy are style and comfort, and we’re here to tell you just how you can merge the two and dress your bump with some striking looks that you’ll want to rock post-pregnancy as well. Here are five types of maternity tops that will be your best investment, during and after pregnancy.
5 Maternity Tops for Stylish Mommies
Whether it’s for a workout or date night with your better half, there’s a maternity top for every occasion. No matter where you plan to go, these tops have you covered (pun intended). So, grab a snack and read on, these tops will guarantee that you’ve got your maternity style on point!
1. Tunics


With quirky patterns, prints, and colours to choose from, tunics are dressier than casual shirts and require minimal effort. Plus, they’re super easy to style; you can wear them over a pair of jeans or leggings. They’re also a great option if you’re struggling with the changes in your body, as they cover the hips. Go for tunics with slits on the side that comfortably fit over your bump and thighs, without ballooning up around your hips. Since they fit gently around your silhouette no matter what size or shape you are, you can wear them post-pregnancy as well. A tie-on belt can also do wonders in shaping your waist post-pregnancy. For those dressy occasions, a tunic with lace detailing can give your outfit some oomph. Longer tunics can even double up as dresses for some extra ventilation on hot days!
2. Tees


Nothing screams ‘casual’ like a cool tee. In various colours, fits, and prints, you can get something that specifically caters to your preferences. Perfect for those days when you need to throw on some clothing and rush out the door, a funky tee and some jeans always come in handy. Maternity tees save some room for your growing belly and keep you looking and feeling comfortable. Choose loose and comfortable tees in breathable fabrics, which are ideal in warmer temperatures. You can wear them over stretchy pants or joggers while exercising or for a casual outing. On the other hand, layered tees fit perfectly over your bump and keep you comfortable and warm in cold climates. An inner layer that opens up for nursing is a definite plus point. How can we forget tees with cute slogans? They’re funny, cute, and you can never have too many of them!
3. Shirts


We haven’t forgotten mommies who prefer wearing a shirt over everything else. You could borrow a shirt from your hubby or, better yet, buy a maternity shirt made to suit your changing body. You either make or break an oversized shirt, based on how it sits on your body, and maternity shirts are specifically stitched to accommodate and shape your body, making you look stylish with a hint of ‘I just threw this on!’ Pair a loose and airy cotton shirt with super stretchy pants, and you’ve got a casual, yet comfortable look. Long shirts also serve well as super trendy t-shirt dresses post-pregnancy and look great with your favourite pair of sneakers. Also, look for a cut that cinches in above the waist which complements your silhouette during and after pregnancy as well.
4. Blouses


A blouse or top is perfect for an outing with friends or family and even doubles up as great formal wear. You can choose from different sleeve lengths, patterns, and styles to find the ones that suit you best. They’re also super easy to pair and style, making your life much simpler. Who says fashion has to be tough? Blouses are a great place to experiment with different styles, such as a sheer blouse that can be paired with a tank top or a tube top, which is perfect for dinner dates. A floral blouse with a loose and flowing structure offers maximum comfort and looks super trendy, especially during the summer season. Nursing blouses come in handy after delivery and are a great option for on-the-go moms. Pick blouses that are shorter in length, so they elongate your body, making you look more slender.
5. Jackets and Shrugs

A jacket is a must if you live or work in a cold environment. After all, we don’t want to let our immunity drop. That also doesn’t mean having to compromise on fashion, so push those dull sweaters aside and buy a maternity jacket or shrug to keep you covered. You can always style and wear it post-delivery as well, so what’s not to love? A formal jacket structures your body and keeps you warm at your workplace or for any formal do. Also look for long jackets or jackets with stylish high-low hems that slightly cover your bump and make your body look narrower, which is perfect for dinner parties.

In an era of airport looks and Instagram selfies, who says mommies have to be left behind. Add these five essential maternity tops to your wardrobe and step out feeling your absolute best, during and post-pregnancy. And don’t forget to click as many pictures as you can, because you’ll definitely look back one day and cherish that pregnancy glow!

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