Atlas 10x36 metal lathe---motor mounting problem (non factory set-up)

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So I bought my first lathe a few weeks ago. Getting it mounted Is giving me headaches. Sorry this is long...

If I understand right, he didn't want to hang the motor off the back like the factory set-up because it takes up so much more space. I said great because I'd like to do the same, but now that I get a better look I don't think I like it this way.

My machine has the belt tension release lever on the far right. His way has disabled the factory system. It has a very short belt on and the "frame" that holds the motor and countershaft assembly is jammed right up against the back of the lathe.

It's so close the tension lever hits the back gear lever. It's likely he set it up this way and never adjusted it, as he had multiple lathes. On the factory set-up it appears the motor is 1"-2" BELOW the lathe bed.

His way has the motor mounted ABOVE the bed on a wood block. I bought a link belt thinking I would just use more belt to slide the countershaft assembly back further and let it work right. But that doesn't work because everything is higher and the belt rubs on things.

One option mentioned would be to use wood to build only the lathe up higher, this letting the motor be lower and correct it that way. I would have to lower my bench and then can't keep the Kennedy under it, which sucks but hey.

What else can I do here? Thoughts? I'm ready to start learning and want it to be working right. If I try to replicate the factory set up this way am I just giving myself more headaches?

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