Barbie 2020 Fashion Show!

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Here it is friends! The post you all have been waiting for! It's time for the 2020 Barbie Fashion Show! Featuring new and vintage fashions that you are sure to love! See what's new and what we've switched up for this time around. We did change some things so you will have the chance to see the before and after. What fun this will be! Are you all ready to begin? 

First, Little Miss flea market Titan redhead ponytail.

Her new outfit is Friday Night Date!

Her bangs were near perfect but I wanted to get that ponytail looking more like the original with the little flip at the bottom. It took some work and some boil dip with a straw to create the curl. I also added the rubber band so it holds the shape. It's not perfect but it will do. 

Did you know that vintage ponytail dolls didn't have rooting in the center of their head? I guess it was so the ponytail could lay flat and not have any bumps? The lack of hair is what made this hairstyle so difficult I think. 

I also wanted her to wear Friday Night Date because the reproduction of the Friday Night Dream Date is a redhead ponytail doll. The cute Friday Night Dream Date Couple!

Previously wearing Friday Night Date was a Fashion Queen with the blonde wig. 

So what did Blonde Fashion Queen change into? 


Oh I am in love with this outfit! Underneath she is wearing a black playsuit and I put her in these pants from the 1962 Black and White slacks Fashion Pak. The sweater is actually Vintage Skipper from 1965 Outdoor Casuals. It looks great on Barbie! I held the right side of her hair back with a bobby pin and added the black cateye sunglasses. LOVE!

Next we have the fabulous Ken! Who we featured in Tuxedo. Looking a little disheveled. Maybe he just went to his bachelor party. HA

He got all cleaned up!

The pants and jacket were in great condition and not dirty so I left them be. The shirt is the stiff material that washes SO well when soaked in a bowl of Oxyclean! It turned out sharp. I even soaked the bowtie and wet pressed it between towels to flatten it out a bit and make it lay better. 

I also tied up the bowtie elastic in a knot so it wouldn't hang down and I pinned the cummerbund elastic so it was tight. 

But his flocking is still not great. I tried to clean it up a bit but it didn't work too well. 

My fabulous reader had the idea that I should switch Dreamboat Ken with this one as he is in better condition. I didn't even think of that. Her idea is actually what spurred the idea of me switching Barbie outfits on some of the dolls. I just figured that each new doll I got I would put a different outfit on them and let the others be. I like my new arrangements better. But I did not switch the Kens. I had too much time invested in this doll because his arms don't stay on. I didn't want to try to put them in a different outfit. So here he shall stay in Tuxedo and Dreamboat will stay Dreamboat. I might get the wild hair to change them up in the future.

Remember that our beautiful Bride was my brunette ponytail doll. 

And remember how I said above that old style ponytail dolls have little hair? 

Well this full hair blonde reproduction doll does much better with the veil than the brunette ponytail. 

The veil just fits her hair so much better. I am very very happy with it!

This blonde doll was one I got for Christmas. She originally was wearing the black playsuit that is now on Blonde Fashion Queen with the black and white slacks and Skipper sweater. 

So now that we have a new bride and and a new groom, it's time for some updated wedding photos!

Best Friend Midge wearing Orange Blossom Bridesmaid dress and little sister Skipper wearing Flower Girl.  

I just love this set. So perfect and I am so happy it's in my collection. 


So now that Brunette ponytail got moved out of the wedding dress, what did I dress her in? 

She got Let's Dance!

I had a hard time trying to decide what to dress her in. I had two of these dresses in mint condition and I usually like to display complete outfits. With vintage I know that can be very costly and difficult but this one was complete with the mint condition pearl drop necklace, white purse and black open toe heels. She looks rather good in it!

I love the back of this dress with the tie at the shoulders. 

I got one bubblecut doll this last Christmas and honestly, I loved this ensemble so much I kept her in it! Before...

And after! Okay, so she doesn't look much different. I smoothed out her hair a little, gave her face a wash and the outfit a soak in the Oxyclean. It turned out perfect. I just love these knit separates and I'm hoping that I can get some more of them! She is wearing the orange bodysuit. 

We also had this Sunset Malibu Barbie wearing the distressed PJ dress. 

As I mentioned above, I like the outfits to be complete or near complete. The only one I had near complete is this one I got a couple Christmases ago. Ice Breaker.

The fur coat was horribly dirty with yellow and brown stains and had a red lining that I was sure was going to run all over the white.

But I took the plunge and let it sit in the Oxy soak. 

It turned out bright white STUNNING! I tried to hit it with a low heat hair dryer and tried to fluff it up a bit but it still came out kind of matted but much better than it was before. 

When I put this on her, my first thought was "Is there anything that Sunset Malibu Barbie doesn't look good in?" The nylons give this ensemble a polished look and I'm glad mine are mint. The elastic at the top has disintegrated but they stay up well because her legs are kind of sticky. I had to use baby powder to get them on! And the turtleneck is a bodysuit.

Next it was time to decide what shoes to put on her. 

Short boots?

Sparkly Heels?

As shown in the full body picture, short boots won out. I think because they are similar to ice skates?

Recall to the last fashion show I have another Sunset Malibu Barbie wearing another winter outfit "Winter Holiday." Here are the Malibu Barbies wearing their cold weather outfits!

And I just LOVE LOVE LOVE them. 

Others from the collection!

We have to feature these two beautiful reproductions. Solo in the Spotlight and Enchanted Evening!

I love this one. I showed her a while ago after I had bought her at the flea market last fall. She was also wearing Solo in the Spotlight but I love her in Sweet Dreams, the top is from my mom's collection!

The shoes are also from my moms collection! Oops, looks like one needs to be super glued. 

Like big sister like little sister! Barbie in Red Flare and Silken Flame and Skipper in Silk n' Fancy. Not the original shoes for Skipper but I love that little tulle bow on them.

Probably my favorite Skipper outfit, Sunny Pastels. Would be fun to get Barbie's coordinating outfit, Fun n' Games!

When I went to Dollar Tree a while ago, I also picked up this little gal.

I had a plush Cheer Bear growing up (I still have her!) so I had to buy this for my shelf. They had three in the collection but I just got the one. So cute!

I also did some "maintenance" on some dolls. First, Miss Thronecoming Blondie Lockes. 

I always hated her hair. The buns are supposed to represent bear ears and there is supposed to be a little hair hanging down out of them but it's supposed to be curly and cute. Mine is just a frizzed out mess. She came out of the box this way so the frizz is because of packaging.

Her dress also needs some adjusting in the back!

So what I did is twisted around the ends into a full bun and secured with a clear rubber band. What do you think? She says "Look at me now boys"

So much better!

LONG time ago, I bought this outfit. 

Since Little Twin Stars is my favorite Sanrio character, I had to get it to go with the other Little Twin Stars outfits in my "Hello Kitty" Barbie fashion collection.

This is a shirt dress (or nightgown?) but I wanted to try it on an old Barbie style body. So I dug in the depths of the bin and found this old Splash and Color doll. 

Splash and Color has been with me for a LONG time. Like, when I lived in the other house, pre-children long time. I love the old style bodies to display my 80's and 90's fashions. But I wanted to try her out for a new fashion since it looks oversized. 

Hair is a complete frizzed out mess. Wasn't sure how I was going to tackle this one. 

I just dove right in and shampooed and lightly brushed and conditioned and lightly brushed again and brushed again and again. There wasn't a lot of hair pullout which is good. She didn't turn out half bad!

I don't mind tinsel in hair but when it gets brushed and combed and then matted like it was, it tends to create flyaways. I used a small amount of hairspray to keep them down but there were still TWO that were causing problems. So I had to tuck them under other pieces of hair. 

How about that dress?

It fits perfect! How great is that on an old style body! And doesn't the pink streak in the hair go perfect with the outfit?

Outfit also came with a little yellow bracelet 

And this purple mini backpack. I loved the backpack, one of the other reasons why I picked this one up. I was going to add a belt to the dress but the backpack helps to hold the dress together a little. 

I added some purple platform sandals to the ensemble. 

One more for you. Have you heard of Wild Hearts Crew? Dolls by Mattel that are sold exclusively at Walmart?

Cori Cruize and Jacy Masters are after my heart with that pink hair!

Well Wild Hearts Crew also has fashion packs. And this one is after my video gaming loving heart. So I bought it. 

The fashions I think are a little on the pricey side. $9.97 for the fashion packs and the dolls are $14.97. But I got it anyway. 

Now which doll to put it on? By watching unboxing videos, I knew that Wild Hearts Crew have larger heads and bodies than standard Barbies. So that had to come into consideration. 

I found this doll when I was looking through the bin for Splash and Color. 

I had to dig way WAY in the depths of the blog to find out who she was. I got her at the same time as I got Splash and Color Barbie. She is the 2003 MyScene Chillin' Out Barbie doll. (Yes, there was a MyScene character named Barbie too!)

Her hair is in relatively good condition but she is ready for the day at the spa. 

And here she is!

The fashion pack did not come with any pants so I gave her the sparkle jeans from Totally Nails Teresa. The shoes are really big but I kept them on her anyway. 

Glasses are kind of cute, not sold on them on the face but I'll keep them on her for the time being. 

The hair turned out beautiful and shiny. 

Okay, this looks cute. Definitely going to have her wearing the cat ear headset. Adorable!

And the hood has a hole it so you can use the hood on a doll with a ponytail. 

I like her!

So here is my shelf (before Splash and Color and the last doll)

Getting crowded but I love it all the same. 

Well friends, see a fashion you love the most? Have any of them too? Have any of the Wild Hearts Crew fashions? Let me know in the comments!

I don't believe I have any more dolls to show. But I am thinking of starting a project on one of my dolls. I'll have to find one that I think would be an awesome candidate for my next experiment project!

Until then! #Mattel #VintageBarbie #WildHeartsCrewFashion #BarbieHelloKittyFashions #BarbieCollection
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