Best Baby Changing Stations for Your Business in 2022

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Besides providing quality products and services, small businesses have to make sure they accommodate the needs of their customers. One of the best ways to do this is to provide a clean environment and full bathroom amenities such as baby changing stations. Providing a clean, safe area for diaper changes will show your customers you care about them and their families.

Take a look at our suggestions below to find the best baby changing station for your business.

Best Baby Changing Stations for Businesses

There are many factors to consider when shopping for a changing station or changing table. Most importantly, though, should be the safety of your customers and their children.

Koala Kare Horizontal Commercial Changing Table

Best Baby Changing Station for the Wall

Top Pick: The body of this horizontal diaper changing table is made from injection-molded polypropylene. And the bed surface contains microban antimicrobial that helps in reducing odor-causing bacteria.

It complies with ADA standards for accessible design and the 2009 ICC A117.1 standards.

It is 23.5 x 35.18 x 22 inches and weighs 27.5 pounds. The steel chassis and steel hinges offer greater resistance and wear, and they can support up to 200 pounds.

Koala Kare KB20000 Horizontal Baby Changing Station

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ECR4Kids Wall-Mounted Commercial Changing Table

ECR4Kids Wall-Mounted Baby Changing Station with 500 Disposable Liners

Runner Up: The ECR4Kids is made from antibacterial high-density polyethylene, providing both strength and durability. Built to accommodate infants and toddlers of up to 3.5 years, it has a concave shape and a concave adjustable child-safety strap to keep kids comfortable and safe.

It is 35.5 x 19 x 4 inches and weighs around 21 pounds, with a weight capacity of 250 lbs. The space-saving design comes with a concealed pneumatic cylinder that ensures slow, safe, controlled opening and closing.

It comes with two diaper bag/purse hooks that hold up to 25 lbs. each, two built-in sanitary paper liner dispensers, and 500-count disposable liners.

ECR4Kids Wall-Mounted Baby Changing Table with 500 Disposable Liners

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Rubbermaid Commercial Horizontal Changing Table

Rubbermaid Commercial Horizontal Baby Changing Station

Best Value: The Rubbermaid hanging table is made with polypropylene. It is designed to repel moisture and prevent the spread of germs with antimicrobial protection. And it meets the EN, ADA, and ASTM safety standards.

The changing table comes with easy-to-reach hooks, a built-in shelf, and liner storage and is available in horizontal and vertical orientations. It features a concealed pneumatic cylinder,

oversized hinge, and shock absorbers for one-handed opening. It is33.25 x 21.5 inches and weighs 19.75 lbs.

Rubbermaid Commercial Horizontal Baby Changing Station

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Alpine Industries Changing Table for Business

Alpine Industries Wall Mounted Baby Changing Station

This is a fold-down diaper station made with antimicrobial-coated polypropylene. It features dual liner holders to accommodate up to 100 film liners, and it is outfitted with two side hooks, allowing users to hang a diaper bag and another item.

It is 19.68 x 34.25 x 20.31 inches, weighs 24 lbs., supports up to 220lbs, and meets ADA, FDA, and ASTM global safety standards.

Alpine Industries Wall Mounted Horizontal Fold Down Diaper Changing Table

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Continental Changing Table for Business

Continental 8252-H White Horizontal Baby Changing Station

Continental’s changing table features a contemporary, easy to clean, concave surface to accommodate infants with adjustable safety straps comfortably.

Made with polyethylene that inhibits bacterial growth, it comes with dual liner dispensers that can hold approximately 50 liners for protection. And pneumatic shocks enable one-hand opening and closing.

When open, the station measures x 34-1/4 x 18 inches (Height x Width x Depth), and it measures 4” (Depth) when closed. It weighs 16.2 lbs. and can hold up to 250 lbs.

Continental 8252-H White Horizontal Baby Changing Table

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TCBunny Wall-Mounted Baby Changing Table for Business

TCBunny Wall-Mounted Baby Changing Station Horizontal Diaper Changing Table with Safety Straps White

The TCBunny table is made from polypropylene with a horizontal changing table designed for infants and toddlers up to 3.5 years old. For added convenience, the unit comes with a built-in shelf and two accessory holders to keep all necessary items safely out of a child’s reach.

Furthermore, the one-hand open and close design allows for easy access to the changing platform, while the concealed pneumatic cylinder and hinge structure provide controlled, smooth opening and closing of the table.

It is 33.25 x 21.5 x 4 inches, weighs 24.6 lbs., and meets ASTM, ADA, FDA, and EN safety standards.

TCBunny Wall-Mounted Horizontal Diaper Changing Table with Safety Straps

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Modundry Fold Down Changing Table

Modundry Fold-Down Baby Changing Diaper Station - Horizontal Wall Mounted

Modundry’s wall-mounted baby changing table has a smooth and comfortable concave surface and an adjustable safety strap to keep children safely in place.

The 900 design helps save space and, coupled with a concealed pneumatic cylinder, ensures slow, safe, controlled opening and closing.

It is 32.76 x 23.15 x 5.43 inches, weighs 24 lbs., has a weight capacity of 250 lbs, and has two diaper bag hooks that can hold up to 25 pounds.

Modundry Fold-Down Diaper Changing Table Horizontal Wall Mounted for Commercial Bathrooms

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KISTEX Vertical Wall Mounted Changing Table

KISTEX Vertical Baby Changing Station

This changing table by KISTEX can hold up to 110 lbs and features a wall-mounted design and cylinder control. It is made from high quality high density polyethylene, making it sturdy and easy to clean.

This changing table has two hooks on the side for hanging, and two paper towel holders for easy wiping and cleaning. A Baby Changing Station sign comes with the unit.

KISTEX Vertical Wall Mounted Changing Table, Portable Diaper Changing Tables for Home Commercial Bathroom

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Koala Kare Wall Mounted Horizontal Stainless Steel Changing Table

Koala Kare KB310-SSWM - Wall Mounted Horizontal Stainless Steel Baby Changing Station

This surface-mounted, horizontal-folding model by Koala Kare is expensive, but it claims to be the highest standard in changing tables. It is clad in stainless steel and has a concealed glass spring to ensure controlled opening and closing.

This changing table has a built-in, locking, dual-cavity liner dispenser with an integrated spring tab for one-at-a-time dispensing and includes a replaceable child safety belt and a stainless steel bag hook. It is made in the USA.

Koala Kare KB310-SSWM – Wall Mounted Horizontal Stainless Steel Changing Table

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SafetyCraft Wall-Mounted Vertical Changing Table

SafetyCraft Wall-Mounted Baby Changing Station

The SafetyCraft Changing table by Foundations is made of easy-to-clean polyethylene plastic and has a 150 lb weight capacity. It is designed with a smooth, concave changing surface area with an adjustable safety strap and buckle to protect the child while changing diapers.

Overall product dimensions are 34.25″L x 17.5”H x 15.4″D when open, 4”D when closed. It also comes with built-in liner dispensers and a bag/purse hook.

SafetyCraft Wall-Mounted Baby Vertical Changing Table for Commercial Restrooms

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Koala Kare Countertop Changing Table

Koala Kare KB112-01CT Countertop Baby Changing Station

If wall space is limited in your restroom, you may consider a countertop changing table instead. These types of tables are designed to be fixed to a countertop with bolts and take up less space than the wall-mounted variety. And since there is no maximum weight capacity, they can accommodate heavier children and can continue to be used as the child grows.

This Koala Care countertop changing table is made from high-density polyethylene, which is easy to clean and bacteria and odor resistant. It has a nylon strap to safely hold the baby in place and 2 built-in cavities for liner storage. It is 36.5”w x 22.625” l and weighs 3 pounds.

Koala Kare KB112-01CT Countertop Changing Table

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Important Features to Look Out for in Your Next Baby Changing Stations

There are a lot of factors to consider when purchasing baby changing tables. This is an important purchase that requires a bit of work and research but, remember it is for the safety and loyalty of your customers.

Easy to Clean Options

Diaper changes can get messy. Look for units that are easy to clean and maintain. Look for waterproof materials, either plastic or silicone, and materials that are easy to wipe clean.

You can also purchase a changing table topper or changing table pads that can be washed and re-used.


A good changing table affords comfort and functionality. Consider getting a changing table with storage for diaper changing supplies.

Your customers and employees with children will also appreciate a changing table with hooks for hanging their diaper bag or purse while changing diapers.

Ease of Installation

Walls made from tiles, concrete, or metal all have different mounting requirements. Look for changing tables that come with a full set of installation instructions and all items needed for assembly.

Additionally, make sure you have someone on your team available to do the installation. If you don’t, have a professional do it.

Mount type

You have the option of a wall-mounted or countertop mounted changing table. If you have a lot of wall space, the wall-mounted changing tables are generally considered to be the better option.

Countertop changing tables are good if you have a lot of counter space. Both types are available in several price brackets.

Make sure the changing table you purchase comes with whatever is required for mounting.


You may opt for horizontal or vertical changing tables depending on the available space. Some units come in both positions, and which to choose very much depends on the dimensions and needs of the space you want it to go in. Be sure to measure your space to make sure you get the right size.

Something else to consider is compliance laws. The ADA has requirements that any diaper changing station must meet. There are also different state and local requirements. Make sure the diaper changing table you choose complies with any applicable laws and regulations.


The material should be strong and sturdy, so parents do not have to worry about their baby rolling off of the table and getting injured. It can be either made from plastic or metal but also have sufficient cushioning and/or a changing pad and no sharp edges.

Also, look for stations that are antibacterial, easy to maintain, and vandal-proof.

Baby changing stations can cost as little as under $100 to as much as $2,000. Investing in quality for this product is advisable. Look for the best value without sacrificing quality.

Baby’s Safety

The safety of toddlers during diaper changes is of utmost importance. Remember – your customers and employees are trusting your business with their child’s safety. The changing table you install must reflect that.

Be sure the station you purchase complies with all regulatory and safety standards. Also, ensure you choose a strong changing table made with solid materials and comes with a safety belt that can be adjusted for the baby’s height.

After you purchase a changing table, the next safety measure you should take is proper installation. Depending upon where and how the changing tables will be installed, you may want to consult with a professional.


The first step is to see if the changing table you choose fits in your bathroom. Baby changing tables come in various shapes and sizes and can range in complexity in terms of their design (vertical vs. horizontal) and folding options. Also, consider where you will be putting the changing table. Wall-mounted units are ideal if you have ample wall space, but if not, you may need a countertop unit.

Your changing table will need to provide enough room in front for users to change their baby comfortably. Equally important is to locate your changing table where it will not obstruct traffic, get in the way of, or damage other washroom equipment.

Having a changing table is one way to serve your customers’ needs better. If you are going to make the station available, buy the best one your budget allows so your customers feel secure with the most important thing in their life – their child.

Is it required to have a baby changing station?

In some instances, it is required to have diaper changing stations available. Check your state and local requirements, as well as requirements by the ADA.

The ADA mandates that baby changing stations be present in both men’s and women’s restrooms and must be placed at a height of 27 inches from the floor. ADA regulations also state that baby changing stations must be located in an area that is easily accessible and free from obstructions.

Though it may not be a requirement, you should consider having one to create a family-friendly environment.

Are baby changing stations clean?

Most changing tables are made from easy-to-clean materials. Upkeep is important, so you will want to make sure there is a designated cleaning schedule to maintain a sanitary and safe area for diaper changes. You can also purchase a changing table topper or other accessories to keep the area sanitary.

What should a commercial changing station include?

First, changing tables must have safety straps. These should be sturdy, adjustable, and replaceable so there is never any worry of the baby getting out of the straps.

Ideally, the changing table should have storage for wipes or other items, and hooks to hold diaper bags or purses. The more convenient you can make this unpleasant task for parents and caregivers the better!

While having a diaper station for babies may not be necessary, it can go a long way to show your customers that you are a family-friendly business, which can improve your image in the community and encourage a loyal and repeat customer base.



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