Choosing new hardware can make a bigger difference than you might expect

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Here are some of the ways you can determine which handlesets are the best fit for your remodeled bathroom!

Renovating your bathroom is a great project to pursue. Even superficial or cosmetic changes can lend some more energy to the room. Here are some of the ways you can determine which handlesets are the best fit for your remodeled bathroom! 

Creating a Plan 

As with many other home improvement projects, you will need to come up with a plan for this endeavor. For the sake of argument, let’s suppose that you have already selected the lighting, vanity, sink faucets, toilets, and shower/tub configuration. The hardware will serve as the finishing touch, or at least one of them. Factor this design choice into your plans; in the end, everything comes down to your lifestyle and if you need to make the renovated bathroom more accessible than it was before.  

Testing Towel Bars 

One idea is to test out new towel bars. These elements of your new-look bathroom can be heated through the magic of electricity. Take advantage of having ample wall space next to the tub, especially if the tub and shower overlap one another. Since the towels can be unfurled, they will dry more quickly than if they are hung on a hook or a ring. Before you try this solution, take the time to measure your towels to gauge how long you need the bar to be. Over-the-door towel bars can also work even if it is only meant to be a temporary arrangement. Make sure that the door can still close though; for example, consider how this configuration can present with you a dilemma when you want to hang up shoe racks or belt ladders on the back of your bedroom door.    

Hanging Up Hooks 

Putting hooks in your bathroom is a fantastic option for homeowners with a large family. When a growing family needs to squeeze into one full bath, it can become hectic. That’s part of why hanging up hooks is so nifty – you can divide up the towels and make sure that everyone has one to use before changing them out every three days. 

Riding the Rings

The dimensions of your bathroom will also affect your decision making. When it comes to selecting the hardware that you need, you may come to find out that one ring does indeed rule them all. Towel rings are best-suited for hand or towels, so you should place them as close to the sink as you can. 


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