A Father’s Day Gift Guide For The Denim-Obsessed Dad

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Looking for a Father’s Day gift guide for your jeans-crazed dad? To be fair, there are few luxuries in life like a pair of perfectly fitting denim. So naturally, the gift of denim is a great idea. Here’s your EG-approved gift guide for the denim-obsessed pops in your life!

Whether your dad is a total denim junky or someone who’s looking to replace his only pair of jeans, there’s going to be a denim related gift for him.

From the classics at Levi’s to Japanese indigo, to denim related books, there’s a gift for every kind of denim-obsessed dad on the market.

Great Denim Finds For Dad On Father’s Day

The Classic: Levi’s 501 Jean

The standard for all that has come after it.

The Levi’s 501 is the only jean you’ll ever need. Whether you work in a goldmine or are a consultant looking for something to wear on casual Friday, you’ll be able to find a 501 that works for you.

Opt for 100% cotton, as it will last a lifetime. Rips may come and go, but they can always be repaired and they will always look better with age.

Duluth Best Made Washed Denim Shirt

No Canadian tuxedo is complete without a denim shirt, and this piece from Best Made may be one of the best-made (pun intended) ones on the market, eh?

Duluth Best Made Washed Denim Shirt

"This icon of industriousness is constructed from durable 7.5-oz cotton denim with a rich, dark rinse wash that will age handsomely over time." -Duluth

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The dark rinse is designed for beautiful fading over time, ensuring that every shirt will look great with age—it’s no coincidence that all great denim products look better after several months and years of wear.

The trick with the Canadian tuxedo is that you don’t want your jeans and shirt to be the same color. If you break up the colors, you make your body look longer and trimmer. Who doesn’t love that?

Polo Ralph Lauren Keaton Sneaker

Your dad is already weaning denim on his legs, so why not take it a step further and put jeans on his feet?

Polo Ralph Lauren Keaton Sneaker

"A skate-inspired silhouette and vulcanized construction define this classic low-top sneaker. Made from cotton canvas, this version is accented with full-grain leather and comes with rawhide and cotton laces for a versatile look." -Polo Ralph Lauren

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At $55, these sneakers cost less than a pair of Vans and do not skip on style. These sneakers can go from the tennis court to the country club with ease, which is really all you need from a quality sneaker.

The rubber sole and breezy feel makes these the perfect sneaker for spring and summer.

3Sixteen Sugar Cane 1966 Jean

Maybe your dad has been wearing the same Levi’s 501 jeans since you were born.

There’s nothing wrong with that. As I said, Levi’s 501s are the only jeans you’ll ever really need. That being said, there’s a whole world outside of Levi’s that can be explored if you’re so willing to.

3Sixteen Sugar Cane 1966 Jean

"An amazing and timeless style; this cut stays true to the original from the rivets to the paper patch to the custom weaving of the period-correct 13oz double ring-spun selvedge denim produced on the narrow shuttle looms, including a color and weave matching to the shade of blue utilized in the manufacturing of the original 1966 jeans." -Self Edge

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Sugar Cane is a Japanese brand that makes denim with a blend of cotton and sugarcane. I tried these jeans a couple of weeks ago and as soon as the time is right, I’m going to buy them.

They’re sturdy as hell and designed to fade naturally as you wear them. No one does denim detailing quite like Japanese designers. If your dad has graduated from the Levi’s School of Denim, this is the next logical step.

A Denim Bucket Hat

Going on a family vacation anytime soon?

Well, Dad will definitely need an added layer of protection from the sun (because we all know dads don’t use enough sunscreen).

J.Crew Denim Bucket Hat

"The ideal alternative to your go-to baseball cap in lightweight, durable denim twill. Plus, the snaps at the brim allow you to adjust the coverage and keep the sun out of your eyes and off your face." -J.Crew

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These bucket hats are the perfect way to give your dad a little extra style while he rocks his swim shorts and Tommy Bahama shirt sitting poolside with a margarita in his hand.

I couldn’t come to a definitive conclusion which hat I liked more, so I included them both. The piece from Gap is all-over denim, which the J.Crew option is only denim on the brim. You cannot go wrong with either.

Levi’s Indigo Type 1 Denim Trucker Jacket

A lot of us have the classic trucker jacket, it’s a staple in everyone’s wardrobe.

This Type 1 Trucker is a more avant-garde, elevated take on the classic style.

Levi's Indigo Type 1 Denim Trucker Jacket

"Non-stretch denim jacket. Fading and subtle distressing throughout." -Ssense

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The single patch pocket vs the two breast pockets, the spread collar, and the general shape of the boxier cut of the piece make it an updated version of the jacket that your dad already has in his closet. He’ll wear this one every day to the office!

Mending Matters Book

If your dad is so into denim that he wants to start his own denim workshop to make alterations and adjustments to his denim, then this is the book for him.

Mending Matters Book

"Join the Slow Fashion movement and make mending your jeans and other garments an artful, joyful, and empowering act of sustainability and renewal, for both you and your favorite clothes."

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The book details several denim techniques:

  • Exterior patches
  • Interior patches
  • Slow stitches
  • Darning and weaving

Author Katrina Rodabaugh also goes philosophical, detailing slow fashion as a means of being sustainable before making connections to how it improves our well-being. At 224 pages, it’s a quick and enjoyable read.

Levi’s Back Pocket Tote

Does your dad have jeans on? Check.

How about his denim sneaks? Check. Is he wearing that denim shirt? Check.

Oh, and you can’t forget the denim jacket. Is he wearing that? Okay, good – check.

Well, it seems like he has his bases covered, but what about his bag?

Levi's Back Pocket Tote

"Made with dual top handles that hang comfortably on your shoulders or in the nook of your arm, it's just what you need for carrying all your your workday or weekend essentials." -Levi's

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Look no further than this denim tote bag from Levi’s! I know this is the third time I’ve included Levi’s products on this list, but Levi’s really is as good as it gets.

This denim tote is deep enough to transfer all your dad’s things – a work computer, the novel he’s reading, the meal prep that he made the night before, and gym shoes – to and from the house.

I love how it comes with the signature Levi’s patch and denim pocket with the batwing detailing.

Dr. Martens 1461 Mono Oxford

Okay, finally something that isn’t actually denim.

I love love love these Dr. Martens 1461 Oxford shoes. I’ve been wearing them with pretty much everything, but especially with denim.

Dr. Martens 1461 Mono Oxford

"This is our monochromatic 1461— a solid color commitment from tip to toe, including sole, welt, stitch, eyelets, laces, heel-loops and lining. Choose from black or white in our classic Smooth leather, a lightly textured and highly durable material with a soft sheen." -Dr. Martens

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Get your dad the monochrome versions with the black stitching as opposed to the yellow because they’ll blend in with any outfit better. They’re presentable enough for the office as they are sturdy enough to knock around while working on a garden.

Bonus points because they look like Prada from a few feet away.

Milano Straps Denim Calfskin Watch Strap

If your dad is a watch guy and a denim guy at the same time, no better way to marry those two personalities than with a denim watch strap!

This strap comes with several options for length as well as buckle colors, so there’s an option for everyone.

Milano Straps Denim Calfskin Watch Strap

"Superior durability to withstand your active lifestyle. Practical and easy to clean — simply wipe with a soft cloth. Stands out from the crowd with a unique, cross-hatched pattern." -Milano Straps

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There’s an option for watches of any size, which is convenient considering the Seiko Turtle has a lug width of 22mm while the Seiko 5 has one of 20mm.

Pick up straps for his whole collection to create a uniform look around his watches. He’ll forever be known as the denim watch guy.

Todd Snyder Anderson Stretch Woven Belt

The most overlooked part of wearing a good pair of denim is a belt.

Many of us are guilty of wearing the same beat up Perry Ellis belt that we purchased for college graduation. I was guilty of this sin until I recently purchased a woven belt with beautiful leather braiding.

Todd Snyder Anderson Stretch Woven Belt

"Anderson's have been working with Parma's finest leather artisans since 1966, creating belts that as stylish as they are durable. A signature woven belt is constructed with leather detailing and is made from a robust elasticated textile weave." -Todd Snyder

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I purchased a piece from Uniqlo, but this option from Todd Snyder was too pretty not to include. I love the multiple colors, which include several shades of blues and neutrals as well as the sky blue leather details.

It also stretches, so you won’t have to worry about your Dad feeling too constricted in it after a big Father’s Day brunch.

The Ledge Shirt by Taylor Stitch

No denim outfit is complete without a good chambray shirt.

The big misconception is that denim and chambray are the same material. They are both made of cotton, but a chambray shirt is made with a plain weave, while denim consists of a twill weave to make it more rugged.

The Ledge Shirt by Taylor Stitch

"As per usual, we’ve equipped it with our easygoing California collar and two button-through flap pockets on the chest. Double-needle felled construction and lock-stitched buttons/buttonholes ensure you can count on The Ledge for The Long Haul." -Taylor Stitch

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This leaves chambray a soft enough material to wear on the top half of your body. A good pair of jeans with boots or derbies and a chambray shirt is one of the best classic outfits that one can wear.

Allow this shirt from Taylor Stitch to get you there. Its strong construction and attention to detail will make this shirt a classic that dad reaches for again and again.

Denim For Dad On Dad’s Day

Denim is a great gift because when done right, it can last a lifetime. There’s a gift for all denim-obsessed dads here no matter what level of denim expertise they’re at.

You can go classic with Levi’s 501s (or even explore other cuts of Levi’s) or go the Japanese route. You can go avant garde and grab a pair of jean shorts or leather jeans for your dad. There’s no going wrong.

If his closet is already stacked, then a book about denim, a denim tote, or a denim-colored accessory is in order. The special day is coming up soon, so don’t hesitate!

If you have any questions or comments, DM B on Instagram! I’m also on Twitter and Effortless Gent’s Facebook page.

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