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The television show Stargirl started life as a web series based on the DC comic of the same name. Following rave reviews from fans, Season Two of the show has been greenlit to premiere exclusively on the CW network, probably sometime in the Fall of 2021. Fans who are new to the Heroes of the Golden Age segment of the DC universe may want to do a bit of catching up before diving into the series.

Here are five things you should know about this teenage superhero.

1. You May Have Seen Her Before

Stargirl made a few appearances on screen before she got a series of her own. She made her live-action TV debut in the WB series “Smallville” as a part that show’s Justice Society of America arc. She also made an appearance on DC’s “Legends of Tomorrow” during a time travel story that features the Heroes of the Golden Age. Stargirl also got some airtime on the animated shows “Justice League Unlimited,” “Batman: The Brave and the Bold,” “Justice League Action,” and “Young Justice.” Additionally, Stargirl is a playable character in the video games “Lego Batman 3,” and “Infinite Crisis.”

2. She Wasn’t Always Called Stargirl

Stargirl, whose alter-ego is high school sophomore Courtney Whitmore, was originally known as the “Star-Spangled Kid.” However, when Starman decided to hang up his superhero cleats, he bestowed his Cosmic Staff upon her and she took up the mantel of Stargirl.

3. Her Origin Story Is a Family Affair

Courtney was just a normal teenage girl adapting to life with a new step-parent when she found a box of her stepfather’s old superhero gear. It turns out he had once been Stripesy, the sidekick of a superhero known as the Star-Spangled Kid. In an act of teenage rebellion, she wore the costume to a school dance. When the dance was overrun by costumed thugs, she fought them and discovered that the belt of her costume had given her super-strength and other extraordinary abilities.

When Courtney’s step-dad discovered she had taken up the costume and had assumed its associated powers, he invented a suit of robotic armor, called S.T.R.I.P.E., for himself, so he could protect her on her superhero journey as the new Star-Spangled Kid.

4. She Is an Athlete

Before she got any superpowers, Courtney was already a talented gymnast and martial artist. The Cosmic Converter Belt that came with her Star-Spangled Kid costume significantly enhanced her physical abilities, including giving her super-strength. The addition of the Cosmic Staff added flight and energy blasts to her arsenal.

5. The Stargirl Character Originated From a Real-life Tragedy

Stargirl executive producer Geoff Johns, along with Lee Moder, created the character in 1999. Johns has cited his sister Courtney, who died in a plane crash in 1996, for inspiring him to create the character.

With a successful season under her belt, Stargirl looks well on her way to becoming one of the most popular live-action DC superheroes. Look for season two on your local CW affiliate.

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