Best multi tools for outdoor adventures

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Best multi tools

As a hiking and camping kit list essential, multi tools help make life in the outdoors more straightforward. Whether you’re looking to enjoy a beer by the riverside, cut through rope to hang up a hammock, or simply pluck out a stubborn splinter, a multi tool is a welcome companion when you’re far from your toolbox.

It’s worth thinking about the tools you’ll actually use, and in general you’ll get what you pay for in terms of number of functions. If your multi tool is mainly for family camping trips – think campsite cooking and minor first aid – the standard tools such as knives, bottle openers, nail files and scissors could do the job nicely.

Multi-day hikers may want to balance number of tools with weight and compactness for efficient packing. If you’re prone to a weekend spent in the garden shed, you could opt for a heavier style that features pliers, wire cutters and screwdrivers.

Take a look at our roundup of the best multi tools below, for a smooth, hassle-free outdoor adventure.

Best multi tools for 2022

Victorinox Swiss Champ Swiss Army Pocket Knife

This Victorinox multi tool boasts 33 functions so it’s a bit of an all-rounder, handy for both every day use, and outdoor adventures. It offers lifetime assurance too, so it should be a reliable piece of kit – from a popular brand – you can use for years to come.

With a bottle and can opener, this multi tool is well-suited to outdoor dinner prep, especially when you’ve got a car packed with heavy wine bottles and tins of beans. There’s even a fish scaler for when you don’t have the luxury of a loaded cool box in the boot.

Get rid of pesky splinters with the tweezers, and rugged nails with the metal file. There’s a chisel, wire crimpers and screwdrivers for fixing bits at home, as well as tools you don’t even know you need such as a multi-purpose hook and a magnifying glass. We appreciate the unusual, yet incredibly useful, addition of the ballpoint pen.

Victorinox Camper Swiss Army Pocket Knife

For a stripped back version of the above model, this multi tool has been specifically designed for campers. As well as the usual multi tool finds, this Victorinox model features a tiny wood saw so your dream of creating a cosy campfire just got a little easier! You still get both a small and large blade, and there’s a screwdriver and wire stripper too, so it’s handy for home use as well as the outdoors.

With 13 tools, it’s great value. Chuck it in your pocket, or attach it to a zip using the keyring for easy access.

Leatherman Micra Multi Tool

A neat and nifty Leatherman multi tool you can chuck in your hiking rucksack. There are 10 tools in total, so depending on how prepared you like to be, it could make a useful back up to a more elaborate multi tool. Make use of the bottle opener, nail cleaner, scissors and tweezers when you’re away from home. There’s also a ruler, so one for sewers and craft lovers!

It has a number of different sized screwdrivers, so it’s ideal for gadgets and fidgety kids’ toys too.

Crab Multi Tool 

For a friendly-looking alternative, here’s a practical, sweet and thoughtful gift option for beach lovers. This crab-shaped multi tool features a beechwood and stainless steel design. It would make a useful picnic tool with its can opener, mini knife (perfect for on-the-go cheese and crackers), scissors and bottle opener. There’s also a Phillips screwdriver and flat head screwdriver, so it’s both functional and cute.

Rosewood Multi Tool

This multi tool includes an extra screwdriver bit set so you can find a suitable fit for a range of tasks. This lends it nicely to a rainy day at home, finally getting round to the list of jobs you’ve been putting off! It’s also got a fish scaler, bottle opener and can opener so you could take it on your next fishing trip. It comes in a neat pouch, so if you wear a belt, you can simply attach it on so your tools are always within reach. The pouch helps keep the extra little bit set parts together too.

The real attraction is the wire cutter which is useful for renovation projects and DIY-filled weekends.

TrueUtility Dawg Multi Tool

Budget-friendly and packed with a surprising number of tools. You’ll have access to screwdrivers, a bottle opener, a nail cleaner and six spanners. The trusty carabiner is a welcomed bonus for faff-free clipping. It’s not as clunky as a traditional multi tool either, perfect for weight conscious packers.

Leatherman Rebar Multi Tool

A sturdy and compact choice, this four inch Leatherman multi tool features all-locking tools. The 25 year warranty, big name and sleek and stylish appearance help justify the hefty price tag. There are 17 tools altogether including three different screwdrivers.

Use the serrated knife blade for cutting rope – and prevent your kayak or canoe from drifting off – and the knife blade for cutting through harder materials such as plastics. Other convenient tools include a wood and metal file, pliers, wire cutters and a can opener.

Buy the Rebar Multi Tool now from Leatherman (RRP £84.95)